Saturday, October 5, 2013

78 Orgasms - No More No Less - Saturday - Late Morning

Saturday Late Morning

It’s about an hour before lunch and I’m sitting here in my room, feeling quite an interesting mixture of feelings. I have the feeling this will be my last post for the day, since I doubt Kari is going to let me get online this evening and “finish” things for my readers. 
Let me bring you up to speed.  I spent last night in various states of sleep and wakefulness, all due to the fact that Kari directed me to go to bed with my clit caught tightly in the jaws of a vibrator clamp.  Lying down, that vibrator was cruel and horrible, since it laid along my petals and just sent tremor after tremor through me.  Lying on my back was difficult.  Lying on my side made the damn thing slide downward toward my hip and tickled me.  Lying on my stomach was like getting fucked.  It was awful. 
On the flip side, I had two more orgasms last night, rousing me from the light sleep I was in, pushing me into soft sighed whimpers, my hands pressing a pillow to my loins, moaning in the night.  I woke up at five feeling exhausted, aroused, and achy. 
And yes, I masturbated again.  Then I slid the four inch plastic cock of the Rotating Venus Penis up into myself, strapped everything on, put on a pair of jeans, and went out and did my chores.  I knew I needed to stay aroused, but the idea of something vibrating against my clit was just too much.  So I did something unexpected. I turned on the rotation function and nothing else.  Kari didn’t leave me any stipulations the night before, so I gasped as the four inch cock began stirring my insides.  It felt amazing, and not overpowering, and for the first time I actually lasted.  I stayed wet and ready and an hour and a half in, I finally succumbed to the need and turned the vibrating function on, roaring into an orgasm that left me a shuddering, wet, sex-scented slut leaning against a horse stall.
Breakfast and some time with my family was next on the menu and I kept the RVP off.  But it’s on now, and I’m sitting here feeling it swirl inside me, working me upward to another leap off the old “cliffs of orgasm.”  I can sense it. I know I’m going to cum soon.  To be honest, I’m tempted to put clothespins on my nipples, or maybe even the clover clamps.  I’m not sure.  All I know is that I’m LOVING how the RVP is making me feel. Usually I’m so charged that the rotation function sends me through the roof.  Now I’m so tired, so laid back, the spinning cock just feels wonderful.  It’s like a sex massage.  It’s amazing.  This was all worth it, just for this!
But I’m going to turn on the vibrator again soon.  The whole base of the RVP will shake and rub against my petals and clit, and even translate those earthquake movements to the plastic cock.  It will drive me over the edge and frankly, I’m almost at the point where I want it to.
I’m scared about going over to Kari’s.  If I have this orgasm, then that will be five orgasms and I’ll only have ten more to do before nine o’clock tonight.  That’s doable, but I’ll need help.  What if she ties me up?  What if she turns off the RVP?  Or god… what if she helps too much?  Working me up to and PAST the 78 orgasm goal?  Or is it a limit?  I know I’ll be punished if I go over or go under, but do I even want that?  What if I do?  I admit I’m curious… I have no idea what’s cumming, besides ME! ARRGGHGHH.  I HATE THIS SHIT!
Sorry. Passionate.  Only Master Matt knows the consequences so the best thing I can do is try for seventy-eight orgasms.  There really isn’t anything else I can do.  If Kari hinders me, then at least I can say that I honestly tried. And if she helps me, then so be it.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Denial?
I can feel it now.  It’s cumming.  The orgasm.  My hips are involuntarily thrusting, shoving me forward in the seat.  I want it.  Turning on the vibration. Oh God!  YES.  That feels so good!  And to think an hour ago the idea of getting vibrated was such a turn off!  Oh please… yes.  A single finger.   Yess.. clothespins.  Tuggg the shirt up.  Bra up… ouch… straight on? Eyes.  Yes.  Yes. Please.  Oh.. mmore . yes smore pelase I ccan feel itt cumming gmore and more adnd llegs spread.  Ttoes curling.  Its oh.. god yes more swirling vibrating swwigng it ccant please… twisttt the peg..


We all have needs.  Some of mine have been sated.  At least for now.  Looking at the numbers, I’m not worried.  I just need ten more.  Just ten.  In eight hours.  Oh shit.

Total Hours: 160
Total Orgasms Required: 78
Total Orgasms Experienced Thus Far: 68
Hours Elapsed: 140
Expected Goal: 70
Orgasms Over/Under: -2


  1. Imagine a week of denial after this. OMG

  2. Actually a long ice horse ride might reduce the inflammation in Bre's poor, abused clit.

  3. Estvan, that sounds... evil! That's what today was like though. No orgasms. Tomorrow should be even more difficult! Anon... an ice horse? That's just mean! LOL!


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