Friday, August 14, 2015

Just Shocked

The moment Julie answered the phone I said a word that I really hadn’t expected to ever be forced to use. Not with her.
“No. No way,” I said, shaking my head at the same time. I was standing in the barn, my knuckles white from where I was gripping one of the stall rails. “There is no fucking way.”
There was a brief pause. “Whoa there cowgirl. Get a grip. I presume you are referring to this morning’s assignment?”
A little surge of anger spurted through me and my pussy tightened up around the ben wa balls, two small spheres strung on a line and filled with an offset weight that had been rolling around inside me since five am that morning.
“I’m not kidding, Julie.”
“I get that princess, but you need to chill. What’s your beef?” Julie asked.
I rolled my eyes. “You want me to dress like a two dollar tart, stuff myself with a seven inch dildo with a suction cup on the bottom, followed by frying my tits with TENS Unit, while bouncing in a fucking mall’s food court.”
She let out a little laugh and I stamped my foot. “It’s not funny!”
“Oh but it is. Besides, I don’t see the problem.”
I ground my teeth. “Julie, I can’t wear the outfit you put in the assignment.”
Why? The why was obvious! “Because it’s not a shirt! It’s a fucking piece of pleated curtain that barely covers my tits!”
“I know,” she replied easily. “It’s very fetching on you.”
“Not even a whore would wear something that indecent,” I retorted.
“Then I’m glad you aren’t a whore. Is that your only problem?”
“The skirt. It’s too short,” I added sullenly.
She snorted in disdain. “It’s the same skirt you’ve worn for half of your assignments.”
I shifted my weight uncomfortably. She was right about that. I had worn it before. Multiple times.
“It’s just that in order to cum, I’ll have to bounce. And I’ll already be attracting too much attention due to the outfit,” I added.
“And your hair!” Julie said sweetly.
“Yes. And my hair,”I replied, running a finger through my red locks. “So people will see and stare and know I’m fucking myself.”
“Do you think they will know what the wires going up under your peasant blouse mean?” She asked.
I closed my eyes. The wires would go from the TENS Unit battery and control pack to the pair of electrostim pads she’d demanded I place on either side of each nipple. The peasant blouse wouldn’t conceal the wires. Not in a million years, just like it really didn’t conceal anything from my nipple down to my skirt.
“In a food court?” I whispered.
Julie sighed. “Okay. I can sort of see your point. So tell you what, let’s negotiate.”
“Negotiate what?” I asked.
“You decide what you want to change and I’ll make a counteroffer until we find something we can both live with.”
I snorted this time. “Or I could just refuse flat out.”
“And earn a brutal punishment from me?”
I grunted at the threat. “Okay. Um… then how about I wear a halter top?”
She paused, obviously considering it. “No. The point is to humiliate you enough to make you wet. A tee shirt would make you look young and cute and appealing. But it wouldn’t embarrass you the way I want you embarrassed.”
I frowned. “Okay. Not the mall then. Somewhere else. Like Zach’s fraternity.”
“Hmmmm,” Julie said, considering it. “Except that isn’t exactly in a public place, is it? And all those guys have seen you before, which would render the humiliation aspect meaningless. How can you be embarrassed to be seen by a bunch of guys you’ve already fucked?”
I took a deep breath and tried another track. “How about a different toy? One that doesn’t require me to bounce crazily up and down.”
“That makes more sense. Vibroballs?”
I shook my head. “Not intense enough. I could be sitting there hours.”
“You’re right. RVP. On low. And no panties.”
“On medium,” I countered, ignoring the bit about the panties. The Rotating Venus Penis was a good idea, but on the lowest setting it could take me a bit of time to actually cum. I didn’t need the panties if I wasn’t going to have to use the dildo.
Julie laughed. “No. Definitely on low.”
“Julie! On low it could take me twenty minutes!” I protested.
“That’s sort of the point. We want your nipples fried and if you have to stop the whole thing and try again because it hurt too much that’s a good thing.”
I bit my lip, not knowing what to say. Julie made a satisfactory grunt. “Yes. The outfit remains, as does the TENS Unit and the mall food court. But you can wear the RVP on low instead of the suction cup dildo.”
This did not sound like a good idea to me.
“I want security,” I declared.
“I’m busy,” Julie warned.
I shrugged. “I don’t care who. I just want it.”
“I can agree to that. Who do you want?”
