Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Story Excerpt: The Punishment: PFG

How about a short excerpt from "The Punishment: PFG" a new short story that will be posted in it's entirety, with all the juicy details, in the VIP Lounge of Michael Alexander Stories! Enjoy!

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It wasn’t long before Sofia was being lead through the well lit tunnel that connected the court house with the jail facility. Her mind whirled. At one point her attorney had talked to her about the various sentences the judge could use, but she had angrily told the attorney that they were going to win their case and told her to focus on defense.

It didn’t take the sheriff’s deputies long to book her. A female guard strip searched her and she found herself dressed in an orange jumpsuit, the body hugging clothes she worn in court gone, bagged, and deposited in the property room. Soft canvas shoes were given to her and she put them on, clearly beginning to break down. As soon as she was properly dressed two burly officers arrived, both male, who once more put her arms behind her back and handcuffed her.

“Time to go, princess” the first guard said politely, but with just a tinge of sarcasm. Evidently he too had been watching the proceedings on courtTV. “You’ve got a date.”

Sofia barely registered the guard’s comment but jerked her head up a moment later. “What? A date? Where are you taking me?” She demanded, the fiery arrogance once more coming to the surface.

The guard blinked, clearly surprised. “To the P.F.G. obviously. It’s in the square in front of the courthouse.”

“What? What the hell is a P.F.G.? demanded Sofia. The acronym sounded familiar, but she was unable to place it.

“Were you awake during your sentencing? You’ve been ordered to spend three weeks in the Public Fucking Gibbet. P.F.G.” finished the guard. Sofia’s eyes widened in alarm.

“You can’t be serious!” She declared, pulling against his grip.

“Totally.” His fingers tightened and he nodded to his partner as they began walking down another corridor, escorting Sofia toward the front of the building.

“I wont do it! I’ll fight it! I want an appeal!” Sofia demanded. The guards ignored her. She dropped to her knees, unwilling to blindly walk to her own humiliation, whatever the PFG actually was. It made little difference to the guards, who picked her up and carried her along between them. She began to fight but found herself extremely limited thanks to the handcuffs.

A quick smack across the face quieted her and the real tears began. She sobbed as the buzzing locks of the main door released and she found herself escorted into the lobby of the detention center. She looked out through the heavily tinted glass windows at the front of the building and saw a crowd gathered in excited expectation. A large black tent had been erected next to what looked like a converted cherry picker, a kind of lift designed to raise repairmen up to the tops of telephone poles. A series of ropes and pulleys at the top disappeared into the tent on the other end. Cops stood everywhere and a ragged cheer from the crowd sounded as Sofia was led out of the detention center building into the bright sunlight.

“Yeah do her!” she heard shouted. She turned her face away, practically burying it in the arm of the guard next to her. He laughed.

“You might as well face them. You will be doing it every day for the next three weeks.

She stumbled then as they pulled her forward. The only good news was that they weren’t fighting the crowd. A series of steel rails had created a safe pathway out of the detention facility to the tent. It was hard for her to ignore the invective she was hearing. Shouts of “slut”, “cock-teaser”, “whore”, and worse bombarded her ears and she moved through the crowd in a blur of raucous cries and insults. When they got to the tent she felt relieved to be protected from the crowd’s viciousness.

Her relief only last a few moments as her eyes took in the contents of the tent. At one side of the small enclosure stood a metal cage. It was shaped like the letter “X” clearly designed to keep a person immobile and spread-eagled. Worse, the metal bars were widely spaced, making movement impossible but leaving the person locked inside exposed. The area around the crotch and chest of the cage was open, making a display of sorts. Sofia could only tremble in horror.

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