Monday, December 8, 2014

The Little School Girl: Saturday Detention by Michael Alexander

Did you enjoy Michael Alexander's recent tale, "The Little School Girl: Summer"?  If you did then here is a real treat!  Michael has finished and posted a prequel of sorts entitled "The Little School Girl: Saturday Detention."  Here's a tiny excerpt but you can find the entire thing at Michael Alexander Stories, right now!  Check it out!

The little school girl was only marginally surprised to discover that she wasn’t the only student who had been ordered to report to the Principal’s office that warm Saturday morning. A bench with several seats sat along the opposite wall from his office, occupied by two girls. She recognized Ann immediately; a popular sophomore whose small, shy smile was enough to make hearts melt.  Ann wore a pleasant summer dress; white with little blue flowers that went well with her shoulder length brown hair.  The bosom of the dress was elastic and pulled tight, emphasizing Ann’s impressive bust. The little school girl suppressed a moment’s jealousy as she admired the large curves that Ann’s dress framed well.  The little school girl’s own bosom was nothing compared to Ann’s and she felt the lack acutely.  It was like comparing apples to cantaloupes. 

Sitting two chairs further down was Liz, a spitfire of a girl with a bad attitude and enough black eyeliner on to qualify for her own line of cosmetic products.  Her sable colored hair obviously came from a bottle, the dark locks going well with the punk rocker - Goth look Liz was going for.  A silver ring flashed at Liz’s nostril, with a matching piece of hardware in her lip.  There were odd little bumps where the tips of her breasts pressed against her shirt.  The little school girl’s eyes widened as she took in Liz’s ripped fishnet stockings, a black leather skirt, the combat boots with green neon laces, and the loose and half torn tee-shirt that hung off of one shoulder, sporting the words “bad to your boner” between the outlines of the pierced nipples.  The meaning couldn’t have been clearer.

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  1. Michael, this was absolutely wonderful! Can I be your little school girl?


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