Monday, August 18, 2014


The wind rustled the leaves around us, dappled sunlight streaming through the trees and leaving a mixture of light and dark on Nick’s skin.  I smiled wickedly, my hips grinding down as I worked myself back and forth on his extended shaft, his fingers tracing lazy circles through the oil that coated my body.  I was naked, gloriously bare and the fact that we were lying on a thickly padded quilt, in a quiet and secluded glen, deep in the George Bush Reservoir and Flood Plain, just made our love making all that much better.  I wriggled my hips, eliciting a groan from his half open mouth.  His thumbs graced my nipples, almost flicking the gold piercing on my right breast.  A small padlock dangled down and he teased it, sending tiny sparks of exquisite pleasure back up through me.  I clenched down on his cock, squeezing him inside me, my toes curling as he strained upward.  I’ve always loved this position, with me on top, controlling depth and penetration angle.  Normally my own satisfaction is an afterthought when I’m in this kind of situation, wildly screwing someone nearby, but this time I needed to cum first and I let myself go with a kind of wild abandon that made me all the more attractive to Nick.

I hate to say it, but our wild, outdoor, fairy-like lovemaking became a race and evidently I’m better than I thought I was because I felt shudder beneath me even as his thick rod turned into a granite pillar.  There was a throbbing sensation deep in my loins and I fought the urge to snarl at him as he grabbed me and rolled, pinning me to the quilt and taking me by force for the last few necessary thrusts.  The new position released the pressure I’d been building on top of him and as I felt him gasp and go still, I muttered a few choice swear words, straining with need and want, facing disappointment.

Nick half collapsed on me, holding me still, which made things even worse and it wasn’t till I hit him lightly on the shoulder with a grunt of displeasure that he rolled off me, his weight no longer holding me down and his softening manhood leaving a wet trail across my thigh.

“Damn!” I said again, sexual frustration powering much of my agitation.  

Nick laughed, clearly pleased with himself and obviously in the middle of the afterglow I’d wanted to have.  

We're sorry, but the rest of this tale is now only available in Breanne Erickson's amazing book "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 11" Now available from!

Between Orgasms

Breanne, for your next assignment you will start by giving yourself five mind-blowing orgasms.  It doesn't matter how.  You can fuck someone, or several someones, or you can do another assignment for all I care.  All that matters is that you are well sauced when you begin what I have in mind for you.  I need you sexually tired.  You will need some supplies for my assignment, including two small metal buckets capable of holding at least a pint of water each, a gallon of water, two twenty foot lengths of twine, your wrist and ankle cuffs, two skeins of rope, your Rotating Venus Penis, your Titanmen Inflatable Wonder Plug, and your pair of non-connected clover clamps. For appearances I would also suggest your bottle of grapeseed oil.  Last but not least, you will need to bring a rubber flogger. You will then find a friend who will assist you with this assignment, preferably one who will not balk at hitting you with the flogger.

You will be taken out to a wooded area where you will find a suitable place between two trees with overhanging branches.  You will strip naked and then completely oil yourself from the neck down except for your nipples.  Strap on the RVP. Insert the Titanmen Wonder Plug, and attach the clover clamps to the tips of your breasts.  Place the wrist and ankle cuffs on yourself, then move between the two trees.  Allow your assistant to attach the twine to the clover clamps, throwing the loose ends over branches to your left and right.  Your assistant will then attach the small buckets to the ends of the strings so that the buckets are suspended in mid-air.  Spread your legs as wide apart as you can comfortably stand - and uncomfortably stand would be better, and allow your assistant to tie your ankle cuffs to the two trees, keeping you spread open and immobile.  Then your assistant will bind your wrist cuffs together, behind your back.  Have your assistant turn the RVP to full power, both rotation and vibration function, as well as inflate the Titanmen Wonder Plug to it's full size, then activate the vibration function.  Lastly, your assistant will fill the small buckets with water. 

Your goal is to have an additional two orgasms.  At any moment when you are not actually having an orgasm between the trees, your assistant may whip you, fondle you, pinch you, or tickle you.  A third orgasm would be greatly appreciated. - Brandon

Breanne Erickson is the author of "The Society of the Golden Rose" as well as ten other amazing novels detailing her sexual escapades.  Branded the "Goddess of Dark Erotica" by Afterdark Online, Breanne's witty narrative and self-depreciating humor brings a burst of light hearted fun to her BDSM adventures.  Take the plunge and visit and check out Breanne's sexcapades!


  1. Hello, ma'am.
    May I ask why you are punished for taking a medical out, and what the punishment was? I enjoy reading your stories! I love the punishment aspect and would love to experience it sometime.
    Thank you for reading the comment, ma'am.

  2. In general I'm discouraged by Kari for taking a medical out. The idea is to push me to my limits and knowing that if I bail there will be a review and punishment makes me think twice about giving up!


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