Monday, October 4, 2010

Assignment 10-03-2010 "Furniture"

About three weeks ago I sort of made an agreement with Kari. Sexual services in exchange for sexual services… of a sort. Evidently she was planning on hosting a “show” for an up and coming new designer and needed me to participate. Wednesday afternoon she reminded me that I would be occupied on Saturday evening, and asked me not to participate in any activities that could potentially mar my skin. On the list of forbidden activities were clamps (of any kind, any where), spankings, whippings, rope walks, oh… basically anything but masturbating. It takes all the fun out of life.

I was instructed to show up on Saturday afternoon at her place around three and I asked what I needed to wear. She told me “nothing”, which I took to mean I could dress as I wanted and my outfit for the evening would be provided. Boy was it! In any event, I reminded my family of my Saturday obligation (without being too informative of course) and started getting ready around one. Shower, complete shave, cleaning all the nooks and crannies, I even suffered through a quick application of depilatory in certain spots. Once I was as perfect as I could be, I donned shorts and a tee shirt. I have to admit, I was a bit uncomfortable, since Kari had specifically said NOT to stuff myself. My pussy was freshly shaven, slightly needy, and totally empty, which was not a feeling I enjoyed. I’ve grown accustomed to being stuffed, and my usual rotation of vibro balls, husky dildo, and ben wa balls worked nicely to keep me in a semi-aroused state almost constantly.

The drive to Kari’s only took about thirty five or forty minutes and I trudged my way up to her apartment. I started to strip, despite the sun still being very much up and the occasional resident entering their apartment, but the door opened and Kari pulled me in before I had gotten more than my shirt off. Bare breasted, I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the gloomy interior of Kari’s apartment.

The first thing I noticed was that Robert was standing in the middle of the room, dressed in a suit. Wow. I mean it. Wow. Robert is Kari’s boy toy and sex slave. He’s been with her almost a year and I think he already has the record for the longest male slave to stay with my intense, neat-freak, workaholic, sexually deviant best friend. I still own the record for longest female slave to stay under her thumb, but it’s a hollow title since I’m still the ONLY girl who has submitted to Kari for an extended live in period. I was with her for five years of non-stop sexual abuse that brought out the nympho humiliation pain slut in me. Half of those years I had actually lived with her in college and let me tell you, it was no picnic. Kari is brutal to live with, whether you’re male or female. She’s paranoid about disorder and massive punishments were handed down for stupid things like leaving a dirty dish on the counter… even if the dishwasher was running! I finally got tired of it and moved out. There was more to it though. Kari’s interest had run toward males and she was starting to bring guys home to torture, and I became more of an accessory to that than a sex slave in my own right. It was a tough time.

But since our junior year in college, our friendship has improved, even if our sexual relationship diminished noticeably. She still dommes me on occasion, usually when I’m so fucking desperate I can’t stand it and come begging to be abused, but she still loves me to distraction and if you’ve kept up with the blog you know that I go to Kari’s frequently.

Robert, her latest boy toy, is a hunk, but then again, all of them have been. At six three, he’s tall, rugged, impeccably shaped, and spends several hours a day at the gym keeping his biceps at perfect peak condition. His abs ripple when he’s naked. His calves are these huge sculpted bulges. It’s awesome. But don’t think I’m a body snob or anything. I’m not. But Robert is fucking perfect and it can take a girl’s breath away.

The reason I was so astonished to find Robert in a suit was because ninety nine percent of the time I’ve seen Robert, he’s been bare ass naked, usually with his cock trapped in a painful, semi-rigid pose, locked inside a plastic and leather harness, pulled tightly around his sex and testicles. Kari has no problem with denial games, but she prefers a more insensitive method of control. Over use. I remember lazy Saturdays where I was tied spread eagled to a bed and forced to cum over and over, rather than tormented and left stewing. Kari’s favorite activity to inflict upon males is milking, a long drawn out process where the males cock is brought to erection and orgasm multiple times, without time to recover. It’s a rather painful process at the end. I’ve frequently helped.

Anyway, so Robert was dressed. It was obvious I was under dressed for the evening’s activities, but I was directed to put my shirt back on (boy was that a weird thing for me to be told INSIDE Kari’s apartment!) Then I was handed a few bags and boxes and we headed downstairs to load the car.

