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Sunday Punishment: Vibration Hell 09/06/2010

I’m having trouble sleeping. I’m not really sure why, though I suspect it’s because I’m still feeling the after effects. I sort of lost it there yesterday. In fact, my memory gets really hazy after about one o’clock. Touching my clit feels like touching a horrible sunburn, repeatedly. I just can’t sleep like this.

Do you know what it's like? The anticipation? The fluttering of nervousness? The roller coaster of dread mingling with terrified excitement? Do you know what longing is? I sure do. I'd been experiencing it for the last several days, ever since I set up Sunday as the date. You wouldn't believe what it cost me either. Kari does nothing for free, and while she's rolling in money and wouldn't accept any from me anyway (not that I have a bunch either), the cost of her services, or even of her slave Robert, is pretty intense. Evidently in three weeks I get to BE furniture. Naked Furniture. How weird is that? But let's get back to Sunday.

After my disastrous screw up with Master Barrett's assignment, immediately followed by my disastrous screw up on the punishment, I had discussed reparations with Master Barrett as well as several other of my favorite Doms. Almost all of them were totally in favor of my repeating the assignment, or submitting to Master Barrett in some sort of apology assignment and punishment. In fact, even Master Barrett was in favor of that. Since it was fairly obvious that environmental conditions precluded me from doing the vibration punishment over, I made an offer: I'll go to Kari's let her tie me down spread-eagled, stuffed with a vibrator, butt plug, and wearing my butterfly clitoral stimulator, and stay like that for 12 hours. I had hoped this would be sufficient. I even tried to get everyone involved with a poll, but it turned out that practically everyone wanted me not only to suffer for the 12 hour vibration session, but ALSO to redo the assignment with a new punishment.

Ah... I'm going to be busy.

Needless to say I was in serious anticipation of Sunday's torment and Saturday night I shaved, washed, and even put off masturbating, all in preparation of being tied helpless while suffering toy abuse. Of course, I was still following NHPS Rule #1, and was stuffed with ben wa balls, but all in all, I think I was in pretty good condition. Sunday morning I got up, did my chores, ignored the pulsing wetness between my legs, and then headed off to Kari's apartment.

The drive was uneventful and I had my bag with me. It held my vibroballs, my butt plug, the butterfly stimulator, and of course, the tingly hot and cold muscle cream. I really hadn't dressed up either, because I knew I'd spend practically my whole day naked, so it was just a pair of flip flops, gym shorts, white cotton bikini panties, my ben wa balls, and a tee shirt. I hadn't bothered with a bra. I arrived at Kari's luxury apartment complex, found a parking spot, grabbed my back and headed up the three flights of stairs to her door. Putting my bag down on the doorstep, I hurriedly glanced around. It wasn't quite light out, but the sky was already steel gray and I was just a tad bit early. Kari and Robert are early risers anyway, mostly because Kari likes to fuck in the morning, but there was something else I had to do before knocking on my former mistress' door.

I kicked off my flip flops and stuffed them in my bag. Then I removed my tee shirt, exposing my breasts to the still warm dawn air. My shorts and panties followed next, removed expediently with my thumbs. Everything got shoved into my bag and I picked it up, nerves humming at my nakedness in public, and knocked on Kari's door. It reminded me of college. This happened a lot back then, usually when I forgot my keys.

I admit, I was surprised when the door opened and it was NOT Kari who answered it. It was Robert, and he was totally naked except for a leather harness that seemed to be wrapped around his waist, as well as the base of his cock, forcing his shaft to stand out straight. My eyes widened and I looked down at his cock and stared. I guess he stared too because we just stood like that for a moment before he laughed and stepped back to let me in.

"Geeze, Bre. You didn't need to strip on the doorstep," Robert said. I gave him a small disbelieving smile and stepped in to the beautifully decorated apartment. Kari's personal tastes revolve depending on whatever project she is working on. Right now, her furniture and art are a mix of modern and renaissance. It's not me, but it sure is her. I looked at Robert.

"Where's Kari?" I asked.

Robert grinned. "She's out right now. She asked me to get you set up."

