Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday's Date

Friday's Date is the third part in a three part series, so if you haven't read "Subconscious Whispers" or  "Friday's Punishment", then you probably should first since other wise you'll be lost.  Turned on, but still lost.  You'll be like "who the hell is this guy and where did he come from?"  You don't want that, do you?  Well... enjoy! - Bre

           I had everything packed in my canvas bag and the only thing I told my mom was that I was spending the evening at Kari’s place.  That in itself wasn’t that awkward.  It was a hell of a lot better than telling her I was going on a date followed by a triple gangbang.  I had changed into something more appropriate for being at home after my orgasmic lunch and so my mother wasn’t shocked at my attire.  The dress itself wouldn’t have been too much of an issue, beside some unwelcome comments about the hem length.  No, she would have gone ballistic about the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra and then that would follow with the “my God, Bre!  What is that hanging from your nipple!”

            So I was in denim shorts, flip flops, tee shirt, bra and panties when I left that late afternoon, heading once more in toward town in order to meet with Vitamin Chris.  I know.  Not a very sexy ensemble.  But I had what I needed in the bag and as soon as I pulled out on to the Farm to Market road that runs past our farm, I tugged the wheel to the right and crunched up onto the gravel shoulder.  I hopped out, feeling both excited and turned on, which might have been a result of the vibroballs that I had left inside me since early that afternoon.  Or heck, it might even have been the anal beads, which were still buzzing lightly in my ass.
            It didn’t take me long to strip.  I stood at the front of the truck, just like I’ve done a hundred times, pulling off each article of clothing, folding it nicely, and placing it back down on the hot hood of my vehicle.  There is always the danger of an approaching car or truck, but a relatively minor one, and out of all the times I’ve stood there in various states of dress, from fully clothed to buck naked, I’ve only been observed a handful of times.  Friday evening was no different.  Once my shirt, shorts, bra, and panties were all piled on the hood, I pulled my dress out of the canvas bag and slipped it on over my head.
            It was a deep blue and I suppose calling it a dress might be generous.  To be honest, it was merely four or five narrow pieces of blue material that had been sewed together in a pattern that kept my breasts, ass, and pussy covered.  The rest of me was not only visible, but advantageously so.  This was one of those dresses that high class escorts wear.  Kari had recently bought it for me to wear to a Society of the Golden Rose gala and I felt it epitomized my sexual life nicely.  The big thing however was the fact that Kari had cut and then stitched a hole in the single piece of cloth that covered my right breast.  With a tiny adjustment, it was completely possible to tug the padlock and some of the hoop of my piercing out through the material. 
            I eschewed my fuck me shoes for that evening, instead choosing equally daring four inch heels the color of the dress.  I liked these heels because they strapped on and the anklet part actually looked like blue bondage cuffs.  My entire arch was exposed as well as my toes and I had slipped a ring on the middle toes of both feet.  Matching jewelry went in both ears and across my neck in a choker and as I tossed my flip flops onto the top of my clothing pile, I wriggled a little and then reached up to tug my padlock and piercing out of through the front of my dress.
            Dressed to kill, or at least to get screwed, my only other problem were the two remotes.  One of these days I’m going to have to get some wireless toys.  Don’t they make Bluetooth controlled sex toys for God’s sake?  Of course Kari likes the wires.  She says it makes it more obvious and likes the embarrassment it causes me.  In this case, I merely tucked the wires and the remotes into one of the folds of the dress.  It was still clear they were there, it was just not so much “in your face”.  I climbed back into the truck and headed on toward destiny.
            Twenty five minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of Vitamin Chris’ apartment complex.  It wasn’t hard to find his apartment and I parked the truck.  I got out and turned the vibroballs to their lowest level, already feeling a sense of sexual tension building inside me.  I walked up the path to Chris’ door and knocked.
            He answered, his eyes wide, mouth partially open.  I’m not sure if he was expecting me not to show, but I know he wasn’t expecting me to show up wearing a few inches of blue cloth along with a rather obvious piercing.  His eyes locked on all the bare skin, which admittedly was quite a bit since my entire back, the sides, most of my legs, my shoulders, and yes, even a good portion of the sides of my breasts were quite visible.  But isn’t that the idea?
            “Wow,” he said quietly.  He was dressed in nice black pants that hugged his ass tightly and a dark blue polo shirt.  It was almost the same color as my dress!  Cool, huh?  We were a matched set!