Twenty minutes later we were zooming off. Robert sat in the back while Kari and I chatted. She refused to tell me what the show was all about in more than a few sparse words. All I gathered was that I would be needed as a model. I shrugged. I’d find out sooner or later. We finally arrived at this rather posh luxury sub-division and we pulled up in front of what I can only call a mansion. Robert moved the car while Kari and I proceeded up to the front door.

It was opened by a matronly woman in a red business suit who greeted Kari with a European style kiss. I was ignored except for a polite nod. Kari, who was wearing a black sequined dress, seemed to be perfectly comfortable in the upscale and fashionista environment, but I wouldn’t expect less from my interior designer best friend. Things began moving at a whirlwind pace. I was shown to a small bedroom, told to relax, and waited. There was even a plate of small sandwiches. I had a few.

I was bored so I flipped on the television. After thirty or so minutes, three other young women showed up. All of them were dressed as I was, and all were clearly models of some kind. Jennifer was a stunning brunette, taller than me at maybe five eight or so with these perfect, globe, c-cup, all-natural breasts. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen or nineteen. Noretta was a willowy, rather thin, girl with ballet dancer grace and gymnastic like flexibility. Her black hair cascaded down almost to the small of her back. Sasha was a red head, with amazingly white skin. I could tell the hair color wasn’t natural, since in college I had been a red head too, but where I had looked dyed, she looked inhuman. She was gorgeous. I’d have gladly spent a day in bed with her. At four thirty Kari made an appearance with four terry cloth bathrobes and four sets of high heeled open toed shoes. We were directed to strip, put on the shoes, and then head downstairs for makeup.

I’m a country girl and I wear about enough make up to prevent me from looking pasty. I have a bit of a farmer’s tan as well and it caused quite a stir with my makeup artist as I was asked to disrobe. Several creams and unguents were applied to my arms in order to “lighten them” as my rather gay guy makeup artist attempted to even out my pigment. It was a drawn out process. Then he went to work on my face and by the time he was done, the mirror revealed this high class, totally nude, incredibly beautiful almost model-quality girl. I was impressed. Tough to imagine, but that morning I had been shoveling horse shit out of a stall. Of course, similar magic had been done to my peers so I was still the donkey at the horse show.

Around five fifteen things were moving at a brisk pace and Kari was starting to show signs of stress, at least to me. She still appeared outwardly calm of course, but I’ve known her since we were both eleven. She was stressed, trust me. The four of us models were put back into our robes and then escorted to another part of the house.

When we got to the two large rooms Kari had set up, we were astonished to find a variety of rather unique furniture pieces. My eye sort of popped when I saw chairs with permanently mounted dildos, odd sculptures that resembled bound female forms, and more than a few pieces of furniture obviously intended for a dungeon, though modernized. Let’s be honest, there are only so many things you can do to a pair of stocks. It will still look like a pair of stocks, despite the fact that this one was made of steel bars warped and shaped and covered with a smooth and shiny black finish. Oddly, the support beam was to the side and a large platform beneath provided the counter-balance.

Kari led us across this first room past the couch and coffee table (which appeared to come complete with ankle, thigh, and wrist cuffs BUILT IN) and over to the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It started with a circular base, at least three feet wide. A single pole jutted out of the bottom and was tipped with a rather large phallus. Evidently the height of the pole could be adjusted as well. A quick coating of lubricant made the phallus glisten. Kari grabbed Jennifer, the willowy brunette, positioned her over the pole and phallus, and then extended the pole, pushing the large rubber cock delicately up into Jennifer’s pussy. I watched as she sort of quivered and then Kari was buckling the ankle cuffs around Jennifer’s legs. Things got weird then. Jennifer’s wrists were cuffed behind her back. The strangest headdress came out then, with a long wire running down the back. A white colored plastic lamp shade was mounted to the headdress and covered Jennifer’s head from the chin upward. This was placed on top of Jennifer’s head and the wire was pushed down her backside. Kari even spread the girl’s butt cheeks to push the wire in place. It was then plugged in to the base.

This is NOT what Jennifer looked like, but it's the closest I can find on the internet right now.

