Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can I Cum? Part 1

There have been a few times in my life when I've wondered if I'm an addict. I know, tough to believe right? But don't worry. I don't have a drug problem. I don't really drink either. And if you're a regular reader of this blog, then you can probably guess where my addiction lies. Yep. Right between my legs. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sex.

It makes sense actually. I've always been a very sexual person. My first orgasm came at the tender age of twelve and I had some pretty impressive masturbatory experience long before Kari and I became lovers... and more. If virginity can be taken by inanimate objects, I lost mine to a hair brush handle. Let's just say that I'm a pretty sexual person. I still masturbate a lot. More than most guys if I hear correctly, though I think most guys lie about it. When I was living with Kari, masturbation was still happening, just not as much, mostly because Kari controlled stuff like that. Now that I'm living without a permanent dominant force in my life, my set of dildos, vibrators, and the occasional inanimate object gets stuffed inside me, bringing me right to that crest of bliss where everything sort of shuts down and there is nothing but awesomeness.

I usually masturbate about four times a day, except for that one week of the month, which we don't really need to go into, do we? I usually wake up pretty horny, which is great if there is a guy in bed with me. That hasn't happened much lately. So what usually happens is I slip out of my pajamas, nestle down into the sheets naked, grab my vibrator from my bedside table, and voila! Orgasm! I'm usually done in about ten minutes. Direct stimulation is SO good. Then I go about my daily chores. By ten or eleven o'clock, unless I'm out with someone or really really busy, I start to feel that need again, and I find a quiet spot to push my jeans down, reach into my panties, and frig myself until I'm gasping with my forehead against a wall. By three, I'm in the same state, my hand down my pants, usually with a finger or two up inside myself. My last orgasm of the day is usually in the shower, or right afterward if I want a particular toy inside me. Of course, ever since I started following Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1, the one about being stuffed all the time with cock or sex toys, I'm even more voracious. I've got my ben wa balls in me right now and trust me, I'd be masturbating if I could.

So why are we talking about this, and why can't I masturbate? Because of my latest assignment of course, one that has me on edge right now. Master Barrett set the assignment, and it's a drawn out, week long assignment. So what exactly do I have to do? Let me tell you.

Breanne, for an entire week (seven days) you may only cum if you ask a stranger, face to face, in person, for permission. Once you are granted permission to cum, you must orgasm within one minute of being given permission. If you fail, you must ask another stranger for permission.

How's that grab you? At first, I was like "wow, this should be fun!" Now, after a day and a half, I'm going crazy. Saturday wasn't so bad. I just denied myself my morning orgasms. I can tell you that wearing the ben wa balls made it more difficult, especially since I was doing a lot of stuff around the farm. But by the middle of the afternoon my desperation was pretty intense and I was more than ready to find some stranger and cum. I was wearing a pair of flip flops, tight khaki shorts, white cotton bikini style panties, a tee shirt, and a white 36B bra. Not very erotic I know, but it was what I was wearing. I jumped in my truck after pleading a need to complete some miscellaneous errand, and drove off the farm. I didn't really have a destination in mind, but I ended up at the local mall. Beats me why I went there.

I had the button of my shorts undone, and the zipper down and was already playing with myself. I was pretty soaked from the ben wa balls, and my tantalizing touches only brought me closer to where I wanted to be. I was being careful though. The last thing I wanted to do was orgasm WITHOUT permission. God knows what Master Barrett would do to me. And I STILL have that whole Hard At Work assignment to redo. The only reason I haven't is because I haven't had to be out on the tractor that much lately.

It's tough to drive a stick shift with only one hand. It's even more tough when the other hand happens to be slipping in and out of your pussy while occasionally rubbing your clit. Finally, I spotted what I was looking for and quickly sped across the lot I was in. I took my hand away from my crotch long enough for me to roll down the window, and then put my wet fingers right back. As I got close, I slowed down and then gave the nice middle aged man one of my famous million watt please grant me permission to fuck myself silly and cum smiles. I stopped the truck and said "excuse me sir."

What guy doesn't stop? Well, not him. He stopped immediately and stepped right up to the side of the truck. "Can I help you miss?" he asked politely. Awww... what a gentlemen!

I gave him another winsome smile and then blushed a little bit even as my fingers continued dancing between my legs. I don't think he noticed though. "Well sir, I was wondering if you might give me permission to cum," I asked, my cheeks red from a mixture of sexual longing and embarrassment He blinked a few times.

"Excuse me?" he said, a look of confusion and disbelief on his face. I couldn't believe I had to repeat myself.

"Can you please give me permission to cum?" I asked again. This time I said it with a little bit of desperation. I was dangerously close to cumming whether or not he gave me permission.

"You need my permission to cum?" He looked at me quizzically again, this time following the spasmodic and jerky movements of my arm to where it disappeared into my panties.

"What are you doing?" Geeze. What a rube.

"Please can I cum?" I demanded, with probably a bit more force than I needed. He looked at me shocked and then nodded, granting me permission.

Which was very good, since I was so close that I didn't even need to glance at the clock. I had my middle finger buried up to the knuckle while my palm was pressing and rubbing my clit. My pace increased dramatically and then I let out a loud gasp. My orgasm hit me and I realized the truck was moving. I had let my foot up off the brake. I quickly mashed it back down and realized that the man had walked along side of the truck, watching as I came. I put the truck in park, extracted my rather wet finger from between my legs, and licked it clean. I admit, I made a show of it, but seriously, he deserved SOMETHING for granting me permission.