I thought about it for a moment and then told her.
She laughed.


The crunch of the tires in the afternoon heat seemed inordinately loud in my ears as I stared down the baking expanse of asphalt. The road was quiet at the moment, without a car or truck in sight, but I knew that the stillness was a transient thing. Two new major subdivisions just to our south had sprung up and what had once been a quiet country back road was now a major thoroughfare. The change had been gradual but gone were the days where I could have stood on the side of the road for three or four hours and not seen a single car. Now? I’d be lucky if I had a twenty minute window.
“Hey,” Nick said impatiently, leaning his head out of the window. “I want to see some tits and ass. So get to it.”
I glared at him from where I stood. The soft rumble of the engine added to the buzzing cacophony of cicada and grasshopper and I chucked my heavy canvas bag on the hood of Nick’s car. It was hot, a trickle of perspiration already wetting my temple. Taking a deep breath I began unbuttoning my shirt. It was a long sleeved work shirt, the kind I wear when out in the fields to protect myself from both the sun and dust. It comes with being a South Texas Cowgirl. If you haven’t lived down here you have to understand that the sun is a physical force, like a hammer beating down on you. You can’t just let it go. You’ve got to be proactive, take precautions. Those of us who work in the sun know what it’s like. You’ve got to cover up.
Nick stared at me through the windshield of his Kia Soul. What a weird little car. Still, I didn’t mind it. Either the car or his stare. Looking back at him with the smug satisfaction of knowing I had what he wanted, I peeled off the long sleeve work shirt, revealing a simple tee shirt underneath. My arms were lightly tanned, accidental exposure here and there during the summer, while the rest of me had remained a creamy white. Freckles of dark brown spotted my forearms and I folded the work shirt and placed it on the hood of the truck. No need to rush. If this was a strip tease, poor Nick was going to have to wait for it.
My tee shirt was white and plain, perfect for something that needed to be bleached on a regular basis. It wasn’t tight and it wasn’t loose, but instead conformed to my curves decently and was long enough to stay tucked into my blue jeans. I ignored it, as well as Nick’s demand. I could see his fingers tapping impatiently on the steering wheel. I resisted the urge to laugh. I kicked off my boots next, revealing stocking clad feet. I grimaced as I put my soles down in the gravel, hating this part but knowing that there really wasn’t a better way of doing it. Then my fingers found my belt buckle, opening it up, pulling down the zipper. A second later my thumbs were tucked into the waistband and my ass swung from side to side as I pushed my jeans straight down to my ankles.
Had anyone come driving along just at that moment they would certainly have caught an eyeful. Me standing there in just a pair of pink panties and a white tee shirt would definately been the highlight of their day. I stepped out of the jeans and actually put my feet back down on top of the denim. I didn’t care if my jeans got dusty. I lifted a foot and peeled off a sock, then did the other side so that my bare feet were exposed to the open air. I wriggled my red painted toes, grinning back at Nick, who was now leaning forward, eyes bright with excitement.The color of my nails matched my hair and I liked that. I took another deep breath, a little bit of anxiety spreading through me. Now came the hard part.
I took off my tee shirt.
I was wearing a bra underneath, something utilitarian rather than sexy, but it came off just a second or two after I’d folded the tee shirt and set it next to my long sleeve shirt. Another line of perspiration slid down my throat straight into my cleavage. Light flashed off the gold hoop piercing my right nipple and I could feel the weight of the small padlock, emblazoned with a rose sigil, dangling from my piercing. I ignored all that, hurrying now that I was actually half naked. Then I shoved my thumbs into the waistband of the panties and peeled them down. I turned as I folded them, posing for a full three or four tense, terrible seconds for Nick’s wolf whistle. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat and loving the sight of the beautiful, naked redhead in front of his car. I slipped my hand between my legs, finding the small string that my ben wa balls were threaded on, and tugged.
“Feel free to take you time,” Nick shouted at me through the window.
I rolled my eyes and hurried anyway. The little groan that escaped my lips was tinged with sexual need and two golf ball sized spheres popped out into my hand. Both were covered with goo and I trembled a little as the petals of my sex spread. I took my hand away, letting my panties snap back against my waist and I reached into my bag, grabbing a small towel. I wrapped the ben wa balls up and put them in the bag, grabbing their replacement at the same time. I drew out my Rotating Venus Penis, or RVP for short, and studied it for just a moment.
