Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Torture Party - Part Four

Part Four

            I collapsed onto the floor, my body just about giving up. I hurt in more ways than I could imagine.  Julie left me there, my pain ridden breasts mashed against the floor, my wrists still cuffed behind me.  I just cried and shook like a bowl of jelly during an earthquake.  I felt hands on me and I was rolled over onto my back.  My cuffs dug into my buttocks and then my ankles were tugged apart and my knees bent.  I was too blinded by my tears to see much, but I felt it; ten hard strokes of the sap, directly on my clit.  I caught a glimpse of Matthew, a look of excitement and need on his face, holding my sap.  I bucked, my hips thrusting upward to meet the blows, but they were practically over before they had even begun, leaving behind a stinging sensation that was rapidly turning into a hard heat.  My pussy was contracting frantically, searching for something to squeeze.

Someone grabbed my foot and hauled it upward and before I had even recovered from the strokes between my legs, the sap was brought down on the sole of my right foot.  It stung, but to be honest, in the whole pantheon of abuses I had already suffered, getting my foot slapped a few times was nothing. Maybe if the sap had been more of a paddle, or maybe if I had gotten thirty or forty strokes, I would have been hurting.  But as it was, I barely felt it since so many other parts of me were on fire.

My other foot was yanked upward too and a matching sting added to the panoply of torments.  I was rolled over and then my bottom was smacked.  Even then, I barely felt it and when Julie and Matthew hauled me to my feet, I was forced to rely on Julie to keep me upright.

And that’s when Matt hit my breasts with the sap.  Now that I felt.  Julie had to haul me backward, almost off my feet, my ankles kicking as Matt let sharp little flicks of his wrist bring the leather rectangle down perfectly on each nipple.  Julie’s hand came up to cover my mouth because I let out a cry that probably could be heard in Downtown Houston.  Once again Julie wrapped her arms around me, her fingers sliding down my torso to grab me between the legs. I felt her fingers press against my petals and then she was inside me, with one hand across my face, tilting me back, while the other dug through my sex.

Matthew was lucky my hands were bound because otherwise there is no way I would have stood for him hitting me like that.  Oh, he wasn’t violent or cruel or vicious or anything. It’s just that my breasts were so sore and painful that getting sapped there was like having hot lava poured on me.  It was a totally unconscious, instinctive reaction.  My world turned red for a full minute and when Matthew was done Julie let me go and I collapsed like an apartment building after demolition explosives blow out all the supports. 

And not even THAT stopped Matthew.  Oh, he put down the sap of course, but he picked me up instead and I was carried, barely cognizant, into the back bedroom.  In moments I was once again laid down on rumpled sheets and I felt a sticky wet spot underneath me.  There was a bit of a conversation, one that I didn’t follow, but evidently involved logistics.  Wow.  You know, only a nympho humiliation pain slut can have so much sex that you actually have to have logistics to handle it.  But since I was to be fucked both front and back, all while providing a handjob, there are evidently protocols to be handled.

To my surprise it was Jimmy who took the bottom.  I was hauled into a squatting position, facing away from him, while Matthew and Saul held my arms.  I felt hands on my hips and then I was guided, carefully, down. I felt the tip of Jimmy’s cock at the entrance of my bottom and I strained to relax, to allow it to happen.  It’s rare for anal penetration to be easy, but I was already opened there, well lubricated, and gravity helped, not to mention the steady pull of Jimmy’s hands.  Once I was done, eyes closed, my face a mask of discomfort, I felt myself pulled backward, impaled on Jimmy, with my full weight draped across his body.

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