Sunday, October 17, 2010

Assignment 10/17/10 - Bigger Buzzier Toys

Bigger Buzzier Toys: Assigned by Master Barrett.

Every evening before bedtime, usually during my shower, I go through a sort of ritual. There is a rule I have to follow, actually a whole series of them, but the first rule is the most important. It is Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1 and it states quite clearly: A NHPS should keep her pussy stuffed at all times, preferably with cock. If cock is not available, then the NHPS should stuff herself with whatever objects/toys are available in order to keep herself sexually aroused and ready. It’s a mouthful to say, but it makes even more of an impact on your life when every evening you take out whatever was currently buried in your pussy and replace it with something new.

That’s right. I said new. Oh I know! I’d get used to being stuffed if I used the same toy every day, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Not to get used to it? I used to have three particular toys that I used though, and I WAS starting to get used to them, even swapping them out regularly. First there were my ben wa balls, which were two non-motorized golf ball sized, latex coated spheres, each with a tiny clapper inside. Walking caused them to roll, ring, and stimulate me.

My next regular toy was my Husky dildo, a nine inch long four inch wide rubber monster, complete with balls at the bottom, that stuffed me rather full. I usually wore panties and even jeans with this one, since it doesn’t want to stay in on its own. I like my Husky. It gives me a break from constant stimulation, so unless I’m riding a tractor, it works rather nicely. Though I waddle a bit. Oh well.

The last toy I had were vibroballs. Similar in size and shape to the ben wa balls, my vibroballs are ovoid, shiny purple plastic, each with a wire escaping from the base of the egg shaped vibrator leading up to a remote. Talk about a pain in the ass. I normally only use the vibroballs when I know I’m going to WANT to stimulate myself into orgasm. Otherwise I leave them off. A few of my online masters and mistresses, not to mention some of my real life ones, like me to keep my vibroballs on for extended periods of time. It drives me crazy.

But you can probably see; there isn’t a lot of wiggle room here. I made the rather stupid comment to Master Barrett that I should probably get a few new toys, just to make sure that I didn’t get too used to my regular daily dose of sexual torment. He agreed.

You need some bigger toys, so it's off to the toy store for you. Find one with a male clerk and ask him to help you find what you are looking for. Tell him you have a cunt that needs to be filled with a nice big dildo. Buy a 12" long 5" wide vibe/dildo for your cunt and a 5" long 4 - 5" wide cock shaped vibrating plug for your ass. Also if you don't already have some get some vibrator clamps for your nipples. Make sure the clerk knows you intend to stuff yourself with them both as soon as possible. Offer to give him a blowjob for his help.

Then back to the farm. Drive your tractor out into the fields and strip off, put all your new toys in the right holes, attach the clamps and finally put on your butterfly. Turn everything on high and cuff your left wrist to the wheel. Then it's off ploughing for you! You are not allowed to get off or stop the tractor for any reason until you have finished your afternoon’s work.

Sounds like an interesting day, right? Yeah, well, things didn’t go quite the way Master Barrett envisioned.

First of all, while not a weekly regular at sexual novelty shops, I’ve been to enough to know that finding a 12 inch long 5 inch wide vibrator was going to be practically impossible. Same thing with the 5 inch wide vibrating ass plug. The vibrating nipple clamps would be easier, but even then, I would need to go to one of only two large scale shops that I knew of.

Plus I cheated. I bought a few things online, had them shipped to Kari’s apartment, and needed to go pick them up. I made arrangements, and while Kari wouldn’t be home, Robert was there. Even better, Master Barrett agreed that if I couldn’t find a bigger dildo than the one I had purchased online, I could skip it.

My attire for the day was something of a decisional crisis. Should I wear a skirt? Should I stay in my jeans? The weather was cooling down, but it still was going to get up to the mid-eighties, so a skirt was definitely an option. In the end I went with my denim skirt, a regular tee shirt, my tennis shoes, and no panties or bra. I was even able to get dressed in the house, and wave bye to my mom. I was already wearing my vibroballs, thanks to an early morning online torture session with Master Barrett. I loaded everything I might need in my bag and headed out the door.

It’s about a forty minute drive to Kari’s apartment and it went pretty quick since it was after rush hour. Even then it was a bit of a drive. Ever since they fixed I-10, that part of the drive has been nice. But 610 is still a nightmare. Anyway, I made it to Kari’s apartment, headed up the concrete stairs outside the building, and knocked on the door.