The RVP is one the most devilish toys I own. It’s hands free, strap on, and is basically two sets of motors in a single casement. One motor is offset and shakes the whole assembly, which rests along your entire pussy, rubbing you from clit to perineum, while the other motor turns a corkscrew shaft embedded in a four inch phallus. Imagine sticking your finger into me then curling and swirling it. Non-stop. My RVP’s controller is on a pink wire with two sliders, each one with six available levels. To be honest I can’t really tell the difference between any adjacent two of them when the bloody thing is inside me, but at that point it doesn’t really matter. All I know is that I have trouble handling both functions at the same time. Vibrate me I’m fine. Stir me like a martini and I’m okay. But shake me and stir me? I’m toast.

I let out a little groan as i slipped the four inch phallus into my sex. It took me only about thirty seconds to handle the straps but once they were tight I took a little hop, ensuring that the RVP wasn’t going to fall off or out of me. I tucked the controller into one of the straps and then dug in the canvas bag for something to cover up with.
My fingers found the short skirt. It was also made of denim, just like my jeans, but with only a quarter of the material. I liked the skirt but it was too short. It wasn’t a tight miniskirt either. It was more like a the kind of skirt a slutty little school girl would wear, short and flared, with just enough length to keep you from seeing anything unless you were behind her on a set of steep stairs. Then… well… then you’d get the whole caboose. But I also knew darned well that just sitting down meant a loss of coverage. It was the cut. I would sit, the hem would flare, and my entire ass would be on the seat without even a touch of coverage..
Then I pulled out the last article of clothing I was being permitted, which in my book wasn’t really clothing. The shirt that I refer to as my “peasant blouse” was actually nothing more than a pleated strip of material that hung off both shoulders and used my breasts as support. A little elastic in the collar kept it from going too far up and my boobs themselves kept it from sliding down my body. Now normal “peasant blouses” have material beneath the bosom, covering the midriff all the way to the waist. Mine? Not a stitch. In fact, the closest thing I could compare it to is a valence, which is a short little curtain that covers the sheer rack in a window set. So there wasn’t much material there, only about seven inches between the collar and the hem line. It kept my breasts covered provided I didn’t do anything insane, like jump, or bend over, or swish. Any of that stuff and the loose curtain covering just my chest would fly up exposing everything.
Originally the assignment had said flip flops, but Nick had vetoed that option and so I pulled my pair of stripper shoes out of my bag and dropped them on the ground. I bent over as I slipped my feet into the insanely high heels. As expected, the peasant blouse followed the laws of gravity as did my breasts and a moment later both nipples, one capped with the padlock and piercing, dangled down, totally visible. Nick whistled again.
“Looking good, Bre!” He shouted.
I picked up my blue jeans, folded them, and put them on the hood of the truck. I was fully dressed, or at least dressed in the assigned clothing and I knew there was just one more thing to do. Inside the canvas bag was a TENS Unit, also known as a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. Two sets of electrostim tabs could be plugged in and independently controlled. I tugged the small box out of the canvas bag and a minute later I was placing the sticky adhesive coated pads on each side of my nipples, the valence like peasant blouse shoved upward exposing my chest. The wires dangled down, totally obvious, totally embarrassing and I could already feel the heat rising on my cheeks as Nick gave me a thumbs up. I plugged the TENS Unit in and turned both dials to one, setting the pulse function to beat. It was sort of like a system check, but instantly I felt each nipple tighten, an electronically produced sensation that was equivalent to someone lightly flicking the tip of each breast with their fingers. I let out a satisfied groan and my pussy tightened around the RVP’s phallus.
I grabbed my stuff and hurried around to the passenger side of Nick’s car and let myself in. Nick looked at me with appreciation as I buckled up. Then his hand came up and lifted the left side of my peasant blouse. I gave his hand a little swat and he jerked back.
“Hey!” he protested. “What the hell was that for?”
“Get your hand out of the cookie jar,” I replied saucily, crossing my arms across my chest. The TENS Unit was driving me crazy, both nipples being dealt small, soft blows every other second.
“I thought the point was to put my hand in the jar and yank out as many cookies as possible.”
I took a deep breath. Thinking was hard, what with the little electrical shocks jolting me. Nick put the car in gear and we peeled out. But just so that he wouldn’t get snippity I put my hand in his lap and immediately began worming my fingers into his pants. He chuckled and unzipped his jeans for me and a moment later his shaft, thick and hard and obviously straining, was cupped in my hand.
