Thursday, June 17, 2010

Assignment 06-17/10

Yesterday's Assignment: Assigned by Anonymous: You will dress in tight jeans, no panties, high heels, and a tee shirt. Do not wear a bra. You will drive to the nearest mall and lift your shirt. Put one rubber band clamp over each nipple. Pull your shirt back down. Take two clothespins and put them on your nipples, through the tee shirt. You will then pull down your jeans and insert your ben wa balls. Get your clothes back in place. You will go into the mall and walk half of the circumference, then return to your vehicle. If a clothespin falls off at any time, you will put the clothespin back on immediately.

Embarrassment can come in a variety of flavors. There's embarrassment from farting in public. There's embarrassment from saying the wrong thing. And of course there is embarrassment that comes from being a nympho humiliation pain slut and doing an assignment in public. I've suspected that the mall security staff have me pegged and comments like "Oh. THAT girl" are a frequent occurrence despite the fact that I try hard to space out my sexual misadventures between several different malls. That said, I embarked on this little foray with the knowledge that while completing this assignment I would be thoroughly humiliated, I would also stay completely dressed. And trust me, that's a big issue.

Getting dressed up is half the fun. I spent a few moments going through my wardrobe and came to the awful conclusion that with the exception of my jeans and lack of panties, everything else was going to have to be taken. So, since I was already wearing a pair of blue denim shorts, a decent sized tee-shirt, along with both panties and bra, I stuffed everything I was going to need into my duffel bag and headed out the door. Everything got tossed into the cab of the truck and shortly after ten am I found myself pulling up on the side of the road directly behind our farm.

Some people say stripping is an art form. Maybe it is. But when you don't have an audience except for the occasional errant starling and a few bunny rabbits hiding in the grass, it’s more of a "lets get this done and over with" sort of thing. As I've done many times, I peeled off my tee shirt, folded it nicely, and placed it on the hood of the truck. My bra followed immediately, and then I kicked off my flip flops. My shorts and panties went next and I grabbed my jeans and began shoving myself into them.

They were my tightest pair and seemed to need me flexible and stretchable in order to get into them properly. There was a great deal of groaning and grunting as the tight material finally conformed to my buttocks and calves. Then, still barefoot and naked from the waist up, I pulled my new tee shirt from the bag. Or maybe I should say my old tee shirt. The one I was putting on was an old soccer tee shirt from when I was in high school. It was a little faded, just a tad bit threadbare, almost transparent with age, and so tight that had I put a quarter on my belly it would be seen through the cloth. It was that tight.

And damn, it was uncomfortable too! I pushed hard, a little worried I was going to tear it as I forced my breasts into the bloody thing. Finally wiggling enough so that it covered all my salient parts, I looked down and realized that about two inches of my belly was showing. Oh well. No other options really. I reached over to my duffel bag and grabbed my high heels. Getting them on wasn’t that difficult, but I was a bit breathless afterward. The waistband of my jeans was cutting into my midriff during the whole process.

I got back in the truck and drove to the mall. It was a pretty quick drive and my attire didn’t really bother me, even the fact that I was going commando. To be honest, wearing or not wearing panties doesn’t really phase me. When I was living with Kari, panties were only allowed during very special occasions. I can’t tell you how often I got sent to class wearing a mini-skirt and a tee shirt and nothing else. Sure, I could feel the seams of the jeans against my flesh, but it wasn’t sexually stimulating…yet.

I pulled up into our local mall and drove around till I found a comfortable spot. Comfortable meaning far enough away from the other cars so that no one would see me do what I was about to do, and close enough that I wouldn’t attract the attention of mall security. I put the truck in park, left it running for the AC, and began unsnapping my jeans.
It took just as much effort to get them down to my knees as it took to get them up and after falling backward across both seats of my truck, I was finally able to get my legs spread enough to accomplish the next portion of my assigned task: ben wa balls. I had already pulled them out of the duffel during the wrestling match with my clothing and I slipped them down between my legs, rubbing the golf ball sized spheres against my slit until I ripened. A moment later the first ball popped into me, eliciting a small gasp and then I shoved the second ball in, letting the little sex toy settle. Then I attacked my jeans again.

