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Assignment 06-23-10

Assignment: (Assigned by Master Mark) Breanne, you are to take your ben wa balls, your duck billed nipple clamps, high heels, and duster to your stripping spot one evening this week. You will strip at the front of your vehicle, and then put on the high heels, insert the ben wa balls, and then attach the clamps, followed by putting on your duster. You will then drive to a mega adult video and novelty store. Upon entering, you will approach the clerk. If it is a woman, you will leave and go to a different store. If it is a man, you will politely ask if you can browse naked. If the answer is no, find another store and repeat. If the answer is yes, then remove your duster and hand it to the clerk. You will then walk every aisle and look at every item on the shelves, including videos and magazines. You will then browse the sex toys. Purchase one new sex toy for your use. No matter what the toy is, you must use it immediately after you get back in your vehicle.

Ah...public humiliation. After the last couple of assignments, it's kind of nice to have something that won't either saw me in half or bruise my pussy to the point of agony. No crotch ropes, no wooden horses, no whips...just plain old being naked somewhere uncomfortable. Tuesday evening saw me finishing up things early and letting my parents know I was going to go out with friends. I didn't exactly dress up, but I put on a clean pair of jeans, a button up blouse, and my boots. I also had my duffel bag which I had pressed into service to carry my wallet, my duster, my shoes, and of course my ben wa balls and clamps. I got in my truck and headed out.

The first stop of course, was that back road on the south side of my farm. It's relatively quiet, infrequently traveled, and provides just enough opportunity to be seen, but not arrested for indecency. I pulled my truck to a stop on the side of the road, turned everything off, grabbed my duffel, and went to the front of the truck. The hood was still warm, but that wasn't a big issue. This is Texas, south Texas, and heat is everywhere. I began with my shirt, unbuttoning it all the way down, and then pulling it off. Mistress Ellen, one of my other online dommes, had made it very clear how I was to handle my public strippings. You take off an item, fold it, and then put it on the hood of the car. So there I was, standing in blue jeans, boots, panties, and a pink lace bra. Folding my shirt. The next thing to take off was my bra and I felt a little thrill run through me as my breasts were exposed to the dusk air. Then I kicked off my boots. They were regular cowboy boots for a change, rather than my mountain ones, but that made things easier for me. I tugged my socks off and then began unbuttoning my jeans.

That's when I saw the headlights. I was naked from the waist up, my button and fly undone, barefoot, and to be honest, just a little horny. I thought about tugging my jeans off as the lights got closer, but then decided not to. God knows, it might have been a cop. But it wasn't. A little white sedan zipped past me and I turned to watch it keep going. You never really know what's going to happen in situations like this. I've had people keep going, so oblivious to their surroundings that they wouldn't notice a half-naked woman standing on the side of the road! Then there are times like this, when the car slows to a stop, the little white reverse lights come on, and the engine makes this high throated purr as the car backs up. The window zipped down and I stepped up, putting my arms on the window to look the driver right in the face.

He was about thirty, maybe a little older, not sure. But he sure looked surprised. It could have been the fact that my breasts were in plain view, but maybe it was because his air conditioning was on and the cold air blowing across my tits caused my nipples to pucker.

"Uh...hi. trouble?" He asked delicately. It was so cute! He was trying so hard not to look at my breasts. I took a deep breath just to help him. Then I chuckled.

"Nope. Just getting changed!" I answered with a grin.

He looked at me with surprised eyes. "Uh... all right." He couldn't take my eyes off me. I let go of his car door and then pushed my jeans off.

I guess you would have stayed to watch too, right? Well he did. He just sat there, eyes taking in the view. So I ignored him, except for the fact that I smiled a lot and made sure he got to see the juicy parts. After my jeans were folded and laid out on the hood of my truck, I pushed my panties down, standing completely naked for my voyeur to see. I unzipped my duffel and got out my high heels, putting one foot at a time up on the bumper so that I could buckle all the little straps. Then, once I was correctly shod, I reached into the bag and extracted my ben wa balls.

"What are you doing?" I heard a gutteral gasp coming from the car. I grinned and held up the little toys.