“Better?” I asked.
Nick shrugged but I could see the look of pleasure in his eyes. “It would be better if the RVP was on full power and the TENS Unit was frying your tits hard enough to make you scream.”
I gave him a good solid squeeze which elicited a groan from his lips. “Good things come to those who wait,” I assured him. “Your job is to protect me while I’m doing this assignment. Not to make the torment worse.”
He laughed. “Are you sure? Because I would love to make your torment worse.”
I sighed but continued rubbing. The car turned north and about fifteen minutes later we hit the freeway.
“Okay, so let me get this straight,” Nick continued. “Your assignment is to dress like that, then go to a mall’s food court, sit quietly with the RVP and TENS Unit on low, and then stay there until you cum?”
I shuddered. “Yeah, except there’s a catch.”
“What’s the catch?” He asked, humming a little as my hand continued ot move up and down his exposed shaft.
“I have to turn both sides of the TENS Unit up a level every two minutes,” I said sullenly.
Nick turned and gave me a concerned glance. “Really? I thought that you could only tolerate that thing up to level 5.”
I nodded. “On my nipples. Elsewhere I might have handled more. Like on my bottom I can get up to eight or nine.  Five feels like someone is pushing a needle through the tips of my breasts.”
He did the math. “So that means if you start out on level one, you’ve got eight minutes to cum.”
“Or endure more shocks,” I finished.
He considered it a moment. “Wow,” he said.  “So what happens if you don’t cum before you can’t take any more?”
I shrugged. “We try again. But in a different place.”
“A different mall? Why?”
I thought about it for a moment. I was a bit distracted. I could feel the difference in texture between Nick’s shaft and the tip and I was enjoying it. Plus an invisible man was flicking the tips of my breasts in a steady, unwavering beat.  “I think it’s to humiliate me as much as possible.”
“Well I can support that,” Nick agreed. “But that isn’t much of a punishment for fucking up.”
I gave him a quirky look. “It’s not punishment. It’s encouragement dork. The idea is that more humiliation will make me wetter and more inclined to cum.”
He snorted. “You should be punished as well as forced to moe.”
I sighed. “Like what?”
He considered it for a moment. “Providing your driver with a blowjob?”
I laughed. “You could have had that anyway. And how is that a punishment?”
“True enough. Maybe a spanking?”
I shrugged. “I guess. Doesn’t sound very creative.”
“How about I fuck you in the ass?”
I grimaced. “That doesn’t sound appealing or creative.”
“Punishment isn’t supposed to be appealing. But you’re right. So let’s say that while I’m fucking you up the ass you also have the RVP on full power, both functions, and we fry your nipples at level five until I have cum.”
I literally turned and stared at him. “Are you crazy? At those settings? What if I cum first? That would make it harder to cum the next time around!”
He grinned. “I know. See, it would be truly wicked.”
I shifted in my seat. I didn’t really want to agree to this. That was the problem with Nick. He liked to improvise.
“Tell you what. We can wager. I know you like doing that.”
I bit my lip. He was right. I had a little bit of a gambling problem, especially when my body was the ante. “What did you have in mind?”
“If you can make me cum before we get to the mall there’s no punishment for not cumming.”  He turned and gave me a quick grin. “But if you fail, then my punishment suggestion stands.”
Nick was already hard as a rock and throbbing in my hand. I looked down. There might even have been room for a redhead’s head. I suddenly grinned. “No deal. There’s no reason for me to risk this. I already don’t have a punishment,” I said.
My driver frowned. “Alright, then the cost of transport just increased.”
I blinked. “What?”
“RVP on full power, both functions and you can turn the TENS Unit to six, right now.”
“What!” I demanded. “You can’t ask that! I’ll cum for sure!”
He shrugged. “Cost of transport.  Or you can take the bet.”
I did more than glare at him. “That’s blackmail.”
“Tick tock!” he sang.
“Fine!” I snarled, then began rubbing his cock hard and fast.
He grunted, then winced. “Easy there girl. Don’t yank it off!”
At that I bent over in half, opening my mouth. I felt my breasts fall out from under the peasant blouse but I didn’t worry about that. I twisted slightly in my seat, no doubt exposing my ass to whomever was looking in the window driving by, but instead I concentrated on Nick’s prick. I took one long sweet suckle and then began bobbing fast. He groaned.
