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Can I Cum Part 7

Can I Cum Part 7

Alligator clamps are sharp, metal toothed, monstrosities that should have no place in the sexual activities of nympho humiliation pain sluts.

Oh yeah, and they make me cum.

Okay, let's catch up, shall we? First of all, if you aren't up to date then you need to get that way. This is a seven part series and I've put a lot of effort into writing the other parts, not to mention suffering through actually DOING them. This ain't fiction boys and girls. Real life is infinitely more interesting. So if you haven't read the other parts of this story, then go do that. If you're too lazy, or you already HAVE and just forgot, then a basic recap might be in order. First of all, ever since last Saturday I have not been allowed to cum. Unless of course, I have permission; from a stranger; face to face. Worse, I only have one minute to get the job done. This makes things a little tense since realistically it means I have to be pretty close to the edge of orgasm before I even walk up to someone.

Unauthorized orgasm is rewarded by immediately putting in my butt plug, vibroballs, and tying my hemp crotch rope thong around my waist and between my legs. Definitely unpleasant. Worse, to get the hemp thong and anal plug out, I have to find two more strangers, explain the situation to them, and get their permission to remove them. Ugh. And trust me, I know since I've already done it several times this last week. Lastly, Master Barrett, the devious villain who came up with this assignment, keeps "spicing" each day up. "Wear clothespins on either your nipples or clit, Breanne" or "keep your vibroballs on all day, on low, Breanne" The man is TRYING to make me orgasm without permission. He WANTS me punished.

Well of course he does. And I'm pretty sure if I took a poll you would too, right?

So how did my Friday go? It was painful. Very painful. Thursday was a vigorous day and I was a bit tired when I woke up to do my chores. I got my writing done and posted, but wasn't exactly enthusiastic about going out and about, knowing the orgasm would only result in some rather intense sensations on my clit.

With some familial obligations in the morning, things proceeded rather quietly. I was wearing khaki shorts and my ben wa balls kept me slightly stimulated, but not overly charged. That was good. I had my alligator clamp in my pocket of course, but I wasn't planning on using it if I could help it. That morning however I got sent on an errand to the drug store though and despite my previous day's full of fucking, I was starting to feel a little horny. Since I was already out, I decided to go a head and get things out of the way, since I knew that Master Barrett would be rather put out with me if I didn't orgasm even once. Once inside the drug store I wandered around for a bit, checked out the staff, and finally selected the guy running the photo department. He was sort of cute, and I thought he would cooperate. I moved down one aisle, checked around, made sure I wasn't on a video camera somewhere, and stuck my hand down my shorts. My fingers found my clit easily and in moments I was shaking with delight. I worked myself for a few minutes, then sucked my finger clean and headed over to the photocenter, my alligator clip in one hand and so close to cumming that just walking was almost too much to endure. That's what you get when you wear ben wa balls.

I made my approach, got the normal customer greeting out of the way, and then leaned conspiratorially over the counter. It helped that I wasn't wearing a bra. Once he was close enough, I let loose with my million watt please fuck me while taking pictures of my naked body smile and then told him that I was really really horny and that I wanted to masturbate and cum with him watching. His surprise was palpable and rather sweet. We went through the now routine "seriously? what?" stage, all the while I was rubbing my clit right through my shorts. Finally we got to the point where he was ready and he told me to meet him at the back of the store at the restrooms.


I headed back there, still right on the edge, clearly happy with where things where going. One hand fondled my pussy through the panties and shorts I was wearing while the other played with the alligator clamp. Finally the photoguy showed up, a key and a big wooden block in his hand. He unlocked the men's restroom, glanced around, and then disappeared into the lavatory with me in tow.

I'm rather familiar with men's restrooms and this one was much nicer than usual. It was clean, which was nice, but it was also comfortable. A single stall, handicap of course, was at one end and two urinals stood on the wall. There were two sinks, plenty of paper towels, and even hand soap. How do guys function with such disparity between restrooms? Before I turned around the photo guy had his cock out and was clearly expecting me to do some oral. I gave him a look of "really? are you serious", but then sighed. I was asking him to do something a little out of the ordinary. I got down on my knees, did the obligatory suck, all the while working my clit. When I was right on the edge of cumming I shoved my shorts down, let loose of his cock, stood up, and presented him the alligator clamp.