"Oh, just slipping something more comfortable in." I replied nonchalantly. Then, with one leg still up on the bumper, I began rubbing one of the ben wa balls against my pussy, soaking it in my juices. Then, with a soft push, I popped it in, followed almost immediately by the other ball, attached with a waxed string. I shifted my hips, putting my leg down and let the two golf ball sized spheres rotate and settle inside me. Ben wa balls don't vibrate on their own. They're like small bells and require a bit of walking to "ring". But that didn't stop my pussy from tingling. Then I reached back into my bag and grabbed my nipple clamps.

I turned to face the guy in the car, who was still staring at me. I pinched open one of the clamps and made quite a show of attaching it to my nipple. A flash of pain sparked in my breast and I winced, but recovered almost instantly. Then I put the other clamp on. The tight bite of both duck billed pinchers changed the sexual intensity of the situation and I almost came. Being watched and ogled, stuffed, and then clamped was almost enough to get me over the edge.

But then I was done with the sex toy part of getting changed and I tugged my duster out of the duffel and quickly put it on. It was a bit too warm for the evening, but since I wasn't wearing anything else, didn't overheat me. I stepped back to the car, leaned on the door and put my face into the cool air blowing from the AC.

"Well, all done dressing. Thanks for being a gentleman and checking up on me!" I said with a grin. He stammered a "you're welcome" and then rolled up the window. I watched him drive away, a little disappointed that he hadn't invited me to go with him, or gotten out of the car. Oh well, it would have complicated things anyway. I grabbed my keys, hopped up into my truck, ignoring of course the delightful tingle between my legs and the painful little ache in my breasts. Then I started driving.

The closest sex novelty shop wasn't my first choice. I've been there before and every time I've gone it was run by a woman. Besides, if I showed up wearing a duster, open or closed, everyone in the place would get the wrong idea. It's sort of a bad spot. So I kept driving. Instead, I drove down I-10 until I got to 45 and then headed north until I found my next best option: a large adult novelty shop just off the freeway, well lit, and not as seedy. I pulled up into the parking lot and felt the first wave of absolute terror I've ever experienced prior to completing an assignment. I'm not usually a coward, but the fact the lot was packed, and I mean seriously full, was enough to send me into little quivers of trepidation.

I got out of my truck, locked it, and put my wallet and keys in the pocket of my duster. My nipples ached and the first few steps caused the ben wa balls to immediately roll and ring inside me. I was already wet and the fear I was feeling only intensified the butterflies in my stomach. A few random questions went through my head: "I'm crazy!"; "This is insane!"; "Could this be in violation of one of my limits?"; "Am I really going to do this?" I stepped up to the door. There were a couple of posters on the front, girls in lingerie, along with a sign that said something along the lines of "Nudity must not offend you." Yeah. Right.

I reached out and pulled open the door and stepped in.

To my immediate left were a set of double doors that led to the arcade. I've actually been in this shop before with Kari a long time ago, so I was vaguely familiar with it. I've even been in the arcade section, but today I turned toward the right. While the arcade takes up half the building, the other half is stuffed with magazines, videos, and sex toys. I could see that there were a number of customers, but evidently the vast majority of the people in the building were back in the arcade. Too bad for them, right? A large raised checkout desk sits right by the door and I looked up to see a rather nice looking guy sitting on a stool, looking down at me over the counter. I walked right up to him, gave him one of my million watt please fuck me with a baseball bat smiles, and posed my assignment required question.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if it would be all right if I browsed naked?" I asked.

I got the second stunned expression of surprise of the night. "Excuse me?" he replied, obviously wondering if he had heard me correctly. So I repeated myself.

"I was wondering if it would be okay with you, if I took off my coat and browsed naked." It came out like a statement. I waved my hand around the store. "I doubt anyone would be offended considering all the pictures of naked girls anyway."

The look on his face was delightful. I could tell I wasn't going to have to go to another location. There was a moments indecision and then finally surrender. He nodded. With a grin, I immediately started unbuttoning my coat. The clerk watched every move I made and when I had it opened all the way down, I spread the denim cloth and let him see my clamped nipples and my shaved pussy. I shucked out of my coat and handed it up to him so that I was standing there naked.

"Would you mind holding on to this for me?" I asked politely. He took it, eyes bulging. I gave him another smile and then showed him my ass, walking away toward the back wall. I noticed that I was immediately attracting attention as several of the other customers moved in order to keep me in view. I started looking at magazines, working my way down the back wall. I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was, how horny I was, and I know I was trembling because the chain between my nipple clamps was actually jiggling. I got half way down the wall when one of the other customers approached me.

