Monday, July 23, 2012


As surprising as it may be, Breanne's prolific nature has again given us a plethora of tales to enjoy.  Recently we began collating her current tales into another collection (Volume 6 no less) and are pleased to announce that not only are we expecting to be able to release a new Volume of Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut this September, but for the first time it will have previously unreleased/unpublished tales from Breanne included. 

Right now I'm still waiting on a few more tidbits from Breanne as well as working on art.  The progression of art for the Tales series has been one of increasing realism.  For example, the first Tales volume looked like this:
Tales Volume #1

Erotic, but not very eye catching.  Then we went to this:

Tales Volume #2

Again, Sheo from DeviantArt did a wonderful job, but we were ready to move on to something a little more adult and looking less like a Manga novel

Tales Volume #3
I did the artwork for Volume 3 and thought it turned out nicely.  Pain in the ass to draw out though.

Volume #4 we went back to Sheo and her latest style.  Breanne ended up looking a little... well... pencil necked.  But great bolero jacket!

More photorealism came for Volume #5 and I had to do some serious playing around with this cover to get it looking the way I wanted it.  All in all, a successful endeavor.  

And here is our latest offering and the conceptualized version of the latest concept art for the cover.  I've put a poll over on the right side bar at the top for you to vote, but if you'd like to make a comment, feel free to let us know how you feel!


  1. Hey Michael,
    Your best cover in my opinion was Coming of Age. This was eye catching and sale-able. Although I still think that the font is great.

  2. Caz, thank you. I also agree the Coming of Age was the best cover I've put together and Breanne's sales reflect this. We've even had people buy the book on the cover alone. However, the Tales series is of a different breed and we need something that isn't so "romance" oriented and looks more like what Tales actually is: a serious BDSM erotica anthology. The Tales of a NHPS series is highly specialized to a particular market. Coming of Age is not. So with that in mind, do you feel I still need to start over on this version of the Tales cover?

  3. Michael yes, the title fonts manages to reflect the connection with the series. I have some experience in the matter, book whether hard paper or eBook, are sold on their publicity. The "look" of the cover needs to grab the buyer, and a book's cover is its main publicity hammer (that is its purpose). I have great respect for you and would never diminish your work on the series, what you have done is outstanding. However, I would love to see a transition between what we have had and what might sell more units of the eBook. Did you get my notes on the cover of the first book? It basically said "play up Bre's anonymity" What I suggested was to take Bre's truck as a real pic (in the same position) and then "cut" (impose) Selo's drawing of Bre into the picture (in the position that is is in the drawing). So without know what is in the book it is impossible to guess what the cover should be.
    The cover also works best when it is a taste of what inside, the balero jacket which is feature in one of Bre entries for vol 4 for example.
    Sorry I talk to much and if I offended you I apology.

  4. Caz,

    I'm pretty tough to offend and frankly, I appreciate the feedback. If I did not desire honest commentary, I wouldn't ask for it, my friend. I recognize your experience in this matter. Please email so we can discuss some options. Thank you. - MA


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