“Shit,” I heard him mutter. “I might just lose this one.” Then the car picked up speed.
It became a race. Nick was driving in tight, controlled, movements though I could tell there was some serious tension in him. I grabbed hold of the base of his cock and did everything I could, used every trick in the book. But I was hampered. His balls weren’t exposed and he was in a position that made me uncomfortable. The Kia Soul was not designed with passenger/driver oral coitus in mind. Someone needs to talk to those engineers! I felt the car rock to a stop and then Nick sighed.
“We’re here, Bre. I won.”  His voice was tight, as if he were right on the edge. Slowly I let go of his cock and sat up, one hand sweeping my peasant blouse back in place. He was right. The mall entrance was right there in front of us, not fifty feet away. I sighed.
He laughed as he tucked his wet cock back into his jeans. “I’m going to love fucking you up the ass.”
I didn’t say anything and instead sat there feeling just a little terrified. I was dressed like a two dollar whore, wearing stripper shoes that screamed “fuck me”, a short skirt that wouldn’t cover my ass when I sat down, a motorized sex toy that would both vibrate and spin, and a strip of cloth that barely covered my boobs. The wires to the TENS unit went from my canvas bag, which I hooked over a shoulder, and disappeared under the peasant blouse. I bit my lip, trembling as I caught a glimpse of myself in a car window as I got out. I looked… I looked…
“You look amazing!” Nick said, coming around to my side. He stepped back and eye fucked me thoroughly. I felt dirty. Almost sick. I kept looking around, scared to death someone would see me. He held out his hand.  “Come on. Let’s go walk the mall!”
He took my fingers and pulled. I stumbled forward, tripping over my own shoes before catching myself. My breasts dipped and I felt hot air around my tingling nipples. Ten feet. Then twenty. A few more and the automatic doors opened and we went into the mall.
Thank God it was slow. It was after lunch and in the middle of the week. I naturally hugged the wall but Nick, who kept hold of my hand, dragged me right out into the middle of the corridor. I felt my cheeks flush, the heat creeping along and down to the tips of my breasts. The TENS Unit continued to flick my nipples and I suddenly wished the RVP was on as well.
It took me almost a minute to realize that Nick had purposefully parked as far away from the food court as physically possible. I wanted to turn and hit him, but realized that would just flash my breast to everyone in the bloody place.  And I was already attracting attention. Lots of it. People were staring at me. Staring at Nick, clearly wondering what sort of power of attraction he had to force a girl like me to wear… that.  I took small steps, feeling the RVP phallus move inside me, even though it was off. There were flights of butterflies in my stomach and I felt so nervous I thought I might be sick.
“Almost there!” Nick said with a grin.
And up ahead there was the food court. We were at one of the offbeat malls, a small little thing that qualified for the my assignment but wouldn’t have the same sort of traffic or security that the mall by my farm does. Sure enough there were way more people in the stores themselves than sitting at the tables. I could feel the eyes on me though. They saw the redhair first, which screamed “look at me! I want attention!” And then they’d see the peasant blouse and they’d think “my God, her boobs are about to fall out of that thing!” Then they’d see the skirt and wish I were standing on a table. Finally they’d take in my long, bare legs and the stupid high heel shoes and think “stripper. Or whore.”
Nick picked a table in the very center, where I could be seen from all sides and I cringed in horror. I closed my eyes, trying to focus.
“This looks like a good space. Want something to eat or drink before we start?”
I shook my head with wide, frightened eyes. Why would I want to extend the time we were there?
Nick shrugged. “Okay. I’ll handle the timer and the TENS Unit.”
My mouth fell open. ‘What? No way!” I hissed.
He gave me a hurt look. “What’s the problem?”
“It would have to sit on the table! With the wires going up my shirt! Everyone would know!”
He laughed. “Isn’t that the point?”
My eyes narrowed and I pulled out my phone and set it on the table. I turned on the stopwatch application. Then I took a deep breath, slipped a hand under the right side of my skirt, and pushed the slides for both functions of the RVP up two notches.
Then I whimpered.
Nick reached out and started the timer and I watched in horror as the the numbers spun. I tore my eyes away from my phone, telling myself that the spinning numbers were actually one hundredths of a second. I looked up at Nick instead and concentrated on the new sensations of exquisite pleasure pouring up from between my legs. My sex contracted around the churning phallus and I moaned, my bottom lip caught between my teeth.
