Saturday, October 4, 2014

NEW! From Michael Alexander! Sigma Epsilon Chi: The Intern

Sigma Epsilon Chi: The Intern
A decade ago Michael Alexander's readers were introduced to a luscious brunette named Samantha Mayfield.  Kidnapped by "The Waxers" Samantha discovered something inside herself that blossomed a year later when she was tapped to join Sigma Epsilon Chi, the notorious and secretive lesbian BDSM sorority at her university.  Chronicled in Michael Alexander's novel "Sigma Epsilon Chi," (2011) Samantha's pledge week becomes the stuff of legend as she submits to almost unimaginable sexual torments that isn't so much a hazing as a way of life.  Samantha doesn't just survive pledge week, but becomes so inured to her life as a Sigma Epsilon Chi novice that she cannot imagine living any other way...

Michael Alexander Productions is pleased to announce the release of Michael Alexander's latest novel, the continuation of Samantha's amazing story.  Now, after finishing her first year as a novice of Sigma Epsilon Chi, Samantha is given an opportunity by Calli Weston, an alumni of the Sorority and former mistress of both Tami and Kristen, to intern with her at Acme Industries. Despite Tami's misgivings - that Samantha is too masochistic and submissive and that being with Calli will permanently damage Samantha - Sam accepts and embarks on an adventure where she finds the answers to what she wants - sexual torment and submission.

Sigma Epsilon Chi

Haven't read the first short story involving Samantha?  Read "The Waxers" for free at Michael Alexander Stories in the Free Story Archive!

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