Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Original Nippleband

Excerpt from Breanne Erickson's "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut" Volume #1

When I was 13 or so my parents got me braces; nothing spectacular, just some minor dental work to fix a crowded jaw and a little overbite.  Eventually I had a spectacular smile with straight teeth.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  I know it cost you!  Anyway, for a grueling three or four months I was required to have a certain amount of tension on my braces.  To do that, the orthodontist provided me with a pack of really small rubber bands, so tiny that they would barely fit around the tip of my pinky finger.  Fortunately I didn’t have to wear them that long, and that left me with a small container filled with the little rubber bands.  About four years later my former Mistress and best friend found them sitting in my medicine cabinet and they quickly found their way onto both of my nipples.  This created all sorts of mischief and mayhem, from making me wear them without a bra, to putting several on at a time and creating a sort of tight clamp that fit right around my nubs. 

Since then I’ve always kept a supply on hand and I made my way to my awesome toy box and moved aside dildos and vibrators, ben wa balls and the French tickler, clamps and chains and cuffs and even a bag of tiny tacks, until I found what I was looking for: a small clear plastic box of little rubber bands.  I fished two out and snagged some duct tape (don’t ask why this is in my toy box…at least not right now.  That’s a story for another day) and went to my window.  I took off my tee shirt and then opened the pane.  In seconds the cool air had my skin raised in goose bumps and both nipples were hard as rocks.  I quickly applied my rubber bands and then closed the window.  Three inches of duct tape torn in two provided two silver strips which went horizontally across both breasts, making sure the bands wouldn’t slip off.  For me, I doubted that would have happened since the tightness of the rubber bands would keep both nipples hard.  But hey, I try. - Breanne
 While orthodontia bands might have been what was on hand, imagine what would have been possible if Breanne had a couple of The Original Nipplebands at hand.  Perhaps Kari will buy her some.  I'd like to see an assignment with Breanne sporting these!

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