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Rules For NHPS

Sometimes life gets a little complicated, you know? Case in point? This Saturday. Talk about teetering on the edge of disaster. Sure, I got away with it, but whose to say I will again? But hey, I guess I shouldn’t start at the end of the story. I guess I should start at the beginning.

First of all, I took last week off. Sorry about that, but that week long rope punishment from Master Brandon, coupled with Mistress Ellen’s truck stop travel, and then Master Brandon’s punishment assignment, along with constantly being stuffed with ben wa balls was just a little more than my poor pussy could handle. To be honest, I NEEDED a break. For several days my poor clit was so sore that just THINKING about sex made me hurt, which wasn’t too bad, but I need to be turned on BEFORE the pain hits in order for me to get all sexually excited.

In any case, I took a break.

For a while.

Okay, not that long.

And I was still working. Michael doesn’t pay me to sit around and do nothing. A while ago he asked me to quantify a few things: specifically what it takes to be a nympho humiliation pain slut. What are the rules? Well I worked on those. Sure, I got some insight from a couple of the various doms and dommes that I chit chat with, and I hammered out five rules that seem to exemplify exactly what it means to be a NHPS.

#1 A NHPS should keep her pussy stuffed at all times, preferably with cock. If cock is not available, the NHPS should stuff herself with whatever objects/toys are available in order to keep herself sexually aroused and ready.

This rule was easily established, and to be honest, against my better judgment. Being constantly stuffed has its drawbacks (especially from a medical perspective), but I went along with it in the end. Didn’t really have much choice. In a lot of ways though, being stuffed is EXACTLY what being a NHPS is all about! So while still trying to be healthy, having some sort of sex toy, or cock inside me is pretty much a constant now.

#2 A NHPS must be ready and able to endure a painful punishment/torture at anytime, for anyone, for any reason.

Well duh. Of course a NHPS has to be ready for this. That’s what the “pain” part of the title means. It means submitting even when you know it’s going to hurt. I seem to do that pretty well.

#3 A NHPS is not allowed to refuse to perform a sexual act that is within her prescribed limits.

What sub is? I’m not sure where this rule came from, but evidently I’ve been a little selective about my assignments, and/or my negotiations about those assignments. One or two of my various online doms felt that I’ve been a bit argumentative. So they included this little gem to stop my whining. Hmmpph.

#4 A NHPS should always dress provocatively so that she can be recognized as a slut, yet dress according to the requirements of her masters and mistresses.

I already have enough trouble with my parents about the way I dress. “Your shorts are too tight!” or “that collar is too low!” or “why aren’t you wearing a bra?” seems to be common phrases in my house, usually from my mom. Dad just looks at me, shakes his head, and ignores it. One of these days I swear I’m going to walk out naked just to see what happens. But yes, I understand. It means if I’m out and about, I need to look like a NHPS. Lots of skin or curves showing, looking like I’m a street hooker with no compunction about giving out freebees, right?

#5 A NHPS must maintain her physical appearance (fit, shaved, and flexible) in order to be tied or used in whatever position her betters require.

This was another one of those rules that seemed to require a bit of wrangling. What exactly does physical appearance mean? Okay, sure, I’m healthy, thin, a bit willowy. Even pretty flexible. But shaved? I mean yes, I shave, but do we want to actually make that a requirement? Well, finally through majority rule, it was added. So there you have it. Shaved, thin, and flexible. What more do you want?

Now as you can well imagine, the moment I finished establishing these rules, a few of the online doms I had been discussing them with felt that I needed to follow rule number one immediately, regardless of whether my clit and pussy were still recovering from a week’s worth of rope burn. So last Monday I put in my ben wa balls, slowly adding sexual tension to my soreness. This led to sexual need, which of course led to masturbation. Do you have any idea how hard it is to masturbate when your clit hurts? I was in a Catch 22 situation. Masturbating made me want to cum. To cum I needed to rub and pinch my clit. Rubbing my clit hurt. Hurt excited me even more and pushed me to the edge. I would cum, which made my clit hurt, which made me want to masturbate.

