Thursday, February 4, 2010

Breanne's Toy Box

I think I need to mention that my toy box is a rather unique thing. First of all it is the culmination of over seven years of sexual submission and depravity, first to a dominatrix during half of my high school and college years. Add to that my own sexual interests and unusual tastes and you get a collection that doesn’t border on perversion, but on serious deviance. When asked how I categorize myself the answer is simple: I’m a nympho pain humiliation slut. How does that translate into sex toys? You’ll see.

Vibrators. I like vibrators. They are versatile, easy to clean, simple devices that get me from point A to point B quickly and with minimal fuss. I’m a fan. I’d much rather get a new and intricate vibrator on Valentine’s day than a dozen roses!

1. Six inch straight vibrator – this was one of my very first vibes, which I got from Kari when I was sixteen. It’s a no frills cheapie, with a twist dial at the bottom. I don’t use it that often, since it’s relatively narrow, only about an inch wide.

2.. Seven inch “G Spot” vibrator – this one I got in college. It’s thick (like two inches) and the tip is curved, the idea being that it will stimulate a girl’s G spot. Not sure if it actually does that since I usually come pretty easy no matter what is in me or how it moves.

3. Mini Pocket rocket vibrator (it’s the size of a lipstick container) Kari got this one for trips. It’s small enough to fit in a purse and even comes disguised! While it needs frequent battery changes for long term use it has a really powerful motor that makes the first two vibrators on this list seem like old cars next to a formula one racer.

4. Clitoral Stimulator Vibrator – this one I purchased my senior year in college. I like it the most because there is this little appendage sticking out of the side of the shaft near the base. When rammed deeply into my pussy, this little appendage touches my clit, and since it vibrates too, it makes me cum really fast. The only problems with this vibrator is that you can’t really SIT with it in. You have to lay down. Worse, it’s the kind of vibrator that requires a lot of attention to use, so it’s not one you can stick in and leave alone to do its work. It’s unwieldy and awkward.

5. Dildo Vibrator – I bought this one three years ago. I’m not a big fan of dildos since they’re really just cock substitutes. I prefer real cock. But this sucker FEELS like a cock, except it vibrates! I thought the novelty was sufficiently cool to buy it. Actual use has been a bit disappointing. It’s really weird, sticking something that feels like a cock inside yourself, only to experience a buzzing sensation. Guys don’t buzz. They piston.

6. Waterproof Vibrator – I have a vibrator that is totally waterproof, so I can use it in the shower. Its normal length, about seven inches, and relatively thin with a bulbed head.

My waterproof vibrator works well here.

Dildos – These sex toys are okay I suppose and I admit they have their uses.

1. My pride and joy is my nine inch "Husky" dildo which I’ve fucked on various occasions, including one daily assignment for Michael’s Blog. It’s huge. It has a half set of balls to make it easy to display as art on your bedside table (or to put on a chair and ram yourself down on). While I enjoy the size and texture of my Husky guy, it still requires a lot of personal action on my part. Lots of thrusts. Of course, now that I’ve figured out that I should put it in anytime I’m riding my tractor, it might get more use.

2. My six inch "bang me" dildo – This was the first dildo I ever owned. It’s rather mundane. Six inches long, a weird off color purple (who makes a purple colored dildo?) and has strange bumps on it as if your fucking a guy with warts. WTF? Anyway, I rarely use this one unless I need a dildo that will fit in my ass, in which case this one works nicely.

3. Spiked Dildo – this one is a unique little item Kari bought for me my freshman year of college. It is a dildo, kind of, that has an air bladder inside it. A little rubber ball on a hose comes out the bottom and when you pump the dildo up, all these little tiny semi-sharp spikes pop out of the thing. I have NO idea where she got it, so don’t ask. The spikes aren’t metal, they’re like rubber, and they aren’t long either. But this dildo is one of the most perplexing since it’s the most uncomfortable, but also one of the most arousing ones I own. I don’t use it very often since cleaning it is a bitch. But I remember days when I had to put it in and we would negotiate how many pumps I would have to endure. One pump is nothing, just a few strange sensations. Two pumps and you start to feel the little bumps. Three and the spikes pop out just enough for you to know they are sticking you. Four pumps and you start squirming a bit. (This is actually the best level for actual thrusting and pumping the dildo). Five pumps is punishment. Six is just plain torture. Seven and the damn thing doesn’t move inside you and its agony.

