Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nipple Clamps - A Primer

Hey guys, let's talk tits for a moment. Specifically, how to clamp them.  See, there is a right way to do this, and a wrong way to do it.  If you do it the wrong way, you're going to cause your submissive (or yourself) a lot more pain and tenderness than is healthy for them, so we need to go over a few important rules.

First of all, these are breasts:

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but we're going to focus on the nipples, which are those two little bumps that are so sensitive and fun.  Look at them.  Don't they just beg for you to lick, suck, pinch and clamp them?  Yep. I thought so.

Now let's talk clamps.  There are lots of kinds.  For example:

Japanese Clover Clamps.  They tighten when you pull on them.
Chopstick clamps.
Rubberband clamps
Binder Clamps!
Duck Bill Clamps.
So you can see, there are lots of options.  But I want you to notice something, and here's the big thing.  Most of these clamps are on pretty far back.  You don't want to actually compress just the little pink tip.  Why?  Because that hurts so bad that I don't know a single girl that really stand that for any length of time.  It hurts like holy hell and leaves her so tender that she's not going to want to put a clamp on again for DAYS.  So how do we function with clamps?  Put them on farther back.  Then we can tolerate the throbbing ache the way you want us to. Okay?

Oh. I forgot to post a picture of an alligator clamp.

Love ya!

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  1. Read's post...

    "Ah, Bre would like more assignments where she has to clamp the tips of her nipples, probably wants to wear a tack bra insert afterwards as well."


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