After two days of ben wa balls I switched toys. Wednesday was spent stuffed with my husky dildo. That worked out well. Instead of driving me crazy while walking, it drove me crazy while sitting. And let me tell you, having a nine inch long four inch wide rubber cock rammed up inside you all day is not easy. I’m pretty sure I waddled a bit. And I still managed to masturbate three times, once out in the barn when I just pulled down my shorts and went at it with the dildo.

The following day I stuffed myself with my vibro balls, tucked the controller into my shorts pocket, and did very well. I only turned it on when I wanted to masturbate and cum and was very pleased with the results. I think all in all I followed (and still am following) NHPS Rule #1 quite well.
That was last week. Now I’ve gotten into a sort of pattern. Ben wa balls, husky dildo, vibroballs, husky dildo, and then back to the ben wa balls. So, on Saturday afternoon, right after lunch, I was sitting at my desk, stuffed with my vibroballs, when I logged on to my private messenger account and checked my email.

It’s rare for me to get on and not have SOMEONE I know online. As usual, Master Barrett was doing his thing and he immediately contacted me to find out how I was doing. I told him about taking a week off from assignments, but was ready to jump back into the water after Sunday. He asked about NHPS Rule #1 of course and I told him about my vibro balls. I was quietly praised for that. I got grilled on what I was wearing: barefoot, blue denim shorts, white cotton panties, blue tee shirt, white bra. Oh yeah, and stuffed with vibro balls. Master Barrett wanted to torment me for a bit, to make me squirm and no doubt beg.

But unfortunately, I had to go. I promised my dad that I’d drive him to the hardware store and the clock was ticking down. I explained the situation to Master Barrett who was very understanding.

“Punish yourself by making yourself cum by snapping a rubber band against your clit before you go to bed tonight,” he ordered me. If you recall NHPS Rule # 2, I had to be ready for this, and NHPS Rule #3 states I’m not allowed to refuse.

And before I could even respond “and turn those vibroballs on low until then. Can’t have you being too comfortable. You’ll get spoiled and lazy.”

I’m afraid I wasn’t too polite in response. “um…I’m about to go drive my dad to the fucking hardware store and you want the damn vibroballs ON?”

“Yeah. Only on low.”

“For how long?” I asked.

“Till you do the rubber band thing. And no doing it now. Do it AFTER you get back,” Master Barrett replied.

Well damn.

We hashed out a few more minor issues like whether I could masturbate and blah blah blah and then my dad was calling for me to cum along. Oh. I mean COME along.

The control box was in my pocket. I bid adios to Master Barrett, reach down, and with a deep breath turned the vibroballs to low.

I felt the shaking immediately, and I was pretty sure I could hear it too. There was this faint background noise, a slight buzz, that seemed to emanate from between my legs, muffled by soft warm wet flesh. Standing up, I grabbed my flip flops, straightened my tee shirt, smoothed down my shorts, and headed out the door.

I passed my dad at almost a dead run, mostly because I didn’t want him to hear the slight buzzing noise. I made a pretense of getting the truck started, air conditioner on high (it helps that it was like ninety-eight degrees outside), and even turned on the radio. When he finally limped over to the passenger door, I came around to help him and wasn’t worried about whether he could hear the small earthquake slowly stimulating me into sexual urgency.

My dad was hurt in a car accident about three years ago, right before I graduated from college. That’s why I live with my parents. I run the farm. Dad can’t drive and can barely walk. Between the settlement and the fact that the farm is productive, money isn’t an issue, but I think my dad would much prefer to be ambulatory again. Sure, he can move, but it’s a long laborious process. And he refuses to use a wheel chair. He’s got a complicated cane/walker support that he uses, and I tossed this into the bed of the truck as soon as he was in the truck.

Anyway, with my pussy pulsing, I got in the car and headed for our local Home Depot.

