Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tested - Part One

Birds chirped loudly as I climbed the concrete and iron stairs and the heat of that warm spring day enfolded me warmly after the cool breeze of my car’s air conditioning. Most people normally look at the weather report, gauging temperatures in order to decide what to wear when out and about on the streets of Houston. I’d dressed for something entirely different than weather conditions. Tight, denim shorts that barely covered my ass and a simple, stretchy tee shirt that clung to my skin like paint had seemed appropriate as I slipped my feet into a pair of spare flip flops. I liked the fact that my toenails, a dark shade of pink that resembled certain portions of my more prurient anatomy, matched the shirt perfectly.

I quickened my pace as the sound of a lawn mower roared in the distance and I made it to the third story of the apartment complex. I could already feel beads of perspiration forming on my brow and the humidity was so thick that I was practically swimming as I climbed the stairs. I would have claimed that the exertion left me sticky, but frankly I was already in that state before I got out of the car, thanks to the ben wa balls I had stuffed up inside me. A single balcony ran along the edge of the building and I moved down it until I stood in front of a freshly painted door. Knocking, I glanced left and right, and seeing that no one was around, peeled the front of my shirt upward to my chin, exposing both breasts.

Time seemed to crawl and the puckering of my nipples was more a function of my nudity in a public venue than anything related to temperature. I bit my lip and started counting. I felt my stomach start to tighten up in knots and there seemed to be a tingling right at the tips of both breasts, where the pair of small gold hoops that pierced each nipple let metal touch bare skin. I hit forty-two and was just about to give up and head back down to the car when the door opened.

The girl that opened it had wide brown eyes and a pixie cut that turned her luscious chocolate colored hair into the most adorable frame for her heart shaped face. She was narrow and thin, but the thick, blue terry cloth bathrobe that she had wrapped around herself hid the fact well. She was barefoot but there were red marks around her ankles. Not only that, Julie was out of breath. Her face was flushed and she blinked up at me.

“Bre! You’re early,” she said in surprise, clutching the robe around herself. She backed up and let me come into the apartment. Warmth surrounded me as I gave her a curious look.

“You said, ‘no later than seven’ so as soon as my mom picked up Rachel I headed over,” I replied.

Julie let out a little laugh. “I just wasn’t expecting you this early. It’s not even five yet.”

I have her an apologetic smile. “Want me to leave? I can come back.” It was an honest offer.

Julie shook her head. “Not in the least,” she said. Her hand came up and she put it on my left breast, caressing me gently before using her nails to give my nipple a delicious little pinch. “Take off your clothes and come with me,” she said.

I grinned and peeled my shirt off. Then I pushed down my shorts. I wasn’t wearing panties and Julie put her hand between my legs as I kicked off my flip flops. I let out a soft groan as her fingers slipped between the wet folds of my flower, giving my clit a little tap before snagging the ben wa balls which I’d been wearing all day.

“You’ve been good?” She asked with a wicked smile. I nodded.

“You said no orgasms. So I’ve been good,” I assured her. Her finger slid across my clit. “But if you keep doing that I’m going to be cumming.”

Julie laughed. “Well, now that you’re here, we’ll see if we can’t take care of that itch for you!” She grabbed my hand and began pulling me through the apartment, but not to her dungeon, but to the master bedroom. I blinked, realizing she was speaking in the plural.

“Was that Bre I heard?” A voice said from the covers.

Mike the Hardware Guy was lying on one side of Julie’s king sized bed and he was gloriously naked, his cock semi-hard and glistening, as if he’d been in the middle of having sex and been grievously interrupted. The sheets were rumpled and silk ropes had been tied to the corners of the bed frame

“Hello Mike,” I said as Julie pushed through the door behind me. She took off the bathrobe and I realized that she was wearing the exact same outfit I was. Her bone thin body however was flushed all the way down and her breasts looked decidedly pink. She grinned at me and pointed at the mattress.

“Lay down, Bre. Time to join in the fun!”

Mike patted the bed and I crawled up, my mind still processing all the clues as Mike grabbed me around the waist, flipped me onto my back, and then assisted Julie to tie me spread-eagled down. The ropes had to be adjusted since they were too long for someone of my height.

“Two against one doesn’t exactly seem fair,” I commented wryly even as Mike’s mouth came down on my nipple. Julie ran a finger along the edge of my foot and I let out a little gasp as a sensation that wasn’t quite being tickled, but was far more sensitizing than a massage or rub, left me breathless and tingling.

“You’ve always liked these kinds of odds,” she said, her hand coming up my leg and making the tingling sensation move up my body. She leaned over and planted a few hot kisses on my inner thigh, but stayed there only a moment before her lips hovered over my clit. Her tongue darted out, licking me so gently that all I could do was moan and close my eyes. Mike’s hands began roaming over my breasts, squeezing and kneading until my back began to arch and I moaned in pleasure.

“I’m not sure I can wait much longer,” Mike said, though I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking to me. Julie came up from between my legs, her face wet and eyes sparkling. Mike had been lying beside me and I hadn’t realized that she’d had her hand on him, rubbing even while digging her tongue through me. He was rock hard.

“Come get me big boy,” Julie said wickedly, crawling up me until her face was just over my breasts.

Mike came up behind Julie and I felt the weight of him as he drove his shaft into her sex. It didn’t help that her clit was pressed against mine, grinding. Each thrust rubbed the two of us together and I could see that it was having a hell of a lot more effect on Julie than on me. Mike groaned and his pounding got more intense, but then I felt something strike me, glancing off my sex for just a moment. A look of desperation crossed Julie’s face and then I felt Mike’s cock slip into me, pumping for just a moment. I gasped, a flood of sweet bliss blasting up through my pussy.