The problem with tight jeans is that they are sometimes tough to get up around your butt. The problem with ben wa balls is that they stimulate you sexually when you’re moving around. Ben wa balls and putting on tight jeans are a recipe for some serious sexual urges. By the time I buttoned my jeans and got everything into place, my pussy was soaked and I was thinking that masturbating would be a really fun thing to do. But instead I grabbed my duffel and pulled out a small plastic bag.

When I was a teenager, my parents put me in braces. I’m grateful, because my smile is straight and pretty nice now. But when I was in them, it drove me nuts. For about five months the orthodontist had me wear these absolutely horrible little rubber bands which put pressure on my jaw because they had to be stretched from one tooth to another. I got a whole box full of these tiny elastic circles and it had been Kari who discovered that they fit over my nipples rather nicely, tightening them completely. They also sat behind the little bulge of my nipple, meaning they don’t come off unless you pull them off or cut them off.

Glancing around the parking lot, I pulled up my shirt, exposing my breasts. The cold AC blowing on my tits was just enough to get both nipples to pucker and I shook out two little rubber bands. I flicked a finger at my right nipple, feeling a little shiver of excitement and pleasure rush through me, right to my clit. Then I stretched the little rubber band as far as possible, positioned it over my nipple, and let it go.

They aren’t clamps. The bands don’t tighten enough for that. It’s like having someone holding on to each nipple, gently squeezing, but never letting go, no matter how I move. That’s what these feel like. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I wore these to school, my nipples two hard little bumps on the front of my tee shirt. I remember one teacher pulling me aside and giving me a little talk about how I was dressing inappropriately for a lady my age. Kari had been standing in the doorway, laughing at my distress.

I put the other rubber band on so that I now had a matched set of turgid, exposed nipples. With a grin, I carefully lowered the shirt back down over my breasts. Both nipples stood out like pebbles on a sea of smooth sand and I could feel the elastic pressing into both breasts. Heck, just walking through the mall like this would attract attention. I didn’t need the clothespins! But the clothespins were what this assignment was about. I grabbed the two wooden pegs I had brought and rattled them in my hands.

You know what? I just realized that I did everything out of order. I just looked back at the assignment. I was supposed to put the rubber bands and clothespins on first, before I did the ben wa balls. Damn. I wonder if that’s going to cost me. I suspect a punishment will be coming for that screw up, but it’s too late now. Drat.

I lifted the first clothespin up to my left nipple and let it bite down on the extended little nub. I gasped. It was sticking straight out pointing toward the steering wheel. I put the other one on, watching them bounce slightly with every breath. There. All done. Oh. Well, except for going on a walk through the mall.

I got out of the truck, rather carefully I might add. I wasn’t sure how well the clothespins were going to stay on my breasts. They wiggled a lot as I moved and I kept expecting one or the other to pop off. But they stayed on and I locked my truck and headed toward the main entrance of the mall.

It was still a little early for lunch and too be honest, the mall had just opened maybe a half hour before hand. As a result, I didn’t see anyone in the parking lot except for a lady who was getting out of her car but was too far away to really see me. And she wasn’t looking. I felt the cool air surround me as the main doors opened and I stepped into the darker interior, filled with neon lights, the sounds of piped music, and the scents of lemon cleaner and fried foods.

I had parked near the food court which was actually a nice mid point spot and walked across it. I was about half way through the court when I saw the first person realize what I had attached to my body and he smacked his co-worker behind the counter and they both stared as I walked by. I licked my lips, trying to ignore the shocked looks, but I felt butterflies emerge in my belly. I quickened my pace slightly, trying to remain calm as I rounded the corner and started off down the mall corridor.

I began passing people. Not many, and quite a few of them were vendors, you know, the guys who run those little carts in the middle of the concourse? Yeah. I have to admit, having clothespins on your nipples is a good way to keep them from asking you to try yadda yadda yadda, but it also draws a lot of attention. The shocked looks I was getting were having an effect.
Of course, the ben wa balls weren’t helping either. My quickened pace also quickened my body’s production of juices and the ben wa balls were floating and rolling through my pussy, rubbing and rolling and ringing, so that after just a quarter of the mall I was ready to yank my jeans down and rub my clit until I orgasmed. But I didn’t. I kept going. It was on a set of stairs leading down to another level of the mall that the clothespin on my right nipple popped off.
It clattered to the ground and I stopped. Bending down to pick it up was just as sexually agonizing as walking, but in a different way as the ben wa balls rubbed me in unusual spots. I let out a soft moan as I stood, lifting the clothespin back to my breast.

