Tuesday, October 1, 2013

78 Orgasms - No More No Less - Tuesday Evening

Tuesday Evening

Things are not going well.  At least, not as well as I would like. This morning I woke tense and strangely enough, sexually sated.  I had worked myself through seventeen orgasms the previous day, mostly on pure adrenaline and the fact that I’d just spent five days going without.  That all worked in my favor, but this morning I just didn’t feel like I NEEDED sex, which is a very strange occurrence for a girl like me.  Knowing I had to jump start my own engine I laid in bed and pulled my night shirt up.  Soft light touches, from the tips of my breasts down to the soft petals of my sex slowly got me in the mood, but it was still an effort and it took over twenty minutes to work myself up into the blood boiling desperation of orgasmic bliss.  Fortunately I still had the Husky dildo inside me.  I had slept with it in, keeping me filled, which normally would have been sufficient to at least keep me semi-aroused.  But it certainly helped get me where I needed to go this morning.

Of course it came out just minutes after I pulled myself from out of the covers.  I padded naked too my computer, checked my email, and groaned.  Kari, my best friend, sometimes lover, and deviant, cruel, sadistic mistress, had set my toy of the day with my worst interests in mind.  So Tuesday I once again stuffed my ben wa balls, two golf-ball sized spheres, with no motors, into my sodden swamp.  Why oh why couldn’t I wear my Rotating Venus Penis?

I got dressed in blue jeans and a tee shirt and headed out to the barn where I worked over an hour and a half before I even felt close to being physically ready for another go at orgasm.  I unbuttoned my jeans, worked them down my legs, and even kicked off my boots.  Standing there in just my socks, panties, and tee shirt, I laid down on a horse blanket over a couple of bales of hay, and began doing some things that would have certainly attracted the attention of all the cowboys we had.  If we had any cowboys.  As it was, neither the horses nor our pigs really cared about the half-naked cowgirl writhing on the hay, even if she was pinching her nipples and clit with more than the usual desperation.

I felt wrung out when I was done and by the time I finished my chores I still wasn’t ready for another round.  Breakfast came and went and as I headed back out to ride out to the north fields to put out feed for some of our cows, it was everything I could do to keep going, knowing that I needed to do it AGAIN out there.  I did it, standing up, with a cow staring at me from about twenty feet away, my jeans around my ankles.  It wasn’t a pretty orgasm, more rough and tumble.  But it was intense enough to squirt juice on the ground at least.  Not the best way to water crops, but hey… I’ll try anything.

Lunch time came and went and so did I with another orgasm out in the barn and I began to notice something.  The more orgasms I had, the more I needed something a little peppier to get me going.  So I went out.  

That’s right.  I went out.

I grabbed the shortest skirt I owned and a mid-riff baring halter top, not to mention my clover clamps.  Tossing it all into a bag along with a pair of fuck me high heels, I took the truck out with a shouted call of “going for errands!”  I made it as far as the farm to market road that borders our farm where I quickly moved to the grill of my Ford F-150, stripped out of my tee shirt, jeans, boots and panties, and managed to stuff myself into the sparse and inappropriate clothing I had brought.  Then, looking like a two bit whore in need of a john, with my pussy now nicely convulsing around the ben wa balls and feeling the need, I drove to the mall.  I called David immediately.  

“I’m here, but I’m dressed inappropriately.  Do you still want me to come by your office?” I asked him.

There was a momentary pause.  “Assignment?” he asked.

“Nope.  Just trying not to cum,” I told him brightly. It was a lie.  I know. I lied. I admit it.  But if I had told him I was supposed to try to cum as much as possible, he’d have kept me for God knows how long, denying me climax.  

“Trying not to cum?” he asked, his tone sweet.

“Absolutely.  So you’ll be nice, right?” I said.

“Come to my office,” he replied.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I came.  Multiple times.  Four actually.  Which combined with the four I’d had that morning made things seem a whole lot sunnier.  And I didn’t even mind it when he took off his belt and used the last seven or eight inches of black leather against my clit, driving me into the final cum-soaked explosion that left me panting and exhausted, barely able to keep my eyes open.  It was amazing.  I didn’t climb down off his desk. I fell off it and landed in a puddle of my own goo.  David was sated too, both sexually and sadistically if I do say so myself.  And yes. I know that David is probably going to read this and when he does, the punishment will be like the worse thing to happen to me in ages.  Don’t be shy about admitting you’re looking forward to THAT!

It was five o’clock before I managed to get my questionable attire into decent enough shape to leave his office and the looks I got as I walked out of the mall.  I looked for Julie at her jewelry store, but she wasn’t there, which is good since David had used binder clamps and a ruler on my breasts and between that punishment and the clover clamps, which were hanging from my nipples, under the halter top, the idea of getting my breasts slapped back and forth as a nice way of saying “hi,” didn’t sound terribly appealing.

I drove home, had dinner, showered, and masturbated.  Nine orgasms.  And let me tell you, that ninth was tough.  It took a forty minute shower and lots of soap to get there.  I just felt… sated.  It was so hard to bring myself into that mental and physical place where one NEEDS to cum.  Which brings me to my current situation.  I’ve taken out the ben wa balls, temporarily of course, and stuffed myself with the RVP.  It’s been on thirty five minutes so far, while I’ve been writing this, and I’m just now getting to the point where I’m getting close.  And the spin function is on maximum if that tells you anything.  

Closer now.  I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to go either.  I’m just looking forward to this ending tonight’s run.  Not sure I could endure having another orgasm.
Heere it cumsssssss.

Total Hours: 160
Total Orgasms Required: 78
Total Orgasms Experienced Thus Far: 26
Hours Elapsed: 53
Expected Goal: 26
Orgasms Over/Under: On Target

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