Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Erotic Monster Manual

When I was sixteen, my then girlfriend dragged me to my first ever Dungeons and Dragons game.  It was a family affair.  Her father was the DM (Dungeon Master or Game Master) and her two younger brothers rounded out the party.  My girlfriend (who would eventually become my wife) played a gallant lady knight, a Paladin with a magic sword.  Her brothers respectively were a temperamental dwarf and a young wizard overly fond of casting the spell "fireball."  I learned quite quickly that when encountering one of the many beasties of the Dungeon and Dragon's world that the first thing I should do was duck.  Not because I was being attacked by said creature, but because undoubtedly my wife's wizarding younger brother would cast fireball regardless of the fact that everyone else in his party was standing in front of him. I played an elven Ranger Lord whose aristocratic style grated on the dwarf to no end.  Game play was often hilarious.
Earlier today, while doing some research for a new novel, I encountered something that I couldn't help laughing at and thoroughly enjoying.  If you are a fan, in any way, of Tolkien, Baulder's Gate, or Dungeons and Dragons, then take a few moments to appreciate the art from the Erotic Monster Manual Contest hosted at Something Awful.  It is well worth your time and if you really are a fan, you'll get the jokes!

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