Clamps – I’ve endured all sorts of clamps and have a wide collection in my toy box.

1. Clothespins – I’ve got a ton of these, like twenty or so. They’re great for all sorts of things and can be put practically anywhere on your body. I’ve literally worn every one of them before. I especially like them on my nipples and clit, but I’ll go for them pretty much anywhere. The only problem with them is that they are too easy to knock off, can’t be tightened, and are pretty obvious.

2. Duckbilled Clamps – these are standard nipple clamps that you can pick up from your local sex toy shop, but I suspect you could probably get them at a hardware store. Mine have little screws to tighten them down, as well as a chain connecting them. I like them because they can be tightened…a lot. But the rubber tips and the nature of the clamp make them a little…passé.

3. Plastic Clothespins with teeth – I found these six little gems at a dollar store one day. The thing that intrigued me was that these plastic clothespin had teeth! Little bumped ridges! I tried them out and found that they’re too light weight to do anything interesting to my nipples, but they feel really fantastic clipped to my clit. I don’t use them much, but I’ve got them.

4. Black Rubber tipped Alligator Clamps on a chain – These clamps are a little more intense. Both of them have little screws that adjust how tight they grip and are clearly standard porn shop toys. You can’t remove the rubber on the tips and they bite good and hard. These are perhaps my favorite since I can wear them for long periods of time and they are almost the most painful.

5. Rubber Band Clamps – When I was a freshman in high school I ended up with braces to fix a crowded mouth and a bit of an overbite. For three months I had to wear rubber bands on those braces and since Kari and I were already into our D/s relationship, it wasn’t long before she was slipping those little finger width bands over my nipples. I still have a bunch of rubber bands. When applied properly they keep my nipples hard and in the forefront of my mind. They don’t exactly hurt, but its like having someone lightly pinching your nipples constantly, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. Drives me crazy!

6. Metal Alligator Clamps – Our second year of college Kari gave me this set of clamps. They are a home made set, since I doubt anyone would sell something like this for the purpose of sexual enhancement. Both clamps are heavy stainless steel with metal teeth. No rubber. There is no way to adjust the bite and let me tell you that these two clamps hurt like hell. Every time I’ve been forced to wear them I’ve ended up with little red marks on my nipples and even some bruising. These aren’t for sex. They’re for punishment. Why do I keep them? Beats me…but I know on occasion I deserve punishment.

Weird Stuff

1. Ben Wa Balls – If you don’t know what these are, you really should get a pair. The classic version is two golf ball sized spheres filled with a little bell inside. You put them inside your pussy and with every step they roll around, ringing lightly as the weight shifts inside them. The more modern version has two latex coated bells connected with a string. It does the same thing but is a lot easier to remove. I love these. They’re quiet, easy to wear in public, and stimulates you constantly. My only complaint is that its tough to orgasm while wearing them. Very very tough.

2. Eight inch metal dildo – I thought about putting this in the dildo category, but its not really a dildo, kinda. It’s a phallus. A hard cold polished steel phallus. Kari had one of her boy toys make this for me while we were in college. Its about eight inches long and about two inches thick and smooth as a baby’s bottom. The whole purpose of this dildo is about temperature. Kari used to stick it in the oven at about 100 degrees, or in the freezer over night. I don’t think I need to explain how it’s used.

3. Ankle and Wrist Cuffs – These are a matched set Kari bought from Spencer’s ages ago. They’ve seen a lot of use over the years and are still some of the best I’ve ever worn. I’ve done the full leather stuff but that’s expensive and frankly I think a little overdone. These are compact cuffs with plastic clips and Velcro straps. Very nice.

4. Funny Dice – two dices with the options of suck, blow, lick, kiss, eat, and a ? on one. Below waist, Above waist, lips, nipples, toes, and ? on the other. Kari bought these once as a gag and we had a lot of fun doing each other with them.

