Wednesday, September 1, 2010

David's Third Assignment

Assignment #3: You will go to the mall at your convenience. You will take your kit with you. You will go to a store that sells lingerie. It can be a department store or an inline store. You will purchase a single pair of panties, your choice but choose something attractive. The panties need to be large enough for you wear, but tight. Once you've made your purchase you need to go to another store that has a changing room. You will grab a shirt to "try on", and then strip naked in the changing room. You will then stroke your cock until it is hard, oil it, but do not cum. Then put on your new panties. Get dressed again and leave the store. Walk to the other side of the mall. Find another dressing room. Once inside open your pants, and stroke your cock to hardness through the panties. Once you are hard, pull down the panties and oil your cock. Stroke it until you want to cum. Stop. Do not cum. Get dressed again, and walk back to the other side of the mall. Find either a bathroom or a dressing room, make your makeshift pussy, and fuck it until you orgasm. Then you may go home. Love, Breanne

I had actually looked forward to this assignment from the moment in which I received it. For whatever reason, I’ve always been jealous of women and their clothing. Let me be clear, I’m a straight guy. But, there’s just something about women’s clothes, the femininity of it all, the variety, the textures, the colors… it’s just stuff that as a guy, we don’t get to enjoy. Yes, I’ve thought about crossdressing before, but just don’t have the outlet like I’d like. And, as a submissive, I seem to enjoy doing things like this at the request/instruction of others. So, with that as a backdrop, this assignment led me to great excitement from the outset.

The biggest challenge for me was finding the time to pull something like this off. Working downtown, with no malls in close proximity (nor, had there been one, would I have dared doing the assignment here with the high probability of running into someone I knew) I knew I’d have to budget time to get to a more suburban mall, perform the assignment, and then get back. Probably a couple hours in all, if all went well.

Finally, a Friday afternoon came along where I’d finished the majority of my work. Couple that with the fact that most folks seem to head out early on Fridays, and well, I found the perfect time. So, about two o’clock rolled around and I grabbed my masturbation kit from my desk drawer and headed to my car. Now, I should tell you that the kit “container” is simply a plastic bag from Target from one of my purchase adventures, and I wasn’t sure if that would be a good thing or not (turned out just fine). I made sure that the kit has my small bottle of baby oil, two rubber gloves (didn’t want to carry a box of 50 gloves from a bulk perspective, or heaven forbid I’d get stopped and searched – how would I explain that one? LOL), and my hand towel.

I drove north about fifteen minutes down the interstate to one of the newer malls in town. I knew being a Friday afternoon in the summer would mean that the mall would certainly not be empty, and I figured more than a few teenagers would be loitering about. My first stop, per my instructions, was to find a pair of panties. I headed for Victoria’s Secret first because, obviously, they’d have plenty of panties, and also because I knew there would be something feminine, and a little humiliating, walking out of the store and through the mall with their trademark little pink and red bag, especially knowing the contents inside would be for me.

Goddess Bre and I had spoken earlier in the week, and I’d asked for her preference on panty style for me. She didn’t have a strong preference, but she did suggest a red, satin bikini. I boldly entered VS and was quickly asked if I could be helped. I told the nice associate that I was looking for a red, satin bikini and did they have any? Would you believe that they didn’t? They had some red bikinis that were largely lace (wide lace band, with some cotton), and some cotton bikini’s, but no red satin underwear really to speak of. And, what they did have, was at best $10 or more a pair, and so I decided I’d head on, and come back if I needed to.

So, then I went down to Dillard’s, a department store which was at the one end of the long, single-halled mall. Jackpot – several HUGE bins of panties on sale! Well, I spent probably the better part of 15 to 20 minutes searching through the “mediums.” I should tell you that I’m about 5’7” (5’8” on a good day) and 150 lbs. Bre had said that I needed to find a pair of panties that wasn’t too small, but that was sufficiently tight. I figured a medium would be about right. A nice, older saleswoman (probably 60-65 or so) approached me twice during the search and couldn’t have been nicer. I was wondering if she’d ask who I was buying for, but she never did, though she did point me over to some “nice thongs” on the next aisle. Well, I couldn’t find any red satin bikinis here either, but there were plenty of other satin bikinis, mixed in with thongs, g-strings and even some granny panties. I finally settled on a pair of hot pink and light blue satin bikinis. They’re a bit hard to describe, but they’ve got a pink background with little light blue “blobs” in a pattern, with a light blue thin waistband. I’d say they’re about an inch on the sides (not really a string bikini), and for this reason, they’re fairly high-cut on the thighs. Best part was that they were $1.99, so I went over and paid the nice saleslady, handing her $3.00 for my $2.15 order. She put the panties in a bag and I was off to find a dressing room.