            I smiled and spun once.  On four inch heels, that was nothing.   The dress didn’t flair or really move, but he got to see a lot more of me.
            “That’s um… an interesting piece of jewelry,” he commented as he stepped out of the apartment, closing the door behind him.  I knew he wasn’t talking about the earrings or choker much less the toe rings.  I knew what he was talking about.  I lifted the golden padlock and felt a corresponding tingle in my right nipple.  The symbol of a rose was etched and enameled into the side.
            “Thanks.  So you ready to go?” I asked.
            Vitamin Chris nodded and I took his hand.  That seemed to surprise him, but I don’t know why.  Afterall, we were already lovers.  You can’t get much more intimate than that, right?  But perhaps because what happened right before lunch was a totally physical thing and here we were doing something together that would be much more.  We’d have to actually talk and interact on an emotional and intellectual level.  Maybe that was it.
            I kept pace with him and together we went out to his car.  It wasn’t anything fancy, just a coupe, but it was clean which is always a good sign, and the seats smelled of leather and cleaner.  Even better, he held the door open for me and helped me in.  Once my door was shut he walked around, got behind the driver’s wheel, and then we were off.
            I started the conversation, asking about his day, just to set him at ease.  Thank goodness he admitted to having an awesome day and I used that as a segue into asking him if he liked making love to me at his store.  He grinned of course, but admitted that he had been nervous.  I laughed and our conversation went easier.  It became a series of questions and answers, both of us asking things like “what’s your favorite position?” and “does it really turn you on getting whipped?”  Of course those answers painted a fairly interesting picture.  Vitamin Chris was rather vanilla, but had been exposed to some BDSM pictures and movies; he just never expected to encounter a girl who actually liked being abused as foreplay to sex.  I also discovered that he didn’t have a girlfriend, at least currently, and that he was in college working on a degree to be a sports trainer.  Well that certainly explained the vitamin store job, right? 
            Other things became clear as well.  He didn’t have a lot of sexual experience, though what he did have was more than enough to handle the mechanics of sex.  He was also a little intimidated by me, which I thought terribly funny.  I had to reach out, put my hand in his lap, and rub his cock through his trousers.
            “Actually, it’s very easy to understand, Chris.”  I licked my lips sensuously when he glanced over at me.  “All you need to do is imagine anything you want to do to me, and I’ll do it.”
            He bit his lip.  “Anything?” he asked.
            I nodded.  “Anything.”  Okay, not anything. I do have some limits, but a newb like Chris wasn’t going to haul out his twelve year old brother and ask me to take the kids virginity.  Nor did I expect him to go all Hannibel Lecter on me and want to cut off my nipples and fry them for a delicacy.   My limits are pretty basic. I don’t do kids. I don’t want to be cut up.  And I’d really like to avoid going to jail.  But like I said, I kind of doubted that anything Chris could imagine would be something I wasn’t going to be okay with.
            “Okay.  I guess I can handle that.”
            We drove on a bit.  “So what’s for dinner?” I asked.  “I already know what’s for dessert.”
            He laughed.  “You’re for dessert.”
            “Not from my perspective!  I get yummy cock tonight.”
            He chuckled.  “And another whipping?”
            “Damn right,” I replied.
            He pulled the car into a flashy but not terribly expensive chain restaurant.   I was inappropriately dressed, and not even from a sexual standpoint.  My dress was too nice for a place like that.  I’d stick out like a sore thumb.  But part of my life is living with the stares and public degradation that comes from being a nympho humiliation pain slut.  If having me paraded around in public, dressed in an outfit appropriate only for a risqué James Bond movie was what Vitamin Chris wanted, then that’s what he’d get.
            I waited in my seat for him to open my door and when he helped me out, the remotes to my sex toys slipped from the hip of my dress. I had to readjust them.
            “What are those?” Chris asked, already guessing but wanting confirmation.  I grinned and held up the white remote. 
            “This one goes to the triple vibroballs I’ve got stuck up inside me,” I said.  Then I held up the black one. “This remote controls the vibrating anal beads in my bottom.”
            He looked shocked.  Then he grinned widely and laughed. “You’re insane!”
            I smiled back.  “They’re both on low right now, but technically they belong to you.”
            His eyes flashed.  “Really?” 
            I nodded. “But of course, you’re the one who has to decide what level they’re set on.   Anything higher and you might have to deal with me having a public orgasm.”
            He stepped closer, his hands on my sides.  It surprised me.  The touch of his fingers on my bare skin was electric and I felt my pussy spasm around the vibroballs.
