Thursday, October 9, 2014

Resistance (Part Three)

If you haven't read Part One or Part Two, you really should do that first. Don't ya think?

I tried to shut the door quietly, but Ford F-150’s aren’t the kind of vehicle you can do anything quietly in.  I looked up at the farm house.  The place was dark and quiet and I could sense that everyone inside was asleep.  That was a good thing.  It was already eleven o’clock and it meant that no one would be waiting up.  Even the living room window was dark, meaning my dad wasn’t in his easy chair with the television on.
Gingerly I stepped over to the barn. I wasn’t wearing any clothes, nor did I have any in the barn or truck.  Isobel, in a fit of pique at my response to her request that I provide her a rimjob had kindly ordered me to leave naked and drive home unattired.  Kari hadn’t objected, mostly because I think she was embarrassed at the way I refused Isobel’s order, rather than the order itself.  In any event, wearing only the RVP (which I’d just turned on again), wrist cuffs, and my high heels, I stepped over to the barn door and went in.
Turning on the lights, I surveyed my surroundings.  The barn was about sixty feet long, two levels in some places, and housed stalls for about fifteen horses (though only four were occupied), a half pen for pigs, and a sort of workshop/tractor housing in the back right hand corner.  It’s also where we kept the rope locker.
I wrapped my arms around my welted breasts, wincing as the lingering pain of Sara’s caning seeped up through me.  I’d be sporting the marks for days, each one set in place with a thin, wooden rod she’d brought.  My ass was also vibrating, stuffed thoroughly with my Titanmen Vibrating Inflatable Wonder Plug, a massive toy that was not combining well with the RVP.  Or should I say, it was combining too well? I was on the verge of another orgasm, which meant I needed to get a move on.
I winced as I walked across the floor.  My breasts weren’t the only parts of me caned.  Over the reddish soreness of the rubber band snaps were twenty more darker lines, placed there by Isobel with Sara’s cane.  As if heels weren’t hard enough, or painful enough to walk in, now the soles of my feet felt like I’d had them branded.
I made it to the rope locker and dug around for a few minutes.  Eventually I found the knotted rope and pulled it out.  It was almost a half inch thick line, the knots heavy and spaced every eight to twelve inches. I also grabbed the strap winch and hook and then hobbled to the back wall.  It didn’t take me long to get the rope attached, level with my belly button, dragging it heavily across the barn.  I made it to the other end and hooked it in place, only then starting the heavy cranking needed to force the rope into a taut line.

We're sorry, but the rest of this tale is now only available in Breanne Erickson's amazing novel "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 10" Now available from!

Your assignment today is about resistance.  The assignment starts the moment you wake up. You will dress in whatever clothing you would like.  Your toy of the day will be the RVP (Rotating Venus Penis).  I am aware that there are two functions: a rotation action with three settings, and a vibration function, also with three settings.  At no point during the day will either function be turned off.  For fifteen minutes of every hour one of the functions must be turned to high.  For the remainder of the time you may adjust the settings as you see fit, provided both functions not be turned off.  I suspect you will cum frequently and often.  Waves count.
However there are repercussions for orgasm.  With a thirty minute time period, with a different person each time, with no repeats, you will seek and accept the following punishments. Some will require you to remove the RVP, which should be immediately put back in once you’ve been suitably chastised.  If the punishment does not require the removal, the RVP stays in – and on.  Should you fail to   complete the required punishment, you will complete a single knotted rope walk, stretched at the height of your naval, across your barn, wearing your alligator nipple clamps, with your wrist cuffs connected crosswise to the clamps across your chest.  Have fun. - Brandon
First Orgasm – Twenty spanks to your bare bottom.
Second Orgasm – Hard breast slapping
Third Orgasm – Twenty rubber band snaps to each sole
Fourth Orgasm – Alligator clamps, applied by someone else, on your nipples, worn till your next orgasm.
Fifth Orgasm – Fucked up the ass
Sixth Orgasm – Twenty strokes of the sap to your clitoris.
Seventh Orgasm – Weighted Bell Clover Clamps, applied by someone else, worn till you complete a dozen NHPS Jumping Jacks
Eighth Orgasm – Clit and pussy hot waxed, removed via flogger.
Ninth Orgasm – Your Titanmen Inflatable Vibrating Wonderplug, lubricated with Stinging O, stuffed up your bottom, turned to maximum, and left there for the remainder of the day.
Tenth Orgasm – Both functions of the RVP turned to high for twenty minutes while giving a blowjob.
Eleventh Orgasm - Have someone cane the bottoms of your feet.
Any additional orgasms can be punished as Kari sees fit.


  1. Sorry about that. When Breanne sends me an assignment that's over 8 pages I try to break it up and using both Google Docs and MS Word, I also try to remove much of the formatting code. Unfortunately I forgot to change the text colors, which meant that we had black text upon black background. My fault! - MA

  2. Hi Michael, Where on earth did you find this BEAUTIFUL picture of the blonde lady who had her breasts caned? Google image search gives no results.

  3. I run three different picture blogs on tumblr and I'm an avid fan. I've subscribed to around a hundred different tumblr blogs as well and whenever I see one of those pictures I think would work well with Breanne's writings, I try to save it and keep it handy. It's always been my opinion that a few pictures breaking up the text, especially if related to what is being described, can be very beneficial. When Breanne is ready to post something she signs on to the blog and creates a draft. I then go back in and make corrections to any blaring errors and formatting, then find a few pictures that would go well with the story. Then I change the text color and publish. It's not a terribly complicated process, but it is a bit time consuming. - MA


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