Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Falling Snow

A cool brisk wind ruffled her hair as she stood there waiting for him.  The coat collar was turned up, hiding the tiny diamond studs in her ears.  Her hair was cut short, framing her petite and narrow face perfectly, making her look almost doll like, matching her small frame.

"Snow?" he asked from out of the darkness behind her.  She turned in surprise, not expecting him like that.  A momentary flash of fear crossed her face, but then she knew it was him.  He took a step out into the light and leaned forward, kissing her gently, but with force.  She breathed in his scent, wishing he would wrap his arms around her, hold her safe against the cold.  His nickname for her was synonamous with the frozen crystals that mounded at their feet, but inside her there was a fire burning that only he could quench.

He broke the kiss and she wished she could object.  His hand found hers and pulled her along.  She had no idea where he was taking her, having followed his directions to find the spot in the first place.  A moment later he turned her into a shadowed doorway, opened a lock, and directed her into the building.

It was dark inside, but there was some illumination, mostly from lit candles and she suddenly felt very warm.  His fingers slid down her neck to her collar and she felt him pulling the coat from her body.  As he had told her, there was nothing on underneath, her bare skin reflecting the candlelight like snow glistening in the moonlight.  Only the silver snowflake charm he had given her, the one around her neck, marred the marvelous perfection of her skin, right down to the delicate high heels she wore.

 As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, more of the contents of the room came into view.  Her heart thudded with a mixture of alarm and desire as she saw the sparse bed frame, fitted with a simple mattress and enough rope to secure her to the head and footboard. Leather cuffs hung from steel clips on the bedframe.

There was a cart, covered with a simple white sheet, where unknown objects were hidden.  A simple electric extension cord stretched out into the darkness, an empty power strip set in the middle of the floor filled her with foreboding.  What did Chris intend to do to her?

"Lie down on the bed, Snow." His words were like ice, cold and hard, yet beautiful to her ears.  She ignored the shivers, the nervousness she felt, and moved steadily and easily to the bed.  She sat down, looking up at him, then lay back, bringing her feet up onto the thin mattress.

He went swiftly to her, letting his fingers glide up her body, across her knee and to her hip.  He felt her tense, knowing that the touch tickled, ever so slightly.  He moved farther, up her ribs, grazing her skin, only to find the hard little bumps of her nipples standing tall. He moved his hand back and forth, letting the ridges of his fingers lightly bounce over her left breast, watching as she held her breath, tensing in sexual delight.

But his hand went higher, leaving her breast and caressing her shoulder and then neck.  Again she felt shivers, his fingers slid down her arm and to her wrist.  She felt the thick leather cuff being attached and glanced up, watching him as he secured her left arm, then her right, to the headboard.

In seconds her top half was immobilized and as he once again touched her, moving his hand down her body, running a single finger through her dampening slit before touching her thigh.  She gasped, the arousal blossoming inside her.  She felt him grab hold of her ankle, just above the high heel, and then his fingers slipped between the sole of her foot and the shoe, touching her arch.  It tickled, but softly, just barely at the edge where she needed to kick out and stop it.  Again it rasped against her nerves, setting her closer to the edge.

Then he secured her foot, stretching her leg out.  She felt the muscles of her thigh ripple, even as he moved to the other leg.  He spread her wide open and she felt exposed, more than just naked.  The dampness between her legs increased and she felt a tiny trickle. 

His hands slid back up her body and seemed to her as if there was only one place for them to go. She readied herself, expecting him to touch her there, to tantalize her clit, to climb atop her and take her.  But instead he only came close, teasing her, before moving back up to her breasts.  He tweaked the tips of her bosom, and then, when she was near breathless, straightened and flipped the sheet off the cart.

Snow twisted her head to look.  The angle wasn't good and she couldn't see everything on the top shelf, but she caught glimpses.  The vibrator she recognized, but there were other toys there, devices so foreign she couldn't even extrapolate their purpose. 

Chris lifted the first one and held it up.  Snow's eyes narrowed.  What was it?  It appeared to be a glass or Pyrex tube.  The end of it was capped with black rubber and there was some sort of hose that streamed off from it.  He smiled as he brought it down.  She stiffened as he placed it over her right nipple.  Then she saw the bulb in his hand.  He squeezed it tight and she felt the suction drawing the tip of her breast upward, squeezing the tender nub into the tight glass tube.  She moaned and still he pumped, drawing her nipple a full inch, then two, sucking it into the narrow container.  The pressure was unbearable and she moaned, whimpering under the stress.  He quickly detached the bulb, a simple locking mechanism holding the vacuum around her distended nipple.

Snow trembled under the sensation and missed him picking up the second tube.  Her chest heaved as he bent back over her, tweaking her free nipple, then setting the empty tube over it.  In seconds her left breast felt the same budding pressure, the tug, the suckling. She gasped as the sensation shot down between her legs and she couldn't help it as her hips bucked, thrusting her pelvis forward in simple but expressive need.

"Please..." she whispered to Chris, her eyes alight with a fire that seemed unquenchable.  He turned back to her, a third tube in his hands and a wicked smile on his face.

"Already, Snow?  You've barely melted and you want release?"  He bent down low and kissed her again, this time with softness and less urgency since she was already in his grasp.  "No.  I would as soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words," he said, quoting from memory.

Her eyes narrowed and she felt a tinge of anger. "How long have you waited to use that?" she said, hoping that her words would spark the punishment she was craving.  Instead he laughed. "We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt."

"What is that supposed to mean?" she demanded, but he only bent over at her waist.  She gasped as his fingers slid through her petals, touching her, opening her up.  Then she felt the cold circle of glass around her clit, not touching it directly, but enfolding it.  His fist squeezed the bulb and suddenly she felt the suckling of her clit as it was drawn into the glass tube. 

