Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thirty Minutes

The living room was a wreck and it wasn’t my fault.  At least, not directly.  Sure, I suppose that most of it could be laid directly at my feet vicariously, but to be honest, I’m not the one who got out all the rope.  Or the spreader bars.  Or the duct tape, much less the metal stand.  I was positioned, helpless in the middle of the creative destruction while Mike the Hardware Guy gently eased the massive, nine inch long dildo into my very wet, quite oiled slit, making me groan.  To further quantify my innocence, at least as far as the messy living room was concerned, my hands were bound firmly behind my back, my legs were spread about three feet apart, and there was a post impaling me.  

Oh. And I was naked.  See?  No way could I be responsible for the mess.

Mike was concentrating and I wish I could say he was concentrating on my clit, but that wouldn’t have been true.  Instead he was futzing around with the center pole, an adjustable bar mounted to a thick metal plate, which he’s used on me several times before when circumstances required me to be mounted on something pointed and penetrative.  At the top of the pole he’d attached a long, nine inch rubber dildo, the kind that fills a girl to the brim and makes them swoon.  I didn’t mind. It felt good, though I admit that flat footed there wasn’t much room for movement.  My legs were each cuffed with a black leather anklet, both of which were attached via eighteen inch spreader bars to the main pillar.  It kept my legs spread a discrete distance and allowed me a range of movement I’ve rarely been given in bondage situations.  

“How does that feel?” he asked me, studying the spread petals of my sex.  The massive dildo was relatively thick and felt like one of my girlfriends had pushed their hand inside me.

“It’s fine,” I assured him.  And it was. I was flat footed, all the way down, and quite stuffed.  Admittedly, I wanted to bounce, but I figured that would just mess things up for him.  

“Okay, go up on tip toe,” he told me.  I did, rising up a full three or four inches.  It was tough to tell.  I wasn’t exactly in a position where I could make marks on the dildo just to see how high I was managing to get.

“That’s good, Bre.  Thanks,” Mike said. “You can go back down.”

I let out a breath and lowered myself down, letting out another moan as the thick dildo split me. Oh man… I so wanted to bounce!  Mike got up and gave me a smile.  

“It’s perfect. Are you ready to do this?”

Of course I was ready!  Are you kidding me?  I nodded and grinned. “Do me, lover boy,” I said wickedly and Mike turned around, picked up the Hitachi Magic Wand and a roll of duct tape.  Positioning the Magic Wand so that the bulbous head was pressed tightly against my clitoris, right along the side of the dildo, he flicked my clit lightly.  That made me squeal a bit and rise up by about half an inch. Mike secured it in place with a long strip of adhesive and I came back down, the soles of both feet on the ground.  To my surprise, it now felt as if I were sitting on the massager, some of my weight mashing the little nub hard into the rounded head. I groaned again, wanting him to turn it on.

My wish was granted a half second later and Mike flipped on the Hitachi massager, setting the selector to high.  Instantly a sensational vibration began between my legs, rippling up through my clit and petals, penetrating deep, and leaving me breathless.  It was quite intense and you might be surprised to find that I found it just a bit overpowering.  But that was the point.  I trembled and went up slightly on tiptoe.  That made everything better, and worse, especially because I went back down just half a second later.  Now the in and out sensation of the thick dildo sliding in and out of my slit was combined with the intensity of the massager head messing around with my clitoris.  I went back up, relieving the intensity of the vibrations, feeling them now through the stand and the dildo inside me, only to drop back down deliberately, even before my arches tired.

Mike held up the stopwatch.  Clearly he was timing me.  “How long can you tolerate it before you have to raise up?” he asked as I began bouncing enthusiastically.  It didn’t matter if I was up or down, it felt amazing!

I blinked, waves of exquisite pleasure bursting up from my loins. “What? I thought I only had to bounce for thirty minutes?” I asked, my chest heaving as the pressure built inside me fast.  Can anyone say “freight train?” Cause the lights were blinking and the railroad crossing gates were coming down rapidly.

Mike sat down on the couch opposite me with a silly grin on his face.  “Well, we’ll see. Kari left it to me on how long you’d be riding.”  He looked a little chagrined.  “I think the idea was that you go up and stay there,” he said with disappointment.

I dropped back down with a forceful groan, a thrill of vibrational ecstasy going through me as the Magic Wand was once again jammed tightly against my clit.  “Why,” I said, gasping slightly, “would I,” another gasp, “want to do,” then a groan as I rose back up, feeling the dildo slip half way out of me, “that?” I finished and dropped back down, this time letting my knees buckle.  It meant practically resting my entire body weight on the dildo/massager combo, but who cared?  I was in sexual nirvana there.  It was fucking awesome!

Mike didn’t reply and instead watched.   I bounced. I moaned. I groaned. I whimpered.  My hips rolled. My breasts rose and fell.  And then I cried out in sexual release as my entire body shuddered and I exploded so powerfully and so long, riding that silly Magic Wand, that juice literally gushed out of me, streaming down my leg and no doubt soaking the metal bar wedged up between my legs.

“Four minutes, twenty-eight seconds,” Mike said, jotting down the time on a little pad of paper.  I groaned, just a little out of it, and then realized that the Magic Wand was still vibrating like mad, and that my clit was just a tad bit sensitive.  Even more surprising, I was up on tiptoe, an involuntary response my body took while my brain was still lost in the wash of oxytocin and endorphins.  What can I say?  Sex is the best drug ever.  And I’m an addict.

We're sorry, but the rest of this tale is now only available in Breanne Erickson's amazing novel "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 10" Now available from!

Hello Breanne, this one is fairly simple, because I don’t know you. I am going to start off simple and if you try and like this assignment, I can get more complicated with higher stakes. I honestly love to talk ideas.  You will need a spread bar that will spread your legs wide, but you will also need to be able to keep your balance and be comfortable standing.  You will need a stick or a rod that is tied in the middle of the spread bar, facing up, with a dildo secured to the top of it.  It is very important that when you are standing flat footed the dildo will be all the way inside you so that you should feel full.  Then have someone tape or secure a very powerful egg vibrator or massager to the bottom of the dildo so that when you are flat footed the vibrator is pushing on your clit.  Your hands should be cuffed behind your back. The vibrator should be turned on and you start the “dance”.  Thirty minutes sounds appropriate. – Master Shadow

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  1. That was awesome Breanne. The only touch I would've added, if Mike had added the conical butt plug to the rig.



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