"Hey sweetheart. Looking for something in particular?" He asked me.

I gave him a small smile. "Just a new sex toy."

"I'm cheap." He grinned.

In the history of pick up lines, this one took the cake. I laughed. "But what special functions do you have?" He wasn't a hunk, but he had some appeal, and if nothing else, a quick wit, which I always respect.

He shrugged. "Well, I'm good at eating pussy" He replied.

I laughed. "I'll let you know if you end up meeting my needs. I do have to browse the entire store first."

"You do?"

I nodded. "Yep. I like to keep my options open."

His face fell a bit and I gave him a smile. Not one of my plain ones, but one of my million watt don't give up on me fuck me right now smiles. That perked him up

"Well I'll be hanging around if you decide you want something more realistic than one of those plastic things, let me know." He gave me a quick grin and then stepped away, leaving me to my meanderings.

I was feeling a bit more comfortable emotionally, but a little more uncomfortable physically. My pussy was starting to squish around the ben wa balls and I could actually feel a bit of juice wetting my thigh. I made my way to the video aisles and began checking out the various titles. There were a lot of teenager porn videos, some weird stuff, but I have to admit I lingered in the BDSM section. I still had my coterie of admirers, all jockeying for position and me bending over to pick up some video cover and read it must have been encouraging, for I was approached by a new suitor. This one however was not as attractive as number one, but he said the right thing at the beginning.

"You would make a perfect sex slave for me to punish." He said. He didn't touch me but he was physically close. I looked at him, my mind already reacting to his words.

"Punish, sir?" I asked him, just a tad bit breathless. "What would you do to me?" I always love this question. It's rarely answered correctly to my satisfaction. Usually I get some sort of typical "spank you" stuff when what I really want is to hear something totally creative and off the wall, like strip you naked, tie you to the roof of my SUV and drive you through a car wash. I read a story once where that happened to a girl.

I guess that question surprised him because he evidently didn't have an immediate answer. He pulled crap out of his ass.

"I'd tie you up and whip you, spank you, and crush those titties of yours" he replied.

I sighed. Ah...creativity. I wish I had brought my collar. It would have given me a perfect excuse to bow out gracefully. Instead I had to dip my head subserviently.

"Thank you for the offer, sir, but I am already collared and am here at my master's order to humiliate myself and select a new sex toy" I told him. He seemed to accept that and backed off just a bit.

"All right, slave. Serve your master well or I will tell him how you failed at your task."

Huh? That didn't even make any fucking sense! I nodded politely and smiled at him nicely and moved away from the BDSM section. How the hell would he "inform" my master? Or even have a clue as to what my assignment was? Sigh....

Finally, I made my way to the wall of sex toys and began contemplating what I wanted to buy. Nothing to expensive. I already had enough vibrators and dildos, so I moved through those rather quick, but I did stop and hesitate on the butterflies. Butterfly vibrators are these cute little vibrators that you wear and they sit right over your clitoris. Multiple settings make the things either a light fun way to stay sexually stimulated, or a devilishly devious way to force a girl to orgasm in seconds. I've never owned one. I picked it up and slipped it under my arm as I continued down the wall. I was in the BDSM section when guy number one came back to me.

"I guess you found something more to your liking?" he asked, a disappointed look on his face. I winced. I don't like to hurt people's feelings. I gave him an apologetic smile and shrugged. He held up a hand.

"No no. It's okay. I understand." He started to turn away and I grabbed his elbow.

"Wait for me just in side the arcade doors" I whispered. Crazy girl, what are you thinking?

His face split into a beaming grin and he nodded. He grabbed a set of bondage cuffs from off the wall and went to the cashier before nonchalantly strolling to the arcade doors. As for me, I was just about done browsing and I proceeded to the checkout counter where the clerk was still watching my every move. I realized that the other customers could have been shoplifting like crazy and he would never have noticed it. His eyes were on my tits. I asked for my coat back and he passed it over. I dug in the pocket and pulled out my wallet. Two twenties took care of the price with a bit of change and I took my purchase and slung my coat over an arm. Then I headed for the arcade.