She was now a lamp. The headdress was a shade and covered her head all the way down to her mouth. Kari fished a pair of Japanese clover clamps on a chain from a small black bag she had nearby. These were attached to Jennifer’s breasts and the brunette let out a tiny gasp. I felt a little surge of jealous, wondering what it would feel like to be a lamp. Then Kari plugged a wire into the base of the lamp and ran it up Jennifer’s front. There was a control box on the end and this she draped over and through the chain clamped between Jennifer’s breasts. Evidently it was heavy, because almost immediately Jennifer’s nipples were pulled taut and she let out a tiny whimper. Kari pressed the large button at the top of the control box and the entire headdress lit up, illuminating Jennifer’s entire body as well as a good portion of the room. A tiny spot light also lit up at the base, directly pointed at Jennifer’s plugged pussy. My God. A nude girl lamp! Jennifer gasped and her hips started moving slightly and then I realized that whenever the light was on, the phallus buried in her started vibrating. I chuckled. Jennifer was in for quite a night. The event was from six to eight. Two hours. Plus the prep time. Wow. I wondered what was next!

Next was bending Noretta, the black haired girl, into an excruciating position next to the couch. First she was laid flat on her back on a black lacquered wooden block. A strap around Noretta’s neck was fastened, not too tight of course, but then her wrists were strapped down as well. Not over her head, but down by her hips. Then Robert and Kari bent her in half, so that her legs swung over her head. Then to my horror, her knees were strapped into pace around her ears! Last, her ankles were strapped in. The position scared me. Evidently she wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, but I still couldn’t imagine looking up at my own pussy like that. She could see everything! A leather belt with odd looking studs, each two or three inches long was strapped tightly around her…um… middle? It went around her legs as well and then Robert carried in a clear glass table top, complete with circular hole cut right in the center. Kari and Robert carefully fitted it over the girl, letting it settle on the belt studs. In seconds she had been turned into a living, breathing end table. Noretta couldn’t move, which kept the table steady and Kari set a small bucket filled with those glass anal penetrators and a few vibrators on the glass top. With literally both Noretta’s rear end and pussy being totally exposed, I expected she would be experiencing just as much action as Jennifer.

My heart thudded as Sasha and I were lead to the next room. To my astonishment, a folding table had been set up in the empty room. What I can only describe as a metal cage lay on the table and Kari held out her hand to me. Swallowing my concerns, I let Kari and Robert help me up and I was placed face down in the steel contraption. My legs and arms were drawn up behind my back and I was hogtied. The squeak of steel hinges sounded and the cage was closed around me. A chain was attached above and then I cried out in surprise as I was drawn upward. Kari reached up, stroked my cheek, and reassured me a bit.

My body was totally exposed, supported mid-air by the cage. I was looking straight down at the table, my short brown hair barely falling past the steel. My breasts were dangling beneath me, since the cage was designed to allow free access to them and my sex. I was uncomfortable, but things got just a tad bit worse as Kari attached a rather cruel set of clamps to my nipples, complete with chain. I felt something penetrate my pussy. It was cold and hard and curved and I found out later it was hook. Then Kari was hanging a light studded ring from the nipple clamp chains and the hook! I groaned as the light ring, which weighed five or six pounds, pulled painfully on my nipples. Kari tested the tension a few time and then pleased, moved away from me. I heard a click and the dangling ring of lights turned on, illuminating not only my own body in beautiful patterns, but also the table beneath me.

The folding table was immediately removed and I watched from my suspended position as Robert and two other men moved a low set pillar under me. I wondered what torture they had in mind for me next, but then a large X shaped wooden construction was brought in and mounted right on the pillar, horizontally. Now I know you are all thinking it was like a St. Andrew’s Cross, right? No way. These beams were really really thick and the whole thing was shaped in human form. What really intrigued me however was the cutout. Dug out of the solid wood was clearly an “indentation” meant for someone to lie down in! It was also disturbingly female shaped. The bottom of the cutout was coated with a soft rubber mat. I watched as Sasha was helped into the form and she lay quietly, spread-eagled, her arms and legs fitting perfectly down into the channels cut into the wood. Then to my astonishment, another glass table top was brought in. This one was huge, and clearly meant for a dining room table, which made sense considering how big the support was. I felt a rush of alarm as they laid it over Sasha, but I quickly realized that there were three specifically cut holes in the table top, leaving access for Sasha to breath. Of course, it also left her breasts exposed, rather than mashing them down. Her rather large bosom actually rose above the table top. The last hole was down at her sex and I could tell that the wooden cutout she was laying in left plenty of room for someone’s hand, or worse, to get down in there.