“What are you doing?” I heard a girl ask. I looked up, pulling the clothespin away from my breast, just in time to see a rather beautiful girl standing at the entrance to one of the small junk jewelry stores. Long black hair framed a rather pale face. Her eyes were wide and she looked slightly shocked. I took a deep breath and then replied.

“I’m walking the mall.” Yeah, duh. Of course that’s what I’m doing.

She gave me this look of disbelief. “Dressed like that? With clothespins on your tits?” Her hands went down to her hips. “Is this some sort of sorority test or something?”

“Uh…it’s the something.” I stammered. I can’t explain why I was so embarrassed. Considering some of the things I’ve done, in public, you would think I could just tell this waif of a girl, who certainly wasn’t any older than me, that I was fulfilling a sex assignment from my online master.

“Come in here for a second. I want to talk to you” she said, motioning me in to the store.

I have no idea why I followed her into the little jewelry store. Maybe because I was dreading the rest of my clothespin covered walk. Or maybe it was the certain and confident command to follow her. But I did it. I went in. She moved to the very back and I stepped up close to her.

“Does that hurt?” She asked, pointing to the one clothespin still attached to my bosom. I shook my head.

“Not these. It just tingles.”

She leaned closer, studying my breasts. “Are you cold? Why are your nipples sticking out like that?”

I took a deep breath. “Rubber bands. Little ones. Around each nipple” I explained.

She glanced up, eyes surprised. “Really? Can I see?”

I hesitated slightly. Pulling up my shirt in a jewelry store really wasn’t part of the deal, but I nodded, pulled off the other clothespin, and gently tugged the stretched cotton upward. We were at the very back of the space, behind several stands of earrings.

“Wow!” The girl said, lifting one finger. “These are cool? Where do you get them?” She touched my nipple and wiggled it back and forth. I gasped slightly, my thighs pressing together. It was as if my breast was connected directly to the ben wa balls and I let out a soft moan as the pleasure rushed through me.

“I… uh… have a bag of them… uh… in the truck.” I replied, my sentence punctuated by little surges of delight.

Both of her hands came up and suddenly it was as if my nipples were the volume control knobs on a radio. She twisted them, pinched them slightly, poked them, and I put a hand out on one of the stands to steady myself. Then she leaned forward and her tongue came out of her mouth. I noticed the silver stud piercing it and then she actually licked my left nipple.

I didn’t cum, but it was about as close to cumming as you can possibly get without actually doing it. I felt weak at the knees and trembled. Suddenly her eyes widened and she stepped back, looking at me. She grinned and then held out her hand.

“I’m Julie” she said, beaming. Evidently the new way to greet people at this store was to suck on their breasts before introducing yourself. I thought about reciprocating for a second, but then decided that it probably wasn’t the right thing to do.

“Breanne” I replied, taking her hand firmly. Then I took a good look at Julie. She was maybe five foot six, just a tad taller than me. We were both wearing heels which sometimes make it hard to judge size. While I was in skin tight jeans, she was in khaki capris that were just a tad too short, leaving a lot of leg exposed. Her calves each sported some fancy tattoos, as did her arms, which I finally noticed. A soft pink tee shirt wrapped around her frame and I could see she was wearing a thin bra. Her ears were pierced, multiple times, as was her nose, and there were some tell tale bulges at the tips of her breasts that made me suspect she had a few piercing elsewhere.
“So what’s the something?” Julie asked, once more reaching out and cupping my breast, running one thumb along the side. Seriously, she seemed very focused. I left my shirt up as I explained about Michael Blog and the Breanne website and my daily assignments. You should have seen her perk up.

“Seriously? You do sex assignments?” She let go of my breasts and moved over to her sales counter. A small netbook computer was set up next to the cash register and she quickly logged on with a grin. I got asked the address and after telling her, she quickly checked out both the blog and the website. In the mean while, I pulled my shirt back down, covering my still rubber banded nipples.

Julie glanced up at me, a frown on her face. “Did I say you could cover up?” She demanded.
Uh…surprise? I gave her one of my “you’ve got to be kidding me” looks. She glared at me. Okay okay! I pulled my shirt back up, feeling just a little bit strange standing in the jewelry store with my breasts hanging out. I stood there for about five or ten minutes while Julie read, wondering what would happen if a real customer stepped into the store. Finally Julie looked up and nodded at my breasts.

