Thursday, October 3, 2013

78 Orgasms - No More No Less - Thursday Evening

I got your email.  I’m sorry that you seem to be having trouble filling even the simplest requirements of your week’s assignment.  How fucking hard can it be to masturbate?  All you have to do is pull down your panties, rub your clit until you cum, and voila… instant success.  A slut like you shouldn’t be begging for different circumstances.
In fact, I believe quite strongly that the problem isn’t you.  It’s your environment.  Clearly you shouldn’t be trying to masturbate in your bedroom, or the shower, or the barn.  So obviously we need to move you to somewhere more appropriate for your orgasmic releases.  I think today might be a good time to return to your Alma Mater.  Head back to school wearing a short skirt and your Cougar Tee.  Bring a bookbag full of goodies too.  You will then visit every building on campus.  All of them.  You will find a bench or table or reading nook, and you will then masturbate to orgasm.  If you’re feeling daring, make sure that someone gets a good few.  In fact, the hell with daring.  ALWAYS make sure you have an audience, even if it is an audience of one.  I even encourage you to find a guy (or a girl) and ask them if they’d like to watch you masturbate. 
But wait.  That won’t hurt will it?  It will just humiliate you.  So let’s make things more complicated.  Between buildings, make sure to wear the double dildo.  I like the idea of thick rubber being shoved up your ass multiple times.  But lubricate it and the other dildo with Stinging O often enough to keep you hot.  Now let’s also make sure you don’t take all fucking day to do this.  There’s a time limit for each masturbation.  Ten minutes.  If you take longer, then you have beg your audience to spank you, offer to fuck him, and should you be dumb enough to satisfy him without getting yourself off as well, then you can wear your jumbo alligator clamp for the next trip between buildings. 
Oh.  And wear some nipple clamps too. I don’t care which ones. 
Many happy orgasms.  – Brandon

When I got Brandon’s email, I burst into laughter.  Masturbate in every building on campus?  There’s like over twenty buildings?  And does that include the various apartment complexes that are technically owned by the university?  And the stadium?  How the hell would I even get in there?  Clearly there was no way I was going to be able to do that!
And yet, the idea intrigued me.  I left at nine thirty, waving bye to my mom and heading out the door explaining I would be out all day long.  I had my bag with me and only pulled over on the side of the road long enough to change out of my jeans and into the short, blue denim skirt I’d be wearing.  I already had on my Cougars tee shirt, but no bra and to satisfy Brandon’s requirement of clamps, I slipped on two sets of nipplebands; tight, elastic rubber bands that fit around each nipple perfectly.  Now two, hard, delicious looking bumps were perfectly framed at the front of my shirt. 
The drive to the school was easy and I was tempted to stop by the frat house and see if Zach was available, but decided against it.  As I got closer and wandered around trying to find a parking spot, I felt the sudden surge of juices between my legs.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was.  I was aroused!  Finally!  The idea of publicly masturbating, the risk, the danger, the absolute sexuality of it…. Awesome.  I found a parking spot, put money in the meter, then went back to the truck.  I opened the door, glanced around, and then pulled my panties down.  The scent of my arousal was strong but I didn’t need the panties to hold in the double dildo.  I tossed them on the dashboard. Let people think what they wanted.
I swung my book bag over my shoulder and looked around.  I could see the stadium behind me and looked forward.  First building. I marched up resolutely.  It was a little after ten and classes were already in session.  There were a few people wandering about, and since it had been about five years since I’d last been in there, I wandered too, looking for appropriate spots.  There were a few.  Some nooks, some benches.  An out of the way restroom that still looked like it saw plenty of use.  Then I found the closet.  It was open.  How… expedient.  I left it and went looking for an audience.
There is always a choice when you’re at school and I have to admit I have a soft spot for freshman.  They’re easy to identify since they look like they’re twelve, usually have acne, and this early in the semester have a dazed look, the reality of being away from home finally hitting them hard.  I also find them easy to manipulate.  What 18 year old guy, confronted by a twenty six year old red haired sex goddess, will say no?
Which meant that within about two minutes I had a little puppy follow me to that open closet.  It was quite a show too.  I tugged up my shirt so he could see my breasts.  I twisted and slid my skirt down and actually stepped out of it, which was daring since I had no idea if the closet had been left open accidentally or deliberately.  I pulled out the double dildo, which got wide eyes and an open mouth from my little friend.  And then I got down on my knees, and even though I never offered it to him, I grabbed his belt, unbuckled his pants, and tugged out his cock.  He’d  been offered a show but got something infinitely better.
And I was in my element.  One hand was down between my legs and despite the stirring soreness I felt it.  I felt the need.  I wanted it. I worked it.  And I played him too.  I bobbed my head and sucked and swirled and did it all, and when I could tell he was close I pulled back, tugged a condom from my bookbag, put it on him, and dropped to the ground, on my back.
It was amazing.  It was perfect.  It was bliss.  He came in seconds, but so did I.  It’s rare for me to get it that right and I ate it up.  The only silly thing that happened was he tried to suck on my breast and ended up getting one of the nipplebands down his throat, almost choking him.  It was hilarious.  But we still managed.  And in under ten minutes too.  Aren’t you proud of me?
Afterward we kissed, got dressed, and he watched as I lubricated the double dildo with Stinging O and then was more than happy to help me push the sex toy in.  I groaned and felt the burning on my petals and ass, then exchanged email addresses, and I left him in a daze.  It was time to move on.
The next orgasm wasn’t as timely.  It took me fifteen minutes and my audience was actually a guy sitting across from me, eyes wide in shock, watching furtively, as if he hadn’t noticed the fact that I was half draped over the chair, one leg up on the arm rest, my skirt up, while I rapidly and somewhat violently rubbed my clit.  I even had the courtesy to make some pretty obvious noises.  But fifteen minutes was still inappropriate so as I made my way to the pharmacy college, my lip trembled thanks to the biting cruelty of the jumbo alligator clamp hanging from my clit.
I can’t exactly give you a play by play because I don’t have the time.  I had full blown sex seven times, sucked eleven cocks, and masturbated in fourteen buildings, including the student union twice. Once during lunch.  Once while having dinner with Zach.  Total number of orgasms? Sixteen.  Of course it also took a number of brutal spankings, quite a few campus walks with the alligator clamp, and presenting my breasts for a slapping session. 
I’m exhausted now.  It’s ten o’clock, an hour later than I normally go to bed, and I’m not even home. I’m here in Zach’s room at the frat house.  Still stuffed.  Very sore. I’m too tired to head for home. I called my dad, left a message letting him know where I was and I’m going to spend the night here.   I even called Jake.  He’ll take care of the critters tomorrow morning.  So I can sleep in.
I was right. Wasn’t I?  Doing an assignment was the right thing.  Nighty night. Tomorrow will be even better. I hope.

Total Hours: 160
Total Orgasms Required: 78
Total Orgasms Experienced Thus Far: 52
Hours Elapsed: 100
Expected Goal: 50
Orgasms Over/Under: +2!


  1. I hope you are more specific about this day when you write your next book, "Miss Future Attorney General".

  2. I'll think about it. I guess I could write out some of the fun David had with me. But the next volume of Tales is going to be a long one, and a major one. Heck, it's already three quarters of the way done!


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