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An Interview With William Price of The Silver Locke

Interview With William Price, Entertainment Manager of the Silver Locke, By John Chaplan (Reporter)

            Getting there is no mean feat, and it takes nearly forty minutes on some uncertain roads to find the Silver Locke.  Located on a precipice at the outskirts of a minor Native American Reservation in California, the Silver Locke inhabits a curious niche: an upscale, private BDSM club that isn’t so much above the law, as outside it.  Attracting the powerful and rich from around the world, the Silver Locke sets new heights for the art of sexual gratification.  Catering toward practically all tastes, the Silver Locke has some of the most beautiful men and women on its payroll, and there is practically nothing they won’t do.  I met with William Price, the Entertainment Manager of the worlds’ most exclusive and reclusive BDSM brothel/club to get a feel for this amazing world.  On arrival I made it through the gate and drove up toward a nearly empty parking lot.  Evidently sex isn’t as popular at ten in the morning as it is during the evening.  I parked my car and was greeted at the door by a stunning auburn haired girl dressed in a revealing dress that exuded sexual attraction.  She told me her name was Breanne and she led me to Mr. Price’s office.  Price is a tall man, gaunt with an appearance that reminds me of Fred Astaire in his younger years.  Dressed in a navy blazer and white shirt, no tie, Price took some time to sit with me in his office.  After shaking his hand, he turned to Breanne and asked her to make me comfortable.  To my surprise, she slipped out of her dress, baring the most amazing body.  She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing and she stepped forward, took my hand, and led me to seat opposite Price’s desk.  I sat down and was surprised to find her moving across my lap, wrapping one arm around my shoulders.  It was quiet distracting.
Thank you for meeting with me.  This wasn’t exactly the sort of greeting I was expecting

(Laughter) Well, I like to make sure that we get started on the right foot.  After all, this is marketing.  Breanne here will make sure that we stay on topic.

I turned and looked at the naked beauty who was sitting in my lap.  Her bare breasts were all of four inches away from my mouth and it took every ounce of my journalistic integrity to keep from sucking on her right then and there.  Instead, with one hand, I fished my tablet computer out of my bag, along with my digital voice recorder, and began the interview.

How did the Locke get started?

That’s actually an interesting story, John.  The Silver Locke was started by a man named Joshua Keel who felt there was a niche for a private upscale BDSM club.  After trying to get things started maybe half a dozen times, he managed to find himself the perfect location here in the United States, rather than a foreign country or deserted isle in the Caribbean.  After the initial investment, Keel took on a few partners.  They planned, outlined what they intended, and on a rather large scale as well, and then started building.  And here we are!

What kind of services do you provide?

Well, the Locke has a lot to offer clients.  We are a five start rated restaurant with only the freshest ingredients, as well as a classically trained French Chef who is experienced with lots of different entrees from around the world.  Our facility sports a full sized Olympic swimming pool, spa, massage parlor, and gym.  Our main attraction however is our stage hall where we provide guests with a chance to interact with some of the most beautiful and willing girls in the BDSM world. Lastly, should a guest wish to bid for one of our young ladies at auction, we have a dozen private rooms on the upper level for clients, should they choose to purchase our ultimate service: their fantasy come to life.

At this point Breanne slid off my lap and onto the floor.  Her fingers found the bulge of my cock through my trousers and began rubbing it.  It was difficult to stay focused.

I’ve heard about those fantasies.  Is it true you can provide anything?

To an extent.   If a client is very particular and provides sufficient information in advance to their visit, we do the utmost to create an environment suitable to their needs.  We’ve done some pretty amazing sets before.  Our private rooms are upstairs, ten of which are permanently decorated with the most common scenes our clients appreciate.  There are two full scale medieval dungeons with all of the appropriate historical devices in place, a pink laced “little girl’s” room, and a classroom setting complete with several desks, a chalkboard and yard stick.  We also have a modern interrogation room, a prison cell, a doctor’s office complete with gynecologist’s chair, a master suite hotel room, and the last rooms we keep in a neutral setting for special requests.