"Thanks," I said. "I really needed that."

He gave me another one of those disbelieving looks. "You needed permission to cum?" His eyebrow arched up and I couldn't help think of Star Trek's Mr. Spock. I grinned.

"All this week I do." I put the truck in gear and gave him another million watt I hope you enjoyed the sight of me masturbating smile. "Thanks for the permission! You can read about it if you want. Just google search Breanne and the letters NHPS." I gave him a slight wave. "Bye!"

Then I drove off, feeling so much better.

The rest of Saturday went much easier after that, though I admit that I was once again feeling a little desperate bye the time evening rolled around. I was a good girl though, and replaced the ben wa balls with my husky dildo, and then went to bed. I was a little horny, wanting, but since it would be tough to find a good excuse to go out at eleven in the evening like this, I just suffered.

This morning I suffered too. I woke up and was even more horny than usual. Days like this I usually masturbate twice, but I really didn't have a choice. I stuffed myself into a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, complemented with work boots, tube socks, and a decent but rather plain set of underclothes, and headed out to do my chores. I asked Star (my horse) if I could cum, but she didn't say anything. In the end, I jumped in the truck around eleven o'clock, a short skirt and halter top stuffed in my bag. I drove out to the road behind the farm, went to the front of the truck, stripped while keeping a tight grip on the husky dildo (which I admit has a tendency to fall out if I don't keep it in on purpose) and put on the skirt and halter top. I had to do a little bit of finagling since I wasn't wearing any panties and the husky dildo kept wanting to slide out. I ended up jamming it between the vinyl seat and my thighs, thus keeping it nicely buried.

Oh. By the way. Never ever drive a Ford F-350 Supercab on a gravel Country Road with a nine inch dildo buried inside you. It does some strange things to your libido, especially if there is no relief in sight.

I didn't want to do a repeat of the mall thing, so instead I went to the park. I drove to Thomas Park and once again parked my truck, looking over at the gazebo. There were a few other vehicles parked there. Carefully, I got out of my truck. This was more because I didn't want the dildo to fall out, then because of caution. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, waddling toward the park bench on the other side of the tree line. It was relatively secluded, yet provided me with plenty of visual warning if someone I DIDN'T want to see me doing what I was doing walked by. I moved to the bench, lifted the back of my skirt so my bare bottom was on the wood, and since I was alone, began moving my Husky dildo out at a slow but decent pace.

This went on for about fifteen minutes with me getting closer and closer to orgasm. Twice I just stopped, putting my hands behind my head as I struggled for control. When the lady walking the dog appeared I was about as desperate as possible and I quickly pulled my hands away from my skirt, smoothing down the material and clamping my legs together. She nodded to me as she approached and I gave her a warm smile.

"Hi! Afternoon," I said as she started walking past me.

"Good afternoon," she replied.

"I was wondering if you'd mind if I orgasmed?" I asked. She stopped, the dog pulling on her leash, clearly surprised at their sudden deacceleration.


I repeated myself, with a bit more clarification. "I've been masturbating and I was wondering if you'd mind if I orgasmed."

She gave me a shocked look and then turned and walked away. How rude!

I groaned. I was terribly disappointed. I was so close! I kept my hands away from the Husky dildo and kept my thighs pressed tightly together. I managed to calm down a bit after that. I didn't see the woman again, but about ten minutes later (which is a very long time when you're trying NOT to cum) I had a nice male jogger come by. I was already moving the husky in and out again and so I was close again, and even more despearate than I had been when the woman and her dog came by. As he moved within speaking range, I pushed my halter top up over my breasts, baring them, while spreading my legs widely. I had to reach down and catch the dildo as it literally slipped out from inside me.

Well that certainly got his attention. I moaned as I thrust the dildo back in and then I looked at him as he slowed down and stopped in front of the park bench. His eyes were wide and I certainly had his attention.

"Can I please cum?" I whined. Not my most glorious moment.

He nodded with a grin. "Oh yeah, baby."

I exploded almost instantly, jacking the dildo in and out. I gasped, shuddered, and then sort of collapsed right there on the bench. Then I turned toward my audience as I pulled the dildo out, and offered my thanks.

"Was that enough for you baby?"

To be honest, it had been, but I believe in paying my debts so I stood up, reached out with the hand NOT holding the dildo, and pulled him back into the trees.

That second fuck wasn't as good as the first, but it wasn't bad either. I didn't cum though. He did however, and he was very pleased with my willingness to suck and lick him dry. Afterward, I politely declined an invitation to go back with him to his place, gave him my email address, and then managed to get my clothes more or less back in place. Then, to my recent paramour's astonishment, I spread my legs and rammed my husky dildo home.

"I thought you were satisfied!" he said, clearly astonished.

I laughed and explained Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1. He thought it was a good idea that every girl should follow, and he walked me back to my truck. I got a nice wet kiss to go along with it and I raced back toward my house in order to get there in time for lunch.

And now I'm sitting here, still nicely impaled by my husky dildo, trying to write all this up. I'm guessing I'll be posting more tomorrow too. Because I'm ready to go back out and ask for permission...

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