Yes. I know. I wasn’t naked. Lay off. Kari wasn’t home! Robert opened the door and like me, he wasn’t naked. I stepped in to the apartment, gave him a quick hug, and once again admired his body. Robert was of course chiseled perfection. His black tee shirt seemed painted on. His khaki trousers were smooth and unwrinkled and he was wearing a thick black leather belt I wished he would spank me with. Oh well…

“Hey, Bre. Your package is on the dining room table” he said politely after giving me a soft kiss on the cheek. I grinned. I like getting packages. We went over to the dining room table and sure enough, a medium sized cardboard box was sitting there, unopened. Robert pulled a pen knife from his pocket, handed it to me, and I slit the tape on the top of the box open. It was filled with peanuts. Not literal peanuts, but those horrible Styrofoam ones. A moment of rooting around and I quickly found a container just a bit larger than your standard shoe box. I pulled it out and grinned. New toy #1!

Now I’m not advertising here, but if you’re curious, here’s my newest toy!
In case you're wondering, I bought the bigger one.

I like the specs too. 12 or so inches long and 2.5 inches wide, made of jelly like rubber, with little bumps along the edges. Fantastic. Granted, it’s longer than my Husky dildo, but not quite as wide. I figured we’d get a long fine.

The second item in my box was something I was really looking forward too. This one was rather expensive, but I think it was worth it: a hands free rotating vibrator with both clit and anal stimulators. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so too.

Photo via Too Timid The Romance Company

My hand plunged back down into the box and I extracted a small box. I had forgotten I ordered these. Inside were two tiny nipple clamps, each thin pieces of metal with a tightening band. What made these fun were the tiny bells attached to the bottoms. Another set was buried in the peanuts and in moments I had four of the clamps. Why four you might ask? Well, to be honest, I only needed three. There was also a bottle of lube. Can’t have too much of that, can you?

Finally, I extracted the last item from the box: a set of vibrating anal beads. I wasn’t too pleased about this purchase. I think I’ve expressed my distaste for having things up my ass, but Master Barrett had been so insistent that I went a head and bought it anyway. I tossed it down with the rest of the stuff and gave Robert a rueful grin.

“Like your new toys?” he asked after picking each one up and examining them. I nodded in Christmast like delight.

“Absolutely” I replied, still fingering the Core Driller dildo.

“Want to try it out?” he asked.

I arched one eyebrow. “Seriously? You don’t mind?” I asked him. He responded with laughter.

Feeling a bit chagrined I reached under my skirt and tugged the vibroballs loose of both my pussy and waist band. They were off thank goodness, and had been for a while, but I was still very very wet. Robert stepped into the kitchen for a moment and came back with a hand towel, which held my juice covered toys rather nicely. Then I sat down in one of the chairs, spread my legs, and began working the “Core Driller” into my pussy.

Oh. My. God. It felt awesome. Not quite as thick as the Husky, but so nice. I could actually feel the bumps! It went in smoothly and even the alternating widths that tapered to their widest point seemed perfect. I groaned as I worked it in, then worked it out, then worked it back in. Robert watched, a fascinated expression on his face as I “tested” my latest toy.

It took me maybe five or six minutes to orgasm. I have to admit, I’m not sure if it was because I was already pretty juiced, or if it was because Robert was watching, or because it was a brand new toy going in and out, but it was an awesome explosion. I hadn’t even stripped, just went at it, legs up on the table, eventually moving into a squatting position with the Core Driller planted firmly on the chair. Oh yeah…

After a few moments of recuperation I tugged the massive dildo out, sighed, and took it into the bathroom to wash. Kari keeps a large number of soaps, ungunets, and of course, rubbing alcohol to keep things clean and sanitary. When I came back out I found Robert examining the other remaining toys.

“So what’s next?” he asked, fingering the vibrating anal beads. I took them away from him with a grimace.

“Not those. Trust me,” I replied a little forcefully. Robert is a regular reader, so I’m pretty sure he knows about my dislike for anal entry. He laughed a bit and then handed me the bell clamp set.

“Seriously?” I asked, violating my own rule about that word. He nodded and grinned.

“Can’t help it. I would love to see and hear you with these on.”

I sighed. Robert had removed both sets of clamps from their packaging and held them out to me. I grabbed them and headed back to the bathroom. I stripped off my shirt and skirt and of course stepped out of my shoes. Once naked, I faced the mirror and started attaching the clamps.

