Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Breanne Erickson's "The Night Before Christmas"

A few years ago Breanne graced us with her own version of "The Night Before Christmas".  It's time we dusted it off and pulled it back out into the light of the Christmas tree!  Merry Christmas!
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Breanne was sitting, silent in her chair
Tied up naked, a bow in her hair.

A tight cloth gag had been placed through her lips
And a large pink vibrator was buried between her hips.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
Breanne pulled on her bonds, wondering what was the matter.

“Had Santa finally arrived?” She thought.
“When would begin the sexual onslaught?”

In some houses it was custom to leave milk and cookies.
But in this quiet house it was sexual nookies.

Bre had been left by the fire tied and gagged
A sweet Christmas treat for Santa to shag.

The moon on the breast of the tied up sweet
Was creamy and light with promise complete.

And then in a twinkling there was noise on the roof
Of a large red sleigh and sixteen hoof.

As she twisted and turned, looking around
Down the chimney, St. Nicholas came with a bound.

He was dressed all in red, garnished in white
Indeed to Breanne he was quite a sight!

His eyes were dark, like chocolate or night
And his cheeks were ruddy, like fire light.

On his back was a bundle, a bag, or a sack
That was filled with the usual old knickknack.

He turned as he landed, all sprightly and quick,
And saw the bound girl, did old St. Nick.

“Well well, I’ll be.” Said Santa with pleasure
This sure beats cookies, carrots, even treasure!

He reached out a hand to give a little pinch
To Breanne's nipple.  It was a cinch!

She moaned at his touch, the vibrator humming
St. Nick’s hands caressed slowly strumming.

He was unusually adept, lifting her up
Bending her over so she was bottoms up.

The large silver buckle came loose in a flash
And the black belt swung in a large heavy slash

To strike Breanne’s bottom with a terrible blow
She gasped as the tears began to flow

Santa it seemed, did not really care
And let loose with his belt on her poor derriere

Until she was red all over the her butt
And Santa knew she was ready, the slut!

He knelt down behind her and pulled out the plug
That was buzzing and shaking inside tight and snug.

He tossed it aside and dropped his pants
And pulled out his cock for a quick little dance.

Breanne groaned out loud as he drove himself deep
Pushing and thrusting in one fell sweep.

And then St. Nick groaned as he came in her guts
Spewing and throbbing as he emptied his nuts

In moments it was over and he stood up quick
Pulled up his pants and covered his stick.

He picked up the sex toy with a laugh and a grin
Positioned it perfectly and sank it within.

With a twist of his fingers the buzzing increased
Within Bre’s well which was thoroughly greased.

He set her back down on the seat with care
And pulled silver clamps from his pocket – a pair!

As Breanne moaned in sexual torment
The cruel bite of clamps on her nipples was spent.

Santa, the resourceful elf that he was
Pulled some rope from his pocket along with some fuzz.

Loops around knees and ankles and chair
Resulted in Breanne’s exposure down there.

Santa, with a wink, pulled out a small clip
And bent with delight to her small pouting lips

Breanne squealed loud as the clamp closed and bit
The tenderest nub, her swollen wet clit.

Santa, he laughed, at her tough situation
Sexually tormented and filled with frustration.

To be left tied and stuffed until Christmas morn
Her body, orgasming hard until it was worn.

“Breanne” Santa said. “I’ve had a delightful time.”
“Much better than cookies and milk on a dime!”

“So I will leave you now all trussed up and presented
As a gift from me who you’ve left contented.”

He moved to his sack and pulled out a box
With Breanne’s name in black letter blocks

“This is my present to a naughty pain slut
Who gave Santa a chance to spank a cute little butt.”

“Inside you’ll find everything on your list.
Clamps, the handcuffs, even a dildo with a twist”

Breanne looked on wide eyed as he moved away
As he prepared to head up, back to his sleigh.

She twisted and moaned, in orgasmic bliss
As he gave her a wink and a soft blown kiss.

And then he was gone, up the chimney he rose
By laying a finger aside his nose

In his wake, lit by Christmas tree light
Was Breanne, the slut, in sexual plight.

The clock on the mantle showed a quarter to three.
Only five more hours until she’d be freed.

Five hours more of vibrations and cumming
Tears sprang to her eyes it was so mind numbing.

And up on the rooftop she heard a shrill whistle,
The crack of a whip and a laugh filled with gristle.

But she heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
Merry Christmas Breanne.  Geeze you were tight!”

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