"Can I cum if you put this on my clit?" I held out the cruel metal toothed tight biting alligator clamp.

Wow. That got him excited. He did a fairly good job too. Not on the hood, but on the clit itself. I put my hand to my mouth to muffle my scream as the pain rushed up through my loins. I gasped, totally ready to cum, but then he stepped up to me and shoved his cock right into my pussy. I grabbed hold of him as he thrust, the alligator clamp moving as he pressed his loins to mine. I trembled and screamed into his shoulder as I exploded, shuddering violently as the orgasm rocked through me. Talk about intense. A few more thrusts and he pulled out and started jacking off. He pushed me too my knees and then he exploded, spurting white cream into my face. Some landed in my hair, but most hit my eyebrow and dripped down into my eye and down my right cheek. I opened my mouth, catching the next squirt more appropriately, and then the third. Things tapered off at that point and I sucked him clean, enjoying my own flavor on his cock.

I took the alligator clamp off of course. It was hurting. Bad. It got stuck back in my pocket even as I stood up, stepped into my fallen shorts, and went to the sink to wash up. The photo guy was complementing me of course, but I sort of ignored him until I got his gunk out of my hair and he was asking for my phone number. Instead I have him my email address. Everyone has it. How hard is Duh. Really simple. Besides, I like fan mail!

Anyway, with my clamp back in my pocket I left the bathroom after a quick chaste kiss on the cheek and grabbed what I came for (other than sexual relief), paid for it, and then headed home. I was sexually satisfied, if just a bit tender.

Thing went pretty well until I got sent out another errand that afternoon. Armed with a pretty hefty grocery list from my mom, I climbed up into my truck feeling just a bit ready for some naughty fun. The ben wa balls had done their job, which was to keep my mind focused between my legs and to be honest, even while doing chores and taking care of laundry, my hips had been doing a little involuntary herky jerky. Forgive my southern Texas cowgirl vernacular. So going out to the grocery store was an opportunity. Plus, I knew I needed another dose of relief if I was going to handle going without cumming for the entire evening and even a good portion of the following morning.

The grocery store near our house does not lend itself well to the whole concept of privacy. Too many people, too much open space. The last thing I needed was being on display in the produce section, or worse, stuck in an aisle with only one avenue of escape. Our grocery store is in a strip mall setting, so I started walking down the mall, looking for something appropriate. This strip mall was quite different from Wednesday's location, with a much more varied selection of stores. I actually went into a few, just to check them out. Of course, the various clerks didn't realize that THEY were the merchandise I was checking out. One store had a woman. One store had TWO guys. One store had customers in it. Finally I found an electronics/computer repair shop and voila! one single guy came out, eyes appreciating the sexy girl wearing flip flops, short khaki shorts, and a tee shirt with no bra. Circumstance had prevented me from getting super aroused before going in to the store, but I felt I was close enough that I could manage a nice orgasm if required. We exchanged a few pleasantries and he asked me how he could help me.

Once again, I voted for honesty. I explained that I was feeling a bit hot and bothered but that my master had said I wasn't allowed to masturbate to relief unless I had permission, and worse, it had to be in under a minute. I then asked if he would give me permission and time me. Note the timing thing. No more of me glancing at my watch, worried I was going to go over on my time. Other than a "here?" to which I nodded yes, I got a positive response. He did invite me into the back room, which was a typical disorganized men's room stuffed with broken electronics. What is it with men and electronics? The only tool I have that runs on batteries are vibrators. It's simple, easy to use, and relatively cheap. When a vibe breaks, you throw it out and buy a new one. Anyway, I asked him for permission, he granted it, and I immediately tugged my shorts and panties down and off and extracted my alligator clamp.

You should have seen his eyes when I pulled it out. He suddenly laughed, reached over to his desk, and pulled a thick wire off a pile. On each end was an identical clamp to mine, though this one had a bit of rubber around it. He brought it closer and held it out to me. IT looked a lot like my own double alligator clamps, except with much bigger teeth and jaws.

"Want to use mine?"

I nodded. Can't turn down an offer like that, can I? SO I leaned back against his bench and quickly attached his electrical alligator clamp to my clit. Oh God it hurt. Lots. I whimpered and squealed as it chewed on my clit and I thought I could feel the little teeth piercing me. Then I started to masturbate. Hurt made way for need. Need became torment. Torment became desperation. Desperation became sexual epiphany. And then suddenly my technician said "times up!" I needed about ten more seconds. I dropped my fingers, moaning desperation. He seemed happy I had failed. I reached down to remove the clamp but he grabbed my hand.

