Monday, April 4, 2011

Punishment: 20 Guys

Okay, truth be told, I screwed up. Yep. Last week. After getting sanded (which hopefully you've read by now) I was supposed to follow it up by screwing twenty different guys. See, the idea was since I was already sore and well lubricated, and since sex would hurt quite a bit, Master Barrett felt that I needed sufficient penetrative action in order to maximize the effects of the sanding. I got to sixteen. The final day I started my TOTM and so was unable to do the last bit. Master Barrett seemed pretty peeved and his outlined punishment was rather severe:

Breanne - between now and Sunday, you will find twenty strangers, each of them obese, and offer the following sexual service: Each man is to receive at least a hand job, which will include a genital sponge bath and oiling. During the service you are to wear your RVP (Rotating Venus Penis) and give your client the remote. You are also to expose your breasts and apply alligator clips to both nipples, as well as apply a dollop of Stinging O to your clit. This is to be done in front of your client. Begin the service. If you cum prior to your client's climax, then the NEXT client you service must receive the genital sponge bath and oiling, AND will conclude with a blow job and orgasm. If for some reason you cum more than ten times during your twenty service "calls", then you will provide the genital sponge bath, the oiling, and instead of a hand job or blow job, you will actually fuck the remaining clients. I recommend trying very hard not to cum.

I admit, I'm not looking forward to this. Oh... the sex... well sure. The alligator clamps and the RVP? Absolutely? Fat guys? Well... not so much. I don't mind a few extra pounds, but obese? At least I know where I'm heading today. Got to get a kit together. Baby wipes, a spritzer bottle, some wash clothes, grapeseed oil, Stinging O, and my alligator clamps. I'm already wearing my RVP even though it's off right now.

So after lunch... well, you know where I'll be!


  1. As an obese female hearing the talk of obese people on a regular basis as though we are different than others is upsetting. The first time I figured it just kind of slipped out and now I am beginning to think that it is more than that.

    I understand that my body type is not desired by everyone and, in fact I've dealt with it for a long time. I have to wonder though if you will do an assignment based around Blacks, Asians, small cock or large cock. Clean men or dirty men, mentally handicap and maybe even only homeless men.

    We as bloggers don't do it for others but we do it for ourself and it is because of this that I try to not say anything when I don't agree.

    We are all people and this goes beyond my limits so I hope that you understand when I say I will not be reading this post.


  2. Dear Lissa,

    You make an excellent point. Breanne didn't run this one past me prior to posting. Over the years I personally have come to understand that there is beauty everywhere and that one doesn't need to be able to fit into a speedo or bikini in order to reflect that beauty. I too have fought my battles with weight and while currently we have a somewhat truce, I have a feeling that I will need to get a bit more exercise and cut back on the fine food if I expect to maintain that equilibrium. I suspect that neither Breanne nor Barrett set out to be purposefully hurtful, especially since I know that Breanne frequently engages in contact with individuals who would not be considered "California hard bodies". I think this might also be a good time for "the boss" to step in and do some appropriate spanking. And please... don't hesitate to give your opinion on this blog. To be honest, we DO write this blog for other's enjoyment!

    Yours Faithfully,

    Michael Alexander

  3. This sounds wonderful! I sure could use a handjob. Hope you didnt disobey!

  4. Quote: "Master Barrett seemed pretty peeved and his outlined punishment was rather severe:"

    Quote: "I admit, I'm not looking forward to this. Oh... the sex... well sure. The alligator clamps and the RVP? Absolutely? Fat guys? Well... not so much."

    I'm rather disgusted by the tone of this particular piece.

  5. I have always had trouble with the word 'obese'. It feels like a disease that can be caught if you stand next to the person. I have lost over 90 pounds and am still considered large at 192. I still feel that a man would not want or enjoy my body. The use of the word obese makes me feel like I am right. I know this was not done on purpose by Barrett or Breanne (I hope). It does show how the use of a word commonly used can hurt without the knowledge of the person using it. Okay, enough of this discussion - Breanne is getting her bag all ready - let us see if she can find twenty plump men who will want to go along with her offer. WLC

  6. Michael,
    I have to admit, I can not see anything severe in the assignment except how I already know from her writing how she feels about overweight men. I will bet my life that Breanne was not try to purposely insult anyone. I have a wonderful idea, if you can work it out, and I think it would serve as a wonderful Article for Breanne to write.
    Find a Television Make-up Artist and a "Fat Suit", no insult intended. Make her do this assignment and see the difference in Men reaction to her when she is not the beauty that she normally is. In other words let her suck in someone else shoes. If it is ok with Master Barrett that is. Should she fail at this task and I think she will, Send her back to A real Mistress for punishment. Just a thought thought. You know I love your and Breanne writing and think the world of both of you.

  7. I'm near tears reading these comments. I am SOOOO sorry! I've posted a more... complete apology on the blog. I didn't mean to offend anyone... really... I was just... well... a mix of stupid and oblivious.


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