I was followed. The BDSM guy as well as two other customers immediately abandoned their shopping and entered the arcade, right on my heels. I made a beeline for guy number one and grabbed him in a tight hug, pressing my clamped breasts to his chest. He was surprised when I went up on tip toe and kissed him, but then seemed to melt in my embrace. I stood on tip toe and put my mouth to his ear.

"Find us a room."

He led me off into the darkness down several corridors. A small door with a green light on it was ahead and he opened it, pushing me in. Almost immediately his hands were on me and I kissed him back, feeling the need. His fingertips roamed over my shoulders and breasts and then tugged delightfully on the chain between the clamps. I groaned, slid down his body, and started unbuckling his belt.

He had a little bit of a paunch, but nothing serious and at least he was wearing boxers and not briefs. I got his cock out and started slurping on it, deep-throating him until he was moaning, his fingers in my hair. One hand was stroking his cock while the other was between my legs, trying to snag the ben wa balls. I managed to get them out and pushed aside and then he was pulling a condom out of his pocket. I like prepared men. Then he grabbed his purchase, the bondage cuffs, and I held out my hands as he wrapped them around my wrists. He clipped them together and I was pushed down upon the cheap vinyl covered love seat, my legs spread, as he put his mouth over my clit. I gasped as his tongue dipped into me and I shuddered as waves of pleasure rocked me hard.

I sat like that for maybe four or five minutes, his tongue in my pussy, before I couldn't handle it any more. I reached out with both hands thanks to the cuffs, and pulled him to me. He had put on the condom himself and he kneeled between my outstretched legs and pushed into me. I shivered, I gasped. I moaned. And then I exploded.

He wasn't much farther behind and I felt a renewed surge of sexual tension as he became rock solid and hardened inside me. I could feel his cock jerking as he unloaded, spurting his cream into the little plastic sack over his cock and inside me. He pulled out when he went soft and he stripped the condom from his cock and tossed it aside. I leaned forward and took him into my mouth, sucking the last bits of cream from his softening rod. It was sweet.

I just laid there with a stupid grin as he got dressed. I love afterglow. He stepped back over to me, released the cuffs from each other, but then pulled them behind my back, surprising me. He gave me another kiss, so I let him bind me. I got rolled and bent over the arm of the love seat. Then to my shock, he pulled up his pants, patted me on the rear gently, and opened the door. I looked back at him over my shoulder, just a tad bit confused. That's when I saw the line. Or crowd. Or whatever you want to call it. BDSM guy was there first and he nodded at my latest lover with a grin. Then he stepped into the room and the door closed on just the two of us.

Oh my. I admit, it surprised me. This was definitely an unexpected turn of events. For a second, I almost stood up, turned and faced then new guy, and told him I wasn't interested. But then I paused for a moment, thoughts racing through my mind. What would my masters and mistresses say? Master Mark would no doubt tell me to do what I wanted. Master Brandon would encourage me to submit and even suggest a decent whipping or worse. Mistress Ellen would tell me to screw as many of them as possible. What to do? My heart raced. What did I expect would happen? I went into a pornography shop, waltzed around naked, and then, even though my assignment didn't tell me to do it, went into the arcade with one of the guests. I knew I had gotten myself into this mess.

The first harsh spank brought my thoughts to an abrupt end and I yelped as the pain exploded in my rear end. I glanced behind me and saw that the BDSM guy was already pulling back for another stroke. I wiggled my hips, trying to disrupt his aim, but he still managed to smack me in approximately the same spot, causing me to suck several lungfuls of air through clenched teeth. The third and fourth spanks were just as blistering and I couldn't take it, swinging my legs off the couch and moving to my feet.

That lasted all of about two seconds, because in moments I was grabbed, shoved across the guy's lap, and felt my butt cheeks being squeezed. Another small flurry of spanks followed along with the order to spread my legs. I whimpered, but did as I was told, my nipples hurting from being pushed against the love seat arm. I felt his fingers touch my sex, pushing and pulling, prodding and poking, until he had two thick digits inside me, pulsing and curling. The spanking continued, with his elbow holding me down and I was shaking and crying with pain and need. I bucked and couldn't help pleading with him to fuck me, to hurt me, to make me cum.