“I like that expression on your face,” Nick said with a smile. “But it will be better when you’re screaming in agony with my dick in your ass.”
I pushed my thighs together, my hips already grinding. The RVP felt amazing. Better than good. It was pressing the right buttons. I could feel the arousal. I let out a little groan as I began rocking slightly in my seat. Nick smiled.
    “You seem to be handling this pretty well. We’re only a minute in and look at you. You’re a spectacle. Everyone is staring because it’s obvious your fucking something.”
    I looked off to my right. He was being honest. I was being stared at. There were folks in practically every restaurant, eyes locked onto the redhead slut in the middle of the food court. That actually helped me. I let out a tiny whine and my hips moved with a bit more force.
    “And two minutes. Another level.”

    I dug my hand into the canvas bag which I’d left on my shoulder. The TENS Unit was right there at the top and it took only a few moments to turn the dials up to where the number “2” was showing. Suddenly the little flicks became solid pinches, each nipple caught between the invisible fingers, spasms oscillating the pressure. I gasped, eyes widening and I looked back at Nick.
    “Your face is flushed and I’m wondering just what your cute little bottom is going to feel like wrapped around my cock.”
    I swallowed. “Wouldn’t you rather fuck my pussy?” I whispered, my voice strained.
    Nick shrugged. “But what would go in your bottom? Did you bring that alien cock thing? What do you call it? The Thrusting Anal Vibrator?”
    I shook my head. It was getting harder to think about anything other than what was going on with my body. My pussy was going through these tiny little pulses, squeezing the four inch spinning phallus hard. But the real issue was higher up. The TENS Unit was frying my poor nipples and I was loving it.
    Nick glanced around. “Look at them, Bre. All of them are watching, seeing your cute little hips jerk like that and they know. They fucking know what you’re doing,” he said, leaning forward. His eyes darted down to my phone. “Another twenty seconds and the electricity goes up,” he warned me.
    I looked to the side. It was worse than before. I was the show. One guy had his phone out, maybe taking a picture. I ducked my head down, letting my hair fall. My hips wouldn’t be still. I was getting close. I could feel it. The orgasm…
    “Time to turn it up,” he said, tapping the table, drawing my attention.  I stuck my hand in the bag and slipped the dials for each set of electrostim tabs up to three. The pinching sensation became serrated metal, pain bursting in little static explosions as I struggled to cum.
    “Maybe I should just make you strip,” mused Nick.
    And I threw my head back with a gasp, gripped the side of the table, and clenched my teeth. Nick’s eyes suddenly widened as he realized that I’d done it. I was cumming. Well before I got to a point where I couldn’t take the pain of the TENS unit. A look of direct consternation crossed his face and his mouth curled down into a frown. I didn’t care. I was exploding. I was cumming. I was flying.
    Then it was over. I slumped down in my seat, my hands shaking as I reached for the side of my skirt, clearly intending to turn off the RVP.
    “Bre, wait!” urged Nick. He reached out and snagged my hand.
    I blinked. “What? I need to turn it off.”
    “Do you really need to?” He asked quietly.
    I gave him a confused look, because I was confused. “What do you mean? I’ve already cum. We can leave. I won.” The last little bit came out with a tone of smugness.
    “Yes. Yes you did,” he said, gripping my hand a little tighter. “But I’d like you to do it again. Another orgasm.”
    “You can’t be serious,” I whispered. The RVP inside me felt like someone was running their tongue around between my legs.
    He nodded. “I am. That one was so easy. Too easy in fact. You know you were intended to fail.”
    I shrugged. “So I beat this one. And you too.”
    He looked down at my hand. “Put your other hand on the table Breanne.”
    I hesitated. “Why?”
    “Because it’s an order. You follow orders, right?”
    I nodded slowly. Then I put my other hand down. Nick put one hand on top of the other, then gripped them both with his large paw. I felt the pressure.
    “What are you doing?” I asked, glancing around again. The interest in me had only increased. They knew what had happened.
    “I want you to have another orgasm,” Nick said intensely. With his free hand he reached into my bag and pulled out the TENS Unit.  The dials were still on three and he thumbed both of them up to four. I gasped, whimpering. Now it felt as if someone were taking a pair of clover clamps, attaching them to my nipples, and twisting them hard. I winced and pulled but Nick is way stronger than I am.
    “Nick! That hurts!” I whined.