“Shouldn’t you put your clothespins back on?” she asked. I took a deep breath. She was right. I probably should have. So I started to pull my shirt back down and she reached out and grabbed my wrist.

“No. While you’re in my store the clothespins go on bare skin. Here, I’ll help you” She said. She plucked both clothespins from out of my hand and held them up to my breasts. Beats me why I let her, but I held still and then she let both of them bite down on my nipples. I gasped again, feeling the surge of wetness between my legs and I felt a little tremor go through me.

“So, you’ve got a pair of ben wa balls inside you right now?” she asked. I nodded.

“And no panties?” I bit my lip and gave her another little dip of my head.

“Prove it. Pull those jeans down.” With a nervous glance toward the entrance of the store I reached down to my waist and quietly unsnapped my button. The zipper went down and then I was shaking my rear end out of the jeans. I only pulled them about half way down my ass before starting to put them back in place, but Julie stopped me.

“I need to check that you’re wearing the ben wa balls too.” Her eyes flashed and I knew that I needed to do this.

I pushed my jeans down to my knees and spread my legs slightly. I closed my eyes as fingers touched my sex, probing and sliding into the folds as Julie checked to make sure I had my ben wa balls embedded properly. Or maybe it was just an excuse?

Then I got grilled. She asked a ton of questions, all the while her fingers were playing with my clit. Who sets my assignments? How long do I get to do them? What if I don’t like them? What punishment do I get if I fail the assignment? How do I prove I do them? Stuff like that. It was awkward, standing there, my breasts completely exposed, clamped, my jeans around my knees, at the mercy of a girl no older than myself, trying to explain the nature of my…um… “employment” with Michael.

When I answered all of her questions she looked thoughtful for a moment. “I’m modifying your assignment” she announced.

I shook my head. “Sorry, you can’t mess with what another master or mistress has assigned.” This wasn’t technically true, since I’ve accepted alterations before, provided that they didn’t screw with the original assignment, but hey, Julie didn’t know that. She gave me a frown but then finally nodded.

“Okay, fine. You will finish your assignment. But then you will get that little bag of rubber bands and come right back to my store.” She looked thoughtful. “Make sure you’re wearing those clothespins and keep the ben wa balls in too.” She motioned toward my pants. “You can pull those up now.”

I struggled back into my denim jeans, wondering if the pants were too small or my ass was too big. Eventually I got back into them, my breasts bouncing up and down, my nipples throbbing, my pussy soaked. I looked back at Julie, a look of trepidation on my face. She waved a hand toward the exit.

“Go on. Go finish your assignment.” She said firmly.

“Uh…Mistress? What about my shirt? I’m supposed to have it down when I walk the mall.” I said politely. I’m not sure why I called her mistress.

She screwed up her face into a look of disgruntlement but then finally let out a sigh. “I suppose. I guess it will keep security off your back. Okay, but the moment you get back in here I want it up and your clothespins back on bare tits, got it?” I nodded. Got it.

I took off the two clothespins, hissing as I did, and then lowered the shirt back over my bare breasts. It was something of a relief to be covered again, though the sensation went away the moment I replaced the clothespins, this time over the stretched faded thinning cotton tee shirt.
Julie walked me to the exit. “You’ve got twenty minutes to get back here, Bre. If you aren’t, I can promise you that that your punishment will be severe” she said.

I nodded and stepped out of the jewelry store and away from Julie. My mind churned almost as much as my pussy, and it wasn’t until I was past the outdoor sports shop that my body finally couldn’t cope with the stimulation, stares, and open humiliation. I careened toward a wall, my sex convulsing in orgasmic bliss and I barely stayed upright. When my orgasm subsided, I started moving again, ignoring the wet sloshing and damp cloth between my legs.

I made it back to the same entrance I had come in at. More people were moving around and the stares and snide comments I was hearing were getting more extreme. Some women gave me open looks of disgust. Guys stared as if I were USDA choice prime cut. I never did see security. I headed toward the exit and made a beeline for my truck.

