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Story Excerpt - Gabrielle and the Leviathan

 Recently I did some new interior artwork for Gabrielle and the Leviathan and couldn't help posting it here.  Gotta love those ship suits, right? Enjoy! - Michael

From Gabrielle and the Leviathan - 

Amber had already shucked her boots and grabbed hold of her zipper.

“No.  That’s not necessary.  You can stay dressed.” Jennifer told her, glancing up.  Amber frowned, a look of confusion on her face.  “The neural stimulators will work right through clothing,” Captain Jennifer said.

“But… but… then why was I stripped?” Amber asked, a look of horror on her face. 

Jennifer took a deep breath.  “Humiliation of course.  The punishment frame is about deterrence.  If the crew know they’ll be stripped naked and punished, they’re much less likely to violate regulations.”

Amber’s reply came out as a squeak. “Oh.  All right.”  She still looked a little wild-eyed.  She shifted her bare feet and then nodded. 

“All right, if we’re going to do this, let’s do this,” Jennifer said.  She looked pointedly at Amber who nodded and then put her delicate boned right foot into the punishment frame.  She stepped into the metal rectangle, slipping her other foot inward.  A moment later a hydraulic hiss sounded and Amber winced as the sharp little prick in the arches of both feet hit her.  She lifted her hands and moments later felt herself drawn outward, stretched to the corners of the frame, her lithe frame elongating slightly as she was pulled taut.

“I’ve set the actuators at half power, so it won’t hurt quite as much,” the captain said, fingers gliding down the side of the punishment frame.  Amber nodded, bracing herself and then Jennifer stepped back, watching.

The first sizzle of pain lashed across Amber’s breasts, a pin prick sensation that felt as if her entire chest had fallen asleep and was now trying to wake up.  She gasped as her nipples tightened and she tilted, arching her back.  The pain in her bosom faded suddenly to be replaced by a new tingling in her bottom, almost as if an electrical current was playing havoc with her nervous system.  She cried out, jerking her bottom forward as if she had been struck across both cheeks, only to slam back again, pulling on her bonds as the nerves in her sex ignited as if one fire.

The cycle repeated and Amber began to cry, turning her head toward her arm as her body responded to simulated virtual whipping.

“God! It hurts!” Amber cried out.  Dr. Lenore came up to the bound and tormented girl.

“Do you feel turned on, Amber?” she asked pointedly.

The blond girl shook her head violently, strands of flaxen silk escaping from the French braid.  Lenore turned to the captain.  “You should turn it up.”

“I think not!” Captain Jennifer declared.  “This is taking things to far as it goes!”

A spark of energy leapt up from the deck to the punishment frame and Amber cried out.  There was a popping noise and then a small curdle of smoke seeped out from inside the frame work.  The emitter lights died and Amber slumped into the frame.

“What the hell?” Jennifer demanded.  “A power surge?  How the hell did that happen?”

“Bridge to captain.  We’re experiencing power fluctuations all along the ship.”

“Can you reroute power to the topside deck?” asked Jennifer.

There was a pause. “We’re showing you still have it, Captain.”

Jennifer cursed and slammed her fists down on the control panel.  Dr. Lenore shook her head and then quickly looked back at Amber.  The little blond crew member hung in the punishment frame, her chest heaving.  The tiny brunette medic stepped up to Amber, grabbed the zipper at the girl’s throat and pulled.

“Lenore! What are you doing?” demanded Jennifer, who stiffened as the zipper slid down Amber’s torso.  Bare breasts almost burst free from the restrictive gray suit and Amber whimpered, still somewhat dazed. 

“We still have to make her cum.  We’ll do it the old fashioned way!” Lenore declared.  The zipper continued its downward path, flowing over Amber’s panty clad sex.  Lenore ducked, reached between Amber’s legs, and brought the zipper back up to the small of the blond girl’s back. Then she took out her laser scalpel and quickly sliced Amber’s panties, exposing the shaven pink slit, glistening every so slightly.  Amber’s hips rocked as the cool air touched her swollen clit.

Gabrielle and the Leviathan is a sci-fi erotica novella and is available in e-book format from fine booksellers everywhere.  Check out the free sample and start of the book at Michael Alexander Stories!

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