Featherweight. That’s the first thing to come to mind. Even tightened to their maximum they didn’t hurt anywhere near as bad as my duck billed clamps, not to mention my Japanese clovers, and God forbid, the alligator clamps. The ringing sound however was quite distracting and when I put the third clamp on, dangling from my clit, I suddenly felt like a cow, whose bell was alerting everyone of her approach.

I stepped out of the bathroom and found Robert in the living room at his computer. Robert is a day trader when he’s not being sexually abused by Kari. I moved up to where he was perusing the stock market online and then struck a nicely erotic pose for him. He turned to look, admiring me for a few moments, then reached out and gently grabbed my hips. I let him of course. I’d be willing to let Robert do anything he wanted to me, but all he did was shake me a little, just enough to make me ring.

He asked me to walk around a bit. Then do a few squats, then a couple of jumping jacks. The ringing was starting to get on my nerves as I did those exercises. Finally he asked me to bend over the arm of the couch. I did, feeling him come up behind me. I heard his trousers unzip and then the tip of his cock was probing at my pussy and I was pushing back against him. He drove himself in, grabbing my waist, and then began rhythmically pumping. The bell clamps on my breasts dangled straight down, swaying and ringing with every thrust. The one on my clit ended up getting caught between my thigh and the couch.

I came first. At first that surprised me, but then I realized that it would be a cold day in hell before Robert would allow himself to cum BEFORE a woman he was fucking had her pleasure. I cried out through my orgasm and then the pace of his strokes picked up and the ringing increased. I tried clamping down on his shaft, but he slipped through me like a freight train in an open tunnel, working himself up to his own explosion. When it came I groaned, sighing in total pleasure. I could feel his cock harden into granite, throbbing, pumping, and then squirting inside me.

He withdrew and removed the condom with practiced ease even as I slowly straightened. He patted my rear end once and pulled up his trousers with quiet dignity.

“I think the bell clamps work nicely,” he said.

“Really? I’m glad you think so,” I replied.

He nodded. “They actually are quite stimulating from a mental perspective. I knew every time I heard them ring your nipples and clit were getting a little bit of torment.”

I didn’t bother to mention that the clit clamp hadn’t had room to move, or that the clamps weren’t really tight enough to do more than minor stimulation, but if he was happy, I was happy. I headed off to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Dressed again in my tennis shoes, skirt, and tee shirt, I headed back out toward the dining room to grab the last toy I really wanted to try. It was a dark pink rubber vibrator, mounted on a butterfly like hands free strap. I stepped into the harness, pulled it up, and pushed the vibrator into my pussy. Robert came in and helped me tighten the straps around my hips and thighs and I walked back and forth across the apartment, trying to get used to the way it felt inside me.

To be honest, it was very different from the Husky dildo. First of all, the Husky bends as I walk, so while I’m stuffed, I can still move around somewhat normally. This device, ostensibly called the “Rotating Venus Penis” which I will shorten to RVP, was solid, unbendable, and about four inches long. The remote got tucked into my waist band, which I was used to thanks to the vibroballs. I looked down at the controls. There were two sliders. I thumbed the first one up slightly and was rewarded with a gentle vibration from between my legs. The second slider caused me to gasp. I just wasn’t prepared for the phallus inside me to start spinning, but it did. It was a slow turn, as if I were being screwed (lol sorry for the pun). Robert recommended I walk around a bit to get used to it.

In a lot of ways the RVP was just like my vibroballs. While off, it kept me stuffed, slightly wet, and in compliance with NHPS Rule #1. While on, it was torment which ranged from “I can stand this for a couple of hours” to “Oh my God I’m gonna cum!” To be honest, I could stand the vibrations pretty well. Even level four by itself wouldn’t have brought me to the edge by itself in less than thirty minutes or so. Maybe if I was doing a lot of walking…possibly. But I didn’t really sense that much movement in response to me prancing around the apartment, so I’m not sure that moving my ass around in public was going to really get the juices flowing any more than they already were.

However the rotating function was extremely effective. Even on the lowest speed, a little bit of spin had my body reacting immediately. The fast the spin, the harder and quicker the orgasm started to cum. Robert ended up with the remote, playing with the sliders as we worked out the combinations for orgasmic disaster. I came three times too. Yum. I wish I had left the nipple bell clamps on!

