Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sigma Epsilon Xi

Michael Alexander is pleased to announce his release of Sigma Epsilon Xi (A Samantha Mayfield Novel) in e-book format via both and Barnes and Noble. Samantha Mayfield (from "The Waxers") is tapped to join a secret sorority with a dark but noble purpose. Created to promote strong willed and dominant women, Sigma Epsilon Xi starts with the principle that in order to rule, one must first serve. Samantha's burgeoning sexuality is perfectly suited for the extreme BDSM bi-sexual organization and Sam finds herself surviving pledge week, stuffed, whipped, and abused.

Revised and edited, this new version cleans up the original posted at the BDSM Library and also includes He Soon To Thee Shall Sacrifice. Get your copy today! 99 cents!

Update! Sheograph very kindly took pity on me and did some original artwork for the new and improved cover! Check out her gallery at

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