She was completely illuminated by my lights, a red-haired goddess that made me look awful. I knew why I was the chandelier. As a farm working country bumpkin, I wasn’t pretty enough to be so completely on display. I felt a momentary surge of embarrassment, of jealousy, but quickly put it away. I was probably in the most painful of the devices, which is why I was chosen for it. Already my nipples were throbbing and my pussy ached from the hook.

Kari quickly laid a scarlet table topper across the middle of the dining room table. Should I call it a “Sasha Table”? Whatever. Sasha couldn’t move her arms or legs, much less her hips and I seriously doubted she would be able to lift the heavy glass. Her toes were even pointed and I’m guessing that whoever designed this thing made a lot of special modifications to make sure that Sasha’s body was positioned just right. Kari set a huge flower arrangement on the runner, which of course did nothing to cover Sasha’s assets. It went across her middle. Then, around the table, several plates filled with snacks; cheeses, expensive crackers, this black stuff that looked like little tiny pebbles, and slices of fruit were arranged artfully. Black plates lined with gold trim were set out. Flute goblets, filled with Champaign were artfully displayed, ready for those attending. Oh, and lastly, Kari set a small bucket of silver tong clamps near Sasha’s exposed breasts, and a bucket full of elegant glass and black plastic vibrators and dildos near the opposite end of the table. Sasha couldn’t see them, but I could.

At six things started. By this time I was aching pretty bad, but had settled down. Sasha and I had chatted for a bit until Kari told us to pipe down once the show started. It had been a weird conversation, since we had both described how the other looked and I told her about the dildos and clamps. She nodded and told me she expected that. We heard voices and then the room was filled with people. There was a grand tour and the guy who designed the pieces showed up and actually described how each of us were “bound” and what our “function” was. I got the distinct impression that we were not women to him, but furniture; living statues to be included in his designs. It was… weird.

Despite the fact that the lights completely illuminated the underside of my exposed body, it was still Sasha who drew the astonished gasps and murmurs of appreciation. I was a side item, a stupid light. Sasha was a table, elegant, beautiful, and available. As soon as the guided tour was over, the seventy or so people began making the rounds. The food went quickly but was rapidly replaced by a catering staff that didn’t even look at me or Sasha. The Champaign went even faster, with roving waiters refilling cups or I guess handing out new glasses.

And then there were a few guests who fondled Sasha’s breasts, clipped them, smacked them, removed the clamps, flicked them, and in general did all sorts of things to her. I watched her face as one older gentleman methodically stuffed her pussy with every single one of the available sex toys, and then made her lick each one clean, moving from one end of the table to the other. Poor Sasha!

While Sasha was definitely the star of the dining room show, I still had a few people come up and admire the cage containing me. A few set the light ring swinging, which had me squealing, and at one point, one of the revelers pulled one of the dining room chairs over, stood on it, and used one of the dildos that had already been in both Sasha’s pussy and mouth, and added it to my hook filled pussy. Desperate, I fucked it rather silly for a bit and the chandelier swung. Then the guy pulled it out, cruelly, right before I came, and stuffed the glass dildo into my ass. It stuck there, thanks to my hogtied position.

The minutes ticked by and all I could really do was hang there and watch as Sasha was abused. At one point Kari had to put a stop to some guests decorating Sasha’s pussy and tits with food and eating the tidbits off her skin. Kari pled sanitation issues, but mentioned that were they to purchase the table, they could easily do that in the privacy of their own home.

For a second, I wondered if Sasha was “included” in that offer. There’s a thought, right? Me, spending the rest of my life hogtied, swinging from someone’s ceiling. Ergggh. I wonder if Kari thought to add a disclaimer to tonight’s show: girls not included.

At eight everyone was asked politely to move along and the catering staff cleared the Sasha table. Kari reset it slightly, leaving most of it bare and when she left to return to the other room, a photographer came in and snapped like a hundred pictures of the table, and maybe twenty of me. As soon as he was done, Robert and his crew quickly pulled the glass table top off of Sasha and helped her out of the crèche. She was weak, tired, unable to stand, and Robert had one of his people carry her out. As the pillar and cross beam was removed, Robert leaned over, unclipped the light ring from my nipple clamps and hook, and then elicited a horrible scream from me as he unclamped my breasts. Blood rushed back into the crushed nubs and he grimaced as he pulled the glass dildo out of my ass. The hook came next.

