Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I know everyone is breathlessly awaiting Breanne's latest write up, not to mention the next new story to be posted in the VIP Lounge's "New Story Archive". The good news is that Breanne's write-up of "Margaret's Punishment" is mostly done and I've had a chance to look over the first two parts. We should have Part One posted here to the blog by Monday. Part Two and Three will be posted to Breanne's Toybox in the VIP Lounge, so if you aren't a member, it might be a good idea to sign up now.

I will also be posting a brand new short story in the New Story Archive at the beginning of the May. The fourth story in the "Arcade Series", the new tale takes up where we left Jeff (Tower of Terror, DDR, and Boonga Boonga) and brings all three girls together in an action packed "holy crap" sort of night. Jeff finally gets some, and things come to a climax when one of the girls turns against the others. Need a sneak peak? Sure... by all means!

The view I had didn’t improve and I had to move to the corner of the crane to watch what the girls were doing. They had dragged Becky over to one of the air hockey tables down the row and released the handcuffs. Becky was already conscious, but still a little out of it and wasn’t able to resist as May yanked off the poor girl’s shirt and bra. Then together, May and Jacqueline lifted Becky’s naked body and dumped her face down on the air hockey table. The rope that had bound Becky’s ankles continued to do their work and the girls threaded the rope under the table, secured Becky’s legs outward, and then did the same thing to her wrists.

When Becky was secured, Jackie bent down and pulled Becky’s black leather belt from the fallen khaki pants. She doubled it and the smacked the heavy leather against her palm once, as if testing it. I think my eyes bulged as Jackie moved back toward the air hockey table.

“Where are the keys?” I heard Jacqueline ask politely.

Becky, who clearly had seen the belt, turned her face the other way. “Fuck you, bitch.” It was softly said, but I could still detect the same sort of steel that I had come to expect from my favorite brunette.

I expected Jackie to swing right then, but she only walked away from the table, leaving me to stare at Becky’s upturned ass. May stood guard, arms crossed against her chest, but clearly in response to Becky’s attitude. Jackie returned after a minute holding one of the large paper cups we used to hold tokens. What Jackie did then was even crueler than the whip. Bending over (and showing me another glimpse of what I had earlier feasted on) she quickly deposited four tokens into the air hockey game and started it up.

An air hockey table is actually a very simple device. It consists of a hollow platform of wood, covered with a Formica top that has tiny holes drilled into it. A fan inside the game sucks air into the hollow platform, which creates positive pressure. The air then leaks or is blown out through the holes drilled in the Formica. This air keeps the puck moving like a hovercraft as it slides over the table top. The interesting thing about air is that as it moves, it looses heat. This keeps air hockey tables feeling pretty cold to the touch, and the front of Becky’s entire nude body was directly in the slip stream of over a hundred of those little holes.

The bound girl ignored it at first, and Jacqueline didn’t bother asking that one important question again. Two more games however, of ten minutes each, had chilled Becky to the point where her skin had broken out into goose bumps. Just as Becky started to shiver, Jackie leaned down, breasts almost touching the table top, and whispered her question once more. I watched as the cool air caused Jackie’s nipples to harden.

I didn’t hear Becky’s response, but Jackie swung the belt hard, letting the looped leather smack against Becky’s bottom with a resounding crack. I practically jumped at the sound, even knowing it was coming, and Becky let out a loud keening cry that seemed to echo in the cavernous FunPlace. A red stripe appeared across both buttocks and I couldn’t help wincing.

Jackie swung again, letting the belt land an inch lower, eliciting the same cry from Becky. Four more strokes blistered Becky’s ass, changing the pale white skin into a red hot sunset. The fact that the air hockey table was still pumping its wind into Becky’s front made the torment all the more delicious. She writhed, crying, but at no point did she agree to answer the question. As Jackie began whipping Becky again, I watched as May wandered off, heading back to the office.

This is just a sample of all the delights waiting for you in the VIP Lounge! Check it out today!

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