My heart thudded a bit. Kari was out? Robert was going to do this to me? I felt my pussy contract around the vibroballs. It was still a few minutes before seven and I looked at him speculatively. "Can I reward you for helping me out?"

Another warm smile. "What did you have in mind?" as he shut the door.

I didn't reply. I just went to my knees and had my mouth around that incredible cock in like seconds. I've sucked on Robert several times before, including a rather brutal milking session, which I still sort of feel bad about. But no matter how many times I suck on him, I always like to do it. Besides, he's on a special diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, no garlic, little red meat, and lots of vitamins. His spunk actually tastes good. I mean really good. Add to that his incredible size, the fact he frequently smells like vanilla or chocolate, and that Kari keeps his balls and cocked shaved clean (or maybe it's been lasered, I don't know), all makes for a tasty treat.

I think I nibbled on him for about four minutes before he gently disengaged me and pulled me into an embrace. We aren't lovers, not like that. Sex partners occasionally, sure. I think what really bonds us together is that he is the longest lasting boy toy Kari has ever had. I was her slave too. I submitted to Kari from the time I was fifteen to my twentieth birthday. Robert and Kari celebrated their first year anniversary about two months ago. From what I understand, Robert's cock and ass were so sore after that little party that it was almost a week before he could have sex again.

Robert led me to the bedroom. Again, immaculate. Kari is a neat freak. The king sized bed was already prepared, complete with rope, turned down sheets, and even more interesting, a large gift wrapped box with my name on it. I gave Robert a confused look and he blushed. He actually blushed.

"It's from both of us. I helped pick it out," Robert told me with a warm mischievous grin.

I tore into it. Gifts from Kari were almost always perverted in nature and I had trouble imagining what kind of diabolical toy could possibly be contained in such a big box. My jaw fell when I saw the picture on the side and tore into the cardboard.

Clearly, someone had already opened the container and when I extracted the torture chastity device I found it pre-assembled, batteries installed, and already partially adjusted. It was black leather of course, with thin straps to go around my waist and through my legs. Even more interesting was the fact that the belt could be altered, in fact had already been, with the addition of both a dildo and a butt plug. Both were longer and thicker than anything I had brought. There was even a little plastic bump right where my clit would be once I was in the damn thing. I looked at Robert, but then gave a small shake of my head.

"It's wonderful, and I'd gladly wear it, but I'm supposed to be vibrated today." I said, a bit sadly. I really wanted to try it. Robert just laughed. He tugged one little snap and exposed the bottoms of both plugs and the bump and I saw immediately that the butt plug, the dildo, and even that little bump for my clit were all vibrators. Worse, the dildo and butt plug came with multiple settings.

"Kari felt that the vibroballs and your butterfly were insufficient. Oh. And you can keep this. Kari wants you to wear it often," Robert said. "So let's get you in it."

I looked at his wet cock. "Don't you want to fuck me?"

Robert sighed. "I'd love to, but this harness is so tight there is no way that' I'm going to explode, so it's just torment for me."

"Oh," I replied, a bit disappointed.

"But let's get you going, okay? What do you have in you?"

Well evidently Robert reads Michael's Blog so he knows quite well the rules of Nympho Humiliation Pain Slutiness. (Hi, Robert!) I let him extract the ben wa balls, enjoying the sensation of his fingers in my pussy. Then he lubricated the anal plug/vibrator, left the pussy vibrator dry (since I was already so wet), and began buckling me in. First a belt went around my waist, just above my hips. This was almost immediately followed by me spreading my legs wide apart while Robert guided the vaginal dildo into place. I admit, I enjoyed getting stuffed. I was already horny and getting the visuals of Robert’s naked, perfectly sculpted, god like body, is it surprising? The dildo was quite a bit thicker than my regular vibrators and to be honest felt much more like my husky dildo, despite being two inches shorter. I was already feeling the pressure of the anal plug against my bottom, but Robert began working it in rather gently after the vaginal probe was in place. I gasped when it popped in. It wasn't too uncomfortable though, just rather large. To be honest, it wasn't any bigger than the one I brought with me.

