Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can I Cum? Part 5

Well, awake as promised. I feel I owe everyone an apology but Tuesday night’s late bedtime did some strange things to my schedule yesterday. Add the fact that I forgot to actually POST made things even weirder. Anyway, sorry for all that. But don’t worry, Master Barrett is making sure that I’m suffering for it.

To be honest, yesterday was actually not that hard. I was so tired from Tuesday that I didn’t get back up until lunch time. And when I did, I wasn’t terribly horny either, despite the fact that I had my husky dildo buried nicely up inside me. I had lunch, wrote out yesterday’s post, went and did a few chores, even rode my horse out to north fields to check on the soy beans. That was the turning point sexually for me. Star’s gait really did strange things to me as the husky dildo worked around inside me. I was soaked by the time I got back to the barn, and about as horny as I possibly could be without having someone pussy whip me.

So I clamped my legs together, went inside, got a change of clothes, and went back to my truck. My pussy was tingling, begging for me to reach down and grab the base of the dildo and just ram it in and out, but I held off. I even stayed in my soaked jeans for the drive, knowing that if I changed into my skirt I’d never be able to keep my hands off the dildo. So instead I drove, concentrating on the road and not on my convulsing pussy or the fact that my hips were doing their own little dance without my say so.

I wasn’t heading anywhere in particular. At least not consciously, but one thing I knew was that I wasn’t going to find a stranger at my farm. I kept my eyes peeled for an appropriate target, but didn’t see anyone right for at least twenty minutes. When I did it was on a back road and I passed his truck and continued down the road for about a mile. Then I stopped. I got out, grabbed my skirt and a pair of fresh panties from the seat beside me, and moved to the front of the truck.

For those of you that have been religious followers, you’ll know that this little ritual has been around since almost the beginning. Mistress Ellen imposed it upon me and I can’t seem to stop. I stood at the front of my truck, facing the hood. Then I kicked off my boots. I ignored my socks and unbuttoned my jeans, which were then pushed down my legs. The entire crotch was soaked. That is so… cool actually. Can you imagine being that turned on? My panties were just as wet and I reeked of sexual need. I folded my jeans, laid them on the hood of the truck and then stripped out of the panties, clenching my spasming pussy around the husky dildo. I grabbed the fresh pair of panties, nice pink ones in fact, and pulled them up, once more applying enough pressure on the base of the husky dildo to keep it up inside me with out continuous kegal exercises.

No one passed me on the road, even as I was getting into my skirt and I shoved my feet back into my boots and grabbed my clothing. I used a pant leg of the jeans to wipe my seat down. It was wet too, which says a lot for my libido. I started the truck up, made a u-turn, and headed back down the road.

He was tall and muscular and he was kneeling in front of one of those huge green boxes. A whole set of tools was scattered around and he was even wearing a nice orange vest. I stopped the truck a bit down the road from him, got out, and started walking toward him. He was one of those guys who are “aware” and noticed me right off the bat, even standing up and giving me a smile. He waited until I was close before greeting me and when he did I felt this little thump in my heart, not to mention between my legs.

“Afternoon, miss. Can I help you?”

Oh can you ever. He was even more handsome in person. A little rugged perhaps, not the same sort of chiseled perfection Kari’s boy toy Robert possesses, but not bad. Not bad at all. His biceps were big and he was wearing a pair of jeans that were tight but not skin tight. I gave him one of my million watt please fuck me while electrifying my nipples smiles and then explained exactly what I needed.

“Hi, my name is Breanne and I’m not allowed to cum unless I get permission from a stranger and I have to do it in under a minute. Would you mind terribly giving me permission? I’ll do it right here.”

We went through the usual clarification questions and then he grinned, shrugged, nodded and said “you go right ahead.” He even checked his watch. How sweet!

I lifted my skirt, leaned against his truck, and pulled down my panties. I admit, his eyes got a little big when I pulled the husky dildo out almost all the way before ramming it back in, but he didn’t say anything. I groaned. This was the first time I had actually personally moved the dildo in and out of my pussy all day and it felt incredible. I pulled it out again slowly, then in, enjoying the sensation of my body being split, stuffed, rammed, speared, impaled, and spitted. Come on! It’s a nine inch long four inch thick rubber cock!

I began pumping a bit more aggressively when my audience suddenly said “thirty seconds”. My pussy clenched around the cock. To be honest, it wasn’t as easy to work myself into an orgasm as it had been with my fingers. My clit just wasn’t getting the same type of stimulation. I started to flick my thumb against my clit but then he was saying “times up.”

I couldn’t believe it. I failed to cum! Oh my god! And I was so close! So very close! My thighs trembled and I almost wailed. I even pushed the dildo in and out a few more times before he stepped up to me and caught my hand. I looked up into those huge brown eyes.

“Breanne. No more. You said you had to do it in under a minute. So what happens now?”

I shook. My voice trembled and I’m not sure I even made sense, but I tried to tell him.

“I’m not allowed to cum unless I find a new stranger to ask permission,” I replied, still shaking. My pussy was squeezing the husky dildo to death.

