Monday, November 12, 2012

In My Mouth

  “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked me.
            I grinned.  “Well, I’ve never done anything like it before.  Have you?”
            He gave me that look.  “Hardly.”
            “Well then, what are you complaining for? I’d think you’d love the opportunity!”
            He stood there in his naked glory, his cock bobbing slightly up and down.  I patted the bed I was kneeling on, smiling hungrily.  Finally he sighed, shrugged, and climbed up with me on the mattress.
            Our skin touched and it was electrifying.  I wasn’t wearing anything either and his fingers slid across my breasts, finding the gold padlock dangling from my right nipple.  He twisted it lightly, sending sparks of intense sensation up through me.  I was already aroused of course.  The triple vibroballs purring inside me, on their medium setting, was more than enough to make me wet, ready, and desperate.  But I knew that release was NOT in the works.
            He lay down, his blond hair settling into the pillow.  Slowly I swung my legs up until my ankles were at his shoulders.  I lifted up, crawling over him until our bodies merged and then his cock poked me in the cheek.  I felt his tongue on my thigh and knew he was going to torment me, perhaps even allow me to orgasm.  I could only hope.  But that wasn’t my concern.  My concern was the thick member in front of me.  I opened my mouth and took him in.
            He smelled like soap and I swirled my tongue around the tip with ever increasing speed.  I bobbed my head.  I stroked his balls.  I blew air down the sides of his shaft.  I sucked him.  Ever so gently, ever so perfectly, I worked him until I felt him stiffen.  I too was nearing orgasm, which was just as wonderful, his tongue stabbing at my clit.  But he beat me to it.  I felt the spasms against my throat and then his shaft jerked once, twice, and a hot stream of white cum shot into my mouth.  It was all I could do to get it down, swallowing.
            And then, with his cock still in my mouth, we rolled to the side.  I felt his mouth move away from my clit and I suppressed the sob of demanding desire that rolled through me.  Instead I continued to suck, his softening shaft seeming to melt, to shrink in my mouth.
            I had to grab his hip and move the pillow we had stuck down under the sheets.  It took me a moment to get comfortable.  And I still had his cock in my mouth.  It had softened to almost nothing, but I could tell that he was almost asleep.  That was why we had chosen to do this so late.  He usually fell asleep after sex. 

This tale is no longer available on Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog, but can be found in Breanne Erickson's book "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Vol. 7"  Click here to check out our sample page and take a look at the amazing work of Breanne Erickson!


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