    “Good. Now cum!” He replied.
    I glanced around. More people. Eyes. Stares. Desire. Hunger. Pain. “Nick! I can’t! Not yet. Not right now! Like this!”
    He ignored me.
    I leaned forward. “Nick, I’ll do it. You can fuck me in the ass, okay? Let me go and we’ll pretend I didn’t win, okay?” I was squirming wildly, the RVP churning and vibrating away between my legs.
    He gave me a cautious look. “You’ll cooperate?”
    I nodded franticly. “Absolutely. I didn’t win. Okay?”
    He paused for just a moment, then released my hands. I gasped and then my fingers flew to the TENS Unit, turning the knobs down and then off. The pain at the tips of my breasts went away and then I silenced the RVP. I slumped down in my seat.
    “Your right nipple is showing,” Nick said softly.
    I jerked back upright, which forced my body to conform with the coverage provided by the peasant blouse. I gave Nick a grumpy glare, but then thanked him.
    He rose. “Come on. Back to the car.”
    I stuffed the TENS unit back into my bag and stood up. My skirt fell down to cover my ass but then I turned and saw the massive wet spot I’d left on the chair. My face turned crimson and I bit my lip, mortified. Nick saw and laughed, then took my arm to lead me away.
    The ten minute walk back to his Kia Soul was almost as bad as the one going in. I felt as if my soul had been laid bare, that every person who saw me knew I was a slut, a sexual object good for just one thing - to provide others pleasure by submitting to sexual torment. I felt dirty. Tears filled my eyes, though they didn’t spill over. Getting out into the heat and then again into Nick’s car were the best things to happen to me.
We were quiet on the drive. I could tell he was aiming for his apartment. Twenty minutes later he parked in front of the small green door and we went inside. Nick’s apartment was a bachelor pad, unimpressive on most fronts, with just a television set and a computer to offset the stark white. I put my bag down, pulling the TENS Unit out of it and then I turned to face him.
“I’m ready.”
Nick sat back down on the couch. “I’m not. You’ll suck me until I tell you otherwise.” He pointed to the floor in front of him, right between his knees. “And the RVP will be set to medium and the TENS unit to three.”
I nodded, agreeing. What did it matter? We were in the privacy of his home. Another orgasm meant nothing since I’d already finished the assignment. And I knew he wanted to see what my face would look like with the electricity at such a high level. So I sank to my knees, fished the RVP controller out and set it within his reach, and placed the control for the TENS Unit next to it.
Nick grinned as he shucked out of his jeans. He was wearing boxers but those got tossed too. Then he grabbed the TENS unit.  “We’re going to start with your tits.”
There was no warning. No “brace yourself Bridget.” No nothing. He just turned both dials up to three. I winced, but it wasn’t really that bad. He stared at me a moment, then shook his head.  “I was wrong. Level four.” Then he turned the TENS Unit up.
Level Five is about all I can handle so you can imagine what level four felt like. I whimpered a bit and even brought my hands up to my breasts for a second before realizing I needed to be bent over with my mouth around him. I started that and just as I manage to bring my open mouth down on his cock he picked up the RVP remote and started up both the vibrations and the rotation function. I heard the click as the speed levels increased. I began getting a bit more enthusiastic about sucking cock as my body began to rev, getting to speed sexually.
Nick loved it. I worshiped his cock. I ate it. I sucked it. I blew it. I slurped and tongued and licked and loved him. And it was Nick who pushed me away, nodding, his face red and strained. I stood up and then knelt on the sofa as he flipped up my skirt. He stood, moving behind me, his hard cock probing at my bottom. I reached down between my legs, helping to guide him. He turned up the RVP till it roared, spinning and shaking inside my pussy as he pressed against the dark opening of my rear end. Then he pushed, hard and harder and then he was in me. I cried out, grimacing as he drove his cock into my backside. He pumped, thrusting like mad. Then I felt him stall for just a second as he dropped one controller and picked up another.
Then someone shoved a pair of flaming hot needles through both of my nipples.
In retrospect I have no idea how long he fucked me. I know I came first though, unable to handle the wild ride I was getting from the RVP, not to mention the pressures of Nick’s cock in my ass. The TENS Unit did awful things to my breasts, but in the throes of lust I evidently can handle red hot needles through my nipples with aplomb. So ya’ll can keep that in mind. Eventually though we became entangled in a heap of arms and legs and wires, with me twitching madly until he turned everything off.