5. Several extra large office paper clip with a nine volt battery – No doubt you are wondering what diabolical purpose several large metal paperclips and a nine volt battery are for. Well, it’s actually quite simple. You take a paperclip, carefully put it on a nipple or a clit, then take the battery and tap it against the metal ends. Every time you do a little spark of electricity will zap whatever is stuck between the edges of the paperclip.

6. Wooden Triangle Prism – This was another little toy made for me by one of Kari’s boy toys. It’s a wooden prism about three inches high and three inches wide. It’s a foot long and is designed to be put on a chair seat. Then you take off your clothes, straddle the chair with your legs to the side, and sit down. It is very uncomfortable and frankly is like riding a wooden pony.

7. Vibroballs – These are actually a combination of ben wa balls and a vibrator. Two small plastic balls, each filled with a tiny vibrator hang on a wire that goes to a small control box. I like these and have walked around with them in. They roll like ben wa balls, but the vibration makes everything like thirty times more intense. Besides, its always a conversation starter when you have a small control box in your pocket and the wires disappear into your shorts!

8. A box of short tacks – I got these about five years ago for a series of breast tortures Kari wanted to inflict upon me. Each tack is tiny, about a millimeter long with a wide head. I had to pour them out on the kitchen table of our apartment, bend over with my hands tied behind my back, and endure my spanking while trying desperately not to mash my breasts into the entire metallic mess. Needless to say I failed. While none of the tacks pierced me and made me bleed my breasts exploded in sharp little pricks and I was covered in red marks.

9. Plastic Ruler – This originally was intended for spankings, but I ended up fucking it too one night.

10. Rope – Soft nylon. Duh…what do you think it’s for?

11. Candles – I actually have a couple kinds. I like tapers for dripping wax on myself (or to let a nice friend do it to me.) I also have a couple votive candles with wide brims. They are really awesome for lighting, letting the wax build up and then extinguishing with your breasts.

Bottom Toys – A wise man once said “the anus is an exit, not an entrance.” While in general I agree with this principal, I can’t help admitting that a little bit of behind the scenes action can be a great turn on.

1. Standard flat base butt plug – this is just a standard flat bottom plug that starts at a point and widens out to a couple of inches. Its perfect for wearing around all day since if you sit down the wide base only rams the plug in an inch or so deeper.

2. Anal beads – these are little beads on a string that you are supposed to have pushed into your rear. I’m not a big fan of them because they have to be put in by a friend. Its hard to do yourself.

Oils, Juices, and Lubricants

1. One bottle of KY Jelly Warming Oil – yep great for sex, cock milking, breast lubes…just about everything.
2. One tube of KY Jelly lubricant – pretty much does the same thing as the warming oil.
3. One tube of Icy Hot Muscle Relaxant. – This stuff is awesome. Talk about an intensifier. You can use this anywhere. Wild on the nipples. Torture on the clit. Pure torment as a lubrication.
4. One bottle of orange citrus mineral oil
5. One bottle of Chica Chocolate lotion
6. Box of ribbed condoms (just in case, right?)

Okay, that’s pretty much all that I actually have in my toy box. Now there are some other things, which I don’t permanently keep in my toy box, but have had in it…

1. Lollipops – I like the dum dum ones and the tootsie roll ones, but my favorite are the big long twirled ones. These are perfect for a little sticky fun when you are trying to make some guy’s eyeballs pop out.
2. Cucumbers – Good for salads and Breanne’s box…lol
3. Ice – I love ice. It’s useful. It keeps drinks cold, and causes intense sensations when used appropriately in my toy box. I keep tube ice regularly made. Ostensibly it’s for putting in soda and water bottles, but works for other narrow openings lol.
4. Ginger – I don’t keep this on hand because I didn’t find it all that fantastic. Of course, my first and only experience with it was a double penetration punishment that didn’t involve any masturbation.
5. Chocolate – I love chocolate, in any form. You really can’t say you’ve fucked everything until you can say you’ve fucked Three Musketeers and enjoyed it!

Well that's my toy box! I hope you enjoyed finding out what was in it!

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