Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Transcending Racial Boundaries

It's rare for me to post something that isn't BDSM related, but I ran across these photos this morning and I think that they exemplify the absolute beauty of the human form - within an erotic mentality.  It also reminds me that we, as a people and as lovers of sensuality and physical pleasure transcend racial boundaries.  So enjoy the pics below as both mental fodder and as beauty.  Because that is what they are.

Special thanks to our friends at who understand the beauty not only transcends skin color, but doesn't need to be explicitly erotic in order to captivate the soul.  The photos above actually come from two different shoots.  You can see the full gallery 1 here, and the full gallery two here.  A special note to : How about adding another great shoot?  Get us a white guy and a beautiful black woman?  And then maybe an Asian?  Let's mix this up and break EVERY racial boundary!

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