            “And what are you feeling right now?” he asked.
            I looked into his eyes, a flurry of emotion and need washing through me.  “Hunger,” I said softly.
            His smile turned rueful.  “Well, we’ll eat dinner soon.”  He turned slightly and I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him down to me.
            “No, not for food,” I whispered.  Then we kissed.  Well, I suppose it was kiss. A French kiss, with lots of tongue and force and I was pressed up against him.  His hands slid around to my back holding me and I took one of his hands and slipped it down beneath the material covering my ass.  His fingers clenched my bottom, skin to skin and my other hand went to his cock.  We did this in the middle of the parking lot.  Finally I broke the kiss, my breath heavy, my breasts tingling.  I pulled away slightly, only to have him smile, reach up, and wiggle the padlock hanging out of the tiny slit in my dress back and forth.

            Hell, he might as well have pressed a vibrator to my clit. I moaned, wet and ready and if he had thrown me over the hood of his car and shoved his cock up inside me I’d have accepted it willingly.  As it was, he noticed my fluttering eyelids, the beat of my pulse at my neck, my bosom rising, and he stopped.  Then he took my arm and walked me into the restaurant.
            Instantly I was the center of attention, and not just for Chris.  The girl who showed us to our seats eyed me with a hunger that immediately identified her as either bi or lesbian.  Other guests were glancing at me, some with undisguised hunger while others looked at me with barely suppressed derision.  I’m used to it.  It still does strange things to me. I shrink back, trying to look smaller, but nothing helps.  Do you know what it feels like to have everyone staring at you, half of them wanting to rip off what little clothing you are wearing and fuck your brains out while the other half would love to see you stripped naked, bound and whipped, only to be left lying in a ditch after being raped with a baseball bat, scratched and torn?
            Do you know what it’s like to want to let them all do it to me?
            God I’m so fucked up.
            We were shown to a table in the very middle of the restaurant and I had to redirect the girl seating us to something more private.  She glanced at me with a beckoning smile but quickly changed our seats.  When we were tucked into a private booth at a back corner, the dull din of diners around us muted by the strange acoustics of our cubby, I settled down.  The direct stares were now gone and I felt a little more easy.  We ordered drinks and I asked the waitress if they could build my favorite – the Celtic Creamsicle, which I can rarely get any more now that Bennigan’s went under.   The server said she’d ask the bartender and brought Chris his beer and I got my water.  While we were waiting, I pulled the two sex toy remotes from out of my dress and pushed them across the table toward my dining partner.  They only made it halfway, but were easily within reach of Chris. 
            He picked up the black one first, examining it.  “So this one controls the vibrator in your bottom?” he asked.
            I nodded. “Anal beads.  There are eight of them.”
            “Eight?  Wow.”  He thumbed up the dial and I felt the corresponding increase in my derriere.  I shifted, my hips doing a slow grind as my pussy reacted just from the increased buzzing.  
            Chris watched me as I moved and he put down the anal bead remote and touched the vibroballs controller.  “And this one goes too…” he pushed the dial all the way up.
            My reaction was immediate.  I gasped, my mouth opening wide as I arched my back.  Instantly I went from sitting on the launchpad to having my engines ignited and I started moaning, trying to keep my voice down.  I looked at him, eyes pleading, though I’m not sure if I was communication “Please stop!” or “Please, don’t turn them off!”
            He did neither, instead he began playing with the slider, moving it one way and then the other, turning them all the way off, only to jack them back to their highest setting of “earthquake”.  My pussy lost an ability to actually react reasonably and the next thing I knew I was almost facedown on the table, my hands between my legs, keening out a groaning orgasm while Chris watched in evident pleasure. 
            “Better sit up.  Here comes the waitress with your drink.”
            I tried.  Really, but she knew that something wasn’t quite right. My face was flushed. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, and since Chris had left the vibroballs roaring inside me, I was still bouncing slightly in my seat, clearly pumping my hips as if I were fucking something.    She set my drink down, trying to figure out what my problem was.  Chris took the reigns though, distracting her with his announcement that we were ready to order.
            I got the shrimp.  He had steak.  The food was good, though pretty standard.  But I still had a fantastic time.  Chris played with the remotes through the entire meal, turning me on and then bringing me back down. He really understood how to use those things.  It left me breathless at times and almost screaming in desperation at others.  But he didn’t let me have another orgasm.  The other amazing part was our conversation.  He wanted to know all about me.  I told him.  He was astonished to find out that I was an author, but then wasn’t surprised that I was writing erotica.  He even went so far as to pull out his phone and check the internet.  Can you imagine his surprise when he found my books right there on  It was cool. 