Robert pulled the crotch strap tight, buckling it to the back of the waist strap where it would be difficult if not impossible for me to remove on my own. I shifted slightly, trying to adjust to the fact that I was now almost completely stuffed. The tightening of the crotch strap was particularly trying, since it forced the anal plug even deeper. As it was though, I was having trouble just dealing with the probes of the chastity belt.

Let me clear about this. It IS a chastity belt. It's just multipurpose. I've had a chance to look over the thing since Sunday evening and you don't HAVE to turn on the vibrators. That's optional. In fact, you can REMOVE the plug AND the dildo completely. It's rather an amazing toy. I cringe at the thought of how much Kari paid for it. Of course, she can afford it, can't she?

Once Robert had me strapped into my belt he had me climb up on to their bed and spread myself. I'm sure I looked a little silly, wearing the equivalent of black leather panties, while lying naked on a kind sized bed. It took Robert maybe ten minutes to get my wrists and ankles tied up and then stretched out so that I was spread-eagled. He didn't give me much wiggle room either. The rope was very soft. Every limb was taut and I could barely move. In the end, this was a probably a good thing. Robert then pulled something new out of the side table drawer. Two silver cylinders dangled from two duck billed nipple clamps. My heart pounded a bit as I asked what those were for. Robert grinned.

"Kari said that if you are going to endure REAL vibration punishment, it has to be everywhere. He plumped up my left breast and quickly attached the clamp. It didn't hurt, not like my alligator clamps do, but it was tight and I knew that no amount of shaking on my part would relieve the pressure or dislodge the clamp. He climbed up on the bed and leaned across me to apply the other one. His cock was actually quite close. I so wanted it.

He glanced at the clock. "Two minutes," he said. It wasn't quite seven yet. I sighed and made a rude noise.

"Oh just start it." I complained. He laughed.

"If I do, it will mean an extra two minutes for you."

I responded by sticking out my tongue. It wasn't very lady like, but he got the message and bent down to my crotch.

The first thing that roared to life was the anal plug. It was a decidedly odd experience. I admit that I've had a vibrator in my ass before. But it was NOTHING like this. This was the right size and shape, AND it vibrated. I clenched around it, my body involuntarily responding to the intense vibrations. And they were VERY intense. I could literally feel my butt cheeks vibrating and they were pressed to the bed! Then the vaginal dildo came to life, also shaking madly. I tried to clench my legs together, only to find that I had about two inches of available movement. It was torture, having such direct stimulation being subjected to my nether region and not being even able to move. Worse, Robert had tied my legs rather far apart and even made sure that if I twisted my knees I wouldn’t be going far.

Then the small bump above my clit began pulsing. It too vibrated, but in spurts, little bursts and I think I let out a wail or a gasp or something because as soon as Robert finished between my legs he shoved a dildo gag into my mouth and buckled it firmly around my head. My hips were already dancing up and down as my libido went from zero to sixty in about five seconds. I was actually close to cumming when he turned on the nipple vibrators.

And then I did cum.

Well YOU try standing something like that! It was so intense! My ass, my pussy, my clit, and both nipples were all being directly stimulated, shaken, tormented, and most of them at slightly different speeds. Yes, I could tell! I came, and came hard, gasping, moaning, groaning through the gag. My hips were still doing their little thrust up and down, even as I recovered from my orgasm, my pussy already tightening back up, my clit slowly tenderizing, my ass puckering around the plug, and my nipples aching from the nub crushing bite of both vibrator clamps.

Robert sat and watched me for a while, but then he got up and left the room, leaving me to my own devices. And by devices I mean the five separately powered, slightly unbalanced, electrical motors fucking me silly. Another fifteen minutes passed and I had another orgasm, squealing out my release through the dildo gag. I know he heard me because he came and checked on me, but didn't even come up to the bed. Slightly exhausted, I just laid there, trying to catch my breath as the little earthquake stimulators continued their mad dance inside me and against my skin.