For just a moment I considered not going back. I mean seriously, what was I thinking? Sure, Julie turned me on. She was exciting. She made embarrassed me. Just thinking about her made me want to masturbate. But I had absolutely no requirement to go back to that little store.

My orgasm had delayed me and I was running up on my twenty minute mark. I hurried to my truck, jumped in, grabbed the bag of rubber bands, and stuck them in my pocket.

Then, rather than walking back through the mall, I turned the engine on and my truck roared to life. I drove around to the other side of the mall, toward the closet entrance to Julie’s store. My clothespin pegged breasts bobbed, occasionally striking the steering wheel as I navigated the parking lot. This sent additional twinges through my body and by the time I parked and headed back into the mall, my pussy was almost ready to pop again.

I glanced at my watch, quickening my pace as I hurried back to the jewelry store. This just made things worse, since I could feel the quickening between my legs. Had I been wearing a skirt and my butterfly clitoral vibrator, I would have been against a wall gasping as the orgasms washed through me. Just to keep from orgasming, I slowed down, trying to maintain my composure. As it was I was shaking in desperation, ignoring the strange looks I was getting as I stumbled to a halt in front of the small jewelry store.

Julie was standing at the front, an annoyed look on her face. Her arms were crossed and she was tapping her fingers.

“Get your ass in here. You’re late.” I glanced down at my watch. Two minutes late. Damn.

I stepped into the small store and followed Julie to the very back. The place was still deserted and she stopped at the small cash register table and gave me a contemptuous look.
“Well?” she demanded.

I looked at her blankly. “Well what?”

She rolled her eyes. “Your tits. Why are they covered?”

I swallowed hard. I quickly removed the clothespins, sending another surge to the already tested spot between my legs, then yanked up my shirt. My breasts seemed to pop out, the nipples hard, tender, and throbbing, and I quickly reattached both clothespins in an effort to please Julie.

“That’s better” she said, giving me a small smile. “Now we have to deal with your tardiness.” She motioned toward a small door at the back of the store. “Go in there and strip naked.”

I opened the small door and found myself in the storage and office section of the store. It was pretty small. There was a small restroom in one corner, a pile of cleaning supplies, and shelves full of small boxes. Along one wall was a tiny desk with a computer and desk, cork and marker boards hung above it with all the typical legalese documents the state requires. I moved to a clear spot as the door shut behind me leaving me alone.

I stripped. What else would I have done? My shirt was easy to get off, despite the wiggling of the clothespins and I draped it over the chair. I took off my high heels and then shucked out of my jeans. I noticed that the crotch of my pants was soaked and only the dark color of the denim had hidden it. My thighs were soaked and I located a roll of paper towels, wiping off some of my excess juices.

Julie burst in as I was cleaning up, startling me. In her hand she held a thin plastic ruler and her eyes sparkled as she stared at me, enjoying my nudity and discomfort. She snapped her finger and I dropped the sodden paper towel in the trash and moved toward her.

“Bend over the chair, Breanne” Julie ordered, swishing the ruler back and forth. I hastened to comply. Trembling, I leaned over the back of the chair, feeling the top of the back support push into my belly. My hands tightened around the arm rests and I spread my legs as Julie moved behind me.

She hit me hard. I wasn’t expecting it. My whole body rocked forward, the clothespins dangling beneath me, shaking from the impact. My breasts jiggled as well and I felt a line of fire across both butt cheeks. I let out a sharp hiss, head coming up as my fingers tightened on the chair. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. It just stung. A lot. But no matter how bad it stung, the heat combined with what was going on in my pussy, not to mention the throbbing of my breasts. After the tenth stroke I broke down, one hand going to my pussy.

“Please? Please can I cum?” I begged her.

This must have been a surprise. “You are a pain slut!” she exclaimed. “Go ahead and cum, but I’m not done with your ass yet.”

My fingers found my clit just as another stroke landed on my rear. It didn’t matter. Within seconds my fingers managed to bring me to another earth shattering orgasm and the stinging heat in my bottom only fueled that fire. I let out a muted cry, shuddered, and then my hips wildly thrust against my fingers, ramming against the digits. Just as I was at the peak, Julie sent her worst stroke against my bottom and I arched my back, my head coming up. She moved quickly and the ruler suddenly was in front of me, light but firm taps across my breasts. The clothespin jerked wildly and then she smacked them off my nipples. My orgasm went from quick to extended and I stood there shaking, letting the waves wash through me.

