Saturday, March 5, 2016

Birthday Hours

I closed the front door with a smile on my face, took two steps, and then gasped as the Monster Vibrator suddenly roared to life. I put one hand on the wall, bracing myself, just a little shocked as the foot long phallus spun up and down, varying in speed and intensity, leaving me just a little breathless. For a girl who hadn’t had an orgasm in over five days, this wasn’t exactly a bad way to start the morning.

My fingers went to the belt of my bathrobe, a soft chenille style coverup that Kari had given me and I opened it eagerly. Underneath, the only thing I was wearing was a tight, bun floss style thong and the base of the vibrator made a rather intriguing circle in the center of the small bit of material that cupped my slit. I’d put the vibrator in that morning, my assigned “toy of the day”, but I wasn’t expecting it to turn on until I was at work. It was one of those new technologically advanced sex toys, designed to be operated remotely by anyone with the correct smartphone application. All I could do was turn it on or off and it used my own smartphone as a connection. It was sort of exciting how all this connectivity could make something like a twelve inch long vibrator stimulate someone miles, or even countries away.

Or forty feet.

My hands had just come up, cupping my breasts, fingers playing with the piercings that decorated both tips, when the knock on my apartment door shattered my internal focus. Instantly I had my suspicions. It was rare for Kari or Julie to turn on the Monster Vibe when they didn’t know exactly where I was or what I was doing. Could you imagine me driving along the freeway when suddenly the damn thing went into fifth gear? I could crash and “driver inattention” is not exactly an excuse you can use for wrecking your car or perhaps killing someone. So how did they know I was still at home? More importantly, how had they known I’d just said goodbye to my daughter, sending her off to school?

I didn’t bother to close the robe as I went to the door and in a daring moment I threw open the door, not even looking through the small eyepiece just to make sure. If it was the maintenance guy, or a neighbor, then so be it. They’d get to see their sexy neighbor in all her wonderful glory. But I figured my chances of seeing a familiar face were pretty darn good.

“Hi princess,” Julie said brightly. Her eyes went to my breasts, then down to my panties and she cocked her head to the side, listening to the trill of the motor inside me. I took a step back with a smile as she came into the apartment, shutting the door behind her.

“Hands up behind your head,” she ordered. She was wearing a pair of skin tight blue jeans and a designer tee shirt, over which she’d wrapped this soft gray jacket, just warm enough to fend off the morning chill. It didn’t so much as hide her amazingly small breasts, as accentuate them. I brought my hands up and interlaced my fingers behind my head.

“Didn’t I see you yesterday evening?” I asked with a grin.

Julie smiled. “Did you enjoy your birthday dinner?” She asked, reaching out and stroking one of my breasts. Her fingers felt like electricity and it went very, very well with the vibrator buzzing inside me.

I nodded. “Thanks for including Rachel. You made her evening.”

Julie shrugged. “Well, you were still dealing with the aftermath of your time of the month.” She leaned close even as her fingers tightened on my left nipple, squeezing it and rolling it. I moaned as the sensation went straight down to my pussy, combining evilly with the still churning oscillations of the Monster Vibe. “But you’re ready now, aren’t you?” She asked in a low voice.

I nodded. “Oh God yes.”

Julie slapped me. Hard.

I reeled from the blow as my boobs shook from the impact. A harsh sting seemed to surround my left breast as it tried to displace my right and I gasped as the heat infused my bosom. My tits swung back to center and she swatted me again, this time aiming for the other side. My pussy tightened around the buzzing vibrator and my entire body shuddered with sexual desire and heat as Julie slapped my breasts back and forth with her open hand until they were a nice shade of pink and I was sucking air in through clenched teeth.

Then she grabbed my arms, pulled my hands off the back of my neck, and pushed the robe off me. Her hand snagged mine and she pulled me unceremoniously through the apartment, right back to my bedroom. She whirled me toward the bed and I half fell on the mattress, looking up even as she was frantically unbuckling her belt.

“Julie?” I asked quizzically, the toy inside me dancing, leaving me wet and needy.

She yanked off her jacket as the front of her jeans opened, revealing bare skin and a sweet little pair of pink lace panties.

“Hush, Bre. I’ve got this,” she said. I swallowed and watched her finish taking off her clothes. Then she plucked her phone out of the pocket of her fallen jeans and the vibrator inside me went silent. I groaned. She tossed her phone aside and then came at me, her long nails sliding against the flesh of my hips, pulling, tugging, freeing. The Monster Vibe slid half out of me and she grabbed it, pushing it back in and pulling it out with sweet, mind-numbing thrusts that left me gasping, my legs opening wide.

“Oh…” I moaned. “Oh yes…”

Then she pulled it completely out and I watched with passion as she opened her mouth and deep throated the vibrator, sucking every drop of my wetness from it. She made a show of it. Her eyes closed in rapture and then she tossed it aside, eyes sparkling as she stared at me. For a moment she held still, then the corners of her mouth curled upward and she said just one, single word.


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