“What happens if you cum anyway?”

“I get p-p-punished,” I stuttered. He looked intrigued.


I explained the process to him. He asked a few other pointed questions, mostly involving the ways I get punished. I just blubbered as I answered him, spilling my guts while my pussy screamed at me to fuck. Fuck anything. Just fuck! My ears were ringing.

“So basically, no matter what I do to you right now, you aren’t allowed to cum? Isn’t that right?” he asked. I nodded. Then he was close, too close, his mouth on mine, one hand mauling my breast underneath my tee shirt while the other moved down between my legs. I melted in his embrace, trapped between his truck and his body. He smelled like hot outdoor summers, of scorched metal, and something else. Probably aftershave. Who knows? His hand found the husky dildo even as his other began pinching my nipple and he drew it out halfway then rammed it back in.

“Don’t cum” he whispered as his mouth came off mine for just a moment. I whimpered. I struggled against him but he held me firm. The dildo came part way out again and then got pushed right back in. I quivered, I quaked. Then he yanked up my shirt, exposing my bare breasts and his hot mouth was on me, sucking, biting, nibbling and it was too much. I was too close. I cried out, my arms wrapping around him as my hips jerked wildly.

And I came. Loudly. Wetly.

I sagged in his arms even as he continued to munch on my breasts and then he was holding me tightly.

“You naughty girl” he said with a chuckle. I shook my head, eyes wet, body emotionally and physically exhausted.

“Slut” I replied. “I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut.” It was an automatic response, one I’m used to giving.

He grinned. “I can tell. So now you have to go home and put in ass plug and wear a crotch rope, right?”

I nodded, still a little dazed. Endorphin highs can do that to you. Much much better than drugs.

“Well before you can do that, get down on your knees missy, and suck me.”

I dropped down as he was unbuckling his jeans and then his hard and swollen cock was in my face. I grabbed hold of it, ignoring the prickling grass on my knees and shins. I kept my thighs together though, trying to keep the dildo in since my panties seemed to have fallen off during the whole masturbation thing and were now around one of my boots.

His cock was clean, hard, and actually quite nice to suck. I did a good job too. Sucking cock isn’t exactly a difficult thing to do, nor does it require a whole lot of mental aptitude, which meant my sex dazed state really didn’t detract from the quality of my oral sex. In about four minutes he was grunting and then he pulled his cock out of my mouth, lifted me up off my knees, and pushed me back over to the truck. He opened the passenger door of the cab, bent me over with my still exposed breasts on the hot vinyl seat, and grabbed the dildo.

I groaned when it came out, especially since he fumbled around behind me. It was almost a minute before his cock was positioned and then I felt him enter me. I stiffened in alarm, saying the word condom a few times, but he patted me on the shoulder and told me he was wearing one. He even showed me the little packet. I relaxed marginally and then he fucked me. Thoroughly. It felt good, even though I wasn’t anywhere near the levels of need I was at before. I felt him stiffen inside me, turning to granite and then there were those little jerks, tremors, indicating that he was spurting his load.

I just laid there as he finished behind me, patting me softly on the rear a few times as he got himself presentable.

“Geeze, you are one good fuck, girl,” he said. He picked up the husky dildo and waved it in the air. “I suppose you have to wear this back to your house?” I nodded, looking over my shoulder, still trying to regain my strength. He grinned and stepped back up to my prostate form and shoved it in. Rather forcefully too. I groaned, my back arching slightly at the aggressive penetration. I clamped down on the dildo and straightened, looking for my panties, but he found them first and very gentlemanly helped me into them. Once he pulled them up, the crotch oddly distended thanks to the base of the dildo, he pressed his thumb against my clit and rubbed it back and forth for almost a minute.

I clung to him as the fires were stoked. Just as I was approaching another round of orgasm, he stopped, smacked me lightly on the clit, gave my nipples another set of deep pinches, and then let me go.

You have to understand, had that man said “come with me and be my personal sex slave forever and I will let you orgasm right now” I’d be at his house typing this, no doubt permanently naked, stuffed with God knows what, cooking and cleaning for him as well as being used sexually. That’s where I was mentally and physically.

I stumbled away. I’m lucky there weren’t any cars because I didn’t even look both ways when I crossed the road. I managed to get back in my truck and drive off, sort of toward my farm, even as my body tried to make sense of the torment, release, and then second torture.

I went home. What else could I do? The crotch rope, the plug, and the vibroballs were back at the house. I parked the car, grabbed my stuff, and snuck upstairs without my mom seeing me.

Once I was firmly ensconced in my room I removed the husky dildo, cleaned myself up as best as I could and then got out the stuff I needed. First I put in my vibroballs. I didn’t turn them on. I didn’t trust myself. Then I lubed the plug. I hate that thing. But in it went. Lastly, I tied the crotch rope harness around my waist and then worked the offending piece of hemp up between my labia. As usual, I tied it off with a clove hitch and tightened it down until the knot was resting right over my clit. I pulled my skirt back up, gingerly I might add. I tucked the remote to the vibroballs into the waist band, but then on second though, turned the dial to the lowest setting. Immediately my pussy contracted around the vibroballs, tightening spasmodically. I took one step and felt the entire harness shift a full inch, rubbing my clit painfully. The plug protected my ass, but the tender spot between my pussy and bottom was getting rubbed raw.