If I turned my head, I could see the clock on Kari's bedside table. Forty minutes had passed with two rather intense orgasms and I was starting to feel sensitive. Not terribly mind you. There wasn't any friction and I was well lubricated, even on my clitoris, but the sensation of the non-stop vibrating was getting to be like an itch you can't scratch. It's always there, in the back of your mind, threatening to overwhelm you. I made it all the way to eight oh five before I exploded again, this time in a screeching overload from my clit. It wasn't quite a clitoral orgasm, but it was close, sort of a combination with the anal and vaginal plugs. It felt good, but even as I was experiencing my sex induced endorphin high, I felt the vibrations.

It wasn't much longer before I began twitching. My hips had gone into overdrive and I was thrusting against the chastity belt as if I could drive the vibrators in and out of my body. My clit felt as if someone had their finger pressed against it and was shaking it back and forth. By eight thirty, I had dealt with another orgasmic wave and my body was beginning to feel like lead. I let out this heavy groan and then just sank into the sheets, a sheen of perspiration across my skin, my arms and legs heavy and weighted down with imaginary iron. Even had I been loose, I don't think I would have moved much... except to turn off the vibrators.

I spent the next thirty or so minutes in a sort of haze as I tried to come to grips with the vibration. My mind began playing tricks on me, imagining that certain vibrators had sped up, or slowed down, or even stopped. My hips finally quieted and I just lay there, my chest rising up and down as my nerves began to numb.

A little after nine o'clock Robert came back into the room. He started at my breasts, switching off the vibrating clamps and then removing them. Now remember, I had been wearing them for two hours! The moment the clamps released I screamed into my gag as the rush of blood going back into the crushed nubs revitalized my nerves. It was agony! Then he turned off the vibrators between my legs. Glory. I can't even begin to explain how that dead silence felt. I sighed, tears coming to my eyes. Then he freed my right leg and pumped it up and down, moving it. I wasn't cramped but it felt good to bend my knees. Then he retied it to the corner bed post, freed my other leg and repeated the process. He worked around my body, untying one limb at a time, moving it, stretching it, bending it, until he felt reasonably sure that I was okay. He even asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom. I didn't so I shook my head. He took out the dildo gag, let me stretch my jaw and set it aside.

"I'll put it back in if you scream," he said. I nodded, licked my lips and worked my mouth to try and relieve some of the discomfort.

At about ten after nine he asked me if I was ready. I nodded. To be honest, I wasn't, but I needed to do this. Twelve full hours. Only ten to go, right? The first two weren't bad, were they? Robert told me later that I was already having issues, with difficulty talking, and evidently it took a while for me to respond. But that didn’t stop him.

He again started between my legs, switching the various probes on and to their maximum speeds. I groaned, trying to keep quiet. I didn't want to have to wear the gag again. I felt the vaginal probe start up, and then the anal, followed immediately by the clit bump buzzing and pulsing away. As my hips began churning Robert came back up to my breasts and quickly reattached the nipple clamp vibrators. My nipples ached, even before he clamped them, but when he started the vibrations I moaned, my face flinching.

It took a bit longer to cum. I think it was because not only was I being sexually stimulated, but I was being overly stimulated. I could feel my clit and nipples tenderizing. Granted, my pussy and ass were being tormented as well, but it wasn't bad. That actually felt sort of good. It was the intense sensation on my nipples and clit that were getting to me.

Fifteen minutes later Robert had to come back into the room and put the gag back in. I guess I should mention that the times are sort of guesstimates, rather than an exact log. I wasn't thinking too straight by this time, despite the fact that Kari's bedside clock radio was clearly visible. And it wasn’t like I was keeping a log. Anyway, Robert put the gag back in and left the room, leaving me stew in my own juices. I know that my clit felt as if it were being licked by someone with a very rough hard tongue. I'm not sure how much longer I lay like that, trembling, shaking, twitching, but I finally came.