As they put up the folding table, Robert started to lower me down and in moments I felt the cage spring open and the leather bindings on my ankles and wrists was loosened. I collapsed, my arms and legs non-responsive to the commands my brain was sending them. I was massaged a bit and then Robert put me in the arms of another one of his crew men and I was carried upstairs back to that small bedroom.

It took me maybe thirty minutes to recover enough to pull on the terry cloth bathrobe and go check on things. Noretta was still on her bed, moaning. I covered her with a blanket, noticing that her crotch looked rather red. Evidently she had experienced a rather difficult time, since one amused guest had sat down on the couch next to Noretta and repeatedly rammed various instruments into both holes. Later, Robert told me that Kari had been forced to step in, asking the guest not to double fuck her with the large dildos at the same time.

Jennifer was in pretty good shape, though she admitted that her clit and pussy were a bit tender, as were her nipples. Evidently the only really torment she had endured were constant on and off switching of the light, which pulled repeatedly on her nipple clamps, and a few probing fingers of her clitoris. She joined me as we went and checked on Sasha.

Sasha was sitting upright, already wrapped in her bathrobe. She had scrubbed her face clean of the makeup in the small attached bathroom, something I wish I had done. She looked fresh and vulnerable. She let out a wan smile.

“I’m not sure this was worth the five hundred bucks,” she said with a grin. Jennifer laughed.

“I got a bit less, but then I wasn’t the table either”, Jennifer told the red-haired vixen. I had told her what Sasha had been caught in.

I shrugged. The last thing I wanted to do was admit to these girls that I was unpaid and doing it in exchange for sexual services.

Again, NOT what anything looked like, but evidently there isn't a lot of high dollar girl furniture out there!

The two girls talked fetish modeling and I learned a lot about it. It was interesting. Finally I left them to their devices and went downstairs to check on Kari.

Kari was having an animated conversation with the designer and photographer, her tone clearly indicating she wasn’t happy. I wandered over and the photographer spotted me.

“Hey! What about her? We can adjust the lighting a bit and…” All three looked at me.

I must have appeared like a deer in the headlights, because Kari just nodded and sighed, throwing her hands up in the air. The designer, a short, rather dumpy guy with a perpetual arrogant sneer on his face grinned and ordered me over. I glanced at Kari who gave a short nod and the next thing I knew the photographer was removing my robe! I allowed it, since clearly Kari was okay with this and knew what was going on. Standing nude in front of the photographer and designer, not to mention my former mistress, I waited and then Kari and the designer were manhandling me onto the coffee table. I was positioned on my back, my wrists locked into the cuffs above my head. My ankles came next as my thighs were pulled apart by the final restraining straps.

The flash of the camera went off several times and then I heard a whispered conversation. Finally I heard Kari say “no, we’ll use Robert.” I laid there for a few minutes, ignored by both the photographer and the designer while Kari left to fetch her boy toy. Five minutes later Robert was standing above me, taking off his suit. I watched, a smile on my face as moments later Robert was straddling me, his dick buried in my pussy. I groaned in pleasure, only to realize that several more pictures were being taken. Then Robert was directed to pull out and I was unbound.

Stumbling, still wanting orgasm, I was lead to the weird, modern stocks. Kari bent me over, putting my head and wrists into the available curves and then I was locked in place. Once more several shots were taken, each one careful not to capture my face. Then Robert was positioned behind me by the photographer, told to penetrate, and then about a dozen or so more photos were taken. It was faintly ridiculous. The photographer actually posed us. Well, he posed Robert. Grasp her tit. Pinch her nipple. Raise your hand as if you’re about to spank her. At one point Robert was pulled out of me, stood several feet behind me, and handed a whip. He raised it to strike me, posing as the snap shots were taken. But I was never struck. Damn.

Then I was moved again, this time to one of the dildo seats. The photographer took a bunch of shots of me getting impaled, including several close ups. Then, while still pinned, I was “adjusted”. My legs were spread. My legs were closed. My arms were crossed. My nipples were clamped. At one point Robert was brought over, his hard cock in my face as I turned my head sideways, sucking on him with legs spread and slightly raised up so the shot would capture the phallus in my pussy.