            After dinner we walked back to his car like old friends and he helped me in.  I tucked my canvas bag between my ankles and we headed back to his apartment.  Chris was starting to get a little uncomfortable and he turned to me, asking if I might prefer a hotel room somewhere.
            I could hardly admit that what I really needed was his roommates.  The black leather sap was in my bag and I was already anticipating sucking cock after getting spanked twenty five times on each breast.  And of course I still needed to get ass fucked as well, right after twenty five strokes there as well.    To be honest, I really didn’t need Chris at all, at least not to fulfill the requirements Master Brandon had set for me.
            I laughed.  “No, I want to meet them!” I exclaimed.
            Chris pressed his lips together and we drove back to his apartment.
            When we parked, I looked at him.  “Do you want me to go up naked?” I asked.
            He blinked. “Excuse me?”
            I grinned. “I brought bondage cuffs and my collar and leash.  If you want, I’ll strip right here and you can walk me up naked.”
            He looked uncomfortable.  “That sounds fantastic, but not very practical.  I’m not sure how my roommates will react to that.”
            “I’ll bet they’ll love it!” I exclaimed.  Then I shrugged out of the top of my dress.  My bare breasts popped out I tugged the padlock and piercing back through the top.

            “Wait! I mean…” but then his voice failed him and he just watched.
            It took me only half a minute to get the dress off.  It was dark and we were in the carport, so I wasn’t terribly worried about being seen.  I pulled the bondage cuffs out of my bag and then quickly buckled two around my ankles, and the two on my wrists.  I took off my black choker and replaced it with a more reasonable collar, one complete with metal hoops.  Then I took the leash, attached that to the hoop at the front, and stood up straight.
            Chris really didn’t have anything to say.  I was standing naked in front of him, wearing only high heels, bondage cuffs, a collar, and a leash.  My nipple piercing and the gold padlock glimmered in the street lamps.  The remotes I stuffed in my canvas bag along with my dress and the wires disappeared between the petals of my sex and up into my ass.
 I smiled, totally ready for whatever was coming and I shoved my dress into my bag and held it tightly.
            “I’m ready.”
            Chris shook his head.  “No kidding.  This is going to create a bit of a stir.”  Then he turned and pulled me naked through the parking lot.
            It wasn’t far to his front door, which was why I was willing to do this in the first place.  I felt tense, totally exposed, terribly vulnerable and it made me so much wetter than usual.  I could literally feel the juice running down my leg and I know it wasn’t caused by the vibroballs.  Already my chest was heaving and I could feel the build up inside me.  And I hadn’t even DONE anything yet!
            Chris opened the door and soft warm light spilled out.  He stepped in across the hearth, tugging on the chain and I followed behind him.  I could hear the television and saw the backs of two heads sitting on the couch.  Chris shut the door and then pulled me around to introduce me to his roomies.
            “Breanne, these are my roommates.  That’s Josh, and that’s Stacey.”
            Oh shit.

            Stacey was a cute little dirty blond with a sharply upturned nose and bright blue eyes.  She and Josh both looked at me in surprise, thought admittedly it was Stacey who clearly recovered first.  Well Josh was still ogling my breasts, Stacey glanced over at Chris with a look of reevaluated appreciation. 
            “Hopefully you didn’t take her to dinner dressed like that,” she said pointedly.  I blushed crimson.
            Chris snorted down a laugh.
            “Holy shit, Chris!  That’s your date?  Damn!  Can I date her next?”
            Well that answered one question.  For a second I was worried that Josh and Stacey were a couple.  But evidently that was not the case.  I should have realized it from the moment I saw them though.  Stacey was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and was sitting on the far end of the couch.  She obviously was comfortable with Josh, but they weren’t an item.  Now all I had to do was figure out how to get Chris to let Josh fuck me in the ass, or at worst, let me give him a blowjob.  Of course it still left my punishment assignment undone, but I could always leave early and hit a bar to find the last guy to finish with.
            Chris chuckled.  “She’s my date tonight, Josh.  Sorry.”
            I nudged him slightly and whispered in his ear.  “Friends share.”
            Chris gave me a hard look.  I shrugged.
            “I like having multiple cocks in me at once.”  I said it loud enough for Josh and Stacey to hear.
