Tuesday, January 1, 2013



            Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the word chastity is defined as the state of being chaste, which means to refrain from sexual intercourse when it is regarded as contrary to morality or religion.  In other words, to be chaste is to be virtuous.  I would like to posit my belief that my so called “chastity” belt is neither chaste nor virtuous.  As members of the jury, I wish to present to you my first exhibit, the chastity belt itself.

            Unlike the medieval and Victorian versions of the chastity belt, the device given to me as a present by one Kari Anders, has several unique attachments, quite uncommon in previous incarnations of the device.   The first attachment I wish to present to you is the anal vibrator; a four inch long, two inch wide, phallic shaped, black rubber plug.  This plug not only causes extreme discomfort or sexual pressure in one’s posterior, but it also vibrates hellishly, thus causing unchaste thoughts, sensations, and feelings to erupt in one’s behind.

            The second attachment is a vibrating vaginal phallus. Measuring at just over six inches and also made of matching black rubber, the vibrating vaginal phallus is mounted to the front of the chastity belt and must be inserted into the wearer’s body much like the anal plug.  Furthermore, the three varying levels of power, or “RPM” (rotation per minutes) are more than sufficient to petrify a tube worm, much less your average nympho humiliation pain slut who is constantly wet and can be practically aroused from a stiff breeze blowing past her exposed privates.


This tale is no longer available on Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog, but can be found in Breanne Erickson's book "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Vol. 7"  Click here to check out our sample page and take a look at the amazing work of Breanne Erickson!



  1. That's just the beginning Bre.

    PS. Kari beat me to the punch. Seems we do think a like. Give her my thanks for giving me such a good device to torture you with.

  2. I agree Bre that definitely isn't chaste. Perhaps it would be a bit more so however if you weren't cumming. Hmmm.... another assignment for you, but I'll have to read your account of new years before I write it up.


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