It was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. I was so horny. And it was all fake. No orgasms, no real sex, not even a real blowjob (though I DID try.) The designer complained that Sasha wasn’t modeling these shots, but I heard Kari explain that the contract was for a limited time and that Sasha hadn’t been interested in additional services that evening.

When we were done, Kari put me in the stocks and left me there. The Japanese clover clamps both Jennifer and I had worn earlier were attached to my nipples and I waited as things were cleaned up and Kari finished for the evening. Both Jennifer and Sasha came over and said goodbye, telling me that Noretta had just left. I told them both I enjoyed working with them and got rewarded with a few kisses, sympathetic smiles, and admonishment to get Kari to pay me extra. Yeah. Right.

Thirty minutes later things had quieted down to the point where I was left alone more than with someone. The designer came in, approached me, his hands touching me. I kept quiet. I didn’t want to embarrass Kari. It wasn’t until I heard the unzipping of his pants that I began to get a little concerned.

But then Kari was there, a sharp “NO!” from her mouth that startled my would-be rapist and had him stumbling away. “She is not for that.”

“I wasn’t…” he mumbled.

“Eric, so help me God, if you molest another one of the models again tonight I will personally never show you’re work again, and I’ll have you blacklisted,” Kari threatened.

Eric molested one of the models? I could only wonder if it had been Noretta.

To be honest, I was at the point where I would have practically accepted a fuck from just about anyone. Even “Eric the Designer”. I wiggled my ass and looked at Kari hopefully, but either she didn’t see it, or ignored it. Probably the latter.

Ten minutes later I was freed from bondage, handed a bag filled with my clothes, and led, still naked, by Robert, out of the house and to the car. Prior to getting in, Robert bent me over, rammed a vibrator into my pussy, turned it on low and then buckled me in. Now that’s service. Moments later Kari stormed out of the house and got behind the driver’s seat while Robert got in the back of the sedan.

“Fucking bastard,” Kari muttered between her teeth. She glanced at me. “The bastard suggested that I service him!”

“Service?” I asked. I guess I was being slow that night.

“Fuck! Me! Like I’m some sort of whore!”

“Did you kick him in the balls, Mistress?” Robert asked from the backseat. His hands had come around and he was rubbing Kari’s shoulders. Hmmm… maybe I should get me a boytoy sex slave too.

She shook her head. “No. He is a client. But I’m raising my rates. This is fucking ridiculous. She turned to me. “How are you feeling?”

I grinned. “Close to cumming. I’ll go fuck him if you want,” I replied.

Kari blinked. “Seriously?” Kari asked. I nodded.

Her mouth was a straight line as she thought about it. Finally she nodded. “Okay. We’ll be back for you in an hour. Give me the vibrator first though.

I groaned as I removed the buzzing toy and quickly licked it clean as I turned it off. I handed it to her. Hey. I’m a good nympho humiliation pain slut. Besides, do you have any idea of how much trouble I’d be in, handing a slimy vibrator back to my mistress?

“Go,” she ordered her head jerking toward the house. She handed me a condom extracted from her purse.

So I went back inside; still naked except for a pair of high heels.

Eric was sitting on the couch looking a little irritable. He nodded at me, but I guess Kari’s initial warning was enough for him not to see me as sex fodder. I approached, which evidently startled him, and then I was kneeling between the weird coffee bondage table and his knees, my hands working at his trousers.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looking around to see if Kari was nearby.

I gave him my million watt please tie me up and fuck me like I’m a piece of furniture smile as I pulled his cock out and went down on him. He moaned, his fingers wrapping up in my hair. I could tell he was close to cumming right from the start, which I guess is to be expected considering he had just been in charge of a design show that featured four naked girls getting tortured while being part of furniture. I let him cum in my mouth, swallowed it all, and then started again. That surprised him. No rest for the weary! I was still horny and his was the only available cock so it was up to me to get him up.

It took about twenty minutes and by that time he was ready for something more adventurous than couch sex. I got dragged back to the stocks, locked in place, clamped (again) and then he came at me from behind. It wasn’t very good. He was a sloppy partner. His cock wasn’t terribly large, his movements were all sporadic and not smooth, and he never touched my clit. Talk about frustrating. It was actually worse than the vibrator in the car.

