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Margaret's Punishment

Margaret’s Punishment
Part One of Three


You know, it's tough to scream when your mouth is covered. I tugged on the ropes holding my bound wrists and ankles to the bedframe even as my legs strained to close. Another stroke against my clit felt like fire had been poured into my veins and I cried out, sending vibrations into the soft petals and warm slit of the woman who was currently straddling my face. Mistress Margaret moaned, grinding down as Kari continued to whip me, slapping the thick leather sap repeatedly against my pussy. The vibroballs were still roaring inside me and I felt the orgasm coming and tried desperately not to have it. It was so hard though. I tried thinking other thoughts but then another brutal slap of my clit brought me full circle and I stiffened and arched as the explosion raced through me.

"Awww... that's too bad. Isn't that number five?" Mistress Margaret asked Kari, twisting around above me to look back at the woman who sat on the bed between my stretched open legs.

"It is indeed," Kari replied. "Let's see... that mean's we're on," she lifted a small piece of paper and read from it. "Alligator clamp on nipples and clit, vibrated for twenty minutes."

I pulled hard on my bindings. Nothing gave. I struggled, still catching the occasional breath as Mistress Margaret continued to rub her bare slit up and down my face. I felt, more than heard Kari moving on the bed between my knees and when she flicked my clit a few times I prepared myself as much as possible for what was coming. Not that it mattered. I still screamed. Loudly too. Thank God it was muffled by Margaret in seconds because I'm sure we would have had the police pounding on the door in seconds. It hurt so much too! The alligator clamps are just pure cruelty. Then I heard the buzz of a vibrator, one on full power, and it touched the metal monstrosity between my legs. My clit couldn't possibly take much more. My nipples hurt horribly, the alligator teeth digging into the tender nubs. Margaret attached the vibrating nipple clamps to the alligator clamps on my tits. I trembled hard under the onslaught, wondering how the hell I had gotten into this.

It had all started during my anniversary assignment. Well, one of them at least. The first one I did actually. It was entitled "Barter", and you should probably make sure you've read it BEFORE you read this. Of course you don't have to. In fact, you actually don’t need to read it. Unless you like hearing about lots of public sex, plenty of humiliation, and quite a bit of sexual torture. I'm not really going into how I met Margaret here. But I will say that I had agreed to come back the following Saturday after "Barter" and submit to her.

Instead I got sick. Really sick.

I didn't have her number, and while I knew where she lived, I didn't go back to see her to explain my absence. To be honest, I was a little concerned about going over to her place by myself anyway. Mistress Margaret has a bit of a drinking issue, which she admits readily. To my surprise however, Kari took action. "No former sub of mine is going to behave in such a despicable fashion. You agreed to submit to her, and you will. Except now you will also be punished!" Kari had managed to contact Margaret and together, at a dinner I was present, they agreed to punish me. So, to fulfill the terms of my agreement, I was picked up Saturday afternoon by Kari.

I wasn’t wearing anything special, though I was surprised to see Kari in one of her little black dresses. It isn’t anything fancy, but it IS easy to slip in and out of. I however was dressed just like you would expect for a south Texas farm girl who was going out instead of slogging through stalls or driving a tractor through the fields. I try not to wear boots when going out, and instead I had on a pair of cheap flip flops. My legs were bear up to the blue denim shorts I was wearing, which were neither too tight, nor to short. I was wearing a faded tee shirt with the face of a red cougar on it. Underneath I had on a white lace bra and a pair of white and blue bikini style panties (yes with little flowers on it! Geeze! The details you want!)

I was holding a rather big bag, which my mother had cocked an eyebrow toward when I left the house. I’m 25 though, so it’s not like she can really ask, can she. Kari was already out in the yard, sitting patiently in her convertible, the roof folded away, her hair tucked up under a kerchief. I had heard her horn the moment she pulled up and was ready. It never pays to keep a sadistic woman who plans on torturing you waiting.

I flopped down into my seat, feeling the nine inch rubber Husky Dildo drive up into my pussy. That had been my defacto “toy of the day”, and thanks to another little “mini-assignment” I had already had six orgasms that morning. I wasn’t sore, but I felt… uh… well used? I was just thankful to have gotten the anal beads out and the clothespin off my clit! But hey, if you want to keep up with that stuff you need to make sure to sign up for my twitter posts or read my Facebook page. Whatever… right?

Anyway, Kari sped off. And when I say SPED, I mean gravel was flying and dust and dirt came shooting up out from under the wheels as she spun the car around in our farmyard and took off down the drive. There was a bump and I was glad for the seatbelt as we moved from rocks to asphalt and then we were hurtling down the farm to market road, right passed the spot I usually do my stripping routine.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well… you aren’t reading enough of my assignments!)

“You bring your high heels?” Kari asked politely. I nodded and opened the bag. Inside was a jumble of objects, each of them taken from my toy box. I HOPED that the selection was symbolic, rather than a statement of what was going to happen to me. But my stripper shoes, two rather clunky high heels, each with four inch platform soles, and a heel that on normal shoes would have topped four inches by itself but was now eight, was nestled amongst vibrators and dildos, clamps and plugs. There was also the usual weird stuff.

Yes, weird stuff. I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut. We ALWAYS have weird stuff.