Then I sort of melted, or collapsed depending on how you want to describe it. I folded in half and crumpled to the floor, exhausted, shivering from the endorphins and adrenaline. My breasts and rear end hurt, but it was moderated by the incredible pleasure flooding through me from my pussy. Julie looked down at me in curiosity.

A beeping sound from a small chime on the wall caused Julie to go back into the store, leaving me alone. I heard voices and after a bit the rattle of the cash register tray. Slowly, I got to my feet, grabbed another paper towel, and tried to wipe away some of the excess fluid of my orgasm. I was just finishing when there was another beeping sound and Julie came back into the office.
“Where are those rubber bands?” Julie asked, inclining her head toward my still extended nipples. I went to my jeans and extracted the small plastic bag I kept my elastic nipple clamps in. I held them up.

To my astonishment, she pulled her shirt and bra up, exposing two rather delectable breasts. I had been right about the tips being pierced. Both nipples were perforated by two large silver barbells. They looked awesome but I had no doubt they had hurt a lot when pierced. I fished out two bands and held them out to her.

“No. You put them on me” she said. I nodded. I stopped to consider things for a moment. With her piercings in place, the band would have to go behind the piercing, much farther back than my own rubber bands were seated. I would also have to stretch them farther, making one edge bite into her skin quite a bit in order to get it around the other side of the barbell. Carefully, I lifted my hand to her left breast and began threading one side of the barbell through the elastic. Then I stretched it wide, allowing it to slip over the other side of the piercing. When it snapped into place Julie let out a hissing sound and closed her eyes. I could see the elastic tightly circling her nipple just behind the piercing. It couldn’t have been comfortable.

Then I did the left breast. Same process. It went just as quick, but I could tell that both bands were very uncomfortable. Julie looked down at her chest and fingered both nipples for a bit. Then she tugged her bra and shirt back down. Now the bumps on her chest were even more pronounced, the thin material of the bra cups doing little to hide the distended tips of her breasts. Julie began unbuttoning her capris, shoving them and her panties down to her knees. A trimmed patch of black hair showed between her legs and then she sat down in the chair.
“Get your tongue in there, now” she said, pointing to her pussy. I hesitated for just a moment. Then I knelt down in front of her, put my hands upon her knees, pushed her a little farther, and took my first sweet lick.

I’m no stranger to giving girls oral sex. In some ways, it’s nicer than doing guys. I concentrated on her clit and it didn’t take long. I pushed two fingers into her as my tongue darted along her more sensitive parts and in moments she was gasping, lifting her ass out of the seat, her fingers pinching at her pierced and elastic clamped tits. Then she came, letting out a squirt that splattered across my face and chest.

I kept up my ministrations, only slowing just a bit to give her time to recover. I fully expected to keep going, but she reached down, grabbed my wrist, and pushed me away. I sat back on my heels, my face covered in a sheen of her juices and watched as she sat up, a look of utter satisfaction on her face.

“Well that was nice” she said, smiling. I returned the expression and she stood up, pulling her capris and panties back into place. When everything was settled, she turned back toward me. “You still horny?” she asked.

I nodded. To be honest, it was only a little bit, but I still had the ben wa balls inside me and they were still moving with every little motion I made. Julie stepped up to me, wrapping her arms around my body. I could smell her perfume, something fruity with a touch of vanilla, not to mention the musky scent of sexual satisfaction. I hugged her back, then felt her hands on my hips.

She then started moving me, like a dancer, or a doll. She made me wiggle my hips, her hands guiding me in circles. My bottom swayed, my loins rolled, and most importantly, the ben wa balls moved dramatically, ringing and churning inside me insanely. It was the most concentrated sensation I’ve ever felt while wearing ben wa balls. It was like pushing the accelerator on a car. Zero to sixty baby!

Then she let go. I was trembling, gasping, ready for the final push. I expected the ruler again, but she turned, grabbed my jeans and held them out to me.

“Put these on” she ordered. I took them, wondering what was happening. I tugged my tight denim back over my limbs while Julie grabbed my high heels from the desk where I had placed them. Then, once I was back in my pants, she handed them to me. I stepped into them, then lifted each foot up so I could buckle them on. Then Julie was standing directly in front of me, both hands clutching a clothespin. She lifted them up to my breasts and I put my hands behind my back, thrusting my bosom forward as I arched my back.