With the time crawling on toward lunch, I took the remote away from Robert and started to pack things up. He came up to me and laid one hand on my shoulder.

“You know, I’d never tell you what to do, but I think you need to consider something,” he said politely. Robert was always polite and genteel.

I arched a brow and looked at him.

“What would Master Brandon or Master Barrett want you to do,” he nodded down at the table where the vibrating anal beads sat, still wrapped in their package, “with those.”

“That’s an unfair question,” I replied. I knew exactly what they would want me to do. So do you. So does EVERYONE. It was bad enough I was about to head to sex toy store and BUY ANOTHER butt plug toy, and that I was going to have to put it in. I was damned if I was going to start the trip off with something ALREADY in my ass.

Robert nodded as I threw away the various boxes. Next time I looked he was on his cell phone. I heard my name mentioned and stopped to listen.

“Oh… a massive dildo, those bell clamps we talked about once, this incredible rotating vibrator which she has trouble handling, and some vibrating anal beads she refuses to try,” he said into the phone. He paused, listening.

“I know that, Mistress, but I can hardly…” he paused again. My heart sank down to join my stomach. There was only one person he called Mistress. Kari was on the phone. Robert was nodding. “Yes Mistress,” he said again. “All right, Mistress.” There was another long pause and I saw his face lose some color. “I’m sure Breanne will cooperate when she understands…”

I stood there shocked. Robert actually looked frightened. I watched his Adam’s apple bob and then he whispered another “yes Mistress,” and handed me the phone.

I lifted it to my mouth. “Hello, Kari,” I said, trying to keep my concern out of my voice.

“Hello, pet. What’s today’s assignment?” she asked.

I told her. She listened quietly.

“What toy are you currently wearing?” she asked.

“The rotating venus penis” I replied. It was currently off, both the vibrating and rotating functions.

“Turn both the vibrator and the rotation to their lowest setting” she ordered. I did so, feeling my pussy clamp down around the four inch long plastic cock. Almost instantly I felt renewed sexual urges. There was no way I was going to be able to handle the spinning function for long.

“It’s on, Kari” I said, my soft whimper no doubt a more informative sound.

“Can you drive like that?” she asked.

I shook my head, but then answered. “I don’t think so, Kari. It’s not the vibrator that’s the problem. It’s the rotation. I’m just so sensitive to it right now.”

Kari made an understanding hum and then spoke again. “That must be so tough on you. Turn both the vibrator and the rotation up to medium.”

I moaned as I did it, my hips trembling as I fought for control. I gasped my acquiescence to her order and waited, knowing she wasn’t done.

“You have a choice, Breanne” Kari said. “You can try to make it to the toystore with the venus penis on that setting, or you can let Robert put in the anal beads and you can go to the toy store with those on medium.”

Ah. A no win scenario. There really wasn’t an option here. Both Kari and I both knew that I’d wreck my truck and die horribly if I was forced to drive with the RVP on, especially on level three. All I could do was answer to the affirmative.

“Yes Kari. Thank you” I whispered, still rocking from the purring going on between my legs.

“And make sure you keep that Venus penis on that setting until Robert gets you completely stuffed and on.”

“Yes Kari.”

“And once you arrive at the toy store, you will turn both toys to their maximum settings…”

I interrupted her at that point. “Kari! I won’t be able to even walk! Didn’t Robert tell you how I was responding to the RVP?”

There was a silence on the other end of the phone. “You will turn both toys to their maximum setting and only turn them off again when you are replacing them with your newest purchases,” she finished.

There was no point in arguing with her. “Yes Kari.”

“Good. Now put Robert back on.”

I handed the phone back to Robert who took it and listened intently for a few minutes. Then he said “yes Mistress. I love you, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress” in some exchange of pleasant goodbyes and hung up.

“You deliberately called her” I accused him, still shuddering from the roaring spin going on between my legs.

Robert nodded. “You need to bend over and lift you skirt please.”

I rolled my eyes and went back to the arm of the couch. With my ass in the air I waited until Robert came over. I felt a cool splash right on my ass and then his fingers were working their way in and out of my rear end. I never heard the anal beads start vibrating, no doubt due to my own currently active toy, but I felt the first one press against my rear and then slide in.

In seconds I knew that Kari’s orders to have both toys at maximum was going to be impossible to do. The buzzing of the anal beads, slowly being shoved into my rear end, was so intense. Worse, they combined somehow with what was going on in my pussy and by the time Robert had gotten the entire set up into my body I was screaming and cumming again.