Dad and I chatted a bit. Obviously nothing sexual. And I was about to take the exit toward the home improvement giant when my dad told me to keep going. I looked at him confused but went along. He gave me a few more directions and explained he needed something a bit more unusual from the hardware store and that it was unlikely Home Depot would have it.

Uh. Okay.

Within minutes a dreadful suspicion started building inside me and that suspicion turned to a stomach clenching version of “oh shit!” as I realized where we were going. My heart sank and my guts roiled as dad directed me toward a familiar building with a gravel parking lot. I pulled my truck up to the side of the store, exactly where I had parked it almost four months earlier. I considered my options. Wait in the truck? No…dad would need me to help him in and out, and he would take forever. He likes browsing stores like this. It wouldn’t be a quick trip. With my mind still racing and my pussy starting to tighten around the vibroballs buzzing inside, I moved around to the other side of the truck and got my dad’s walker out. The noise of traffic was enough to keep dad from hearing my little toy. Together we shuffled out of the baking heat and into the cool air conditioned interior of the hardware store.

I like hardware stores. Oh, not because I’m a tomboy or anything, but because my perverted mind is always dreaming up new things to do with the stuff I find there. To a NHPS, a hardware store is just a giant toybox of goodies. I could spend hours in a hardware store, especially if I could try out the more interesting things.

However, going with your dad doesn’t exactly make for a good time. When we walked in I breathed a sigh of relief as the clerk looked at me and we didn’t recognize each other. Talk about relief.

Why was I relieved? Because back in April I had done something rather stupid. After parking my truck in the lot of this very hardware store, I had stripped naked, climbed into the bed of my truck, laid down spread-eagled, and masturbated until I came. Oh Sorry. That wasn’t the stupid part. The stupid part was realizing that I had locked my keys in fucking truck. I had wrapped an old furniture padding quilt around my naked body and gone into the hardware store to ask them to call a locksmith. In the end, getting into my truck hadn’t cost me a penny, but it had exposed me to Mike, the manager, who had not only gotten to see me repeat my “in the bed” masturbation, but had also gotten a free blowjob afterward for being such a white knight.

In other words, at this hardware store, even though I was currently mild-mannered Breanne visiting with her dad”, I could easily be recognized as “Breanne, the Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut who masturbates naked in the bed of her truck and gives free blowjobs.”

It was quiet inside and I quickly moved some distance away from my father as the loss of background noise made my own little sexual torment a little more noticeable. I gave my dad a little wave and a smile and told him I was going to browse. He nodded and shrugged and then wandered off down one of the aisles. I did too, moving toward the back of the store where I would be least likely to encounter someone.

I spent maybe ten minutes slowly moving up and down the aisles, occasionally crossing the far back aisle to check on my dad. He was having the time of his life, examining lit bits of god knows what. He doesn’t get out often. Give him a break. Uh… I mean, some slack. He’s already had more breaks than he can handle.

Anyway, I had wandered into the nuts and bolts section and was actually finding a few intriguing large scale bolts when I suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around me. One went across my breasts, fingers scrabbling at my shirt and bra encased nipple, while the other went down to my crotch, rubbing my clit through my shorts and panties. I stiffened and was about to shout and drive my elbow into my attacker, when I recognized his voice.

“Hi, Breanne! How’s my favorite cocksucking nympho humiliation pain slut?” Mike’s voice said softly.

Back in April, I had left the website address written on a small pad of paper in his office. Evidently Mike is a reader. (Hi Mike! Hope you’re enjoying this!) In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to make such a deal out of being a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut, because it’s sort of become synonymous with my name. It's like my professional title or something.

I groaned softly as he gave me a squeeze, his fingers stroking my pussy through my shorts. Instantly, my sexual needs quotient skyrocketed and I would have gladly fucked my way through just about anyone to get to a decent climax. Mike let me go and gave me a grin as I turned and faced him.

“Looking for something to fill that soft pussy of yours?” he asked, eyes narrowing.