"Not yet." he said. Then he was holding this really big battery. It almost filled his hand. One end of the black wire dangling from my clit went to a small spring in the top. Another wire, red this time, got attached to the other spring and I noticed that he was holding some sort of metal probe. I shrank back a bit but he just smiled and then touched the probe to my labia.

I jumped about a foot in the air, though mostly from surprise. The shock had slammed into me quite voraciously with a definite tingle. My pussy convulsed and then he was shocking me again. My skin did strange things every time he touched me, but only between my clit and where the probe landed. At one point I was gasping, so close to cumming that I had to push him away to keep from exploding. Finally I had enough and removed the clamp from my clit and handed it to him. He seemed quite disappointed. I thanked him and started to leave.

"That's all I get?" he asked. Clearly I was not meeting up to expectations.

So I went back and gave him a blow job. Full course, including swallow. He seemed to enjoy it, asked me to cum by everyday for regular genital and breast shock treatment, and came. Me? I was desperate, ready to cum, and needing a new stranger. I said goodbye, promised to come by some day next week, and then headed for the grocery store.

I slowly filled up my basket, more than a little desperate. The walk around the strip mall, not to mention up and down aisles had only intensified the sensations between my legs and I was only halfway through my shopping list when I realized I wasn't going to be able to stop it. I looked around, eyes latching on this girl who was around my age, just down the aisle. It was ask her or crotch rope time. I dashed up to her.

"Excuse me. I know this sounds really crazy, but would you mind if I came?" My voice was trembling and it was everything I could do not to shove my hands down my pants right then and there.

She was cute. Dressed similar to me, but not as busty. She gave me one look, her eyes very unemotional. "Sure. Whatever."

The alligator clip came out of my pocket and I shoved it down the front of my shorts. Just as I closed it on my clit, she looked at me and interupted.

"What the hell is that?" she demanded. I pulled my short's waistband out a bit to show her. My bare slit was clearly visible as was the dangling alligator clamp.

"Seriously? You're going to masturbate with that on?" she demanded. I nodded even as my fingers touched myself again. I came in seconds. I gasped and leaned against the shelf full of jars and cans and shuddered in ecstasy. I let my waist band snap up again, covering my more salient features even as the girl looked at me in disbelief.

"You can actually cum like? Doesn't that hurt?" she asked me. I opened my eyes and nodded.

"It hurts a lot," I replied.

"How can you stand it?" she asked, obviously curious. I shrugged.

"Practice. I'm a pain slut so it works out."

I put my hand back into my shorts and winced as I pinched open the jaws of the clamp. I almost screamed as it came off, the blood rushing back, engorging my clit. I shook some more while I put the clamp in my pocket.

"You're nuts," she said, and walked away. Yeah. I know.

I finished loading up my cart and headed for home. My clit was terribly sore, so it wasn't that hard to keep from getting to excited for the rest of the day. That night I showered, cleaned up, traded my ben wa balls for my husky dildo, and quietly and thankfully climbed into bed. I knew what was coming the next day. Master Barrett had made it very clear. It was sort of a punishment for all those orgasms I had experienced while wearing the crotch rope and the anal plug.

Breanne, you will wear the chastity belt all day, with both the anal vibrator and the vaginal vibrator embedded. You will keep the vaginal vibrator on low throughout the entire day. The belt will be locked on. If and when you go out for sexual relief, you will turn the three vibrators of the chastity belt to higher settings. The anal plug should be on medium. The vaginal plug should be on medium. And the clitoral bump should be on low. You may not cum without permission and you may not remove the chastity belt in order to orgasm. How you manage to achieve orgasm is your affair, but remember the one minute time limit. Should you violate the terms of the assignment and have an unauthorized orgasm either before or after getting permission, you will immediately turn all three chastity belt vibrators to their maximum settings. You may not turn them off until you locate three complete strangers, individually, and ask them to allow you to turn off a vibrator of your choice. Should you continue to have unauthorized orgasms during this punishment, you are to provide one matching orgasm for each of your own explosions to strangers on Sunday. You many not have any orgasms until you match all unauthorized orgasms.

Oh boy...

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