            Chris looked… irritated.  Stacey laughed.  Josh looked like a puppy hoping his master would drop the treat on the floor.  I turned and wrapped my arms around Chris, pressing my bare breasts against his chest.  His hands dropped down and cupped my ass.
            “Chris, I need him to spank me like you did this morning.  Twenty five strokes to my ass and then I need him to fuck me there.  Either that or he can take the sap to my breasts and I can blow him.  As long as I get one of those tonight, I don’t care what you do to me or how,” I whispered.
            He sighed.  “Okay.  Fine.  Sure.  Do I get to have sex with you at least?” he asked.
            I smiled.  “Over and over.  And you can even pussy whip me each time too,” I gushed.  “Now take control and order me to do something nice to your friend Josh and then you can have me without interruptions.”
            Chris sighed and then nodded.  He pushed me away, but in a nice way, as part of the act.  I stumbled forward dramatically and almost landed in Josh’s lap.  The canvas bag swung from my hand and spilled out on the floor. My dress, the sap, the remotes for the vibroballs and anal beads, not to mention my Husky dildo, a set of clover clamps, my alligator clamps, the jumbo alligator clamp, and my bottle of Stinging O all fell out, scattering across the floor. 
            “Damn.  She comes prepared, doesn’t she?” Stacey asked, staring at the cornucopia of sex toys. 
            “Josh, I’ve already screwed her once, but her ass needs a good reaming, not to mention a spanking.  Give her twenty five strokes with that little paddle and you can fuck her butt.”
            Josh blinked.  “Seriously, dude?”
            Chris nodded smiling.  “Ream her hard man.  She’s a nympho humiliation pain slut and likes it to hurt.  I’m going to get a beer.”
            I picked up my leather sap as Chris walked away.  I turned and on my knees, right next to Josh, handed him the sap.  He took with surprise, but then patted his lap.
            I frowned.  There really wasn’t enough room.  If I went one way I’d end up laying with my breasts dangling off over the edge of the couch and my feet in Stacey’s lap.  If I went the other way, my breast and face would cross her legs.  I gave her a pleading look but she just stared at me.  Josh didn’t help either.  Finally I started to crawl up, clearly going toward having to put my bondage cuffed ankles and high heels in Stacey’s lap, only to feel her hand smack my ass long before Josh touched me.
            “The other way, bitch.”
            Well well well.  Surprise surprise. 
            I turned and gave her a shocked look.  She just stared again.  Slowly I maneuvered myself the other way, my legs hanging off the side of the couch.  My bottom was directly over Josh’s lap and I could feel his cock, hard already, poking me in the stomach.  Stacey helped me, laying her hands on my shoulders as I lowered myself down into her lap as well.  My breasts pressed into her jean covered thighs and then I felt her draw my arms up and behind my back.  With one hand she held my wrists, the other went under me.  She shifted and then I felt her fingers snag the padlock, tugging on my nipple piercing.  It didn’t hurt, but she had a tight grip.
            I’ve always thought the phrase “she had me by the balls” to be very silly.  I’ve held a number of pairs of “balls” in my life and I’ve never ever tried to influence behavior by “holding on” to them.  But I suddenly realized that this was exactly what it meant.  Stacey was holding my nipple piercing and padlock and if I bucked or pulled in anyway as a reaction to the immanent spanking, I’d have more to worry about that just a sore ass.
            Josh began touching my bottom, caressing my buttocks and playing with the wire that actually went into my ass.  It was disconcerting.  I’m not a big fan of anal sex in the first place and to have him probing around my sphincter like that… well… I’m just saying it was odd.  It caused me to tense up, which didn’t help my pussy with the vibroballs either.  Then Josh raised the sap and slapped me with it.
            I’ve been hit worse by three year olds.

            Even Stacey snorted.  I didn’t move. I didn’t moan.  I didn’t even react.  There WAS nothing to react too.  It was so soft that it didn’t even sound loud, and if you’ve ever used a sap generally there is a large “crack” sound when it hits flesh, especially wet flesh. 
            “I don’t think that one counts,” Stacey said with disgust.  She tugged on the padlock and I felt a surge of sensation burst up through my breast.  I wasn’t sure, but I thought I could smell her arousal through the genes.  Hell, my nose was close enough.
            Josh tried again, this time doing a better job and eliciting a little yelp from me.  But it still was underpowered.  Stacey let go of my nipple and shot her arm out.  She grabbed the sap from Josh, and left handed even, delivered a butt blistering blow to my rump that had me screaming in shock.    My entire body seemed to jump and afterward I lay there in astonishment.