The pegs closed down on my bare tips, crushing them softly and I let out a whimper of need and desire. My pussy tingled, the muscles trembling in little spasms as my hips continued to sway on their own, trying to replicate the orgasm inducing dance directed by Julie. My nipples throbbed as well, the elastic bands and wooden clothespin creating a sort of energy that flowed through me right down to my clit.

“Okay, you can go now.” Julie stepped back from me and nodded.

“Excuse me?” I said, somewhat surprised. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to cum again.

“Go. Leave. Exit. Vaya con dios. Adios. Saionara. Whatever. Get out of my store.” Julie’s voice was rather hard and I nodded in shocked surprise. I reached out to grab my tee shirt from the desk but her hand caught my wrist.

“I’m keeping that. You can come back for it tomorrow if you want it” she said tightly.

Realization exploded through me and the thought of me walking through the mall back to my truck with no shirt on and clothespins dangling from my nipples was almost enough to send me over the edge. She pulled me through the small office door and back out into the store, leaving me stumbling along the edge of utter humiliation and orgasm. I stood there for a moment, trembling and she reached out and grabbed a small toothed hair clip from a rack.

“The moment you get back to your car, unbutton your jeans and pull them down as well as your panties. Put this on your clit. Drive home that way. Got it? I want it back tomorrow.” Julie handed me the little clip. I felt another powerful surge between my legs.

Then she pushed me to the store exit.

There were people everywhere! Ok, it wasn’t packed, it wasn’t even busy, but between the venders and the few customers I would never make it. Julie didn’t even hesitate but shoved me out of the store. I clutched my arms to my chest, trying to hide my breasts, but the clothespins interfered with that.

Then Julie spoke in a voice loud enough to attract the attention of every single person within a thirty yard radius.

“Get out of my store. We don’t serve customers not wearing a shirt!” Julie said loudly. As at least a dozen faces turned to stare, I gave her a shocked look.

Then I ran.

Clothespins bobbed painfully. Ben wa balls rolled violently. People were staring at me, shocked expressions on their faces. I ran past six or seven stores to the entrance and ran out into the parking lot. I fished my truck key out of my pocket as I ran, my eyes blurring with tears and then I was at my truck, opening it, jumping in. I turned and looked. No one was following me.
My body was right on the verge and I let out a tiny sob as I unbuttoned my jeans. I tugged them and my panties down over my ass. I had intended just to pull them down to mid thigh, but I couldn’t spread my legs. In the end, I had to push them down to my knees. I was soaking the vinyl seat of my truck. I lifted the small hair clip and put it on my clit. It bit tightly and I wiggled it back and forth just for a second.

Then I exploded.

When I had calmed down enough I turned on the truck, put it into gear and headed away. Just in time too. I saw the security truck heading toward my section of the parking lot. I beelined the other way and managed to escape.

Maybe some people saw me on my way home, especially since I didn’t pull over to put on my bra and regular tee shirt until I found a quiet spot. Once the clothespins were off and my shirt back on, I felt a little more secure, though my jeans were still around my thighs, my ben wa balls resting quietly in my pussy, while the hair clip chewed gently on my clit.

Well, now that I’ve written this up, I’ve got a couple of things to do. First, I’ve got to go get dressed. Then I’ve got to get that hair clip back to Julie and pick up my tee shirt. I think I’ll wear a skirt, no panties, a tee shirt, and my clothespins…

Next Assignment: (Assigned by Master Mark) Breanne, you are to take your ben wa balls, your duck billed nipple clamps, high heels, and duster to your stripping spot one evening this week. You will strip at the front of your vehicle, and then put on the high heels, insert the ben wa balls, and then attach the clamps, followed by putting on your duster. You will then drive to a mega adult video and novelty store. Upon entering, you will approach the clerk. If it is a woman, you will leave and go to a different store. If it is a man, you will politely ask if you can browse naked. If the answer is no, find another store and repeat. If the answer is yes, then remove your duster and hand it to the clerk. You will then walk every aisle and look at every item on the shelves, including videos and magazines. You will then browse the sex toys. Purchase one new sex toy for your use. No matter what the toy is, you must use it immediately after you get back in your vehicle.

Oh my...

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