After that orgasm I remember shaking so hard I was screaming into the gag and pulling on the ropes. Everything seemed sharp. The light, the air, even the bed sheets, and most especially the bump over my clit and the clamps eating my breasts. Even my skin, right below the vibrating cylinders attached to the clamps felt as if they were being rubbed raw. I was in that state for I have no idea how long and then Robert was back, releasing the clamps on my breasts, taking out the gag, turning off the various vibrators and then he actually untied me. I just lay there. Finally, at his insistence, I sat up and he walked me to the bathroom where I waited patiently for him to unbuckle the crotch belt and then extract the butt plug and vaginal vibrator.

Talk about sweet blessed relief. I did my business, and to be honest, only Robert's gentle urging had me finishing up. I would have spent thirty minutes in there had I been given the opportunity. As it was, I barely cleaned up before Robert was pulling me back to the bedroom. He got me on all four, kneeling on the bed, and immediately went and lubricated both dildos. I realized that he also had cleaned them! What a dear! I whimpered a bit when they went in, the vaginal probe first followed by the anal plug. It was intense. I looked at the clock as Robert got me situated and moved back into a spread-eagled position. Around eleven fifteen. He retied me then, securing my hands and feet, spreading me tightly across the bed. As soon as I couldn't move, he reached down between my legs, unlocked the covering of the crotch belt, and quickly activated all three vibrating toys.

The first thing I realized is that he must have changed a few batteries as well. Near the end of four hours of non-stop vibration the dildo and anal plug had been running at a much slower pace. The new juice certainly added some zest to things and I found myself bucking madly after ten minutes. By this time, it was close to eleven thirty and Robert came around and applied both nipple clamps again. I burst into tears as the tingles surrounded me, burning into my skin. My clit felt sore and sensitive and I could already feel the building orgasm rising behind the edge of discomfort. To comfort me, Robert stayed right there, lying on the bed next to me as I tried to deal with the vibrators. Every once in a while he would lift one of the clamp vibrators, holding it away from my skin for a minute before pulling on my nipple. Then he would let it go. This was both blessing and curse, because it just made me even more sensitive even as it relieved my skin.

As the clock changed to twelve, I felt a pang of hunger overwhelm the pain between my legs. My pussy and ass were fine, but my stomach was starting to complain as much as my clit. I tried to express my concern to Robert, but the dildo gag kept me from saying anything intelligible. Twelve thirty came and went and I was close to shutting down again. My mind had turned to slush as my body had overloaded on adrenaline and endorphins. Like a victim of Chinese Water torture, I was close to loosing it. Sure, the sexual release was incredible, but all it did was make me even more exhausted, more susceptible, more easily abused by continuing. I didn't even hear the front door open or hear Kari calling until she was in the room, running her hands up and down my body. She got my attention simply, but placing the heel of her palm against the base of the vaginal probe and pushing. The added pressure sent another wave of orgasm through me and I spent the next few minutes gasping and trembling as my body dealt with another round of orgasmically induced bliss.

"Having fun yet, Bre?" she asked me, leaning over. I could smell her perfume. I could barely focus on her. That's how out of it I was. Kari evidently thought so too because she reached down, grabbed the nipple clamps and the vibrators attached to my breasts and literally ripped them off me. Thank God they were duck bills and not alligators! I screamed by that didn't stop Kari from giving me a blistering breast beating. She smacked my breasts silly, back and forth until I was rolling my head in pain. Just repeated hard harsh slaps back and forth. Then she pinched my nipples, hard. And as I sobbed into the dildo gag she grabbed hold of the nipple clamp vibrators and put them back on me.

"I brought lunch. I'll get it prepared and then you can come and eat" she said softly, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I hope my tears tasted sweet.

Robert followed Kari out of the bedroom and I was left alone. My chest hurt, my nipples were sore, my clit felt as if someone was rubbing sandpaper back and forth across it and my ass and pussy were in the grip of some strange phenomenon where my muscles alternated between tightening and loosening in this sexual rocking, thrusting movement that did nothing to relieve my needs.