When I had finally calmed down, Robert turned the RVP off. My ass was still trembling, but more from the incessant buzzing than from any lingering sexual urges. I admit, I had trouble stopping the involuntary clenching that comes with having your ass stuffed, but after about ten minutes I managed to get things under control. I packed up my stuff, gave Robert a bit of a tongue lashing (a verbal one, not a physical one) and headed out the door.

Let me tell you, driving while having your ass filled with buzzing vibrating anal beads is not the easiest thing in the world. Thank God I didn’t have to go very far. Just a few miles and most of those were on the interstate. Smooth sailing. I pulled up into the parking lot of this absolutely huge mega adult novelty shop and tried to mentally prepare myself.

Nope. Nothing doing. There was no way to “prepare” for a humiliating experience of walking into an adult toy store, while enduring the maximum settings on both the anal beads and the RVP. I’d be in a constant state of orgasmic flux. But there was nothing to do but do it. I got out of my truck and put my hands on my waist. The remote for the anal beads was on my right and the remote for the RVP was on my left. I did the beads first, jacking the wheel to its maximum setting and gasped outloud as the roar became clearly audible and my bottom began having spasms. Then, fingers trembling, I put the remote back in my waist band, grabbed the RVP controls, and slid them up. Both. At the same time.

I didn’t even make it to the back of the pickup before I was swooning, grasping hold of the metal sides, holding myself up as the orgasm hit me. It wasn’t as powerful as earlier, but it was still intense. Worse, after it hit, I started this rollercoaster of orgasmic waves. Up and down with only a few steps in between before I had to reach out and grab something again.

I managed to make it to the door, open it, and go inside. The quiet inside the shop just made my toys louder and I did my absolute best to straighten up and not look like I was either constipated or on the verge of orgasmic explosion. Of course from a clinical perspective, I was probably both.

The clerk was male (thank GOD!) and watched me with a curious expression as I quickly tried to move past the raised counter. I didn’t see any other customers, but I figure that the arcade area was probably full. Lots of gay guys go to this place and they aren’t looking for female company anyway. All of this was for the good because I was having some serious trouble just standing. There is no possible way for me to really come up with an accurate metaphor to describe what I was feeling, but I’m gonna try. I want you to imagine sitting on a Harley Davidson motorcycle; a big one. The vibrations are super intense, shaking your whole body. Now imagine me sitting on it with you, except we’re facing each other, and your cock is buried inside me. But wait, that’s not all! Imagine I’m ALSO stuffed with my vibroballs so that your cock has something ELSE buzzing right next to it. That’s not even close to what I was feeling, but at least I’ve got you heading in the right direction.

The first thing I grabbed was the pair of vibrating nipple clamps Master Barrett wanted me to pick up. It’s not that I went looking for them, it’s that I stumbled across them first. It’s not my fault the BDSM section is before the dildo and butt plug shelves. Besides, it wasn’t like I had to put them on right then and there, though I guess I should be thankful that I wasn’t required to wear the new bell clamps, right? Anyway I reeled myself through the store like a drunken sailor, enduring multiple waves of orgasmic bliss.

Okay, they weren’t super strong solitary orgasms like what most of you guys are used to. The girls understand what I’m talking about. It’s not quite an orgasm, but really close. Guys don’t have “waves”, which I think has to do with the plumbing. Girls however DO have waves and I was surfing a wave that was just going on and on. The clerk was watching me like a hawk, trying to figure out if I was drunk, high, or just merely weird. I’m pretty sure he never suspected that I was stuffed with enough motorized sex toys to keep a troop of adventurous teenage girls occupied for several hours.

The dildo selection wasn’t really impressive. The biggest they had was about the same as my my new Core Driller dildo, so I wasn’t able to buy that 12 inch long 5 inch wide monster that Master Barrett wanted me to try to find. So that meant I’d be fucking my Core Driller 2 on the car ride back home. That was fine by me. I kept going. Finding a butt plug of the appropriate size was unfortunately a lot easier, even with the added necessity of it having to vibrate. Eventually I picked out this soft looking rubber one, with a sort of handle that curved under and between the legs, all of which vibrated. Armed with my selection and about to go crazy in sexual need, I went to the counter, put my items on the desk, and let the cashier guy ring them up.