            “Oh,” Josh said.  Stacey handed the sap back and the next few blows felt much more like a regular spanking.  The sap landed repeatedly on the thick globes of my ass and in seconds my ass not only rumbled like a volcano, but felt as hot as one.  Between strokes, Stacey reached up and ran her fingers down my crack to the wire and tugged the remote out from the canvas bag at my feet and pulled it up to her.  Suddenly my anal beads were purring at full speed and trembling inside me.  Then her hand went back to my nipple piercing and tugged.  Repeatedly.
            Dammit, would you believe I actually came?  I did. It wasn’t a huge explosion and certainly not worth the punishment I was going to endure for it.  But it was still fairly clear to both Josh and Stacey that I had just exploded and was now limply enduring their continued touches with nothing close to my original attention.  Josh smacked me harder.  Stacey pulled on my nipple hard. 
            I lost count of course.  But then Josh pushed me to the ground and I knew my time had come.  He reached down to my rump and tugged the vibrating anal beads free,  tossing them to the side.   My butt tightened after the beads were pulled loose and I heard Stacey turn them off.  Then Josh was on top of me, his cock out, the tip pressing against my rear end.  I groaned as he pushed and I tried my best to relax, to open up for him.  I bit my lip as his cock penetrated, sliding up and into me, filling me uncomfortably.  I groaned as he began to thrust, working himself deeper with every coital jerk.  I became a receptacle and he pumped himself through my ass like a butcher guts a cow. 
            It was hardly the kind of screwing a girl likes to get under most circumstances.  But that was hardly the point. I know damned well why Master Brandon wanted me ass fucked.  He knows I don’t like it.  It’s not bad enough to be on my limits list but is unpleasant enough I never want to do it.  That’s why all my masters and mistresses are constantly shoving things up my bum.  It’s ridiculous.  The anus is an exit, not entrance people!
            Josh exploded relatively quickly and pulled his condom clad cock out of my ass with a sigh of relief.  Already he was limp and he stripped off the rubber sheath with look of satisfaction.  I groaned and rolled to my side.  My ass hurt.  Not a lot, but I could definitely tell that I had just taken a full sized cock in that hole.  I heard a cough and noticed that Chris was watching.
            “Dude, she is one great fuck,” Josh said.  Chris nodded.
            “Yeah, she is.”
            Stacey snorted.  “As if you can tell how good she is from that,”
            Josh glared.  “Got a better idea?”
            “Sure.  Let’s see if her tongue is as good,” Stacey declared.
            Chris’ eyebrows went up.  “You want her too…”
            Stacey nodded.
            “Well, then you’ll have to whip her tits first,” Chris said. 
            I blinked.  Wow.  A man who actually listened to what I said!  But wait, I would have to suck cock, not lick out pussy, but maybe Master Brandon would be considerate.  Maybe sex with Stacey would work?  I nodded eagerly and crawled forward.  Stacey was already standing and pushing down her jeans. Evidently she had no problem being seen naked by her roommates.  She was wearing red and white striped panties and then her hairy bush was exposed.  Josh handed her the sap and sat back on the couch, his cock still hanging out, stiffening again.  He rubbed it lightly as Stacey took hold of my chin and pulled me upward until I was on my knees, back straight up, with my hands behind my head.
            “Twenty five strokes?” Stacey asked Chris.
  He nodded.  “To each breast, so fifty in all.”
Stacey grinned.  “Yummy.  Stay still, Breanne.  This is going to hurt.”
It did.  Stacey did not go easy on my breasts.  She alternated too.  But it went quickly and even as I was sucking in another breath, adjusting to the fiery heat in my bosom, she’d move to the other nipple and slap it hard.  The sap worked perfectly on my breasts and after only a half dozen strokes both had turned beet red, complete with rectangular marks from the small paddle.  Stacey aimed for my nipples, but also managed to catch me from the sides frequently enough that I felt like I was going ten rounds with a boxer using my breasts as a speed bag.  I saw that once. I don’t remember where.  Maybe it was a video.  Some girl with huge breasts had been hung up from the ceiling with her tits dangling down and some guy came up and started punching them.  It was brutal.
But Stacey wasn’t trying to bruise me.  Her strokes were more controlled.  She was trying to make it hurt, taking longer and longer pauses between each blow.  My nipples hardened, which made them even more sensitive to the abuse and I soon was hunching over, trying to recover from the burning while she waited for me to straighten. 