I headed back out into the mall, my bag of panties in tow with my masturbation kit, and quickly saw an American Eagle on my left. I walked in and grabbed the first pair of shorts I saw in my size (32) and headed for the dressing rooms in the back of the store. Fortunately, I didn’t have to “check” my other bags at the door, and was allowed to take them into the dressing room with me. A couple things When you walk in this dressing room. First, it’s co-ed. Each stall is private, but the hall and mirrors are common for girls and guys. Secondly, the dressing area is in the shape of an “L”, and so I was presented with the first room, which provided a clear view out to the store. I didn’t care THAT much, since I would be able to close the door. But, anyone who cared to see could see under the door as I a) took off my boxers and b) put on some panties. First things first… I stepped out of my clothes as quickly as I could to comply with the “strip naked in the dressing room” command. Once naked, I stroked my cock to get it nice and hard, and that felt very good, after searching through panties for the past half hour. I dropped some oil on it, rubbed it in, and then it was time for the panties. Quickly stepping into them (so hopefully no one who might happen to be walking by my door would notice), I pulled them up. While I think I got the right size, they were definitely tight, especially with a hard on. My cock even poked out the top just a touch. Oh, well. Pulling my pants back on and putting the boxers into the bag, I took off back out the door and into the store. With a quick smile and thank you, handing the shorts to a sales associate, I was gone.

I was back out in the mall, now donned in panties under my slacks, with still somewhat of a bulge, as my erection had not fully subsided. I’ve worn men’s briefs plenty of times, as I exercise a lot. However, there are three big differences that I immediately felt with my female bikini panties. First, the material between the waist and the leg openings was much smaller, which was noticeable, especially visually when I looked at myself in the mirror before leaving the dressing room. Secondly, the satin material was much slicker, thinner, and frankly more comfortable than the heavier cotton of my briefs and finally, even though they were bikinis, they didn’t cover nearly as much of my ass as the briefs would have. Where the athletic brief “cupped” my cheeks, the bikini cut across the bottom. That was probably the most noticeable aspect as I walked through the mall, as I could feel it with each step. It wasn’t uncomfortable (i.e., I don’t think I got the wrong size), it was just different.

As I walked through the mall, my heart was skipping several beats a minute. It was definitely a rush knowing I was wearing panties, that only Bre knew, and that I had something in common with all of the other women in the mall. It actually made me think a little more along what might be female lines, but I’d probably need a little more time to process that one.

As I walked to the other end of the mall, I sought out my next dressing room location. I noticed Brooks Brothers, but I didn’t really want that much customer service. Then there was Ann Taylor. Ok, that wasn’t going to work. Finally, I saw Abercrombie & Fitch. Perfect. In I went. Found pair of shorts #2 and headed with my bags to the dressing room. Per my instructions, once inside, I opened my pants and rubbed myself to erection through the silky panties. Looking at myself in the mirror wearing the largely pink panties, I looked a bit silly, but I was so turned on I didn’t care. My erection was solid within moments, and I reapplied the oil and pulled up my pants once more, resisting the urge to cum, fortunately, I knew it was (literally) right around the corner.

I repacked my back and headed out into the mall corridor one last time. I made my way back to the center of the mall towards my car, hoping to pass a restroom on the way. Sure enough – right by the exit. Its location actually reminded me of one of Bre’s assignments where she walked into a mall restroom right by the exit in only her bikini (if I remember correctly). But, I digress. I went into the single stall bathroom (that was a nice find), and made my homemade pussy (see Assignment #1). Then I heard a knock on the locked door! Shit! Who is that? Wouldn’t you know it – housekeeping came by to clean the bathroom! I yelled back that I was in there, and fortunately, they went away. Whew. So then I sat on the toilet, pulled off my pants, then pulled my panties down, though I left them by my ankles as a visual reminder. I then fucked myself with the pussy and exploded in a matter of seconds. Huge and fast. I sat for a second recovering, pulled off the panties and tucked them into my masturbation kit for another day, pulled my boxers back on, then my pants and headed out. Checked the voicemail on my phone as I walked to the car – crap, a message from work. Back to reality.

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  1. David, Congratulations on an exceptional completed assignment. I have to admit, this is something similar to what I've made my submissive do, except she had no problem choosing a set of panties because I didn't allow her to wear them. In addition she walked the entire length of the mall with a set of vibro balls swirling inside her. In any event, I look forward to reading your next adventure. I hope Breanne finds something truly incredible for you to experience.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Michael Alexander


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