Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Challenge of Heart Released!

Several years ago Michael Alexander gave us "Challenge of Love", the story of Stephanie and her husband Mark, the faithful housewife with the failing marriage who signs herself and her uncommunicative husband up for a BDSM reality show called the Challenge. While there, Stephanie and Mark rekindle their relationship, both physical and emotional, only to discover that the conditions of the Challenge are more than they can handle.

Now comes the stunning sequel, Challenge of Heart.  Stephanie has been sold into a year of sexual servitude, auctioned off to the highest bidder. To Mark's surprise it is the Australian Roger Davies, the same man who had helped him learn to wield a whip. Davies offers Mark a job, ostensibly keeping Mark close to Stephanie for sordid reasons of his own. But things don't go the way either Mark, or Roger Davies intends. The dark, criminal world Davies is involved with intrudes and Stephanie becomes a prize. Mark, along with the help of one of Davies' other slave girls, must travel around the globe in order to find and claim his wife.

Challenge of the Heart is now available from in e-book format. Get your copy today!


  1. Amazing. When the sequel? I am very anxious to know what will happens to Stephanie and Mark

  2. Well, it might be a while before a sequel to Challenge of Heart comes out. I've got a faint idea of what happens next, but it will need some serious fleshing out!


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