Friday, February 19, 2016


I stood in the doorway, my bathrobe wrapped tightly around my naked body. My eight year old daughter smiled at me and waved and I grinned, my hand fluttering wildly as she headed off toward school. It was just down the road and literally less distance than it had been from our old farm house to the farm to market road where she’d caught the bus. She’d be there in four minutes. Talk about a commute. Easy breezy.

At the same time a young man of about twenty-four emerged from a car. Rachel didn’t notice him, but I sure as hell did and he waited a polite couple of seconds, or at least until Rachel was far enough along not to look back at her barefoot, bathrobed mother, before heading over to the open door with an infectious grin.

“Morning, Bre.” Alex’s eyes flashed in the morning sunlight. He was wearing blue jeans and boots, along with a cowboy’s twenty pound buckle, and his tee shirt was covered up with a light brown jacket which was admittedly still appropriate for a south Texas winter morning. I stepped back eagerly and let him into the apartment.

“Thanks. I really appreciate you making the drive all the way out here,” I apologized, shutting the door behind him. He stood in my foyer, looking around. I don’t have much of a foyer. His eyes traced across the living area of my apartment and a confused look crossed his face.

“It’s…” his voice trailed off, then he looked right at me. “More modern than I would have expected.”

I let out a laugh and brushed past him. “Kari decorated it. So it’s a mixture of contemporary European and 1st grader.”

Alex grinned. “Ah… I get it now.”

I looked back over my shoulder. “No decorating style can withstand the powers of an elementary school child. Entropy reigns. Trust me.” Then, just because his mind was on the wrong thing, I let the blue bathrobe I was wearing fall to the ground. And I turned right and headed down the hall to my bedroom.

Alex followed his eyes and I’m not sure his left my ass for even a second. Once we got there I turned, flashing him my front and once more his hungry gaze seemed to ravish me. The inner tiger that had been leashed two days ago within me roared and I realized I was more than wet. I was ready. Oh GOD was I ready.

“Do you want to tie me down?” I asked, picking up a pair of cheap foam and Velcro bondage cuffs. They’d been sitting on the mattress next to four bungee cords that Julie routinely used to secure me spread-eagled to the metal head and footboards of my bed.

Alex looked at them curiously for a moment, then nodded. “I never turn down the offer to tie up a pretty girl who has asked me to whip her.”

I bit my lip, but was basically ignoring him as I struggled to wrap the first cuff around my own wrist. Alex moved forward to help and I let him, my heartbeat already thudding at a faster pace as the excitement flowed through me. I put my right leg up so he could do my ankle and I gasped as he ran his hand up my calf, over my knee, against my thigh, and so close to my soaking wet pussy that I could feel the heat of him.

“Oh please,” I moaned. “Don’t. I’m so fucking close and I don’t dare screw this up.”

Alex made a humming noise. “Alright. I’ll try to be good.” He finished up and then knelt to do my other leg, his face about four inches from my dripping slit. “I can smell you. You’re practically dripping.”

I looked down and ran my fingers through his sandy brown hair. “That just means it will go quick and then you can have your satisfaction,” I replied in a low, sultry voice.

He finished putting the cuff on and I immediately fell back on the bed, spreading my arms and legs to the corners.

“No,” Alex said quickly. “Not like that.”

I looked up at him, perplexed. “No?”

He made a spinning gesture with his finger. “No. The other way. Sideways. With your head on the side of the bed.”

I blinked and started to slide down. “You want me like this?” I asked, positioning myself halfway between the head and footboards. He grinned, nodding.

“Yes. If I’m going to stretch you open, I want you to be stretched.”

I sighed. “Whatever. Just please… do it. Do me.”

This tale of Breanne's is no longer available on Michael Alexander's BDSM blog but can be read in full in Breanne's "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 14."  Check out the amazing antics of the "goddess of dark erotica." At!


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  1. Agree to predicament, or consequence, play at your own risk. That's how you wind up with pierced nipples(or pierced whatever), tattoos, or who knows what done to you. Especially if you're doing a session with another sub who switches or multiple doms.
    But it does add a whole new plateau to the thrill, doesn't it?



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