But then Julie pushed forward. With Mike inside me she kept moving up until he had room to get deeper. She brought a knee forward as she grabbed hold of the headboard and suddenly her sweet, well-fucked pussy was in my face. I had only a moment to ponder the fact that her petals were marked and bruised and then she was mashing herself down, pressing her sex into my mouth. I opened wide and drove my tongue up into her. She began grinding, rhythmically fucking my face, her hips slinging even as Mike pounded my lower half into jelly.

Me? I was just about ready to cum and the fact that I was stretched out to the corners of a king sized bed didn’t make it any easier to handle things. I had one beauty’s pussy leaking into my mouth while the cock of a man big enough to be an NFL linebacker was splitting open my petals with hard but exquisite thrusts. There was nothing I could do. They were using me; a living sex toy.

I was getting close to cumming, as was Julie and probably even Mike, when suddenly the man yanked himself out of me. I groaned, though any sound I actually made was probably lost somewhere between Julie’s labia. A moment later Mike pulled Julie from me and as I gasped for air he pressed her down by my side, her cute little butt half hanging off the edge of the bed. He stood behind her, holding her hips even as her hand shot out and cupped my sex, three fingers sliding into my slit as I gasped. Then Mike rammed himself deep into her, eyes closed, energetically fucking the girl who was fervently trying to push her entire hand into my pussy.

I’m not sure which of them came first. It might have been Julie, but then again, Mike might have beaten her to the punch by maybe half a second. Me? I had a hand stuck up inside me, driving me nuts, but I was certainly not in the throes of orgasm. Julie shuddered and collapsed along my side and Mike groaned, pulling himself free, his cock dripping with cum and Julie juice. He rounded the bed and while Julie started curling her fingers inside me, he climbed up on the bed, presented his limp shaft, and pressed it to my lips.

“Suck it, Bre. Lick her off me.”

The flavors were certainly familiar and with Julie working me back up into a froth, I eagerly licked, slurped, sucked, and swirled my tongue around Mike’s hardware. He clearly loved every second of it. I was lost in a world of excess pleasure though and a moment later I made it clear that whatever Julie was doing with her hand between my thighs was going to get the better of me. I moaned, the sound muffled by cock, then went rigid as the orgasm rushed through me like a bullet through a watermelon. My eyes rolled up into the back of my head and I saw stars.

When I blinked Julie and Mike were on either side of me, cuddling me. My pussy felt tender and Mike’s arm was draped across my chest, rubbing Julie’s shoulder and forearm.

I blinked. “Are y’all dating?” I blurted out, breaking the aftersex euphoria. I was looking at Julie when I asked but felt Mike move, jerking with almost guilty reflex. Julie’s eyes snapped open and she stared at me for a long moment, then rolled, climbed out of bed, and walked out of the room. I turned my head and stared at her small bottom as she walked down the hall. I twisted the other way as Mike began getting out of the bed.

“Uh. I better help her get things ready for you,” he said apologetically.

“Hey,” I said, my tone slightly irritated. “I asked a question.”

Mike bit his lip and hurried around the bed. “Be back in a moment,” he said, patting my bare foot gently. Then he too left, leaving me tied spread-eagled to Julie’s mattress. Horny.

I lay there for about ten minutes, alone, contemplating things. So what if Julie and Mike were dating? It’s not like I had a stranglehold on either of them. Mike and I had tried the romance thing and I’d been the one who broke things off, so it’s not like I could complain if he tried it with another woman. Was I jealous? I didn’t think so. Afterall, I’d just had his cock in me, right? Friends with extreme benefits? And what about Julie? I was her submissive, not her mistress. She could partner with anyone she wanted and what could I say about it? Wasn’t the fact that it had been me that brought them together a plus? If she were going to date someone, wasn’t it better that she date someone who also wanted to satisfy their urges with me? And Mike wasn’t just some guy from work. He would understand that Julie still needed me, needed to tie me up and torture me. Even when I’d obviously interrupted their coitus…

I blinked. Coitus. At Julie’s place I lifted my head and looked around the room. Julie’s bedroom is pretty. The furniture is walnut, the bed frame cast iron, and the art on the wall’s all tastefully selected by Kari. It was very Julie. Mike’s work boots were on the floor under the chair in the corner and his blue jeans and shirt were draped over the arm. My eyes narrowed. It wasn’t enough. I needed into the bathroom.

“Hey!” I called out. “I need to use the restroom please!”

Julie came back in quickly. “Sorry. We’re just setting things up. We’ve got something really delicious for you this evening,” she said with a smile. “We just thought we had more time.”

I smiled back, totally ignoring the fact that she hadn’t answered my previous question. I let it drop. “Thanks. Need to use your restroom,” I said again, shaking my hands and rattling the bed frame.

Julie moved around the bed, untying me from the ropes. It felt good to be able to bend my arms and legs and as my last limb was freed I rolled and immediately headed toward Julie’s bathroom. She didn’t say a word as I closed the door behind me and ran my eyes across the large vanity.

Bingo. I reached over and picked up the toothbrush. It was massive, made to fit a man, and I was very familiar with the brand. I’d dated the guy after all. I put Mike’s toothbrush back into the holder next to Julie’s and for appearance sake, used the restroom. I washed up, opened the door, and headed out into the living room.

Part Two coming soon! 

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