Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tolerance is a tough thing to define.  And I don’t mean the word itself because that’s easy.  We just have to open a dictionary.  No, I mean personal tolerance, the limits one can endure, the very power of resistance.  And yesterday I found out where mine was. 
            As a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut (NHPS), I’m quite familiar with the concept of keeping a sex toy purring deep inside me.  It’s a favorite daily requirement.  Rule #1 is that all NHPS’s stay wet and ready by keeping either cock, or some other object stuffed in her sex.  I’ve had dildos, ben wa balls, vibrators, monster cocks, inflatables, and all sorts of things up there, on a daily, rotating basis. Just so I don’t get accustomed to them!
            One of my personal favorites, the one I have a love/hate relationship with, is my triple vibroballs.  Three quail egg sized plastic vibrators, each on a wire leash leading to a control box, can generate all sorts of sensations.  You could tape one “bullet” to each nipple and leave one to nestle in her folds.  You could have one up her ass and two in her pussy. Or heck, you could just have her put all of them in that deep, warm love nest you like so much and watch her squirm.
            Which is exactly where I was at that point.  Kari had mandated that I wear the triple vibroballs, all three of which needed to be inside me, up front, buzzing away.  To be honest, I’m so used to the vibroballs that on their lowest setting I don’t get more than a light buzz.  I get turned on, sort of tweak my sexual nature.  It’s easy to see.  My hips sway.  My feet cross at the ankles. I move with fluid grace. I look hungry for practically anyone I see.  That sort of thing.  I spent the first hour of the day like that, getting dressed, going outside, working on my chores, feeding critters.
            Remember, I work on a farm?

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  1. Dear Breanne did Kari specify your pair of alligator clamps or did she just say to wear alligators for 20 minutes when you came.

    If she did not specify that you were to wear your alligator nipple clamps. You failed this assignment as you have an extra alligator that was not used and deserve a punishment.

  2. She said alligator clamps when she talked to me, so I did the assignment right. But I suppose that my failure to properly explain the punishment she gave me is a failure in and of itself, I probably deserve a punishment anyway, don't I?

  3. Dear Breanne,

    You have three alligator clamps dear, a pair and a jumbo. If she said your pair of alligator clamps, clamps on your nipples, something like that or you asked her to specify then you were correct.


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