When he finished, he found that whip Robert had posed with and proceeded to blister my ass. I was screaming when Robert came in, politely told Eric that my time was up, and unlocked me. I had six or seven serious welts across my butt by then, and a dozen minor ones. Talk about ouch. Robert took me back down to the car, restuffed me with the vibrator, and Kari peeled rubber, heading back to her place.

The walk up to her apartment was awkward, as it can only be when you are the only one totally naked in a party of three. We actually passed one of Kari’s neighbors, a nice looking guy who ogled me and greeted Kari as if they actually knew each other. I don’t know my neighbors. They live like eight miles away! Weird. Anyway, back in Kari’s apartment I was allowed to shower, but Kari said no masturbating. When I was done, I headed out into the living room, and there I found one of Eric’s chairs, complete with a huge vibrating phallus, sitting in the center of the room.

“Have a seat,” Kari said, motioning to the chair. I sat down, filling my pussy. The vibrator roared to life, evidently activated by the pressure of me sitting down. Yummy. I smiled as Robert approached with wrist and ankle cuffs. He was as naked as I was now, his hard cock sticking straight out, though this time his entire length was wrapped up in a series of plastic rings connected with a leather strap. A silver hoop on the end made it even more exotic. He bound my wrists behind the chair and then spread my legs, securing my ankles to the back of the chair so I couldn’t close my thighs. Kari stood up, opened a drawer on the side table and pulled out a leather sap.

She approached, lifting it, telling me to kiss it as she pressed it once to my lips. She bent down, her cleavage in my face as the sap moved down, stroking my tender nipples, then going farther down until I felt it on my clit.

“You were awesome tonight. Your debt is paid in full, and I even owe you,” she whispered.

“What do you owe me?” I asked back, my voice just as soft.

She knelt down between my spread legs and lifted the sap, holding it several inches above my clit as if she intended to hit me. She smiled at me, a sparkle in her eyes.

“You’re about to find out.”

The sap impacted on my pussy with a brutal sting and I gasped as the pain flooded through me. My entire body shook and tightened around the vibrating probe buried in my slit. Another stroke followed before I had even relaxed and then my world became a blurred, pain filled, ecstasy inducing, series of orgasms as Kari spanked my breasts and sex. At one point I was directed to suck on Robert’s cock tip, a strange experience due to his harness. It must have driven him crazy.

After two orgasms and forty minutes, I was released from the chair, cuddled, kissed, sent to get cleaned up, and then politely kicked out. Naked of course. As the front door shut I fished my shorts and shirt out of my bag, pulled them on, and headed for my truck. Just as I was getting in, my phone rang. I fished it out and heard Kari’s voice.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked me politely.

My response wasn’t the most enlightened. “Uh…”

“What’s NHPS Rule #1?” Kari asked.

“A nympho humiliation pain slut should keep her pussy stuffed at all times, preferably with cock. If cock is not available the NHPS should stuff her self with whatever objects/toys are available in order to keep herself sexually aroused and ready to be abused.” I replied automatically, mentally wincing.

I heard Kari laugh. “Then find an object to stuff yourself with. No toys. Have fun!” The line went dead.

I tossed the phone back into my purse. I kept a spare vibrator in my purse for emergencies (uh… yeah. You never know when you’ll need one. Bite me.) but Kari made it clear I needed to use an object, not a toy. I riffled through my truck but other than a cheap and rather thick flashlight, which would not have worked very well unless left with no other option, I started looking around for a soda or beer bottle.

No luck. With a sigh, I fished out a condom, tore it while putting it over the base of the flashlight, got out another one and this time managed it. Then I spent a rather embarrassing, humiliating few minutes shucking out of my shorts and trying to stuff a three inch thick hard plastic D cell flashlight into my pussy. I was tender and the light was unyielding, but once it was in, it felt good. Sitting on it the way I was made it move slightly and I headed for home.

At home I waddled upstairs, removed the light and replaced it with my husky dildo. I wanted something a little softer to sleep with. I got in my pajamas, climbed into bed, and dreamt…

…of tables, and lights, and chandeliers. And in my dreams, I wondered what it would have been like if the furniture came with the girls included.

P.S. I will do my absolute best to try and get copies of the photographs taken. No promises though!

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