I shook my head. “Actually I’ve already got it filled with my vibroballs. Besides, I’m here with my dad.”

Mike’s eyes widened, though I’m not sure if it was the revelation of my stuffed vagina, or that I was doing that with my dad present. He eye fucked me then, though his target wasn’t sexual. His fingers went out and found the controller stuck into my pocket. Gingerly, he extracted it from my shorts, the long black wire disappearing into the waistband of my shorts.

“Why is it on low?” he asked.

I gave him a rueful grin. “I’m not allowed to touch them. Besides, I’m not supposed to be cumming every five minutes. It’s slow torture. Any louder and my dad might hear it.”

“Wouldn’t that be a shame.” Mike grinned and thumbed the dial to maximum. I felt the vibro balls roar to life and I trembled a bit as my pussy tightened dramatically around the now clearly audible humming coming from my sex.

He tucked the controller back into my shorts. “Wouldn’t it be a shame if dad hears that?” he said diabolically. “Want me to turn it back down to low?” he asked.

I nodded, feeling the first urges to start pumping my hips.

“It’ll cost you,” he replied. “Another stellar blowjob.”

“Fine. Anything!” I gasped.

Mike grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the back of the store. I remembered the way, glancing around, hoping my dad wasn’t somewhere close by. He wasn’t and Mike and I disappeared into the manager’s office. He locked the door and was unbuckling his trousers before I even turned around. It was clear he had no intention of turning down the vibroballs until I sucked him off, so I immediately got on my knees and reached up to grab his cock.

I won’t bore you with the details. I’m a good cocksucker and it only took maybe ten to fifteen minutes of slurping, rubbing, sucking, licking, bobbing, and deep-throating before Mike exploded in my mouth for the second time, sending large streams of cum down my gullet. I swallowed dutifully. He didn’t taste bad either, which was nice. As Mike was sighing in pleasure and slowly getting his clothing in order, I stood up, my entire body trembling with desire as the vibro-balls continued their unholy and intense stimulation of my internal cavities. In other words, I was desperate and ready to cum.

“Turn it down now, please?” I begged him.

Mike reached around to his desk and opened one of the drawers. In his hands were three metal alligator clamps. None of them were chained together and I could see they were the cheap ones available here at the hardware store, rather than the more expensive sex toy kind.

“I’d be happy too, but these have to go on your nipples and clit first. It’s your punishment for not coming back to the store before this.”

I started to protest and then realized I was actually breaking NHPS Rule #2! I stopped mid-sentence and nodded. I reached up and tugged both my tee shirt and bra up, exposing my soft curves and hard nipples. Then I pushed my shorts and panties down to my knees.

Mike pinched open two of the clamps and I could see dull metal curved bumps along the edges. My breathing was coming in short little gasps as I neared orgasm and then Mike let the clamps slowly close on my nubs, each clamp biting from the underside and lying flat vertically from my nipple.

They hurt. Oh did they hurt. I gasped, my hands going to my breasts, pain shooting up my tits to my arms and even down to my pussy. Of course, that almost made me pop right then. Mike had to grab my arms and hold me as the initial agony receded into a dull throbbing ache.

Then he went to one knee and I felt his fingers sliding through my petals. When he reached my clit I gasped and he rubbed it slightly. My clit was already exposed, clearly extended outside the hood and he positioned the clamp above it. Then he let it close.

I screamed, loudly. I couldn’t help myself. I was just too sensitive, too tender, too close to cumming. He jumped to his feet and covered my mouth with his hand as I shook in orgasmic release, pain exploding between my legs, enhancing the primal needs of my pussy until I was humping his leg in sexual bliss.

After I came I slumped in his arms and I felt and heard the vibro-balls slow to their earlier pace. It didn’t matter. My orgasm had been so intense it would be at least thirty minutes before I felt anything close to a sexual need again. My nipples and clit throbbed, but it wasn’t unbearable. Mostly I felt like jelly. My legs seemed to be made of rubber and I just rested in Mike’s arms.