“You okay?” he asked me politely. I nodded, swallowing hard. It was getting a bit harder to function.

“Yeah. Thanks. I’m just trying to deal with this new vibrator. It rotates too and it’s keeping me on edge,” I replied.

His eyes widened. “Seriously?”

GGgrrrr….. “Yes. Seriously. Of course the vibrating beads in my ass aren’t helping things.

His mouth made a soundless “oh” and he went back to getting my selection on the computer. The cost was a little high, but I had expected it so I paid in cash, collected my products and then made my offer.

“You’ve been really really nice. Care for a blowjob as way of thanks?” I asked him.

The offer took him by surprise, and I could see him considering it. “Thanks, but I’m on the clock and I could get in a lot of trouble.”

“When do you get off?” I asked.

His end of shift time was prohibitive. Four hours away. Yuck. If it had been within one or two hours, maybe I would have been willing to go while away the time back in the arcade, but instead I told him “another time”, and headed out to the truck.

Once I was firmly ensconced in my vehicle, I reached down to my waist band and quickly turned off BOTH vibrating rotating demons and just reveled in the silence. Granted, I was terribly horny, totally soaked, and even my thighs were pretty wet. I grabbed my pack of baby wipes from the glovebox and then proceeded to extract both the anal beads and the RVP, cleaning them before tossing them in the seat next to me. I opened up the new anal plug, cleaned it, lubricated it by ramming as much of it as possible into my pussy, and then proceeded to stick it up my ass.


Once I was thoroughly plugged, I grabbed my Core Driller 2 from the box on the seat next to me, positioned it at the entrance of my sex, and began mining operations. LOL I guess you wish I had started with a strip mining procedure, right? Before going for the deep drill?

Bite me.

Getting the Core Driller 2 in was a chore. A fun chore, but it took a bit of work. It didn’t help that I was already stuffed with the ass plug, which was taking up five full inches of room. Actually, I was lucky I had the Core Driller 2 instead of my Husky dildo. The Husky is actually a bit thicker at the base and I’d have been in some serious discomfort, instead of just mild stuff. Feeling like I was a stuffed turkey, I tried settling in the seat, grabbed the vibrator clamps and opened the package. Each one was nothing more than a thin cylinder with a twist cap to change “rpm” attached to duck billed clamps. I tugged up my shirt, connected them, and then, because I was supposed to “use” them, I turned them both on to their lowest setting.

Talk about throwing gasoline on the fire. Weeee! My fingers found my clit and next thing I knew I was doing this ass dance in my seat, skirt around my waist, my legs spread, my nipples tingling as the vibes tormented me and then I was exploding, my loins contracting around both my plug and my dildo.

The drive home wasn’t bad actually. I turned off the anal plug of course, as well as the nipple clamps, and so just had to endure being stuffed, along with a little bit of discomfort on my breasts. Not bad at all. I admit I probably shifted around in my seat a bit more often than expected, but nothing too bad. Finally I pulled up to the farm and instead of heading into the house, I went straight to the barn, arms carrying my bag, which I had moved all of my new toys inside. It was a bit hard to walk with the Core Driller in, especially since it kept wanting to come out, but I managed for the thirty or forty steps needed to get inside.

Once I was in the barn I laid out everything for a quick inventory, even going so far as to take off the clamps. For a moment, it felt odd, being totally empty, about to select what items went in and what didn't. To be honest, it turned me on. In fact, with everything laid out in front of me, I couldn't help it. I stripped naked and stood there, deciding what would go in my bag and what would go in me.

I had laid everything out on a spare hay bale. The pink cylinder vibrating nipple clamps were on the far left, followed in order by the rotating venus penis, the Core Driller (non-vibrating) dildo, the vibrating anal beads, the bell clamps, the vibrating curved anal plug, my vibro balls, and my butterfly clitoral vibrating stimulator. Um.... I think I might have issues.