I lifted the shoes out and held them up as we turned onto the frontage road along the highway. We were still west of town and Kari sent us hurtling eastward. We hadn’t even made it to the freeway when Kari suddenly pulled the car over and I felt the pit of my stomach fall like a bowling ball from the top of the Empire State Building. I knew exactly what was expected of me.

“Are you following NHPS Rule number one?” Kari asked as she put the convertible in park. I looked over and nodded.

“My Husky dildo, Kari,” I replied meekly.

She seemed to nod. “Isn’t that the one you have to wear panties to keep in?”

I nodded in reply, not wanting to say anything more.

Kari shrugged. “I suppose it’s just as well. Okay. Everything but your panties, and don’t forget to put the shoes on.” Her eyes were diamonds; cold, glittering and totally uncaring about the play of emotions going through me. It’s one thing to strip on a rarely traveled back country road. It’s another to do it on a road that run parallel to one of the nation’s busiest highways, with cars going past every ten or so seconds. I grabbed my high heels, opened the car door, and went to the front.

It was Mistress Ellen who can take credit for this particular process, this humiliating debasement that causes me distress and has the potential to create havoc among a driving population that is increasingly old and stupid. At least Kari was smart enough to have me do my change of attire on the frontage road, and not on the freeway shoulder. I started by taking off my shirt. I didn’t just throw it down either. Standing there with my bra completely exposed I took the few extra seconds needed to fold the shirt neatly. Mistress Ellen insisted that I fold my clothes BEFORE getting dressed in any new outfits. After my shirt was folded, I unbuttoned my shorts and stepped out of them. Well OF COURSE! You think I’d take off my bra next? It’s basic psychology. We want the protection as LONG AS WE CAN! Seriously. Of course after my shorts were folded and lying atop my shirt, I didn’t have any choice. At that point I was wearing flip flops, my bikini brief panties and my bra. Since I wasn’t taking off the panties anyway, the next thing to go was…

The flip flops. He he he… evil grin. Hey look at the girl in that weird mismatched bikini up there changing! Wow… hot and sexy right? I slipped out of my comfortable footwear and exchanged them for the wobbling insanity of the “stripper shoes” two clear plastic heels that brought me to a staggering six foot height. It took me a moment to get my balance. Hey! I’m not a professional stripper. I don’t spend night after night standing on a stage in these things, wiggling my ass and trying to milk MONEY out of guys.

Finally I took off my bra. The temperature was a balmy eighty five or so, but my nipples still puckered immediately. I guess it was from being outside, where people could see me. You’d think I’d get used to it, right? As often as I’m naked in public, you’d think I’d be like “oh well, here’s my body!” But I just NEVER seem to get there. Granted, I do it easier now. When I was sixteen and Kari would strip me naked someplace, like the park, an ice cream cone in hand, and have me lie down and then put my feet up on the park bench, only to watch her bite the bottom of the cone off and stick the thing into my pussy as a funnel for melting ice cream, that was much worse than today.

I took my time walking back to the passenger seat, not wanting to fall and break my neck. I tucked my clothing away in my bag as I got in and Kari nodded in appreciation as I sat down. I felt the Husky dildo drive up into me again.

“Very nice. Now buckle up,” she said.

I pulled the strap across my chest, settling it between my bare breasts. Then Kari gunned the engine and we were roaring down the frontage road toward the highway.

Two girls with long hair, in their mid-twenties, one with red hair and one blond, in an open convertible, would attract tons of attention even if one of them wasn’t practically naked. As it was, with one of them naked, and the other (the prettier one of course) in a slinky black dress, we got TONS of attention. At the light we were honked at, shouted at, and waved at. Kari, her thick sunglasses on her face waved right back, a beaming smile on her lips. I sat still and quiet and demure, trying very hard not to think of all the eyes on me. But one hand was in my lap, fingers down between my legs and I admit it, I was pushing on the Husky Dildo, moving it slightly in and out of myself.

I know. I’m terrible.

The drive took only fifteen minutes or so, but it felt like an hour. I kept expecting us to get pulled over by the cops, but it never happened. Besides, technically I was “legal” though just barely. It isn’t against the law not to wear a shirt. We pulled up to another “posh” apartment complex off Memorial, shrouded in lush foliage and Kari typed in the code to get through the gate. Moments later we were weaving our way through the familiar architecture and incredible landscaping I had seen back in January. Except now everything was bright green, with full leaves and incredible vividness. Kari pulled into a parking space and I looked around fearfully. No one was around. Kari pulled a bag from behind her car and I snagged my own.

Together we got out of the car and moved toward the apartment door in front of us. I recognized it of course. I’d been there a few months before. I felt totally conspicuous in the stupid high heels, wearing nothing but bulging panties, stuffed with a stupid rubber cock. It felt… awkward. We got to the door and Kari knocked softly. Within seconds the door opened and there was Margaret. She was dressed in black leather pants and a white silk shirt. Her hair was done up and a black beaded necklace hung from her neck. She smiled at Kari and leaned forward. They kissed each other’s cheek. I looked at Mistress Margaret and got a dirty look. Then she stepped aside and Kari and I entered the apartment.

Part Two and Part Three of my punishment are already posted in the VIP Lounge of Michael Alexander Stories! If you're already a member, just wait until you find out what happened next! If you aren't a member, it might be a good idea to become one! I'd hate for you to be left wondering! xoxo - Bre

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