He helped me get my bra and shirt back down, ostensibly OVER the clamps; leaving little bumps underneath my tee shirt. It wasn’t obvious what was under the cotton, just curious. Then he pulled up my shorts, tucking the remote wire back into place, also leaving the clamp on my clit.

“You can have those. Leave them on till you cum again.” Mike said.

Oh goody. (Please note the sarcasm. Well YOU try driving home in a manual transmission truck with an alligator clip attached to YOUR genitals and nipples!)

Mike led me back out into the store and I quickly located my dad. His thirty minutes of uninterrupted browsing had netted him quite a haul and he had even discovered it was possible to hang one of those plastic shopping baskets on his walker. Cool huh?

Well, in the end I gave him a few more minutes while Mike hovered at the end of the aisle, surreptitiously glancing at me every few seconds. Finally my dad finished and we meandered toward the checkout. Mike followed.

I admit I was a little scared Mike was going to say something. My dad is not an idiot and even the most veiled remark would likely make my father think twice. But Mike was totally professional and the only thing he said was a very pointed and innuendo filled “I hope you cum back and see me some time. We have a great selection of screws that will fill any socket.”


Outside my dad and I made it back to the truck, and for once I was glad he was so slow. It was a bit painful to walk due to the clamp on my clit. Then, as I was helping him into the truck, he shook his head.

“I can’t believe that man said that!” he said.

I froze. Oh my god…

“Screws don’t go in sockets. Bolts go in sockets.”

If you are rolling your eyes, then you know EXACTLY what I was doing at that moment. If you’re laughing at me, then picture me sticking my tongue out at you.

I got behind the wheel, carefully, the buzzing and throbbing sensations coming from between my legs and the tips of my breasts just barely starting to reignite the heat I had been feeling previously. I pulled out and we headed home.

The drive back to the farm was uneventful, with the exception of the slow buildup of sexual want centered in the dark recesses of my pussy. Dad and I chatted about the farm, the animals, planting, harvesting…you know, all the fun stuff. I helped him out of the truck and back into the house, carrying his bag of goodies.

I went upstairs. I closed the door to my room, stripped off my shorts and panties, only to find the crotch of both soaked. A new surge of pain from the clamp on my clit caused my pussy to tighten and I was a bit more cautious with my shirt and bra. I lay down on my bed, my hand going to the large thick rubber band laying on my nightstand. I stretched it between my thumb and forefinger, grabbed the elastic and pulled, aiming my simple slingshot like toy directly at my clamped clit. I was sizzling with sexual need, wanting to masturbate. Master Barrett’s command was not to turn off the vibro-balls until I came. Mike ordered me to keep the clamps on until I came.

NHPS Rule #2 flashed through my mind: A NHPS must be ready and able to endure a painful punishment/torture at anytime, for anyone, for any reason.

My hand trembled as I pulled the rubber band outward.

I’m pretty sure you know what came next.

Next Assignment:

Breanne: The night before you do this assignment you will take your padlock key and attach it to both ends of a four foot long piece of string. Place it in a small paper cup full of water. You will freeze it overnight. The next day you will dress in a skirt and a tee shirt, no bra or panties. You will take your vibroballs, your butterfly stimulator, your Japanese Clover nipple clamps, your wrist cuffs, padlock and frozen key (in a cooler) and select a location where you are within twenty feet of a road by a telephone pole. Once you have arrived, you will remove your shirt. You will insert the vibro balls into your pussy and then attach the clitoral stimulator in its appropriate spot. Put the controller for the vibroballs in to the pocket or waistband of your skirt. Put on your wrist cuffs. Hang, but do not lock, the padlock on your cuffs. Remove the key from the cooler and hang it on your neck with the key in the small of your back. Take clover clamps, attach one clamp to your nipple and run the chain around the telephone pole. Clamp the other nipple. Now turn the vibroballs and stimulator to maximum. Put your hands behind your back and close the padlock.

Master Brandon

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