“Get your head up, bitch.” The words were spat out at me like nails.  “This is what it will cost you to lick me.”

I started crying.  My breasts hurt.  Oh God did they hurt!  But just when I thought I couldn’t take another blow Stacey knocked me over onto my back and then her mouth was sucking on my pierced nipple, her tongue darting and playing with the metal and my flesh.  I moaned, her mouth a sudden relief on my tenderized nib and then she was sliding down across my body.  I smelled her sex and then her crinkly hair touched my nose.  A second later her tongue flashed across my clit, my tender and abused clit, and she sucked it hard into her mouth.
I cried out at the same time I suckled her.  The taste of her pussy was like nectar and I slurped away, trying to ignore the building desperation I was feeling.  My entire body tingled and the vibroballs inside me had somehow increased to a roar.  She drove a finger into my pussy, rolling around the vibroballs before adding a single finger to my ass.  I shivered, my mind blown away as I tried to focus on her clit and needs.
I exploded before she did, but that didn’t stop her.  She merely turned ground her hips above my face, working at me continuously, forcing me to lap at her sopping sex until she shivered in delight.  There was a sigh and then she dismounted my face, leaving me on the floor quivering.
Josh remained on the couch and he was rubbing his cock which was almost hard again.  But then Chris was there, standing in my vision.  His cock was rock hard and I could see it bulging against his trousers.
“You gonna do her cunt now, Chris?” Josh asked with a grin.
Chris nodded, looking down at me with a look that was part desire and part disgust.  I felt like crawling into a hole.  But as he pushed down his trousers and stepped out of them, all I could think about was the fact that I was about to get the vibroballs pulled out of me and replaced with cock.  God, I wanted that.  So bad.  I spread my legs, hoping he would hurry.  His boxers went down and then he knelt between my legs.
“Here,” Stacey said from the side, holding her arm across my body.  My eyes tracked down from her forearm to her fingers and then widened as I saw what she was holding.
Chris took the sap, his eyes questioning. 
Stacey gave him a crazy look.  “She had to have a spanking before Josh could fuck her up the ass, and I had to whip her tits before she could lick me.  So I figure she’ll need a pussy whipping before you can fuck her brains out too.  Damn, she’s a pain slut, isn’t she?”
Chris shook his head lightly about to protest, but I brought my leg inward and tapped him on the thigh.  He glanced down at me and our eyes locked.  Time seemed to halt and my mouth moved in the words that I would come to regret for the rest of the evening.
“Do it,” I whispered, so softly that he must have read my lips.  I nodded quickly and he took a deep breath, determination in his eyes.  His hard cock bobbed inches away from my slit, but he raised the sap instead.  It came down like a meteor, flaming hot and I screeched as the burning stroke ignited my flesh. The petals of my sex seemed as if they’d been flayed and I could barely keep my legs open.  My knees closed slightly and before I could really control myself, Chris was snarling.
“Get her legs!  Hold her open!” he said.
Stacey was just waiting for a request like that.  In seconds she had straddled my head a second time, her pussy already grinding at my nose and mouth while her hands reached for my ankles.  I was bent in half, my legs coming up and held apart, my arms trapped up above my head by Stacey’s knees and feet. 
And then Chris beat me.   He gave me the prerequisite twenty five strokes and admittedly, I didn’t even lick at Stacey. I just cried out.  They were hot and heavy and combined with the vibroballs turned me into quivering sex jelly.  Being held, with hard but soft fingers around my ankles, held down, with pussy in my mouth, was so intense I couldn’t help it.  I think somewhere around the twentieth stroke I exploded with a gush, sending a stream of cum across Chris’ knees. 
My orgasm did little to stop him, though I think the last five or so strokes were delivered a little lighter.  I ended up using Stacey as a means to mute my distress.  But then the vibroballs were yanked out of me and tossed aside.  Chris drove himself into my boiling insides with a thrust that would have made a swordsman jealous.  I gasped, getting a mouthful of Stacey’s juice as Chris drove deep.  His movements were rhythmic and steady and my pussy both hurt and felt incredible all at once.  Our coital dance must have only taken five or six minutes because it seemed it was over much too quickly.  I felt Chris stiffen inside me, grunting, and then there was this internal pulse and I could feel him filling the condom.
Stacey didn’t get off me when Chris did, at least not until I had tongued her into another frothing.  I gasped for air when she finally did pull off my face, but then she turned around, moving to all fours.  She dropped down on top of me, her entire weight pressing me down. 