“Owww,” I moaned.
Nick laughed languorously. “That was fucking incredible.”
I shook my head. “No it was incredible fucking,” I said.
He smiled. “You are totally amazing.”
I couldn’t help grinning. “Thank you.”
He sighed, then patted my hip. “Well, we need to get decent. Places to go, things to do.”
I cocked an eyebrow, but then shrugged. Then I lifted the peasant blouse and began peeling off one of the electrostim tabs.
“Hey. What are you doing?” Nick said, suddenly reaching out, taking my hand and stopping me.
“What do you mean? I’m removing this damn thing,” I said, giving him a look I save for crazy people.
“Not yet you aren’t. You’ve got an assignment to finish,” he said sternly.
“Excuse me? I already did that assignment,” I said with incredulity.
He shook his head. “No. No you didn’t. You failed. Remember? It didn’t happen. That means I have to take you out, sit you down in the middle of a mall food court, and see if you can cum before your tits are fried.”
My mouth fell open. “But… but… Nick! It’s four thirty! By the time we get anywhere it will be dinner time. The mall will be packed!” I protested.  He shrugged but I just kept going. “And… and… I just came! Twice actually now! At low I’ll never be able to cum in time!”
Nick finished putting his jeans on and buckled his pants.  “So?”
“Nick! I can’t!” I wailed.
He turned and looked at me. Then he bent over and picked up the RVP remote. A second later it started humming inside me. I trembled. Then he turned on the TENS Unit again. Low, just level one, a light thumping at the tips of each breast. He turned to me, brushed a lock of my hair away from my face, and smiled warmly.
“You are Breanne Erickson, nympho humiliation pain slut. And if any girl can suffer through the humiliation, pain, and exquisite torture of this assignment, it is you.”  He pulled me to my feet.
“So get your heels back on. Go fix your makeup. Get situated. Because then we’re going to the mall.”  He let my hands go.
I stood there, stunned. Again. I was going to suffer, again. As he walked away I looked over my shoulder at him.
“Nick? If I don’t cum will there be a punishment?” I asked, my voice trembling.
He looked back at me.  “Breanne,” he said in disappointment. “What kind of question is that?  Of course. The same one as last time.  And after I fuck your ass again I’ll take you to another mall, and then another, until you’ve finally satisfied the terms of this assignment.”
I took a deep breath. My nipples tingled, the electrical taps against each tip vivid and strong. The RVP churned inside me while the base of it buzzed against my clit. I could feel the juices flowing, the tightening and pulsing of arousal. I bit my lip, imagining myself walking down that hall again, the wires going up my skirt and underneath my blouse, people staring, wondering, knowing…
  I pushed my shoulders back. “Nick? I’m ready.”
 He came back into the living room with his keys.
  “I know.”
Breanne, your assignment today is simple. You will begin in your stripping spot, where you will remove all of your clothes and then attire yourself with a pair of panties, the short blue denim skirt and your peasant blouse. You will replace the toy of the day with your suction cup dildo, which if I recall correctly, is close to nine inches long. You may wear whatever shoe you feel is appropriate provided it is sexy. Lastly you will also bring Julie’s portable TENS unit. The electrostim pads (both sets) should be placed on your breasts, on either side of each nipple. You may bring a bag to carry the control unit.
You will then proceed to a public location of your choice. I understand that there is a different between public and crowded and leave that distinction up to you, though I’m sure you can understand why I’d prefer you to do this assignment in the middle of a mall’s busy food court. Once you’ve arrived at your location you will find a place to sit, on a flat, level solid surface. You will pull down your panties exposing the suction cup. You will then sit in a way that allows the dildo to firmly attach to the seat.
Turn the TENS Unit settings (both sides) to level 1, on the beat sequence, so that it feels as if I’m standing in front of you, flicking your nipples lightly. Start a timer. Your goal is to work yourself to orgasm. However keep an eye on the timer. Every two minutes you need to increase the level of the electrical stimulation going to your nipples by one level. I’m well aware that you consider level five to be painful. Hopefully you can cum before you get there. If you do, congratulations. The assignment is over.
If however you yield to the pain and turn off the TENS Unit before you experience orgasm you will need to move to a new location and try again. Personally, I hope that you end up sitting in a crowd of horny young men, bouncing vigorously, your nipples fried, with your panties down around your ankles. – A fan

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