I was left like that for another fifteen or so minutes and then Robert appeared. His cock was bright red, and I mean seriously red, as if it had just been slapped around or rubbed raw. I remember it really well, which is surprising, since I don’t remember much about lunch. He ignored it though. He untied my feet and I immediately pressed my legs together, trying to deal with the sensations coming from the embedded vibrators. It didn't help much. Then I remember my arms being released, my hands flying to my breasts and then his rough hands were grabbing me, lifting me up and twisting my arms behind my back. I heard the snick snick of hand cuffs and the next thing I knew I was being marched forward out of the bedroom, the heavy nipple clamp vibrators dangling from my breasts even as the chastity belt continued to drive those two large probes up into my body. IT was... awful.

I don't know what I was expecting, but a nice lunch of oriental food wasn't it. Kari offered me some sweet and sour chicken and I was barely aware of opening my mouth and eating. Have you ever eaten while being sexually tortured? I was having trouble even thinking straight, much less chewing. I was constantly pulling on the handcuffs, my nipples felt as if they were being yanked off, and I was literally shaking from the clit stimulation.

I’m not sure how much I ate, or how I managed, especially since I was spoon fed, but evidently I finished my meal. Then I was led back to the bed and both Robert and Kari secured me back to the frame. The dildo gag went back in. I distinctly remember that and I remember having another orgasm because Kari stroked my arms and legs and stomach before pressing on the chastity belt again.

Then I lost it. I have only a few scattered images. Feelings. Sensations. Orgasms. After lunch my mind left and I think I just screamed and came and then screamed some more. I vaguely remember being let up every few hours, blessed relief from the vibrators, and even two more trips to the bathroom. I remember clinging to Robert, and at one point I remember him climbing up on top of me, removing the dildo gag, and sticking his cock down my throat. I remember him cumming too and me swallowing. Kari came and went, but it was always Robert who took me to the bathroom and worked my tired muscles.

I wish I could be more explicit, but the truth is that I can’t. Kari told me that I passed out twice and they had rushed into the bedroom and removed the gag, worried that I would choke to death. After the first time, Robert was told to stay by me the whole time. At seven, they let me up, turning everything off. They didn’t remove the chastity belt however, because Kari felt it was better for me to do it when I was ready. I think I slept a little, because it was around eight before my bladder made me drag myself from the bed, a little more cognizant of my surroundings. Robert came in and helped me take of the belt and for the first time in over twelve hours I was free of my torment. After using the toilet, Robert pulled me into the shower. That was nice. I just clung to him while he gently washed me, though my reaction to having certain parts of me cleaned were rather extreme. After my scream when he barely brushed my clit, or my nipples got dragged against his hairless chest, he paid very close attention to my position.

Afterward he dried me off, then apologized as he pushed my legs apart and then inserted my ben wa balls. I objected, but he reminded me of NHPS rule #1. At least they weren’t buzzing.

I ended up staying until ten that evening and Robert told me that I handled the torture very well. He did comment that during the last two bathroom breaks I couldn’t even speak coherently, but it all seemed to work out. Evidently they decided to let me sleep afterward because I couldn’t even stand after they let me up at seven.

I guess I should mention that my clit is still bright red. I’m so sore that even peeing hurts. And that really sucks. I also have no clue how many orgasms I had. I don’t think I broke my record, but evidently I soaked Kari’s sheets. She said she didn’t mind. Evidently she has a waterproof mattress cover. Smart girl. My pussy still occasionally convulses, as if still stuffed full of vibrating dildo. Of course, I happen to actually BE stuffed. The rolling of the ben wa balls got to be too much so when I got home I switched toys. I’ve got my Husky dildo in. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting in the vibro balls, even off. My ass aches too, but not as bad. My nipples are also really tender. Originally I tried to wear a tee shirt to bed and ended up getting out my silk pajama tops. I’m just a walking advertisement for sexual abuse.

Ready for the really awesome thing though? Kari gave me the chastity belt! Can you believe it? It’s sitting on the top shelf of my closet, waiting. You can lock the crotch strap so that you can’t have access to the vibrators without the key. I know I’m going to have to do something about that key. Maybe a cup of ice. Yeah. That’s it. A cup of ice.

Well, I think I’ve worked out my demons. I’m going to go back to bed.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to wear the chastity belt again, with all vibrators humming…

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