"Oh! Oh my!" she whispered, arching her back.  He let out another soft chuckle as he finished, detaching the bulb and leaving the glass rod dangling from her clitoris.  He could see her flesh drawn into the tube, compressed and pulled and incredibly wet. Her eyes were closed and with each breath the matching equipment on her bosom wiggled deliciously.

 He sat down at the end of the bed and to her surprise began unbuckling her high heel shoe.  In seconds her bare foot was at his mercy and he began by lightly rubbing the bottom of her foot. It wasn't tickling, but it was as close as he could come without her screaming in hysterics.  Shivers went up her spine and she couldn't help twitching, which merely made the triple set of suction tubes jiggle like mad, translating the movement into direct sexual stimulation.  With one finger stroking the arch of her foot, his other slid up her leg and began lightly caressing the folds of her flower, stroking and rubbing, never penetrating her depths, but instead tormenting her with softness.  The touch was like lightening, heat and fire and need boiling inside her.

 Again her hips rolled, working back and forth, as if she were trying to force him inward, to take his fingers and relieve her every need.  But he knew what she was doing and continued the maddening caress.  Again she pleaded, begging him to take her.

"Please Chris! Master! Please, take me! I need it," she whispered, knowing in her heart that he would deny her anyway.  She wanted him to deny her, to torment her, to use her this way. 

"Snow white, so bright. Let me make you melt tonight," Chris whispered.

 She felt a flurry of frustration, her heels thudding against the mattress. "Don't quote poetry at me!  Fuck me!" she replied harshly.

 That earned her the flick of his hand against the tube that dangled from her clit and quick sting of sexual pain slammed into her.  As quickly as it came it was gone, leaving her desperately wanting and throbbing with need.  She blinked, groaning, not understanding how the quick, sharp burst of pain could possible make her arousal more intense.

 "Do not make fun of my poetry," Chris said with derision.  "I'm working hard here."

 Snow rolled her eyes, but it was a half-hearted gesture. She was still too aroused.  "Right."

 Chris grinned wickedly and leaned over her body.  His weight pushed on the tubes, twisting them downward at an angle, and pulling hard against her breasts and clit.  He kissed her as she gasped, her body again tensing with need at the sensation.

 "I think you're ready for the next level."

 Snow blinked.  The next level? 

 "Aren't you... aren't you just going to take me?" she asked worriedly.

 He shook his head. "Of course not.  That would be too easy.  I told you that I would use you, that I would torment you.  That I would melt you and freeze you and sculpt you?  Well I haven't even started yet."

 His words were like ice against her nerves and she let out a pitiful moan.  He reached back up to his little cart and brought out a vibrator.

 "But you know how you talk about loving being denied orgasm?" he asked.  She groaned again and nodded. "Well we're going to try something new."  He reached down and released the latch on the tube suckling her clit.  Snow gasped as the pressure released her and the blood rushed back into her suckled clitoris.  "I'm going to vibrate you now, right up to the point of orgasm, and then you'll tell me to stop."

 He turned on the vibrator to it's lowest setting and pressed it lightly to her clit. Snow stiffened, pulling on her bonds, her heels pressing into the mattress.

 "What if I want to cum?" she asked through clenched teeth as the amazing sensation exploded through her, centered on her clit and smashing it's way up through her nervous system like an icebreaker through the arctic seas.

 Chris grinned.  "The punishment for cumming, my sweet, falling Snow, is more cumming."

"What?" she gasped, her body betraying her, thrusting forward, pressing her mons against the vibrating and rolling tip of his toy. 

 "If you cum, I'll immediately make you cum again.  And then a third time.  No breaks.  No rest.  Just me tormenting your clit to the point where you are sobbing and blubbering and can't even beg me to stop properly.  I will melt you into a puddle of whimpering girl, who can't even ask me to take you.  And once your pussy is drenched and melted and your clit is so sensitive that even the lightest touch sends you into spasms, I will mount you."

 Snow grit her teeth, glaring at him. "Bastard," she said, trying desperately to ignore the buzzing against her clit.  She closed her eyes and strained against her bonds.  "Please Chris! I can't take it!" she cried out. 

 "Then tell me to stop.  I will," he paused.  "For a moment at least."  His eyes went back to the cart.  I have all sorts of things I want to use on you.

 Sexual need exploded through her and she wished he would ram that vibrator into her body.  "Please, take me! I want you! Use me!" she begged.  In response he rubbed the vibrating tip of the phallus against her clit even more rapidly.  Her toes curled and she could feel the orgasm building inside her.  She slid toward the cliff, the sharp edge of immediate release and she cried out.

 "So what do you want, Snow?  Unending torment, multiple orgasms until you can't walk? Or do you want the slow, unceasing torture of me playing with you, denying you over and over until you would do anything, say anything, go anywhere, accept anything in order to cum?" Chris demanded.  He slid one finger into her depths.

 Snow slid toward the edge of the cliff, the icy flakes fluttering by her.  Her fingers scrambled at the frozen glacier cliff, not sure if she were pushing herself further, or trying to stop herself.  Which would she choose?  Utter abandon?  Non-stop orgasm for hours until she couldn't walk?  Or did she want his other offer, of non-stop torment, unending, unyielding desire? 

 "Chris?  Master?" she gasped.

 "Your answer, Snow?"

 "I want... I want... "

Snow, if you want this continued, I need to know what you choose.  Either post a comment anywhere on the blog, or email me directly.  All I need to know is if you chooses orgasm or denial. - Breanne


  1. If it were you, I would guess orgasms, but I think you would require more torment to accompany the stimulation to get you over the cliff, right?



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