He pushed me to the floor and told me to suck him. I did. Willingly. It was a little hard to do with my hands cuffed behind my back, not to mention his fingers frequently finding the chain connecting my nipple clamps, but I did. His cock was short but thick and it was more than a mouth full. After maybe five minutes he pushed me away, stood up, took off his pants, and then picked me up and shoved me back on to the loveseat. This time though I was facing the back, bent over the rear of the padded back. I felt him move up behind me and for the second time that night got fucked. I could tell he was wearing a condom, but he came so quickly that I didn't have a chance.

And then he was pulling up his trousers, tossing the used condom in the little black trash can. I laid there, panting, still desperate, and he opened the door and held it open for the next guy.

The next guy took off my nipple clamps and chewed on my nipples while screwing me on the floor.

The guy after that made me suck him until he came in my hair and on my face, pulling out at just the last moment.

Then there was the guy who ate me out, sucking on my clit until I was screaming, pulling at my wrist cuffs in desperation.

I got another spanking from one guy who also decided to use his belt on my pussy before fucking me.

And then there was the guy who wanted it soft and sweet and took his time to make me cum before exploding on his own. Then when he was finished, he uncuffed me.


I gave him a quick kiss and used a few of the paper towels stocked in a container to clean up, though admittedly it was a bit spoty. I grabbed my duster and put it on, buttoning it up all the way. My most recent lover was getting his clothes together. Once he was finished, he opened the door. There was still a line. At least four more guys. I shook my head, held out my hands and gave them all my winning smile.

"Sorry guys, but my times up. I'll try and come back tomorrow, so be here around eight pm." Then, grabbing the arm of my latest paramour and let him walk me out of the arcade. No one stopped me.

Once we were out in the entry, I thanked him for the escort, declined dinner and a movie, and headed back out to my truck. I made it in one piece and locked the doors behind me. It took me a while to calm down along with about a hundred repetitions of the word "stupid". Why did I do something that wasn't part of the assignment? How stupid could I actually be? That could have gone so wrong. It WAS wrong! I'm an idiot. I thought back to the assignment given to me by Master Mark. I followed every step mentally, identifying where I went wrong. Finally with a sigh, I reached into my duster for my keys and my hand encountered a plastic bag wrapped item. I pulled it out and recognized it immediately: my butterfly clitoral vibrator. Then I remembered the last line of Master Mark's assignment.

With trembling fingers I opened up the package. It came with batteries so I installed them, and then unbuttoned my duster and slipped the butterfly up my legs and into place. Then I turned it on. My tender clit hardened. I felt another surge of wetness. My mind played back every single one of them, all seven guys. And there would have been more. I probably could have stayed in that room all night. What if I had been cuffed and had a ball gag in, and there was a sign that said "don't release until next morning"?

Shuddering and near to another orgasm, I twisted the controls on the butterfly vibrator to maximum. Thoughts of submission, of going back in, even of coming back the next day flew through my mind. I came hard, gasping, my fingers pushing on the vibrator, letting the hard plastic bite into my clit. I shuddered at the steering wheel, my body rocking with what must have been my fifth or sixth orgasm of the night. I lost count somewhere.

I turned off the butterfly, trying to recuperate, sitting there for just a few minutes before heading home. My mind reeled even as my body reveled and I looked back at the adult novelty shop and arcade. When I finally put the truck in gear, I knew that I had a tough decision a head of me.

What to wear tomorrow night, around eight.?

Next Assignment: (Assigned by Master Mark) Bre, please dress in a short flared skirt and halter top, no panties or bra. You will put the following items in a small bag: the small narrow vibrator, your vibroballs, your new butterfly clitoral stimulator, a pair of nipple clamps, and a pair of panties. You will then drive to any fast food restaurant of your choice. Once your vehicle is parked, you will then attach the nipple clamps, followed by inserting the vibroballs into your pussy. You will then slip on the clitoral stimulator. Lastly, you will insert the narrow vibrator into your rear end. You will then turn every toy on to its lowest setting. Put on your panties, go into the restaurant, order something, and go to a table. You will remain at the table until you orgasm at least once. If you do not orgasm within the first fifteen minutes at the table, you will need to turn one toy up to full intensity. If you still haven't cum after ANOTHER fifteen minutes, you will turn on a second toy to full intensity.

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