Friday, January 18, 2013

Anniversary Assignment: 12 Hours Torment - Part Five

Part Five - 12 Hours Torment

            She didn’t really tighten it beyond making sure it was going to come off, and if you know about clover clamps, you know they are designed to actually tighten the more you tug on them.  My clover clamps also happen to have ridges filed into the plates, just to make them harder to slip off. As I grimaced and adjusted to the new weight and pressure dangling from my nipple, Julie attached the other one and stepped back. 

            I now had a steel chain running from breast to breast, dangling down almost to my belly button.  Yes, it hurt, but it was a good hurt for some reason and the weight of it felt good.  The chain kept grazing my belly and I tried not to move or breathe too much.  Julie then picked up the small bottle of oil and I bit my teeth, trying to mentally prepare myself for this next torment.  I would have preferred my grapeseed oil, but it was the Stinging O and Julie let a single drop of the pepper and cinnamon oil mixture fall on each clamped tip, changing the bite of the clover clamps into something more vicious, more evil.  The tingling began, and then the burning. 

            The good news was that the oil would help me out in the end and so while it burned my nipples, my poor nipples, I was thankful for it.  I turned toward Julie even as she picked up the first weight and hung it from the chain.

            I have a set of weights that I made using my kitchen scale, a hook bolt, a nut, and several washers.  I had a whole set of them.  The first one was a mere half of a pound, barely negligible.  I felt it.  It wasn’t comfortable.  But it wasn’t bad either.  More like adding an extra book to an armload already being carried.  I raised my hands straight out in front of me, braced myself, and then started my squats.

            If you’ve ever exercised, you’ve probably done squats. They’re simple to do. You spread your legs, bend your knees and squat down, preferably touching the floor at the same time, or holding weights with your arms held out.  I had my arms out alright, but the weight was dangling from my breasts.  Julie’s eyes widened and brightened, clearly turned on by the visual image of me doing this.  I bobbed up and down, the chain swinging, dragging on my nipples.

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Breanne Erickson is the author of the popular confessional BDSM erotica series, "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut."  Described as the "Goddesss of Dark Erotica" by Afterdark Online, Breanne brings her amazing tales to the page with a cheerful abandon and self-depreciating humor.  If you enjoyed this Tale make sure you check out her other amazing works!  

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