The pain combined with the vibrations and I had to steady myself on the bed frame. Desperation sucks.

Still dressed in skirt, tee shirt, and boots, I headed out leaving my husky dildo and panties behind. I streaked through the house, got back in the truck, and drove off. Desperation sent me to the mall, one of the few places I knew I could find people. I parked, waddled into the mall, and went straight toward one of the department stores. My clit burned and I quickly found what I was looking for: a nice chunky geeky teenager who probably had never seen a girl naked before. I found my target, asked him in a low sultry voice if he wanted to see something neat, and then took him into the back of a store nearby and lifted my skirt. His eyes about popped out when I explained why I was wearing it and that I needed his permission to take it off.

I got permission almost immediately and I quickly untied my hemp thong and pulled it out of my pussy. He watched with this hungry look. My sex was pretty red, not only from the rope but from my earlier fucking. He did ask what the wire was so I pulled out the remote and showed it too him. I made the mistake of letting him hold it and he promptly turned the vibration dial from off to maximum. I almost swooned, my body shaking as my hands went to my groin. My ass tightened convulsively around the plug and I groaned.

It took me a moment to snatch the remote back and get the balls turned off, but it was already too late. I had already been on the edge ever since getting fucked and thumbed by the electrical guy. It wasn’t a terribly powerful orgasm, more like a wave of pleasure that rushed through me, but it still was an orgasm. My chunky guy watched with the look of rapture on his face. When I recovered I realized that we were attracting attention. My skirt was down thank goodness, but the wire and remote sticking out from my waist band certainly looked odd. I flushed in embarrassment and quickly left.

Chunky followed me, tried to strike up a conversation, but I politely told him that I was no longer in need of his services. In the end I threatened to find a security guard. That finally got me loose of my adoring fan and I went looking for my next target: someone willing to grant me permission to remove the offending butt plug.

I finally found what I was looking for: a single person working a store completely empty of customers. It was an electronics store, filled with junk that only a guy could really love. It was all dials and buttons, though I admit I saw a couple of phones I wouldn’t mind having in my purse! I walked in, heard the chime, and the guy at the counter smiled at me. He was sort of old, with graying hair and a slightly stooped posture. I went right up to him as he gave me his store’s tagline; something about having the answers to my questions.

Well I had a question all right. I explained that I had an unwanted plug in one of my sockets and I was wondering if I could have permission to remove it. For the first time, I got an immediate “certainly” without any rigmarole about repeating my request. I thanked him, moved around to the side of the counter where I wouldn’t be seen through the front door, and calmly reached under my skirt.

The nice old man had sort of followed me over and the expression on his face (not to mention the relief on mine) as I pulled the plug out of my ass was awesome. I gave him a satisfactory smile, opened my purse, and dropped the offending plug in a plastic shopping bag I had waiting. And I did all that without exposing myself one bit. Quite nice, if I do say so myself.

I thanked him. He was too shocked to respond for a moment, but then he laughed.

“I guess you DID have an unwanted plug in your socket!” he said with a chuckle. For a moment I regretted not giving this guy a show. He seemed to have a good sense of humor not to mention a healthy sexual attitude. But I just gave him one of my million watt please imagine what it would be like plugging my sockets with all sorts of goodies smiles and waved as I left the store.

I will admit that by this time I was feeling pretty good. I had escaped my crotch rope and plug, both of which were in my purse. The vibroballs were off and I was sexually sated. So I did what any smart girl would do. I went home.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the urge again that evening, but I was still too tender and too satisfied with my earlier trysts to motivated enough to go out. The vibroballs remained off and so without a direct stimulation to get me in gear, I relaxed, showered, cleaned myself off, and then checked my email. Master Barrett was not please.

Breanne, you are to combine the two previous days "spice" so vibroballs on low and a peg either on each nipple or your clit. Also there needs to be a punishment for cumming twice whilst performing the crotch rope punishment. As I write this I still can't believe you came (twice!) whilst doing a punishment for cumming during an assignment all about making you work for you orgasms. So as a punishment for your lack of control apply Icy hot to your nipples and clit every 2 hours.

So that’s how it is. I’m sitting here in skirt and tee shirt, stuffed with a pair of vibroballs that are gently trembling. My nipples ache, but only because I’ve had a pair of clothespins on them for about two hours. At around seven I took the pegs off long enough to dab a decent amount of my Icy Hot substitute on them, sending paroxysms of heat and cold rushing through me, then doing the same thing to my clit. I’m due for another dose in about an hour.

I’m horny. Terribly horny right now. I’m not sure how much longer I can take it either. I might just have to leave and find a stranger long before I would if my body wasn’t in charge. Yep. I’m heading out right now. I’ll let you know how it goes… See ya later.

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