Monday, February 15, 2010

Daily Assignment 02-15-10

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Today’s Assignment: Fuck an Egg. (Submitted in the comments!)

Hmmm…plain, simple, easy to do. Okay.
All right, first of all I want to thank everyone who has continued to come to the blog to check out everything that is happening. I know Michael is working very hard both writing and page designing and he told me that stuff should be up shortly on the index page and that everyone will get to read the latest story starring me. “Under Construction” is pretty light, but a lot of fun too. I enjoyed it at least!

My week off was relaxing. I took some time to write, to take care of things on the farm, and general do things like relaxing bubble baths. Very nice. Sorry I didn’t post anything, but frankly, I needed a break. I did write up about my little play date with Kari and Robert, but after reading it, Michael asked that it get posted at the website, rather than on the blog. Evidently it’s too long. Oh well! I’m cool with that!
Daily Assignments start back up today. Sorry I’m posting this one so late. I still have a long list of assignments, but on the flip side, if you have a suggestion or want something tried, well, feel free to drop me a suggestion in the comment box or send me an email! I’ll put it on the list!
Anyway, I have a date with an egg, so talk to you tomorrow!

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