Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Present

I came in to find her on the bed, totally naked, on her knees, legs spread, hands on her thighs, palms up...and she had been that way for a while. I knew because she was having difficulty maintaining the position thanks to the vibroballs she had placed inside her, on maximum, and the incredibly tight nipple clamps that were biting down on her nipples. I left her there while I undressed, slowly. Then I got out our paddle. Birthday spanks. Right? I ordered her to all fours, the chain between her nipples hanging down, swaying slightly. Then I began the strokes. I was celebrating my thirty fifth birthday. She begged me to allow her to cum at eighteen. I relented at twenty two, but only after she agreed to take an additional ten strokes of the sap directly to her pussy.

I ALWAYS make my sub "purchase" orgasms. Her rear end was a bright red when we reached thirty five and she was almost as red in the face. She was also close to another orgasm. I flipped her over, not even bothering to order her, and spread her legs, bending the knees outward so her pussy was totally exposed and her inner thighs, white, pure, and perfect, were ready for me. I traded the paddle for my sap, a thin small leather tool, and I didn't hesitate, swinging with sharp, hard, fast beats. I don't like gagging my sub. I like to hear her cries of agony and pleasure. Her eyes were closed, mouth open, chest heaving, the clamps rising and falling like ships perched atop stormy sea swells. I aimed for her clit with the tenth stroke and she let out a piercing cry, her composure cracking, her legs trembling even as she struggled to stay in position. I yanked the vibroballs out and tossed them aside, ignoring the buzzing sound.

Then I mounted her, plunging myself deeply into her well done, well sauced body. She wrapped herself around me even as I began thrusting. I grabbed the chain connecting the clamps in my teeth and pulled and she suddenly stiffened, the expression on her face even more exquisite than before. She grit her teeth, unable to control her response as my movements drove her over the edge into orgasmic relief. She gasped and began to relax, only to mew in a little bit of renewed pain as I tugged on her nipples. Then it was me, matching her relief as I felt myself surge, harden into granite, pumping her full of cream, releasing the built up tension. And through my entire orgasm I was aware of one thing:

She exploded without permission. And tomorrow she would spend the day being punished.

It was a VERY Happy Birthday.

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