Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things Have Changed

This is going to be short, because I’m writing it all up, but it’s a long story and an emotional one, so I’ve got to be sure I get everything down as best I can. After my enigmatic “things have changed” status update on Facebook, I’m figuring just about everyone is freaking out, wondering what the hell is going on.

I can’t possibly summarize it. Well, I suppose I could. In the shortest possible explanation of Saturday’s events, the following things happened:

1. I was stripped.
2. I was tested.
3. I orgasmed.
4. I was tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross.
5. I was betrayed.
6. I got pierced.
7. I was angry.
8. I orgasmed.
9. I was tortured.
10. I was hurt.
11. I orgasmed.
12. I got disgusted.
13. I was whipped.
14. I was exchanged.
15. I made someone ELSE cum.
16. I made love to a little French maid.
17. I watched other girls get punished.
18. I orgasmed.
19. Kari and I fought.
20. Kari cried.
21. I cried.
22. And I accepted a collar. A real one. A permanent one. Not submissive… but truly giving everything up to Kari.

Curious now? Damn right you are. Things were VERY complicated. I spent all day writing already and I’m on page 21. This one might even end up being novel length. We’ll see. Anyway, stay with me. I’ll post tomorrow and let you know how some other things have changed!




  1. Well, this IS news. I'm looking forward to hearing more soon.

  2. It is past tomorrow now. Perhaps you need a punishment for making us wait.

  3. oh this sound bad, I can't wait, please post more.

  4. So I'm old fashioned but, if she is Collared now that changes Hyde. The only one who can punish her now would be Kari or wit Kari's permission. But meh, just my 2 cents.

    Waiting for an update when you can Bre.

    Vegas DJ

  5. DJ, that's really for Kari to say, isn't it?

    As the title says, things have changed. Just how much they've changed, we'll have to wait to hear from Breanne. As it is, I said "Perhaps" and I'm just expressing a thought here. Whether Breanne, or Kari agrees with that thought, well again, we'll wait and see.

  6. You know, Kari seemed to be all on board for the anniversary stuff... maybe she'll let Breanne continue her assignments!


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