Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Limited Masturbation

I stood there glancing at my watch.  It had beeped just a moment before, reminding me quite firmly that it was time.  I glanced around.  The barn was quiet and while I still hadn’t finished my morning rounds, there wasn’t anything likely to disturb me.  At least, not yet. 
I was wearing a long broomstick skirt, the kind that is supposed to be wrinkled and fashionable but doesn’t really rank really high on the “sexy” scale.  But that’s okay. I wasn’t wearing it to be sexy. I was wearing it because jeans would have been a pain in the ass and I wasn’t about to do my morning rounds wearing a skimpy mini-skirt.  Fifty degree weather and bare legs do not mix well.
I sighed.  Every hour, on the hour Kari had said.  Well, if that’s what she wanted, that’s what I would do.  I’m a good girl.  Well – okay, so I’m NOT a good girl.  I’m a bad girl who does some good things, and a lot of bad things.  And so I sat down on a nearby bale of hay, lifted my skirt, spread my legs, and let absolutely no one see my black lace panties.
Actually, it was nice to be wearing them.  Panties I mean.  So often I’m denied that one simple pleasure, and trust me; wearing panties is actually a nice thing.  It provides a sense of security, of comfort, or in my case, they held in a nine inch, flesh colored, rubber dildo.
Had anyone been there to look, they at first would have been curious. After all, it’s not often you see a woman with a pair of balls.  But my Husky dildo comes with a set.  Granted, they’ve been cut in half, which I’m sure will make most men flinch, but it’s for a good cause.  It gives the base of the dildo a decent width and lets it stand up on its own.  While that makes little difference to me when I’ve got the Husky stuffed up inside, putting it on a chair or sitting on it is a lot easier.

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