Friday, April 8, 2011

Daily Assignment: 04/08/11 13 Clothespins

The ben wa balls were the easiest part. They had been rolling around inside me all morning, contributing to a general sexual intensity that had me looking at long cylindrical objects with a judgmental eye. Thank God I was going out! To be honest, my morning had been sort of high intensity as it was. Lots of “family” things going on and I even had to interrupt a morning chat to deal with those familial “issues”.

So around ten am I headed out and made my way to my normal stripping spot. It’s just a gravel strip along the farm to market road that goes past our farm to the south. It’s rarely traveled, so the likelihood of me being observed in various states of undress is rather low. But I’ve been seen before, even had people stop. To inquire if I was all right of course. Heh… yeah.

I had left the house wearing flip flops, blue jean shorts, light blue panties, a sort of lime green tee shirt, and a bra. I started with the shirt of course, pulling it off my body, folding it, and then laying it on the warm hood of my truck. The bra went next and my nipples puckered. The weather had warmed up, but even around ten am it was still only in the mid-seventies. My thumbs grazed both nubs for a second before sliding down my body to my shorts. I hooked them and pushed them down, taking care not to snag my panties at the same time. There’s a reason for this of course. If I take off my panties and my shorts together, it takes less time, meaning the chances of me being “observed” and thus “humiliated” shrink. Finally I peeled the panties off my body and stood naked, in only the flip flops.

There is something… special… about being naked outside. Even if it’s on the side of the road. It’s free… it’s hard to explain. I guess if you’re a nudist, you understand. I always feel so exposed, so open, so … natural. I wish that laws made it possible for me to be naked all the time. But I guess that might cause some problems, right?

My new outfit was sitting on the hood of the truck next to my old one. I lifted the skirt, a loose flared blue denim skirt that looked similar to the shorts I had just shed, except that it was a little shorter and CLEARLY a skirt. To be honest, I would have to be careful while wearing this one. It wasn’t that hard to see up it. Heck, even the right movement would flash my butt cheeks nicely. Next came the shirt, a white button up blouse that looked like a narrower, female version of a man’s suit oxford. I slipped into it, feeling the cotton encase me, covering me, and instead of buttoning it I grabbed the two shirt tails at the front, and quickly tied them under my breasts. The shirt provided support, but more importantly left my entire cleavage and a good portion of my breasts exposed. The shirt’s material also gapped a bit, so that if you stood at my shoulders, you could literally look down my shirt and see… well… everything.

There was one more “part” of my outfit that needed to be applied, an accessory that was VERY important, and had come in a gallon plastic bag. Sitting on the hood of the truck was thirteen wooden clothespins and I pulled the bag open and fished out the first peg.

You have to understand, I was horny. Very horny. I mean if a guy had driven by at that moment I could practically guarantee that he and I would have been doing SOMETHING. As it was, the only lover I had at that moment was in my hand, and it could do only one thing: bite me. I lifted my skirt, spread my legs slightly, and then let the clothespin close on my clit.

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