“I let you lick me and you didn’t pay the price, did you?” she asked.
I was a little out of it.  I didn’t understand what she was really implying.  She slapped me once, not to hard, across the face, which still managed to ring my bell a little since I was suffering from both a lack of oxygen, as well as super high levels of adrenaline, endorphins, and dopamine.  Ah… orgasm.  It’s the best high ever.  Fuck drugs.  Give me sex.
Which is why I really didn’t realize what was about to happen.  Stacey picked up the fallen sap and brought it down on my right breast, snapping the piercing and the gold padlock.  Pain exploded in me and I immediately wrapped my arms around my bosom to protect it.  I assure you, it was totally involuntary.  A knee-jerk reaction you might say.  But Josh jumped off the couch, his cock bobbing quite exquisitely, hard as a rock, to grab my wrists and drag my arms above my head.
Stacey locked my torso in place, her ass above my hips while Josh sat on my hands.  Then the blows rained down on my breasts.  They weren’t as hard as Chris’ strokes on my pussy, but these seemed tinged with a heat that I wasn’t ready for.  By the time Stacey was done I was crying and that did not seem to phase her at all.  Instead she bent down and suckled my nipples, her tongue stabbing at my piercing. 
“It’s my turn! I want to fuck her!” Josh said urgently.  He was stroking his cock and Stacey nodded, getting off me.  I’m not sure I could have moved if I had even wanted.  He moved around to the other side of me and pushed my legs apart. 
“You gonna fuck her pussy?” Stacey asked curiously.
Josh nodded.  “Hell yeah.  I want some of that.”
Stacey grinned.  “Well then, you have to pay for it.”  She held out the sap.
And he took it.

Chris held my arm as I stumbled back out to my truck. 
“Are you sure you’ll be able to drive?” he asked. 
I nodded.  Every part of me seemed to hurt.  My breasts were scarlet and there were bruises forming in several spots along the sides.  My nipples were swollen and my piercing actually was throbbing, which isn’t something I was used to.  My bosom felt heavy.  Very heavy.  My sex also throbbed and despite the fact that the vibroballs had been stuck back in and were buzzing on low, I felt no sexual arousal.  I was wet only do to the copious amounts of oil Stacey had used during the last fuck when she had pumped my Husky dildo in and out of me until I came again.  I had lost count of my orgasms, as I had the number of whippings I had received, but I knew I’d been butt fucked three times, and taken enough cock, both real and rubber, that I’m pretty sure I’d endured at least a hundred and fifty strokes between my legs.  Stacey had been the real monster that evening, urging Chris and Josh on while making me lick her repeatedly, each one “bought” with twenty five strokes of the sap to each breast.
In hindsight, I’m sure they lightened the abuse as the evening progressed, but I was so tender and sore, that even light strokes had felt massive.  I was wrapped in a thin blanket but as I got to my truck, I slipped it off my shoulders and got in my truck.

“You’re going to drive home like that?” Chris asked, startled.
I nodded. “Too tired to dress.” I turned the vibroballs off, sighing as peace descended on me.
Chris took a deep breath.  “Guess it would be stupid to ask for another date.”
I had to smile and I turned my head and looked at him as he stood there in the open door.  “Why would that be stupid?”
“Well, after what Stacey and Josh did to you…” his voice trailed off.  “And what I did to you.”
I straightened up just a bit, summoning a bit of energy from some untapped well of reserves.  I turned in my seat, opening my legs as I reached out and pulled him close.  He let me hold him and then wrapped his arms around me, kissing the top of my head.
“So… dinner tomorrow night?” I asked.
He laughed.  “Here at my place?”
I grinned.  “If you want.”
“Damn.  You are a glutton for punishment aren’t you?  Will it cost another twenty five strokes to fuck you?”
I chuckled and let him go.  He looked down at my still very red clit.  “No, it won’t cost twenty five strokes to fuck me,” I replied.  Chris grinned and nodded, somewhat relieved.  
“It will take fifty.”
The shock on his face was beautiful and he blinked as I started the engine.  I closed the door, barely missing him and then I unrolled the window.
“I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut, Chris.  And it’s supposed to hurt.”  I smiled.  “See ya tomorrow evening.”

Breanne Erickson has been dubbed the Dark Goddess of BDSM Erotica.  Join her growing number of fans and delve into everything that is Breanne.  Check out Breanne at her website and find out just what ELSE it means to be a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut!

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