Master Barrett had wanted me to test out my new toys, but that meant I had some decisions to make. The first issue of course, was what would go in my pussy. I could go for size and select the Core Driller. If it handled riding the tractor like my Husky dildo did, the fact it wasn't a vibrator wouldn't matter. Or I could slip the vibro balls back in. Master Barrett wanted me vibrated out of my mind. Or I could put the RVP back in, set both vibration and rotation to their maximum. I decided that while the Core Driller would be fun, I hadn't brought panties and it would make things a bit awkward, especially getting on and off. So I decided to see just how much my pussy could take. I started off with the vibroballs, slipping them deeply in my slit. Then I grabbed the RVP, inserted the almost four inch cock into my pussy. There was a bit of a collision inside me as the plastic vibroballs were knocked aside by the RVP's shaft. It was an unusual sensation, one that would later on drive me absolutely nuts. After the RVP's straps were secure around my waist and thighs, I slipped on the butterfly stimulator. The RVP actually had a little nodule that sort of blocked the Stimulator, but I was able to get creative and make sure that the butterfly was over my clit, even if there was a bit of rubber and plastic between my skin and the vibrator.

Once the butterfly was secure, I grabbed my new bottom plug, lubed it with some of my new gel, and worked it in. The curved base that fit between my legs went over the RVP rather nicely. Lastly, I grabbed the vibrating nipple clamps, lifted them one at a time to my breasts, and attached them to my nipples. I now had eight motors connected to or in me. I know. I counted them, One at each nipple. One on my clit. One to vibrate the RVP shaft, and another to turn it. Each vibroball had one as well. Then there was also one in my ass. Both the RVP and the vibroballs had remotes, so I got back into my skirt with two wires and two control boxes to worry about. I put the unused toys into my bag and took a pair of wrist cuffs, complete with chain, out. Then I pulled my shirt on. Walking over to the tractor was a challenge, but not terribly so, and I made it without any serious sexual or physical repercussions. I climbed up into the seat, sat down, and immediately realized that all the items between my legs made it quite uncomfortable to sit down, even on a padded seat. I shifted a bit but there was no hope. So with a sigh, I lifted my shirt, and started the nipple clamp vibrators.

Usually, applying a vibrator to my nipples doesn't do much to me. Sure, it feels good. Sure, it excites me, but not like getting whipped across the tits does. Or having my alligator clamps on. But the duck billed clamps, even though they didn't really hurt, were still tight enough to elicit a little moan out of me. Furthermore, they translated the vibrations directly to my nipples, non-stop, plus the cylinders holding the motors lay against my breasts. I pulled my shirt down as just those vibrations began causing various muscle spasms throughout my body.

I reached down behind me and found the small switch which activated the anal plug. Two clicks moved it from a gentle purr to a hearty roar and I clenched hard as my ass began contracting around the thick rubber and plastic intruder. I moved quickly at this point and activated the vibroballs first. Talk about strange. Weird sensation. Since the vibroballs had been shoved to the sides of my interior, they massaged parts of me that usually didn't get that sort of direct attention. I followed this up with the RVP, thumbing the controls for both rotation and vibration to their maximum settings. Then I switched the butterfly to on and high.

Trembling, knowing I had less than thirty seconds before going out of my sexual mind, I cuffed myself to the steering wheel of the tractor. Ok, not with real handcuffs. With bondage cuffs. You know? Chain? Leather? I could free myself, but it would take a minute, maybe longer.. That was the point. I started the tractor up and even made it out of the barn without hitting anything and then WHAM! I screamed as I orgasmed. Thank God I had stepped on the break!

Master Barrett had ordered me to keep the vibrators going until I was done plowing, but to tell you the truth, I ended my day early. I made it maybe another hour, with two more orgasms and a series of orgasmic waves that had me crying. It was just too much. Too much vibration. I couldn't take it. Not on high power. It was like being electrocuted. After awhile it hurt, which granted made for more powerful waves and orgasms, but slowly my sexual peak ebbed and I was just left hurting, even if it was my private spots.

So I got the tractor parked, had another mindshattering orgasm, and then screamed, panted, moaned, and shook as I tried to get my fingers to work properly enough to uncuff me. Finally I got there, releasing my wrists, which promptly went down between my legs and started shutting things off. I ended with turning off the vibrating nipple clamps.

I took of my butterfly and the clamps, but left everything else in as I went back into the house. I didn't actually break the rules of the assignment technically, but the two o'clock hour on the couch said I'd broken them spiritually. The least I could do would be to stay stuffed. I headed back up to my room, laid down on the bed, and rested.

I fell asleep stuffed. Yep. Wild, huh?

So that's it. Crazy huh? Sorry this took so long to get posted, but I was busy. And I'll have another post up by Monday too, so you can find out what I did Saturday afternoon. Have a great day!

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  1. Not good enough Bre. See me about your punishment.


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