Breanne’s rubbing increased and I hadn’t even noticed that she was actually unbuckling me.  I blinked when my zipper went down and she reached into my pants.  I squirmed slightly, trying to read out the next question.

Do the girls ever have a problem with what is sometimes asked of them?

Rarely.  Each girl is allowed to set her own limitations.  Those are announced at the beginning of each auction and our guests are required to stand by those limits.  We monitor the sessions to make sure no one goes over board.  It rarely happens.  There are hefty fines when guests go over their allotted time or if they hurt one of the girls.  Of course, most of the girls choose to go along with our “house limits”, meaning that the only things that can’t be done are the activities that the Locke doesn’t allow.

As Price replied, Breanne tugged my cock out of my pants and began sucking on it with gusto.  This practically set me off and I swallowed hard, trying to ignore the extreme pleasure coming from my groin.

T-t-that’s amazing. (Gasp) What are the limits to what your guests can do?

(Laughter) Well, we don’t allow the girls to be seriously harmed.  Welts and bruises they can handle.  We don’t allow cutting or any other serious injury.  And obviously we don’t cater to the snuff crowd.  That would be illegal, even here on the reservation, not to mention seriously sick.  We also don’t allow scat or pee play.  There are health considerations with those activities that we just don’t want to mess with.  No pun intended.  In essence, we think of our entertainment employees as assets to be cherished.  Those are pretty much the only “House Rules” for behavior with our entertainers.

Breanne began bobbing her head, clearly deep throating me and I could feel the tightness in my balls as the sensation caused all sorts of interesting internal knots to loosen and unfold.  I gripped the chair and my tablet.

What are some of the most popular (oohhh-uuugnh) activities here at the Locke?

Well, clearly the main dance floor is the most popular.  Nothing beats waiting for some sexy beauty to strut her stuff up on stage.  Between the regular dances, we hold auctions for private sessions.  Each dancer is required to be sold on auction at least once per night.  Bidding can be fierce since there are always more guests than we have girls.  Some girls are willing to be auctioned more than once as well, which makes things easier for the guests.  We also have our massage parlor.  There isn’t any BDSM activities in there, but our masseuses are trained in the oriental arts of massage and we find that many of our guests who aren’t interested in winning an auction for time with an entertainer find their way in there for relief. We also have an arena where occasionally we host wrestling matches between various girls.  Nothing is sexier than two girls wrestling in baby oil, trying to shove large rubber dildos into their opponent’s body.  We also offer special “girl dinners” where your meal can be served on top of the entertainer of your choice.  Lastly, we have an exercise gym that is equipped with special equipment.  You can purchase time with one of our entertainers to provide “training support”, a sort of encouragement for you to do your best while exercising.

I wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer.  I knew it.  I could feel it building inside me.  It would only be a moment before I squirted my entire load down this girl’s throat.

S-s-so much to do!    I’ve heard that getting a club membership can be difficult.

Well, it’s not terribly easy.  There are certain requirements before even being allowed to apply.  There’s a certain financial requirement, including a hefty deposit.  We also require up to date medical information, and new members are required to sign non-disclosure agreements along with some other documentation that protects not only the club, but them as well.  But if you really want to find out what goes on here at the Silver Locke, there’s any easier way than just getting an application.

Really?  And how is that?

I-I- (uungggh) see.  I’m sorry. I’m having a little trouble dealing with this.

(Laughter)  I can tell, but I believe that in order to successfully write about something, one should experience it.  Breanne, if you’ll stop for a moment and then take Mr. Chaplan on a tour?

The stunning redhead between my legs finally let my cock loose, just as I was about to pop.  The she-devil must have done it deliberately!  She looked at me with a mischievous eye and then stood, looking over at Price.

Make sure to show Mr. Chaplan everything, especially the private rooms.

Breanne nodded with a slow grin, then reached down and took my hand.  I clutched at my trousers, tucking my saliva soaked and throbbing shaft away, struggling to get myself decent in front of Price.

“Come along, Mr. Chaplan.  I have so much to show you!”  Breanne said.  Price told me to have a good time and I was pulled from the office by the stunning and still very naked girl.

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