Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Cost - Part One

July 4th

I was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang but my automatic door opener functioned exactly as designed. About a half-second after the chiming sound echoed through my apartment, a flurry of eight year old arms and legs shot out of the back bedroom, passed me at close to the speed of sound, and then barreled down the hall until the sound of 55lbs of running child slamming into the front door came back to me. I presumed, from the lack of crying or screams, that my daughter’s attempt at slowing down had been successful and a moment later I heard the tell-tale squeak of the hinges as she opened up our apartment.

“Oh! Hello Aunt Julie!” Rachel said with a grin. “Is that for me?” Rachel asked eagerly. I heard a rustling of paper and sighed. My various visitors had taken to bringing my daughter gifts, following in my best friend Kari’s tradition of spoiling the kid.

“Well, this one is. And make sure you use your headphones. It won’t work properly without it. This other one is for your mother.”  I heard Rachel’s “oohhh! Thank you!” as the appropriate package was handed over and then it was like everything happened in reverse. The door shut and the automatic door opener rushed back into her room at light speed. As if nothing had ever happened. I twisted, looking over my shoulder to see Julie come into the living room.

“Morning, princess!” Julie said sweetly, running her fingers along my shoulders before coming around the sofa. “How are you this morning?”

I paused and took a moment to study the young woman standing before me. She was dressed in a pair of tight blue jean shorts that showed off her very long, abnormally thin legs, along with a pair of flip flops that admittedly did her dainty feet justice. She wore a polo shirt that did little to conceal her small bosom, but it did look cute on her. Her chocolate colored hair, which was more a shade of dark cocoa than milk, curled around her face and she looked down on me with a smile that was so heartfelt and real that I felt a warm tingle go all the way through me. It’s hard not to be looked at like that and not feel loved.

Or wanted.

I gave her an answering grin. “Good I suppose. Though admittedly I’m a little desperate,” I warned her with a smirk and a wink. She nodded in appreciation and sat down on the loveseat to my right.

“Tough day yesterday?” She asked, crossing her legs and laying her arms out along the back of the loveseat. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see the raised bumps of each nipple. She set a wrapped box down on the cushion next to her while I resisted the urge to go over and remind myself what she tasted like. She looked so scrumptious.

Instead I shrugged. “Not so much. Ben wa balls aren’t that difficult to deal with,” I replied. “And it certainly wasn’t worth the punishment you subscribed.” That last bit came out a little snarky and Julie grinned, shrugging her shoulders.

“Sounds like it worked exactly as intended. You spent the day with two little balls rolling around in the soft, wet pussy of yours, pushing you to cum, and instead of giving in, you held off and decided to make today even worse. I love it!” Her eyes flashed brightly. “Are you ready?” She asked, grabbing the box and leaning forward, her face eager.

I looked up from my little cocoon of blankets and pillows and glanced with trepidation at her wrapped gift. “What? Don’t I get a last meal or something?” I asked playfully as she leaned forward.

“You mean a final opportunity to cum before I lock you into the belt?” She retorted, then shook her head. “Sorry. No. That’s not how this works.” She stood up and gestured me to get up, leaving the box there on the loveseat. Letting me stew. “If you’re cooperative, I might give you an immediate opportunity to buy stimulation though.”

I frowned. “You can’t seriously mean to lock me into the chastity belt for a week.” It came out like a statement, but the underlying question was certainly there.

Julie shrugged. “I’m not the one who pissed off Kari.”

My mouth opened wide. “I didn’t piss off Kari! She made unreasonable demands of me!” I protested, standing up. The blankets fell off me and revealed the tee shirt and gym shorts I was wearing. I put my bare feet down on the floor and took a step toward her, the crimson color of my hair matching my nails. “I don’t think this is very fair.”

Julie studied me for a moment then closed the distance between us. She brought her hands up, placed her palms on my shoulders, and then slowly slid her hands down my front until she was touching my breasts.

“No bra,” she murmured softly, making a soft circling motion. I let out a tiny groan as my nipples hardened instantly. Her palms felt amazing, even with the cotton shirt between her hands and my breasts. Then suddenly she wrapped her arms around me, her mouth falling on mine as she slid her hands up under my shirt, along my spine. I couldn’t help it. I kissed her back, loving the wave of sweet bliss that seemed to pour over me.

Julie didn’t just kiss me. Her hand went up my back and then down again, pushing through the waistband of my shorts, dipping beneath my panties, cupping and squeezing my bottom. Her fingers left me tingling as she kneaded my flesh even as her other hand slid under my left arm. Her nails traced little lines of pleasure up along my belly, finding the tip of my breast and tweaking the nipple, just enough to leave me gasping.

“Now,” she whispered in my ear, her lips lingering along my jaw. “We are going to go into your bedroom.” Her knee came up, pressing hard between my legs and I took a step to the side, opening my thighs as she ground her leg into my pussy.

“And you are going to take off all your clothes for me. And no more of this objecting shit. You’ll accept everything. Do you understand?”

I nodded frantically. “Yes mistress!” I whispered back, not wanting to attract Rachel’s attention, regardless of headphone games. Julie gave my nipple another pinch and let go of my bottom, stepping back as she extracted her arms from my clothing. I stood there swaying as she turned and grabbed the package, then swung around the loveseat and headed down the hall toward my bedroom.

I took a deep breath, feeling just a touch light headed. I realized I was trembling, though whether from anticipation or fear I wasn’t sure. One thing I did know was that I was soaked, my pussy so wet that I could have been mistaken for a swamp, my damp petals pressed against the moist cotton of my panties. As Julie disappeared I summoned the courage to follow her. I kicked my blankets aside and hurried after. I went all the way back to my room and shut the door behind me. Julie stood in the far corner, waiting.

“Now come here,” she said, pointing at the spot in front of her. I moved around my bed and did as I was told. “Take off your clothes. All of them,” she ordered.

I hesitated for only a moment. “Julie, just remember that…” I began as I pulled off my shirt.

“I’m fully aware of our unintentional audience,” she interrupted. “Why did you think I brought the new game for her DS?” Julie asked, referring to Rachel’s present. “Now, put your hands behind your head and stay quiet.”

I blinked as I tossed the shirt aside. “Stay quiet? What do you mean?” I asked as I interlaced my fingers behind my head and gave her a confused look.

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